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A person finally came by after I had been sitting strapped to my bed with my dick hanging out for several hours. It wasn’t the same woman from before, but a more muscular woman who had her head shaved. She wasn’t particularly attractive, but thankfully she wasn’t there for sex. She unstrapped me and dragged me over to the shower. I considered trying to fight, but this woman was bigger than me, and I wasn’t confident I could defeat her. I wasn’t sure which would be worse, the punishment I’d get for trying to escape, or the emotional damage I’d feel after getting my ass kicked by a girl.

Either way, I could see a gun-shaped lump in her back pocket, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to wrestle it away from her. More than likely, I’d just end up shot in the process. Thus, I followed her as she let me into the bathroom, threw me a towel and a roll of toilet paper, and then shut the door behind me. At least, she didn’t come into the bathroom to watch me do my business. I looked around the bathroom and couldn’t help but sigh. There wasn’t a single window. There was no clear way to escape.

Since I was stuck with things how they were, I went ahead and started cleaning up. I took a shower and washed off all the stickiness and sweat from the previous night. I was still drying with a towel when there was a knock on my door.

“Hurry it up.” The gruff voice that must have come from my bodyguard sounded out. “You’re wasting time. You should be earning your keep.”

I coughed. “Um, you didn’t give me any fresh clothes.”

It was more than that. The clothes I had been wearing were gone. I had put them on the sink, but while I was taking my shower they came in and took them. When I heard the door open, I thought they were just checking on me, but it turned out their aim was my clothing.

“Those won’t be needed.” The voice responded. “Just come out as you are.”

Seriously? I mean, it wasn’t like I was at a stage where I’d be nervous being seen by girls. I had spent quite a bit of time at this point with quite a few women. I was still a bit surprised they were going to this extent. I had no choice but to open the door and take a step out. The air was somewhat chilly since I was naked. I put my hands over my groin almost instinctively. The woman looked me up and down with an appraising eye and then snorted. She reached out, grabbed my arm, and then started dragging me down the hallway.

I glanced around as we moved. We were in a one-bedroom apartment. It seemed to be a fairly cheap place. There wasn’t much in the ways of decoration on the walls and the furniture was all basic and practical. As I passed the kitchen, I could see a small table where two women were sitting playing cards. I was guided out of the apartment’s front door and into a long hallway. It was then that I realized this entire floor was likely owned by these people. I could see people on either side of the hallway watching things.  

The guards didn’t look our way as I was dragged past and brought into the living room of an adjacent apartment. This was where I saw the familiar woman who had ridden me earlier, the leader of my kidnappers. She was sitting on the couch and when she saw me arrive, she looked me up and down even more blatantly than the first time.

Sitting next to her was another girl. She had dark black hair and looked a bit less imposing than the lead kidnapper. She still has several piercings on her ears and one on her nose, but her face wasn’t covered in them. She also had fewer tattoos. She looked almost pure compared to the woman next to her.

“Is this your new call boy?” The woman asked, looking me up and down. “Not bad, maybe a little skinny.”

“This is my friend here.” The woman sat forward. “She’s going to give you a test run. She’ll make sure you understand your duties properly.”

I made a face, but I didn’t say anything in response. There was a look of annoyance from the leader, but the other girl smiled in a friendly way before reaching out and taking my hand. She gently led me into another room. This room wasn’t a bedroom, but a separate living room with a large bookcase and a comfy couch in the middle. She closed a pair of closet doors that separated the two rooms, leaving us alone.

If I had to give an impression of the feeling of this place, it felt like a casting couch. The couch was black faux leather, and there was even a camcorder in the corner set up to record.

“Is that your plan?” I asked. “Get a recording of me to embarrass me?”

“Hmm?” She glanced over at the camcorder and then laughed. “Ah, you’re familiar with the formula, huh?”

“I’m pretty shameless. If you think you can blackmail me with those tactics, you’re dumber than I thought.” I declared.

“Is that so?” She let out a laugh that was somewhat disarming before sitting down. “Why don’t you sit down as well?”

She made a gesture, patting the seat next to her. I glared suspiciously at the seat like she was trying to trick me. This caused her to chuckle again.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I’m just here to prepare your contract.” She immediately put down the paper.

“Contract?” I glared at her. “Is that how you get away with this kind of stuff?”

“Don’t be that way.” She pursed her lips together, appearing like she was dealing with a spoiled child. “This is merely for our protection, and yours as well.”

“My protection?” I leaned forward. “You’re holding me here against my will. You kidnapped me!”

“Against your will?” She looked at me with confusion. “How could we do that? That would be a crime.”

“Then, I can leave?” I asked.

“Of course.” She responded, smiling.

I stood up and then moved to the door. She didn’t get up to follow me. My hand reached toward the door and she didn’t do anything. That’s when I remembered that he wasn’t the only girl in this place. There was the other one outside, the one who had threatened me. Then, there were those guards as well. Was this just a trick? Bad cop, good cop. She’d let me leave, but the others wouldn’t.

“What about her?”

“Your girlfriend?” She raised an eyebrow.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Are you sure?” The girl asked, raising an eyebrow. “You seem close. She thinks the world of you. She called me and asked me to come out here. She said she had a beautiful boyfriend that she thought would look great modeling for us.”

“Modeling…” I couldn’t help but act incredulous.

“It pays quite a lot.” She smiled. “I’m sure your girlfriend and you could use the money.”

I rubbed my head, feeling confused. She was acting nice. After being treated like a slab of meat earlier, I almost found myself wanting to believe her words. Was this the gaslighting they talked about? They just blatantly lied to you until you started to think you were the problem. I always thought that the people who made those claims were complete idiots, but I was starting to realize just how difficult it was when dealing with someone who could lie with a straight face.

“You say modeling, but you want me to do porn.” I accused.

She helplessly shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t want you to do any more than you’re comfortable with. Of course, I will pay accordingly. If you pose naked for me, I’ll pay a certain amount.”

It was only when she said naked and her eyes dropped that I remembered I was naked. That’s how much they had me turned around. I covered myself the best I could.

“As if I had a choice.”

Even if I wanted to escape, what was I going to do? Run out of the building naked looking for help? They had my wallet, my money, and even my driver’s license. They knew where I lived and where I was heading. Thinking about it made me even more frustrated.

“I have a whole assortment of costumes. How about you try something on?” She gestured to an area behind the camera I hadn’t noticed before. It was a rack with clothing on it.

At least I could get dressed…

“I can put anything I want on?” I asked.

“Of course!”

Frowning, I walked over to the clothing and got behind it, away from her eyesight. Although her eyes had followed me, she made no reaction just like before. I went through the clothing one piece at a time. I was looking for something that would cover me and look normal. Yet, each costume was more risqué than the last. Many of them reminded me of the kind of outfits Abigail liked to see me in. Some of them could be barely called outfits, more string than cloth.

I ended up putting two outfits together. The sexy fireman outfit was a full pair of pants with suspenders. Of course, there was no shirt. That’s why I combined it with a button-up business shirt. The shirt didn’t button up all the way and exposed my belly button as well as my chest, but it was the most coverage. Now that I was dressed, I glanced around to see if there was an escape. Like the bathroom, there were no windows in this place. The only way I could escape was to get passed, my so-called girlfriend.

“Did you pick something out? Don’t leave me in anticipation. Come out.”

Realizing I was taking far too long, there was no choice but for me to step out from behind. I walked out from behind cover, feeling like I was walking back into enemy territory. Her eyes were immediately on me, and although she had been friendly and hadn’t pressured me much at all, that was somehow making it feel even worse. When she finally got a good look, she smirked in a particularly strange way.

“What is it?” I demanded.

“Nothing…” She shook her head. “Your tastes are somewhat strange. I thought most boys were good at coordinating.”

Her words were simple, but they made me feel stupid for coming out in such an outfit. It might cover more skin, but it was no less ridiculous. Feeling irritated, I pulled off the shirt and tossed it to the side. The only thing covering my upper body was a pair of red belt suspenders. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she looked at me.

“That looks hot.” She purred. “Do you mind if I take some pictures?”

I grimaced slightly, but I didn’t know what else to do. “You might as well.”

She got up and walked over to the camcorder in the corner. After a little fiddling, she came back with one in her hand. She walked up to me, pointing her device at me with a look of concentration. Other than the fact I had been knocked out and tied up to get here, this woman acted extremely professional.

“Look to the left. Down a little. Tilt your head. You can lose the smile. Yes. Oh… that’s very sexy. You’re so beautiful.”

She started to give me orders, and each time I did what she wanted, she complimented me. At first, I ignored her words, but each time she complimented me, I felt a little happy. I didn’t want to feel that way, but I didn’t seem to be able to help it.

“Can I touch you?” She asked politely.

I gave a reluctant nod, and she adjusted my position. As she continued to move me, I took numerous other positions all while being complimented by her. Occasionally, the back of her hand would brush against my junk, or she’d grab an area around my thought. It was always short-lived, and she’d immediately apologize. I had said she could touch me though, so it was expected.

“Well, I’m done with these images.” She declared. “I’m going to take them and give them some photoshopping and I’ll send the best ones. You did great for your first time.”

This didn’t feel much different than when I played with Abigail or posed for Dawn. My stress had decreased quite a bit. I found myself not wanting this girl to leave because then I’d be left with the threatening ones with weapons.

“Um… you said… next… naked.”

She looked at me in surprise. “You want to do nude shots?”

“It pays more, right?”

She gave me a kind smile. “Yes, yes it does.”

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