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“Baby, your dick is so hard.” Mom moaned as her hand stroked it gently, her face flush as she looked at me with intense desire.

It was the kind of look that was hard for any man to say no to. I wondered how I would have reacted in my old world if my mother had ever looked at me that way. It felt like forever ago at this point, that time when I was a virgin desperately trying to get away from my family. If that version of me saw what I was doing with my mother, would it turn him on, or disgust him? At that point, I was so far removed from the past that I didn’t even know.

I licked mom’s nipple while my finger dived a bit deeper into her cunt. “It’s because Mom is so beautiful.”

Mother giggled. “You’re becoming quite the sweet talker. However, I’d prefer you use that mouth for a better purpose.”

Women in this world were quite shameless, even if they were my mother. She wanted me to eat her pussy rather than whisper sweet nothings. In this case, I was happy to oblige. I started to lower my head, but then I felt mom grab me and pull me up.

“What?” I asked.

“Not that way.” Mom grinned lewdly. “Turn around. I want that hard cock in my mouth.”

My eyes widened for a moment, but Mom was too impatient and started grabbing my body and pulling me. I quickly got what she wanted and swung my leg over her head. It felt really weird getting into this position. This was the so-called sixty-nine. It wasn’t my first time in this position, but wasn’t the girl usually on top? I wasn’t sure how I felt squatting over my mom’s face, but when she grabbed onto my cock and hungrily swallowed it, I stopped thing about such things.

I enjoyed the feel of her warm mouth sucking down on the head of my cock while her hand worked its way up and down. My lower stomach was pressed against her chest, and my head came out just around her pelvis, where I could grab onto her thick thighs. I couldn’t see mom work, but I could feel everything she was doing. That’s why I noted her hastily spitting out my cock.

“Hey, get eating!” She panted.

I had been succumbing to the pleasure all while ignoring her. With a blush she thankfully couldn’t see, I reached out and gripped her thighs, spreading them slightly more as I brought my face up to her cunt. My chin rubbed against her pubic hair as I aimed for the wet slit between her legs. It gave off a musky, humid scent, a feminine smell that was unmistakably me my mother. I found myself breathing it in, the nostalgic smell bringing me a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

I wondered if every boy felt nostalgia for the smell of his mother’s cunt. After all, you were born in there and came out of there. Wouldn’t that smell end up becoming a part of you? You grew up clinging to your mom, and she had to be horny plenty of times while not saying anything. It might be subconscious, but boys just love the smell and taste of their mom. When they find girlfriends, they likely find one that tastes similar. Well, I wasn’t born from my mom’s womb, but I had tasted all of her daughters, so I had the family scent on my nose.

With my elbows up and my palms on Mom’s plump thighs, I brought my fingers out and pulled her slit open. The lips pulled apart showing the pink, pulsating sensitive tissue underneath. I felt mom’s throat vibrate as she moaned with my cock down her throat. She was currently swallowing my cock in the way only mom could, her head going up and down as she sucked on it. I was too afraid to thrust down on her and accidentally choke her, so I remained completely still in my position while she gave me fellatio.

To keep from screaming down her throat early, I tried to focus instead on her pussy, continuing to play with and manipulate the lips. In the past, I always just dived in, thrusting my fingers inside and rubbing as quickly as I could to muster up a reaction. However, since this was my mother, I couldn’t help but look at her cunt a bit more innocently. I had fucked, sucked, and fingered a dozen pussies innumerable times in the last few months since I woke up in this world, yet I had never really just explored one openly.

There also didn’t seem to be a better woman to explore than my mother, who had pushed out a half dozen kids. I wouldn’t dare say my mother’s pussy was stretched open, but compared to my virgin sisters, she had the most accommodating pussy for exploration.

“Hehe… I don’t mind if you explore, but how about you taste it?”

Mom had spit out my dick, letting out amused and perverted words. Once again, I was glad she couldn’t see my face. The other reason I had chosen to explore this time instead of any other was that just how I couldn’t see my mom, she also couldn’t see me. I could only feel her machinations and guess as to what she was doing. I had been hoping my poking and prodding as I played with her insides and felt her out wouldn’t be so obvious, but leave it to mom to quickly discover what I was doing.

Not wanting mom to tease me anymore, I dipped down and put her clitoris in my mouth, licking the little mound at the top of her pussy, or the bottom from my angle. Her attack on my cock slowed a bit, as even my mother couldn’t take the pleasure without getting distracted for a few moments. I pursed my lips and sucked even harder, trying to disrupt my mother. However, she was the more experienced person by far, and with only a few moments’ hesitations, she increased her suction force and started bobbing her head wildly.

“Fuck!” I cried out, my hands tightening on her thighs as I resisted blowing my load.

“Mmm… mgmmm…” Mom said unintelligible words while continuing to suck my cock, but knowing her, they were likely mocking.

She knew what she was doing, and wasn’t afraid to bully her son. Mom made it tough, but I just managed to resist as she started slowing from her frantic speed. Feeling a bit aggrieved, I plunged one of my fingers into her and started licking clit with my tongue out of my mouth, circulating the nub with the tip of my tongue.

“Haaah…. Fuuuuck…” Mom spat out my cock and let out a moan, her hand still rapidly stroking me as she tried to catch her breath.

The way she was going, I knew I was going to blow my load in mom’s face if she kept this up any longer. The feeling of desire was too much. I crawled forward and right off of her. Mom let go of my cock as soon as I moved from over her head. I got between her legs and spun around with my cock in my hand and desire in my face.

I was greeted with the sight of my mom holding up her legs and spreading them. She was dripping wet, and the lewd expression on her face was irresistible.

“Fuck me, baby…” She bit her lip.

She didn’t have to say those words. I was already beyond stopping. I shoved myself into my mom roughly, my dick conquering her pussy with a single jab. Mom’s cunt wasn’t loose at it, but tight and perfect. My hips started moving before I could even help myself.

“Ahhn! Yes… fuck… more… Noah… mmm… Noah!” Mom started to moan as I thrust into her, my cock making wet noises as it slid in and out of her wet hole. “Baby… yes… fuck me… fuck mommy…”

I didn’t like her baby talk, but I was so horny at that moment that I couldn’t stop myself. I only went faster and faster, fucking mom hot and wetly. I could feel it when she started to climax. Her pussy started to twitch and then clamp down on my cock, suckling it as if she wanted to swallow all of my cum into her womb.

“You’ve been pregnant how many times, and still your womb is hungry,” I spoke a bit jokingly.

“Ahhhn… Noah’s baby… you can make mommy pregnant if you want. I sto-stopped taking the pill.”

Her words shocked me to my core, and I stopped thrusting into her. My eyes looked up at her, and Mom gave me a sheepish smile.


“It’s not likely I’m going to get pregnant at this point.” She admitted. “However, I don’t mind it if it’s Noah. I couldn’t be your mother, but maybe I’ll become your baby’s mama!”

In all of my playing around, I had toyed with the idea of getting a girl pregnant, but I had never taken it seriously. I had always left the responsibility to the girl. She’d either be responsible for the baby or the protection. Thankfully, this world wasn’t as rampant with STDs, as I had seldom worn a condom. It wasn’t very mature of me though. If I got a girl pregnant, I’d have to take responsibility. Once I stuck my dick in her, I was responsible. Even if she didn’t get pregnant, I was responsible for the emotions and feelings.

I ripped off whatever remaining clothing I had on, and then I lowered my top half onto my mom, wrapping my arms around her similarly naked body. My lips found hers, and I started to kiss her. Mom’s lips were still warm, wet, and puffy from when she was downing my throat, but she didn’t hesitate to swirl her tongue in my mouth as I kissed her. My hips started to move again, but this time, it wasn’t as rough or as violent. Mom’s legs wrapped around my hips, and her arms held onto my back.

“Ahhnn! Ahhhn… N-noah!” She broke off the kiss moaning as I gave slow, but hard thrusts, my dick forcing itself into her deeply.

I felt mom’s sweaty, naked body under me. She may be a woman in this world. Women were horny, crass, and perverted. However, at that moment, mom felt vulnerable, soft, and feminine. I could hear her intense heartbeat through her chest, and her staggard breath against my ear.

“I love you,” I said unhesitatingly, looking directly into her eyes.

“Ahhhn!” She bit her lip as she climaxed again. “Not fair…”

My entire body thrust into her, and the waves of motion seemed to take mom away. She was no longer able to act tough and in control. For the first time since I had been with her, I stopped being her baby boy, and I started being her man. We both seemed to recognize this change. I kissed her again, and the kiss felt like I was releasing passion and desire. It came at a fundamental level. We weren’t just fucking for sexual pleasure, but we were expressing our feelings for each other. I loved mom so much that I couldn’t show her any other way, and mom was helpless but to receive all of the love I gave.

As I pulled my mouth away, I bit her lip and pulled it and let it go until it snapped back in place. Her hands were tightening on my back again. She was already climaxing again? I leaned next to her ear.

“Have my baby.”

“Haaah… Noaaaah!” I was surprised when mom’s arc started to arch.

Her pussy had become a vice, urging my cock to cum. I had already been at the limit for a while, and that last response was too much. I grabbed onto mom and held her as my balls swelled and hot steamy liquid began to spurt out. It shot deep into my mom, spurt after spurt filling her womb. I pushed myself deep into her, although the sucking sensation of her climaxing pussy made it impossible to do anything else.

“Mom!” I moaned.

“It’s inside me! Yes, Noah… I’m getting pregnant.” Mom moaned, as hot gob after hot gob when inside her.

Her body finally collapsed, and I collapsed on top of her. My head went into my mom’s breasts, and the pair of us remained there holding each other, a union of sweat, sex, and love.

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