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With two sets of lips on my member, there was no way I could hold out for long. I had managed to increase my endurance and recovery significantly. With all of those thirsty sisters of mine, I had to be able to go at least three times a day. However, I wasn’t able to hold back, and with gritted teeth, I started to cum. Abigail caught it all in her mouth, swallowing it down hungrily. Samantha had been busy still working on my balls, and didn’t seem to realize what had happened until Abigail pulled away with a gasp.

There was still a stream of semen connecting her lips to my cock. It fell onto Samantha’s head, which caused her to look up and only get another long streak of semen across her face. She made a spitting sound as she wiped her face. She quickly noticed my cock was getting soft, and she shot Abigail a glare.

“H-hey? Did you swallow it all?” She demanded as she got up.

“Ahhh!” Abigail opened her mouth while still on her knees and poked out her tongue, showing that there wasn’t any white left on her bright pink tongue.

“You bitch… ahhh! N-noah? What are you doing?” Samantha was suddenly knocked forward into Abigail.

“H-hey, get off of me! There isn’t any room!” Abigail protested as Samantha pinned her to a wall of the tight closet.

I had shoved Samantha forward just as she was starting to pick a fight with Abigail. Abigail was pinned over Samantha who was bracing herself against the wall. As for me, I had already yanked down her pants and underwear to her knees. My hand when between her legs to start fingering her twat. That twat was right in Abigail’s face.

“Dude! What the hell?” Abigail flinched back, but she couldn’t escape, between our legs, and Samantha’s tits were pinned against the wall overhead.

“Noah, what are you doing?” Samantha gasped, but with the feelings of being fingered, her protests were less volatile than Abigail’s.

“Since Abby got a load, it’s only fair for Samantha to get one too!” I declared, pulling my dick out.

I was already hard again. Whether it was the suggestive position Abigail was in, Samantha’s nice naked butt with just enough liquid running down her thighs to show how horny she was, or perhaps even the conditioning my sisters had done to me, always wanting my dick to perform a little more, but my refractory period had shrunk considerably. I could fuck again with only a few moments in between. That’s why I spread open Samantha’s behind, found that warm, wet waiting slit, and I popped myself right in.

“Ahhhn… N-Noah…” Samantha tried to act surprised and condemning, but what girl would truly resist the feel of a cock inside her.

Even though she knew her pussy was being stretched right in front of Abigail’s eyes, the pleasure of it kept her from fighting back.

“Noah! What the hell?” Abigail complained, but she also didn’t do anything to change the situation either.

I had always expected that Abigail was an exhibitionist. After all, she had been stalking me from hiding for years. She had put herself in a situation where she could film me erotically, and then later she found a bunch of outfits that she wanted to put me in. Adding to that her tolerance for Samantha, and I finally realized Abigail. She liked to watch! As much as she wanted to act like she was uncomfortable, this front-row seat to watching her boyfriend plow another girl was probably extremely arousing to her.

I started to thrust into Samantha from behind, bringing my entire length in and out of her pussy with each long thrust. Samantha braced herself against the wall, only able to accept the pleasure while keeping herself from making too much noise and alerting anyone who might still be in the hallway at the moment.

I could also hear a faint panting down below. Abigail, who was on the floor, could only look up at that wet pussy receiving all of my dick. Was her face getting splashed by Samantha’s juices every time I thrust into her? If it wasn’t happening yet, I intended to make it happen! I increased the speed, a light slapping noise every time my balls slapped against the entrance of her cunt wetly. I could see Samantha clenching her nails, practically scratching the wall as she did everything she could to keep from letting out a scream.

Down below, Abigail had started to touch herself, enjoying the show given to her while she pleasured herself. Although I had experienced a few threesomes with my sisters, it was always the twins who would work together. Since they were identical, as much as there was something gained by enjoying them both, I also felt like there was something lost. Having two different women at the same time, who were different body types, temperaments, and sexual tastes… that was truly a threesome experience.

“Noah… hah… ahhh…” Samantha couldn’t help but let out a few gasps as her mouth broke open, but she quickly closed it again.

I grabbed tightly onto her nice, well-formed butt and then increased my pace again. Although I couldn’t say I was completely unaffected by the change in gender roles, at the very least, I’d never lose my stamina. Some guys grew lazy when women were willing to do all the work. They felt that getting hard was all they had to do. Some guys even felt that it was a woman’s job to get him hard, and if she couldn’t do it, she had somehow failed him. They would just lay there and expect a woman to do everything. That would never be me. When the time came, I would always work up a sweat so that I could satisfy my ladies perfectly.

“Ahhhn! Ahhhn! Yes! Noah! Ahhhh!” Samantha couldn’t hold back after being rammed so many times. “I’m cumming!”

I held on tightly and shoved myself deep inside her. Since Abigail got the last loud, this loud would be all for Samantha. I exploded deep inside her. My cock was swelling and exploding as hot white juice filled up her womb. I wasn’t sure about the fertility situation when it came to the girls. It was usually up to the girl to choose how to keep themselves from getting pregnant. That was at least one thing in this world that made sense to me more than my world. If it was a woman’s body and she was the one who would get pregnant, then it was ultimately her responsibility to worry about preventing pregnancy.

With the gender roles reversed, this was a situation where things didn’t just flip. It didn’t become men who got stuck with the kid and women who could act promiscuous. My mom who had decided to take care of me was a rare situation. In this world, responsibility just fell completely on the woman. It was only the man’s role to take care of the child if he wanted to. That said, if he did want to be part of the child’s life, he had a bit more legal recourse than women did. This issue was as hotly debated here as in my world. Perhaps it was just because I was a man, but I did feel like it was fairer.

The three of us finished up just as the next bell rang. Samantha and Abigail left the locker room without looking at each other. It was clear that their relationship had changed a little bit. They had been with me together for the first time. Not only had they gone down on my cock together, but they were extremely close during sex. Abigail had even gotten off on watching Samantha get pounded. Things were bound to change.

I gave each of the girls a kiss, starting with Abigail and then Samantha. That was all the time we had before the hallways were filled and we couldn’t do anything without the entire school knowing. Thankfully, the hallway closet was closed and no one was the wiser.

“Are you busy tonight?” Samantha asked.

“You want me again already?” I asked.

Her face turned red. “It’s not that… it’s just… I thought you could come to dinner.”

“Hey, it’s not your night!” Abigail protested.

“Y-you can come too.” She responded stiffly. “It’s not anything big. Dad doesn’t trust me alone with Noah, but if there is another girl there, she wouldn’t suspect…”

Abigail’s mouth fell open, but she didn’t seem to be able to find the words to reply. Things had changed between them. I would have liked to have seen how things went with the three of us, but I didn’t have the time that night. I had made other plans.

I shook my head sadly. “Sorry, I have somewhere I need to be after school. I’ll have to do a raincheck, okay?”

“Y-yeah… it’s fine.” Samantha looked a little disappointed, but she didn’t press the issue.

Abigail shrugged as if it was no big deal. I waved them both a farewell and then took off to my next class. I was lucky that my next class was Gym. I didn’t have to wander into the middle of a class to explain why I was late, nor did I have to go around smelling like sex. I was able to quickly shower up and get into my gym outfit while my other one aired out. Gym was super easy. The gym coach was a girl and any guy who smiled at her seemed to get an immediate A. She was much harder on the other girls, and she made work three times as hard for the same grade.

The school day continued and I ended up in Ms. Devon’s class. Ms. Devon was Mrs. Devon, although she told the boys she was miss likely so she could continue to flirt with them. I knew firsthand she was a deviant though who would sleep with her students. That’s because we had a bit of a messy affair which I ended a few weeks prior. Compared to Samantha’s mother, our relationship had ended on a pretty decent note. I had been afraid she’d retaliate, and while my grades did suffer, she hadn’t done anything particularly bad.

Then again, if I spoke, I could destroy her life a lot more than she could affect mine. I had considered revealing that one of my teachers was a predator, but I ultimately decided not to. She had come onto me at first, but I decided to leave things as they were. I still felt a bit uncomfortable in her class, even if she did a good job of ignoring me and pretending our past didn’t happen.

Nearing the end of class, she started passing back papers. When she reached my desk, she very deliberately stood in front of me. I looked down at the grade and blinked. I was really surprised to see that it was an A.

“I passed?” I asked before I could help myself.

A small smile flickered across her face. “You’ve been improving a lot lately. Perhaps… you made the right decision. Keep it up.”

She turned and walked away, and I could only stare. I suddenly remembered all of those naughty nights playing with her in the teacher’s office in the back. I imagined her naked and was thinking she was pretty sexy at that moment. Maybe, we could… I shook my head aggressively from those thoughts. That would put me back into the same bad situation I had only recently escaped from. Instead, I took my grade and smiled. I really could put my life back together, no matter how messed up it was.

There was a buzz from my phone which had been sitting right next to my paper, and seeing it caused that smile to drop. I was moving forward. However, there was one last thing I had to do. I had been putting it off for so long, but it was time to finish this. I grabbed the phone and left the school. I had one last person I had to confront. I had to confront my father.

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