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It was already dark by the time I was able to sneak out of the house. I had become pretty good at it after countless nights of practice. I also found that all of my sisters had become extremely heavy sleepers who took a lot to wake up. Serious, you could stick the tip of your cock in their mouth and they would suck on it until you came, and then they’d swallow it all without even waking up, even after they choked on it a little. Um… not that I ever tried that.

I checked my phone and confirmed the place. I had selected a place that was close enough that I could walk there. The bus wouldn’t be running this late, and I wasn’t going to ask anyone to drive me and risk letting people know where I was going. I intended to meet with my father and be gone before anyone knew what happened. I just needed some of his DNA to do the test, and that was it.

I started walking down the street. With the streetlight as my guide, I headed down several blocks. As the night continued, I could hear the sound of crickets along the bushes and the occasional revving of an engine in the distance. This was a route I had walked hundreds of times by myself, even at night, but something felt off this time. My heart was beating a bit faster, and I found myself looking over my shoulder a bit more.

It took me a while to realize the difference. The last time I had walked this path had been before the world was changed. I was just a guy walking around in the dark. However, now that the role was reversed, it’d be like a young teenage girl walking around at night. I was in a world surrounded by potential predators, and by being out I was only asking for trouble.

It was very strange how my mentality seemed to flip with just that. I hadn’t seen any suspicious-looking women. Heck, I hadn’t seen anyone except at a distance. Yet, I found myself far more nervous just because of the role reversal. Was I being followed? I almost swore I could hear another set of footsteps behind me as I walked. I shook my head. It had to be imagining things. It was just an echo.

I shoved my hands into my pockets and lifted my hood, quickening my footsteps as I tried to move ahead. A car passed by, and it was only because of the headlights that I was able to see that a homeless person was kneeling in the alleyway in front of me. They were crouched down strangely, and it looked like they had been waiting for me to pass. A chill run up and down my spine, and I started to move away from the alley. The person seemed to realize I had seen them, and they suddenly dashed me.

I immediately put up my hands, ready to fight as the person raced at me, stumbling several steps back into the street. Just as they reached me, they stopped short, grabbed their coat, and then opened it. In front of me was the naked body of a woman. She wasn’t wearing anything. She was probably in her fifties and her breasts sagged and she was a bit lumpy. Compared to my mother’s great figure, this woman was pretty nasty looking. She shook her tits at me for a few moments, and then with a laugh she spun around and ran away, diving back into the alley.

My mouth was slightly agape and I stood there staring at the darkness for a few moments. The image of her naked body was still seared into my mind, and it wasn’t a pleasant image. I imagined my girlfriend naked, but her image kept popping up. It took several minutes and eventually using the image of my mom’s seductive body before I was able to dispel such a sight. A horn honked, causing me to jump.

A car had driven up, and the people honked to notify me I was standing in the street. I wasn’t far enough into the street that they couldn’t have driven around, but they decided to scare the shit out of me anyway. I started to flip them off as they drove by, but I stopped myself. I recalled once again that I was on my walking in the dark, and that I didn’t have the room to afford to piss off a bunch of people. This was a problem I never would have worried about as a guy unless I was walking around downtown a big city, but suddenly that same danger was associated with the business area a few blocks from my suburban home.

Shaking myself out of my daze, I continued on my way. I eyed the alleyway as I passed it, but it was completely dark and I couldn’t see the woman who had flashed me earlier. I couldn’t believe we had a flasher so close to home, but then again, I had never had to deal with such a thing before. I thought that maybe I should report it to the police, but I didn’t know what to say. I realized that in the moment of being flashed, I had never bothered to even look at their face. I wouldn’t be able to describe them in the slightest. I could describe their body, but that wouldn’t help the police, and that would force me to have to remember the view.

I felt like there was a time when I would have been excited if any woman flashed me. I’d have been so happy to see naked breasts and a pussy that even if it came from some old lady, it would have been hot. That was no longer the case. I had lucked out and had a lot of beautiful women around me, and my standards had seemingly grown. Then again, I also valued those women not for their beauty, but because of other reasons. I cared about them and they cared about me. In reality, mom’s body probably wasn’t that much better than this strange woman’s, but she was a woman I loved, and that made all the difference. No, mom was still hotter, but the sentiment was still there.

Having such innocuous thoughts, I made my way the rest of the way to my destination, which was none other than the place I worked. I didn’t live that far away from the restaurant, and they were open until 3 in the morning, meaning that I could stop by. Anna usually offered me a ride, and when we didn’t share shifts, usually someone else came through, but the place wasn’t far enough that I needed to worry too much if I had to walk. Well, my opinion may have started to change after running into the flasher.

Either way, I wasn’t taking any risks. That’s why I chose to meet my dad in a public place I was familiar with. I didn’t know most of the waiters that worked at night, so there was no one to tattle on me to Anna. Anna also didn’t do very well with the guys. They thought it was cute I was dating her, but they said she was a bit too geeky for their tastes. Thus, no one would tell her that I was out late. Besides, I was meeting a man, which was even less noticeable. I had no clue what they were talking about when it came to Anna, but I long gave up on trying to understand the tastes of men in my current world.

Entering the bright restaurant, I had to squint a few times to get used to the brighter lighting. I felt a bit better as soon as I got in, but my eyes instantly fell on my father. He had chosen to sit at the bar. I made a face, but as I walked up to him and he noticed me, I quickly hid such expressions.

“Oh, hey, kiddo!” He cried out as I came up, his voice just a bit slurred as he held up a drink. “Oh, sorry, you took a while so I started without you.”

The bartender looked at me. “He said you were paying and I should put it on your tab? We don’t even have a tab, but he said you worked here and insisted…”

I winced but nodded. “It’s fine, I’m good for it.”

“Would you like a drink?” Dad asked. “Ah, you know what’s good? A Sex on the Beach.”

“Dad… no.” I sat down next to him. “I’m under age.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” He spoke under his breath, but clear enough that the bartender could still hear.

Bartenders heard all kinds of things, so he didn’t react. However, he was watching me while waiting for my order.

“Ah, just a diet is fine.” I coughed awkwardly before turning back to dad. “When I told you I worked here, it wasn’t permitted to set up a tab.”

“Oh, don’t be such a sourpuss.” Dad laughed. “This is a joyous event! My little boy is growing up. Buying your dad a drink with your own money should be an honor.”

“An honor…” I responded, my voice filled with disgust.

When dad had first come back, I had to admit that I had still felt something of an admiration for him. I had felt like he was the smart one who had managed to get away from a family overflowing with estrogen. He was my father, and as much as I hated to admit it, he had always held a special place in my heart.

Yet, I wasn’t an idiot. I had come to realize what kind of guy my dad was. He was careless, selfish, and foolish. He had broken into our house to steal money, and he was the kind of guy who felt like everyone else owed him. Had he been in my life, I knew that my life would have been worse off it. He likely would have raised me only as an extension of himself. He’d have expected me to take care of him his entire life when it should have been the opposite.

He had grown into the kind of man that I didn’t want to be. I realized now after everything that I might have ended up just like my dad. I might have spent my entire life as a self-serving asshole who just cared about women superficially and just lived for his happiness. I was glad that I had experienced such a wake-up call. It had shown me who I was, and who my father was as well.

Seeing him at that point, all I could feel was disgust. He had abandoned my mother and several of his children all so that he could live a life of partying, drinking, and drugs while acting like he was still a teenager. Meanwhile, my mother who wasn’t even biological had done everything for me. She had spent her entire life raising and loving me. I loved her, and I would take care of her and the rest of my family. I would be the man my father never could.

“So, what do you say, kiddo?” Dad juggled and shook his jar.

“This was a mistake.” I sighed.

I had felt a gnawing inside me. I needed an answer. I thought I needed to know if my dad was my dad and if my sisters were my sisters. Yet, after a single look at my dad, I had my answer. He wasn’t my dad. He never had been. Yet, the girls were my family, and biological or not, it didn’t matter anymore. They were mine.

“Hmm? What’s that?”

“Nothing… enjoy your tab. This is the last one you’ll open in my name.” I turned around and walked out of the restaurant.

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