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Once I was in the parking lot, I was looking out into the dimly-lit streets beyond. I suddenly didn’t feel like walking home was such a good idea. I pulled out my phone and then started writing a text to my mom. No one knew where I was and had suddenly realized how dumb that was. I had told myself that I was just visiting my dad. My dad was a family member, so it wasn’t like I was alone.

However, I felt the clean cut between my father and me. At best we’d be acquaintances in the future. As for everything else, I was now on my own. If I sent mom my message, then she’d know I snuck out. I wouldn’t just get cussed out by her, but I was sure to hear about it from my sisters too. It felt extremely annoying, but it was time to grow up.


My body stiffened as I heard my name. I looked up from my phone and shot dad a look. He had left the restaurant and stood there with an awkward look on his face. A younger me would have felt sorry for him. I would have looked at him hopefully, expecting some kind of true affection to come from him. I no longer held such expectations.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly.

“Ah… it’s late out. Why don’t I give you a ride home?” He offered.

“You’ve been drinking,” I responded. “Don’t worry, I’ll get a ride.”

“Actually…” He scratched the back of his head. “I was hoping we could talk about something…”

“What something?” I asked.

“Money.” He coughed.

“Figures.” I couldn’t help but make a face. “I’m done helping you with money. Haven’t you already taken enough from me? From mom?”

“That’s just it!” Dad took a step forward, and the hesitated. “Um… The money I borrowed from your mother. I want to give it back.”

“You didn’t borrow it. You stole it.”

“You said I could take it though?” He gave such an innocent look, one could almost believe he honestly thought that.

Dad seemed to have a convenient way of interpreting things. I had mine. I wasn’t going to argue with him. I no longer wanted to deal with him at all.

“Just mail the money to mom.” I shrugged.

“I can’t do that…” He responded. “If I send your mother the money, then she’ll have proof I took it. She could press charges…”

“She wouldn’t do that.”

“I’d rather not deal with your mother again, and I also have a feeling she doesn’t want to deal with me. Even if I gave it to her, she’d probably rip it up or throw it out. She’d never take the money.” He explained.

He was right about that. Mom would not want to take anything that Dad gave her. She would rather throw the money in the trash than feel like he had anything on her. Dad could spin it around and make it seem like she accepted money from him and owed him or something.

“What do you want?” I asked cautiously.

“I have the envelope in the back of my car. I just want you to take it.” Dad responded, his thumb pointing over his shoulder. “I can even pay off my tab.”

“How did you earn it?”

“Ah… that… it’s not stolen if that’s what you’re asking.”

“How?” I snapped.

“I worked tables at the strip club, okay?” He huffed.

“You’re a stripper?” I felt almost like gagging.

“No!” He denied it, and when I raised an eyebrow he looked away. “I said I was a waiter. Too old to strip. That’s what I was told. Still, some of the boys would share their tips with us. After all, we’re the ones getting our asses grabbed all night.”

I didn’t even want to imagine the kind of woman who was going after my dad. The idea of him wearing some kind of provocative getup made me nauseous. Then again, I wasn’t sure I could complain. I was a waiter who got their butt pinched plenty of times. I even once gave a woman sex for money, although it had been sex first, and money second.

I didn’t feel myself warming up to dad. If anything, it just made me more determined not to end up like him.

“If I take the money, we’re done? You’ll leave me and my family alone? You won’t stop by, break in, call or have anything to do with any of us. Not mom, not my sisters. Okay?”

It had started as a request but ended as an order. Dad didn’t seem affected by this. He nodded enthusiastically in acceptance. I let out a little sigh. If this was the end, then I could just take the money. I probably would use it to buy mom something nice. She wouldn’t have to know any of it came from dad. Maybe, I could take the family on vacation or something. Of course, I’d be putting a lot of my own money into it too. I finally gave him a short nod, crossing my arms.

He let out a breath, a smile forming on his lips. “Come on, then, it’s just over here.”

I followed dad as he led me down the side of the building. I frowned slightly as I followed him, as there was less light than in front of the restaurant. I looked around cautiously as I approached the car. Dad fumbled with the keys in front of his beat-up car. It was a rusty beater covered in dents and scratches. The inside was filled with trash. I peeked into the backseat, and all I could see were food wrappers and discarded mail. It was impossible to see this money of his. I supposed it was a good way to hide it by leaving it so messy no one could find it.

“Go on,” Dad stated, his hand gesturing impatiently to the backdoor.

I reached out for the door, but then I suddenly had a premonition. I glanced at dad. He seemed to be shaking, and his face was a bit sweaty despite it being rather cool out.

“Why don’t you get it? I can’t find anything in this junk.”

“No, you, I insist!” There was a flash as his eyes glanced behind me.

I tried to spin around, only for something to slam against me. I fell forward, my head hitting the window. I felt hands grabbing my arms and pulling them behind my head. I kicked off from the door, shoving away from the car, but I felt the bodies of more than one person pushing back. A moment later, a hand went around my face. There was a cloth on it, and I could smell something astringent.

I couldn’t help but gasp, but as I breathed the pungent material burned my throat. The sudden shock of being grabbed caused my breathing to increase, and even while my brain screamed at me to hold my breath, my panicked mind didn’t listen. The energy seemed to stream out of me, and I could only struggle a few more helpless tugs before my legs gave out. As I fell, my eyes landed on my dad. He was staring at me flatly, with no emotion on his face. Then, I passed out.

I fell into murky darkness. There were a few moments that I started to wake up. I could hear the voices of several women. I was in the back of a car, not my dad’s. My hand reached for my cellphone, but I realized it was no longer in my pocket. My wallet was gone too.

“He’s awake!”

“Knock him out.” I felt a wet cloth cover my mouth again, and I was soon unconscious again.

When my eyes opened again, my head was throbbing. I didn’t know how long I had been out, but I could barely think. I was in a dark room. I tried to move, and my hands and feet encountered resistance. There was the sound of metal clanking. I blinked a few more times, trying to will my headache to decrease. I needed to think. After wiggling around a bit, I realized I was on a bed. I was in a bedroom, but it had been stripped of everything but the bed. There were thick curtains me from seeing outside. Most of all, I appeared to be chained to the bed.

I closed my eyes, trying to get my breath under control. I could hear a television in the next room over. There was a damp smell that wasn’t very pleasing to the nose. I heard a woman laugh. After a few moments, I heard the television turn off and then steps coming to the door. I hastily closed my eyes, pretending I was asleep. I could hear the door open. There were steps and I could feel someone walk up to the side of the bed and look down at me. I wanted to open my eyes and see who it was, but I felt a bit afraid too.

That’s when I felt a hand grab my pants. They fiddled with my pants a bit and then unzipped them. A hand reached in and pulled out my dick. Their hand was cold, but my body couldn’t help but react to the stimulation. I would have preferred if nothing happened, but my cock started to get hard in their hand.

“My… my… don’t we have a slutty boy on our hands.” I heard the woman say. “Not bad size too.”

As the girl spoke, her hand began to move up and down on my cock. Although she didn’t use any moisture, her hand seemed rather skilled, and she kept pulling the skin up and down in a way that led to pleasurable feelings. I didn’t want her to realize I was awake by crying out, so I had to struggle to keep from moving or making a noise. I had hoped the girl would get the board from a lack of response, but she didn’t. Instead, her hand only seemed to move faster and faster like she was just having fun playing with it.

The intense feelings being delivered by her hand were just too much. “AHhh… ahhh!”

I finally let out a cry through clenched teeth, and my cock started to erupt. I shot several white strands of hot spooge up into the air. The girl’s movements only slowed as I started cumming. My white stuff ended up all over her hand. I kept my eyes closed though. I knew it was almost childish at that point to pretend I had slept through it, but I did my best to appear like I was sleeping.

“Mmm…” I heard a voice filled with pleasure.

I only spared the slightest look at that moment, just opening my eyelashes slightly to peer at the woman. She was a woman in her twenties. I didn’t recognize her at all. She had lifted her fist, and a white stream of my spooge had slid out of it, dripping down. She held it over her head, and let it drip into her mouth. Her pleasure seemed to come from tasting my cum. I watched as she enthusiastically licked up the rest of the spooge and her hand as well.

Although I had intended to avoid it, the sight of her eating it all was rather erotic. She also wasn’t particularly ugly, so my body naturally reacted. When she finished eating it and looked down, she made a noise and I quickly shut my eyes again.

“Already erect again. He was right. You are a slut.” The girl giggled.

She leaned down and started to lick it all up. I was worried she’d go for another round, but she left it hard and only licked up the mess I made. When she was done, I felt her lean next to my heart. I felt her hot breath which smelled a bit like spunk next to my ear.

“Don’t worry. You’re going to get your fill of it. You’re going to be my newest call boy. Have a sweet dream. Tomorrow, we start training you.”

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