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I wanted to escape after the strange woman left, but the restraints on my arms and legs were not amateur work. Although her hand job had helped with my headache and woken me up, I still wasn’t able to get out of the chains holding me down. This was not the first time they had chained someone to this bed. Unable to move much and unable to get anything from the room I was lying in, my eyes grew heavy and I fell back asleep despite my best efforts.

“Wakey, wakey!”

I gasped at the feeling of cold water splashing on my face. As my eyes opened and I went from my fitful sleeping to awake, I could see a woman standing there holding a bucket. She started laughing as soon as she saw me try to pull on the restraints helplessly. I quickly stopped fighting as my mind woke up, and I looked at the woman standing over me with narrowed eyes.

From the voice, I could tell she was the girl from last night. In the light, I could see her better. She had numerous piercings on her face and a tattoo on her neck. She might have been pretty, except that the piercings and tattoos took away from her beauty. Then again, coming from a traditional family of girls, I hadn’t been exposed much to women who looked like that. The girl reached out and grabbed my leg. I didn’t react.

She nodded to herself. “Not bad, not bad. Most boys flinch or cry in this situation. You do understand the situation you’re in.”

“Yeah…” I responded, my voice tinged with anger. “He sold me out.”

“Well, it’s not like he had a choice.” She laughed. “Your precious daddy has been one of our boys for years. Unfortunately, we found he had been skimming some off the top and owed us money. We made a compromise and so he gave us his kid. Your father is right, you are rather cute.”

“He’s not my father anymore.” I frowned.

“Oh?” She looked at me mockingly. “Too bad, father and son to at once can sell for triple. Well, maybe we’ll have to move up to that.”

“I’m not going to work for you.” I spat.

“That is a pity. Your dad does owe up quite a bit.” She tapped her cheek.

“Then get it from him? If you want to cut off his dick and put his feet in concrete, that’s between you and him.” I growled.

“You don’t seem to understand the situation.” She moved closer to me but remained far enough that I couldn’t suddenly grab her if I wanted to. “We always get paid, and we’re not afraid of who we get it from.”

I was just about to say another snarky comment when she dropped a couple of pictures on my chest. I was able to lift my head enough that I could see what they were. They immediately made my blood turn cold. These were all images of my family. The top one was a picture of the entire family at a restaurant. Just under it was Bethany walking into her school. Then, there was one of Mackenzie doing the lawn.

“You…” I couldn’t say anything else.

The undertone was clear. They knew my family. Of course, they did. Dad would have told them everything. They could reach my family too. Whether it was at school or on the front lawn, they could reach them.

“The debt is going to be paid.” She replied. “If you’re not willing to help your father out, then we’ll get the money from someone else. We won’t treat them as gently as we’ve treated you. We’d never kill your dad, at least while his body still has use to us. The same will be for you. As long as you work properly, your family will be safe too.”

I gritted my teeth. What was I supposed to do? Even if I escaped, they knew where I lived. They could come and find me. Even if I told the cops, it wasn’t like they could protect us forever. At best, my entire family would be uprooted and we’d have to live under a false identity.

“Did you want to hear an interesting story?” The girl interrupted my thoughts as if she had just remembered something she had forgotten to say. “My boys hear a lot of things on the street. We like to know what’s going on, especially if competition appears. One of our Janes… that’s what we call women who will hire boys like you, she told one of our boys an interesting story. She was looking for a prostitute she had randomly driven by one day. She said they had a wild romp, and while the boy seemed a bit strange, it was the best fuck she had in years. She was trying to find that guy, and you’ll never guess the description they gave…”

I couldn’t help but go white. There was no way… The woman holding me broke into a laugh at my expression.

“Yes, we even know about that girl you fucked for money. Do you know what that proves? You were already a whore before I ever met you.” She laughed again. “So, don’t even think of going to the cops. No one will believe you’re being coerced since you’ve already got a history of banging Janes for money.”

She dropped something else on my chest, and I looked down to see it was an image of me entering the hotel with that man. It came from a motel security camera, so it wasn’t a great picture, but it was still suspicious. They had done their homework. I started to feel a bit sick.

“My… family…” I wasn’t even sure what I was going to say.

I had been depending on my family to clean up my messes, but this felt like something far over their heads. I could already see that there was a gun on the girl’s hip. It was hung so casually that it only showed just how at ease she was with it. It was worse this way than had she been brandishing it threateningly. 

“Your family will assume the same. You’ve already been a bad little boy, haven’t you? You’re certainly not some virgin sweetheart. Your sisters probably know the truth. If they heard you were out fucking girls for money, they’d probably assume you were doing what you wanted. They’d pity you, but they certainly wouldn’t save you. No one is going to save you, do you understand?”

I wanted to tell her to go fuck off, but her words hit me in the worst place. Since the world flipped upside down, I had been acting irresponsibly. I had been so excited by a world that let me do whatever I wanted, that I didn’t even think of the consequences. I banged teachers, family, and even random people off the street. Maybe, I didn’t end up with a baby or an STD, but those kinds of things did have consequences. Perhaps, this was just the inevitable consequence of everything I had done.

I felt my eyes burning with unshed tears. “I just want to go home.”

I wasn’t talking about the house with my sisters. I was talking about my world. I wanted to go back to the world where men acted like men and women were women. It was a world where this very scene acting out was so ridiculous that people would only laugh at it. I didn’t know why this thought suddenly came to me. I had just managed to work things out with my family. I was getting my life together. Why did I want to leave?

That’s when it hit me. I still had another family. There was the family before the change. That was what came to my mind when I thought of my safe place. It was the family I had left to come to this other world.

A cruel expression formed on the woman’s lips as she leaned into my ear. “This is your home from now on.”

She reached down and unzipped my pants. Her hand pulled out my dick and she started playing with it. Her hands were just as skillful as the previous night, and I started to get hard no matter how much I tried to look away and pretend I wasn’t feeling it. This time though, the girl pulled down her pants and kicked them away. She stepped up onto the bed.

I could see her pubic hair had been shaved into an arrow that pointed straight to her pierced clit. She squatted over me, grabbing my dick and lining it with her slit. She rubbed the head of my dick against her clit for a bit. I could feel the head touching the cold metal of the bar piercing, which she rubbed around the head in circles. Despite myself, my breathing had become more haggard, and I found myself wanting to feel her pussy.

I wasn’t going to beg her like some kind of simp though. I merely gritted my teeth and glared at her as if I could get her to stop just by making her uncomfortable. She remained unaffected, chuckling lightly and then bending her knees, letting the head pop inside her. Her warm, moist insides instead swallowed up my cock, and she started bouncing up and down on me. The girl was quite lewd herself, and as she bounce up and down, her hands cupped her chest where she pulled on the piercing in her nipples.

Her movements came faster and faster, and despite my desire to hold back, I couldn’t as my dick began to swell. I could feel myself shooting a load into her pussy. Even as my dick throbbed out shot after shot, she continued to bounce up and down on it. It was only once it started to leak back out that she started to slow down.

“We’re going to have to work on your stamina.” She appraised. “I didn’t even cum.”

Of course, I hadn’t been trying to last. Once the feelings got to a point, I instead tried to cum as quickly as possible so that it was over with.

“Guess, I’m an early-cummer.” I started something that should have been a turn-off for girls.

“There is a Jane for everything. Many Janes like early-cummers. It makes them feel like they are good at driving men to climax. They like getting a man hard again after he already came. The question is… how quickly can you get hard again?”

She reached down like she was going to play with it more, but then she pulled away and got up. As she got off of me, I got a good view of her butt, which was just as much covered with tattoos as her face. Liquid ran down her thigh, but she didn’t pay it any mind as she grabbed her pants and pulled them back on.

“You’re tired already?” I tried to goad her.

She giggled, moving to me and grabbing my mouth. She kissed me forcefully. She didn’t put her tongue in my mouth, but she suck my tongue into hers and sucked on it for a moment. She had a taste like cigarettes and booze. When she finished kissing me, she whispered in my ear.

“Watch it, boy. You’re cute… but if I need to cut out your tongue so you don’t give any lip, I will.” Her voice said such dangerous lines so casually that it caused my spine to shiver.

She walked away and her tattoed ass was the last I saw of her until the door closed. I was left with my soft dick sticking out of my pants, my crotch covered in cum and woman’s fluids which I couldn’t clean up. I could only lie there as the clock ticked by and it slowly dried into a sticky mess.

However, my mind was working furiously. The only thing I could think was that I needed to play along. If I wanted to escape, then I needed more information. I needed to know where I was, who was holding me, and above all else, I needed to wait for the right opportunity to escape. If I didn’t do this correctly, I might not be the only one harmed. My entire family may pay for my mistakes.

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