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Learning the truth from my mother had closed the distance between us substantially. There was a time when I disliked my sisters and found my mother annoying. I had never realized how much those sisters of mine worried about me, or how much my mother had to sacrifice for me. Finding out that truth had brought us together in ways I never could have imagined in my previous life.

However, knowing the truth about my birth also left me with discomfort deep inside. Before I could finally move on with my life, I needed to resolve that part of my life. I had to learn the truth behind it from the source. In short, that meant that I needed to have a final confrontation with my father.

I already suspected that I knew the kind of person that my father was. He wasn’t a hero or a saint. He wasn’t a victim or someone worthy of pity.

I had to know if he was my real father. Although a woman had tossed a baby at him which he had accepted to spite my mother, it was possible that we weren’t related at all. She could have slept with any number of men, and specifically chosen my dad to ditch me on. Dad could have taken a baby that wasn’t his out of spite. There were many possibilities, and if any of them turned out to be true, it’d change my relationship will all of my sisters in an instant.

If dad wasn’t dad, then none of my sisters would be my sisters. I already knew that I shared no blood with my mother or Mackenzie. I wasn’t mom’s child, and Mackenzie came from mom and some unknown man. That didn’t make me see Mackenzie any different. She was still my sister. In that respect, knowing if the other girls were biologically related to me or not really shouldn’t change anything, yet I still felt the need to know.

It wasn’t something that I could approach with logic. I knew how I felt about my family, and I didn’t see that changing even with this revelation, yet I still needed to know before I could move on.

Thus, I needed to meet with dad one last time. First, I’d confront him, but I wouldn’t leave it with just that. I also wanted to get a sample from him and do a DNA test. Only when the results came in would I know for sure.

Me: Dad?

Me: Are you there?

Me: I wanted to talk about something important.

Me: …

Dad: Oh! Noah! It’s been forevs!

Me: Why did you take so long to respond?

Dad: Busy. Boy stuff. How’s it going? Whatcha need?

Me: Can we meet?

Dad: Bout what? When?

Me: I’d like to meet tonight.

Dad: Now you’re taking a long time to respond. LOL.

I took a breath as I read the messages leading up to this point. At first, dad had taken a long time to respond, but then I had gotten cold feet and hadn’t set up a date. Taking a deep breath, I gave him a time and a place. It was another five minutes until a response finally came.

Dad: Be there.

I took a deep breath and then responded with my affirmation. Just like that, I would be seeing my dad that night. The bell rang and I left class. Mackenzie gave me a ride home. Mom had bought a new car thanks to her promotion, and she had handed down the old car to Mackenzie. It normally would have gone to Dawn, but Dawn wanted Mom’s help with some equipment to start her photography career and refused the car as a result. Mackenzie swore she’d help lend rides and take the pressure off of mom. Of course, I had wanted to get a car too, but I wanted to buy my own and not depend on my mom’s charity any longer.

In the meantime, we had a second car now. The twins were busy with after-school activities. Mackenzie would have to come to pick them up later, but for the moment, it was just her and me. The ride was very quiet. I was lost in my thoughts, so I barely noticed Mackenzie shooting me side looks.

“Noah, is everything alright?” She asked. “You seem quiet today.”

She wasn’t the most talkative girl, and I was never particularly talkative either. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal if we drove in silence, but she still seemed to notice that something was wrong. I couldn’t tell her I was going to see dad. She’d likely tell everyone else and it’d be a giant mess. Besides, she wasn’t even related to that man. I didn’t want to drudge up bad history for my sister. This was something I had to handle on my own.

“Nothing.” I tried to put a smile on my face. “I’m just thinking about what panties you’re wearing right now.”

Mackenzie stiffened. “Wh-what does my underwear have to do with anything?”

“I thought you might have something sexy on for me.” I grinned mischievously. “Don’t tell me you’re wearing used granny panties right now?”

Her face turned red. “I’ve been at school all day! Of course, they’re used. Besides, I can’t wear anything nice at school. If the other girls see it, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Is that so?” My hand fell on her thigh, and I wasted no time rubbing the area between her legs through her pants.

“W-wait, brother… why aren’t you listening.” Her voice became heavier. “When we get home, I’ll clean up and wear whatever you want.”

“What’s the fun in that?” I leaned over and sucked her neck.

“W-we’re in public.” She protested although she didn’t resist as she kept both hands on the wheel.

“Who looks at people in a car?” I chuckled, my hand starting to undo her pants.

“It’s dirty down there.” She protested. “I had gym today, and I didn’t take a shower.”

I leaned closer and sniffed. “Mmm… sister is fragrant right now.”

“Ahhh! Why did I end up having such a pervert for a brother?” She spoke teary-eyed, raising her shoulder to her neck to keep me from continuing to sniff.

“You love it.” I purred just as my hand finally made it into her panties and found the wet flesh underneath.

“Ahhh… fuck…” She moaned, her body shivering as my fingers found their way inside her. “Hah… I need… to drive…”

There weren’t too many people on the road we were driving on, and she had taken her foot off the gas as my fingers worked their way in and out of her. She wasn’t necessarily horny, but she was sweaty down there and it made it easy to get started. Mackenzie had instinctively spread her legs, letting me have even more access. She ended up pulling over to the side of the road and putting it in the park. With that, she gave over and let me do what I wanted with her.

“Noah… I love you…” she panted as she kissed my lips.

If anyone from her school happened to look in the car at that moment, it would have destroyed both of our reputations. Well, my reputation was already in the dumps, and my sisters had gotten a bit of a hit too. At some point, I probably would need to work on that, but at the moment I was preoccupied with other things.

“You’re so wet.” I teases, my fingers, moving in and out of her quickly enough that a wet schlicking sound filled my ears.

“Hah… yes… there… there… fuck… I’m cumming!” As Mackenzie orgasmed, her hips rose off the seat and out of her chair.

If she didn’t have her seat belt on, she might have ended up humping the stirring wheel. Her mouth hungrily kissed mine and her hands ran over my body as she climaxed. When she finally collapsed back on her seat, panting for breath, there was a honk of a horn. Although she had pulled over, she had picked a spot in her rush where there was another car on the opposite side of the road and it created enough of a break that we were technically blocking the road. Mackenzie let out an embarrassing cry and then quickly set the car to drive.

The windows were a bit foggy, so the person behind us probably didn’t see much of what we were doing. They could probably guess from the shapes, but it wouldn’t have looked like anything more than a couple making out. It would have been impossible for them to guess we were brother and sister. As our car drove off and they thankfully took another turn, things calmed down. I sniffed my fingers covertly. My sister had been a bit fragrant today. Perhaps, she did need a shower.

Mackenzie got control of her hard breathing, shooting me a side look. “You’re so naughty, Noah.”

Although she said that accusingly, she drove with only one hand on the wheel. Her other hand went into my lap where she reached for the tent on my pants. With one driving, the other stroked me through my pants aggressively. Occasionally, Mackenzie would look away from the road and down at me with a hungry desire in her eyes. My sister was still hungry for more.

That waited until we reached the house. No sooner did she pull into the driveway than she lowered her head and pulled out my dick. She sucked me off right in the passenger seat. I was already pretty excited about fingering her, and it didn’t take long until I released a load down her throat. Mackenzie swallowed it all hungrily. Only once she savored my load did she seem to relax in contentment. When we entered inside, we were immediately greeted by Bethany.

“What took you so long to get home?” Bethany demanded with her hands on her hips.

Bethany’s school let out before ours by a little bit, so unless she had extra-curricular activities, she would be the first one home.

“Nothing!” Mackenzie responded.

However, Bethany wasn’t as naïve as she once was. Her eyes immediately noticed a wet spot in the front of Mackenzie’s pants and then wrinkled her nose.

“Brother, you shouldn’t let these horny sluts trick you into putting out so much!” Bethany whined. “It’s not good for a boy to be too provocative.”

Mackenzie let out a cry. “Th-that’s not true! H-he came on to me!”

Bethany shot Mackenzie a scathing look of disbelief before turning to me. “See? She’s even going to speak bad things about my beautiful and innocent big brother.”

“I-innocent!” Mackenzie sputtered.

Bethany grabbed my arm. “If any of our sisters bully you, just come to me from now on. I’ll keep you safe.”

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow, pushing closer to her. “But can you keep me satisfied?”

“I-I will!” She responded. “I-I’ve been reading about it, and I even watched a video and learned some techniques.”

“Oh? A video?” I acted impressed.

Mackenzie hugged her chest and sighed. “Are you reading more of those teenage girl magazines? How to satisfy a boy? That stuff will rot your brain, and boys don’t even like half that stuff.”

“Hmph! Shows what you know. While you girls just keep harassing brother like horny hoes, I’m the one he’ll feel most comfortable with.”

After the gaming competition, Bethany ended up going in a strange direction. She had started to idolize me. Where the other girls accepted my nature, she seemed to think I was innocent and chaste, despite all evidence to the contrary. She seemed to be trying to become a White Knight for me. I’d have to correct her attitude eventually, but it’s kind of cute for certain reasons.

“I do…” I pushed up against Bethany even more, pulling a banana off the counter. “But I’m very curious about these techniques. Can you demonstrate with this?”

I couldn’t let the girls know where I was going tonight, so I tried to keep things between us the same as usual. In a few hours, when no one suspected anything, I’d need to sneak away.

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