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“Hah… don’t you know when you kiss a girl like that, she just can’t control herself?” Samantha gasped.

“Is that so?” I chuckled, grabbing her butt with one hand and one of her boobs with the other. “What about when I do this?”

I pushed my groin against her, shoving my erection against her jean pants in the area roughly between her legs. She let out a moan.

“You’re making this so hard.” She whimpered.

“Well, that’s obvious.” I chuckled, kissing her neck roughly enough that it would leave a mark.

“You’re so bad for me…” Samantha breathed hard. “How did that innocent little boy I knew as a child become such a sex-hungry man.”

“Isn’t it because of you?” I asked in between kisses that were lowering down to her chest and slowly sinking under her shirt.

“H-how can that be? Haaah… ahh…” She moaned, her legs weakening. “So, naughty…”

“Hehe… I’m the guy your dad is afraid of.” I teased.

“What are you saying? My dad loves you.” She snorted.

“Really, even after…” I stopped myself as I realized mentioning such things would kill the mood.

“Hey…” She reached out and grabbed my chin. “He doesn’t blame you. Rather, he’s just glad you’re safe. So am I. You’re my boy, and I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

When I stared helplessly, she took that as me being speechless, and then used the opportunity to kiss me on the lips, her own hands fondling me grabbing at my dick and rubbing it through my pants. I supposed I kind of was speechless, but not for the reasons she thought. I was just once again marveling at this world’s backward logic. While even I admitted Samantha’s mom had come onto me strongly, I could also say I had led her on quite a bit. Yet, despite their marriage being destroyed, and Samantha losing her mom, she cared more about me and my well-being. I couldn’t even imagine such a situation flying in my old world.

“If you keep rubbing that, then I might need to stick it somewhere wet and dark.” I teased her as her machination made me even more turned on.

“Oh? Don’t hold back.” Samantha’s eyes flashed eagerly. “You can stick it anywhere you want.”

She was just reaching for her pants belt when the door suddenly opened, flooding light into the small closet. The both of us turned to the door, shielding our eyes until it adjusted. Standing in the doorway was Abigail, tapping her foot.

“I knew you were up to no good!” She made a face. “Skipping class to make out in a closet? Really?”

I couldn’t help but be affected by her words. I was trying to do better in school. However, with so many horny sisters at home, it was hard to find time to spend with my girlfriends. Furthermore, those girlfriends also had to split their time separately with me, so I had to find time for all three of them. It wasn’t fair for anyone.

“I’m… sorry…” I gave a heartfelt apology.

She responded with a decisive nod. “Good, in the future, you can remember that you should bring me in the closet instead of this bitch.”

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Samantha demanded.

“Hey, guys, instead of fighting over me all the time, can’t we just all get along?” I asked.

“Noah, stay out of this.” Abby snapped.

“This is between me and this bitch.” Samantha added.

Abby pushed her way into the room, letting the closet door close all three of us in the space about the size of a bathroom without the bath. Samantha didn’t step down, pushing me to the side as she confronted Abby head-on. Abigail pushed forward, her chest shoving against Samantha’s chest. Both girls had decent-sized chests, but Abigail beat her slightly in this respect. However, Abigail was shorter, so she had to get on her tippy toes to reach.

The two girls smashed their chests together while glaring at each other threateningly. I found myself staring at their chests for a moment before I snapped out of it. This wasn’t a time for getting lost in a lesbian fantasy. I had already enjoyed several such fantasies using my twin sisters, something they made me sweat to never tell anyone ever. It wasn’t the fact they were fucking their brother that gave them pause, but that someone might think they were gay about it.

Abigail and Samantha weren’t twins though, and they hadn’t reconciled their differences even after all of this time. They always very nearly came to blows, and I was stuck between them. Actually, given how they were smashing their boobs together, I rather wished I was between them. I only rarely got that treatment from the twins, and my girlfriends were both a bit bustier than my younger sisters. Both girls were just as pretty to me though and I loved them both. Why did they need to keep having this pissing contest? I wished they could get over their rivalry when it came to me. My sisters had all reached a happy balance, so why couldn’t my girlfriends?

The girls lifted their arms and were starting to shove each other. I had a feeling if they did come to blows, we’d all end up hurt. I decided I’d need to take control before things came to blows. With only a few moments of thought, I took my hands and plunged them down into each girl’s pants. Samantha’s pants had already been undone, and Abigail was thankfully wearing something loose today, so my hands went right in.

I was getting good at this kind of thing and even managed to bypass their underwear on the first go. I felt two hands slide down two different fur patches to find those sweaty slits below. Of course, both girls were a bit sweaty. I had already gotten Samantha worked up earlier so she was probably still wet, and Abigail was always a bit of a pervert so I had no doubt she’d get horny quick too. I didn’t hesitate to dive my fingers into two twats at once.

The girls who had been shoving against each other diverted their bodies toward me nearly instinctively. They were so used to my hand that their hips turned and their legs spread open before their minds even realized what was happening. The realization only happened a moment later as both girls turned to me in shock.

“N-noah!” Samantha moaned.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Abigail added.

“I told you that I’m enough man for both of you already.” I declared. “Now, I’m going to show you.”

Without worrying about their permission, my fingers started to work aggressively, rubbing both girls on the clitoris. They both abandoned their attack on each other, leaning back awkwardly against the wall of the closet as I finger-bang them both.

“Haah… it’s not about that.” Samantha breathed.

“You don’t understand.” Abby panted.

“Oh?” I asked. “Did you want me to stop?”

As I asked that, I sped up the speed of my fingers, and wet squishy noises sounded out from both girls revealing their true horniness, even if they wanted to deny it.

“Fuck. Fuck…” Samantha moaned with her eyes pinched close.

“Haaah… Noah… damn you’ve gotten good at this.” Abby clenched her teeth.

Both girls trembled in pleasure, but how could I leave them off with just that? I slid two fingers into each girl and used the thumb to press against their clits. They were both extremely wet, and the smell of their lewdness filled the small closet instantly. It smelled thick with horny pussy, a smell I had grown very familiar with after living with my sisters for so long.

Had I ever smelled that scent before the change? I think I did. How many times had my sisters either just masturbated or were super horny when I showed up. I seemed to recall times they would kick me out of their room angrily when I just barged in. I used to think it was just because they were bitchy sisters. Knowing what I knew now though, it was probably because they were playing with themselves and almost got caught.

“F-fine… just don’t fucking look at me.” Samantha shot Abigail a hateful look.

“Who’d look at you? Don’t even touch me.” Abigail shot back.

Both girls finally reached a point of no return. Most people had them. There was a level of arousal that once you reached it, all you cared about was getting off. Someone would accept quite a long list of, depravity, debasement, and discomfort as long as they got off in the end. There was a point where a guy would do just about anything for pussy, and women had a similar point where dick became the only thing on their mind.

Since my girls wanted to be finished, I was happy to oblige. I temporarily took my hands out of each girl’s pants, licked them, and then slid them back in at a better angle. My girlfriends each had a unique taste. Samantha tasted a little saltier, while Abigail was a bit more pungent. I was starting to get a good sense of their individual smells. At my current rate, one day, I’d be able to tell all of my girl’s pussies with just a whiff. As I plunged in, both girls spread themselves openly without resistance.

“Haah… ahhhhn…. Fuck… Noah…” Samantha was writhing, her hips humping my hand as her hands roamed up and down her body.

Samantha was always a more active lover, and it was pretty hot watching her squirm and writhe against me. Even if I stopped moving my hand, she’d hump it to climax like a horny dog. It was kind of cute. Abigail’s response was different. She didn’t move as much. Her hand grabbed onto my wrist, and her thighs would clamp down tightly around my hand whenever she got close. There would occasionally be a rush of liquid that would squirt down my wrist as she gushed in pleasure. Her movements were far more restrained but in some ways even lewder.

My hands were working so hard that a continuous wet slushing noise filled the room alongside their moans and gasps. My wrists were starting to get sore, but I didn’t dare slow down. By the sound of it, I knew both girls were about to orgasm. I was a little curious which girl would climax first. That’s when I noticed the two girls were holding hands. They were clinging to each other, their hands tightening as the pair tried to fight back from orgasming. Smiling darkly, I slid a third finger into their wet cooches and started flicking my fingers up and down rapidly.

“Ahhhn! Aaaaa fuck… Cumming…” Samantha moaned, her body writhing against the wall wildly.

“Yes… yes… fuck… yes!” Abigail bent over her body trembling in pleasure.

They raised their clenched hands in unison, their arms shaking as they were both squeezed so hard their hands turned red. I kept with the speed even as liquid splashed wilding over my hands, soaking their underwear and making wet spots right through their pants. Both girls looked like they had completely pissed themselves. They finally both fell back against the wall, gasping for breath. I pulled out my hands, which were a bit pruny and wet, but also sore and tired.

As I rubbed my wrists, the two girls recovered their breaths. Any anger or jealousy on their face was gone. They were so easy. Once girls had an orgasm, there was just nothing else on their brains. The two girls finally turned toward each other, and I felt a momentary fear that they would suddenly be at each other’s throats again. However, there seemed to be a look of understanding between them. Both girls moved at the same time, grabbing my pants and yanking them to the ground.

“H-hey!” I cried out in surprise. “What are you doing?”

Both girls had already gotten on their knees and were grabbing at my dick.

“We’re just returning the favor.” Samantha declared.

“Don’t think about it,” Abigail added.

Samantha turned to Abigail. “Balls or dick.”

“Dick,” Abigail responded.

The two girls raised their hands and then shook them three times. On the third go, Abigail made a fist, while Samantha put out a scissors with her hand.

“Yeah!” Abigail pumped her fist.

Samantha rolled her eyes. “Balls it is.”

She raised my cock which was hard and then went for the balls. Abigail took the head of my cock in her mouth.

D-did we just have a breakthrough?

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