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“I suppose it’s time.” I sighed. “I’m ready.”

A few more days passed by in relative bliss. My sex life was extremely good, and my relationship with my sisters and mom only improved. I also had started bringing in money with my job. Mom refused to accept my money, so I just put it in the bank. I’d buy them nice presents on their birthdays or something. There was a time I would have greedily clung to every dollar I made.

However, money was less important to me the more time I spent with my sisters. I’d rather spend money on my women than on myself. On top of that, most of them refused to let me spend money, so I usually ended up holding onto it. That meant that I was earning quite a decent nest egg.

At the moment, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, staring down at my phone for the hundredth time in the last few weeks. I was naked except for a blanket draped over my lap. After considering things, I had come to my decision.  I finally typed in response and clicked send.

“Noah, what are you up to?” A woman wrapped her arms around me, and then pressed her bare chest against my arm.

I turned and kissed my sister on the nose. “Nothing. Don’t tell me you want to go again.”

“Sister is just a slut.” I felt my other arm as another girl pressed against me.

“Don’t you want it just as bad?” I asked, teasingly, kissing her too.

“Whose a slut? You’re the one whose face looks like this when you orgasm.” Kelsey accused, making a strange face.

“I don’t look like that! You look like that. You also make a noise that sounds like ‘gigigigig’, it’s gross.” Kristy defended.

“I don’t make a noise. Noah!”


Both of my twins turned to me, looking with upturned eyes. I let out a helpless chuckle. They often liked to argue and then try to get me to resolve their differences. There was no helping my horny, perverted little sisters.

“There is only one way to fix this.” I declared.

“What’s that?” Kristy asked

“A solution?” Kelsey perked up.

I sent another message, and a moment later, the door opened. Kristy and Kelsey turned to see Dawn poking her head in the room.

“Did you need something, Noah?”

“Yeah, Kristy and Kelsey need to be recorded having sex. Make sure to show their orgasm faces and get the sounds they make.”

“Ah? My little sisters are aiming to be pornstars? Well, if it’s brother, then it is fine.” Dawn gave a perverted little smirk, her eyes glasses reflecting the light bulb to give herself a more sinister air.

Kristy and Kelsey both turned white.

“Um, actually, I just remembered that I had to… um… go take a shit!” Kristy leaped up and ran out of the room.

“I-I have to go help her!” Kelsey ran after her.

Dawn watched them run by. “Huh? No show?”

I let out a chuckle. “I guess not.”

The girls were naughty and perverted in a lot of ways, but in general, they liked to keep their stuff private. There had been an incident a few weeks ago where one of the images Dawn took had leaked. It was an image of Mackenzie sucking my dick. I wasn’t in the picture, but it had spread throughout the entire school and she even got taken into the principal’s office and lectured. Mom was told about it, but since she knew what was going on and whose dick it was, she was a bit more lenient.

She wasn’t lenient on Dawn who let the stuff leak and had made Dawn delete every incriminating image she had on her computer. She also set a rule that Dawn couldn’t record anyone without their permission, and that faces were not allowed on camera. This recording technically would have gone against mom’s rule, but at least my face wouldn’t be on camera. The twins had acted violently to it anyway. Being recorded fucking their brother would be social suicide if it ever leaked out. They weren’t that daring.

“You want a solo session? Watching a guy masturbate is super hot.” Dawn lingered behind, looking at me with interest.

“Um… no thanks,” I responded.

“Hmph… suit yourself.” Dawn gave a pout, looking my naked body up and down one last time before she spun around and left.

There was a beep on my phone though, so I brought it back out and checked on it. I had received a response to my text. There was a date and a time. It was this upcoming weekend. It was Thursday, so I had one more day. I let out a deep hiss, and then I sent my affirmation. Then, I got dressed, did my homework, and then studied until I got tired.

The next day, I got the same routine. I got up and went to the bathroom only to find someone had already taken it. I had opened the door and then let out a little curse. The curtain opened and Bethany appeared.

“Y-you can join me if you want.” She responded, her cheeks turning red as the steam billowed out from behind her.

That’s how I ended up naked in a shower with my fourteen-year-old sister. She was in front of me, her head under the shower while I stood behind her awkwardly. I had stripped and jumped in mostly to see her get flustered, but I didn’t anticipate her deer in a headlight reaction. She had frozen completely and was staring ahead unmoving like she was afraid to brush up against me by accident or see something she wasn’t supposed to see.

I could see a small, trembling form in front of me. Her youthful body had always been a tease. Her tendency to go without a bra, spaghetti strap shirts, and those short shorts that showed the crevice of her ass had always left little to the imagination. However, even that little layer of modesty had been shed, and my little sister was on full display. Watching her long hair which was usually up in a ponytail or bun wet and clinging to her back, stopping just short of her tight, youthful behind, definitely filled me with temptation.

I had decided that I wouldn’t go all the way with Bethany. I had done a few things with her, but not that. I felt she was a bit too young. Kelsey and Kristy were younger than me too, but only by 10 months. They’d be turning sixteen before I turned seventeen. Bethany was two years younger than me. Well, I was closer to her age than London was to my age. Dawn sleeping with me would be no weirder than me sleeping with Bethany, but I still felt like she should be a few years older before we went all the way.

I knew that this irritated Bethany, but I had to remain strong. Yet, strength wasn’t the feeling I had as I looked at the backside of my beautiful little sister as she shook with nervousness and waited in anticipation for me to do something. Realizing that if I left her as this and nothing happened, Bethany would surely be upset, an idea struck me.

“Do you want me to scrub your back?” I asked, causing her to jump slightly.

“Mm…” She gave a noise of acceptance in response.

Gulping slightly, I reached out next to her and found a loofah and soap. That was one thing that hadn’t changed in this world. Living in a house with half a dozen women meant that loofahs could be found everywhere. I used to refuse to use them because they felt girly. I would just use the bar of soap. However, more recently, I’d come to appreciate the loofah a little bit more. Adding a little bit of liquid soap to the loofah, I scrunched it up until it was slippery and full of bubbles.

I then reached out and pulled my sister’s hair to the side before I touched her back with the loofah. Her body shook slightly, leaning into my hand as if asking for more, while she grabbed her hair and bundled it out of my way. With water running down her back, it had already started to move the soap from the loofah. A little white stream of bubbles ran down my sister’s back before slipping down her buttcrack. I started to run the loofah up and down her back, quickly turning the clean, wet skin into a soapy mess.

“Hah… eee…” Bethany let out cute little noises as I washed her body.

Those sounds only started to get me more excited, so I added more soap to the loofah and started cleaning her more excitedly. Even with the water running down, her back was completely covered in soap. My other stroked her back, and she was extremely slippery and wet. Since I had done her back, it was time to do her back! I wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her back. Bethany let out a cry, but she didn’t resist as I started to run the loofah up and down her body.

She leaned back her hot, slippery naked body against me as I cleaned her body thoroughly. She seemed to surrender completely at my mercy as I washed her small breasts thoroughly, then worked on her slim abdomen and thighs. When I reached between her legs, she closed them tightly and twisted her knees. I was surprised she stopped me, but when I looked to my side I could see her looking up at me, her head leaning on my chest.

“B-brother…” she panted. “I’m feeling strange.”

She looked extremely erotic as she spoke, and I couldn’t help but gulp as I put on a big brother face. “Wh-what’s strange…”

“I-it’s rubbing me…” She whimpered.

“It?” I blinked.

Her thighs tightened, and she shifted her hips slightly, and that’s when I realized that as I was holding her tightly and cleaning her while hugging her from behind, my cock had started to get hard. Her slippery soap body had allowed my cock to end up sliding right up between her legs. That’s why she reacted so suddenly. As soon as I was aware of it, I was also aware that she kept twisting her thighs, rubbing them within her soapy flesh.

“Bethany…” I breathed, realizing that she had turned me on a bit too much.”

“Brother…” She responded.

Our lips went to meet each other, and at that moment the curtain flew open. Mackenzie was standing there with her hands on her hips. Her eyes looked both of us over, taking note of the situation, and then my penis that was sticking just a head out from between Bethany’s legs.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?” Mackenzie demanded.

Bethany’s face turned even redder. “B-brother is helping me clean!”

“I can see that.” Mackenzie narrowed her eyes. “Since little sister can’t bath herself properly, I’ll just have to help her!”

Mackenzie ripped off her robe, and it was the first time I realized that she was naked too. She jumped in, right between Bethany and me.

“What? No!” Mackenzie grabbed onto Bethany with her gleaming.

She scrubbed Bethany roughly with a rag until all of the bubbles were gone. I could only take a step back and wince as Bethany was roughly brutalized by her big sister. Two sisters fighting naked in a shower was pretty hot, so my dick remained pretty hard, but the fun I had been having was gone. Bethany finally managed to escape Mackenzie’s grip and she fled the bathroom.

“Don’t get water everywhere!” Mom shouted as a naked Bethany ran down the hallway.

Mackenzie watched as Bethany ran, and then spun back to me. “You’re incorrigible!”

“Huh?  I was just helping.” I replied innocently.

She rolled her eyes and then pointed down at my dick. “And who’s helping that?”

“Ah… haha…” I covered my hand over my dick and gave an awkward laugh.

Mackenzie sighed. “Fine, I’ll take care of it. We have to hurry though. Brother is so much work.”

Mackenzie pulled back her hair and got on her knees. One blowjob later, I was ready for school, and we just managed to make the bus with a run. It was starting as a good day.

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