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“Mm!” The photographer nodded. “Pictures of guys are much hotter when the guy is hard.”

I was completely undressed now, and the photographer had taken picture after picture of me. Some of the positions felt somewhat natural, and a few even reminded me of the kind of photography that my sister Dawn liked to do. Other positions were rather strange or uncomfortable, and the photographer sometimes had me stay in those positions for several minutes until I was starting to feel sore.

That’s when she suddenly declared that she wanted me to get erect. I wasn’t sexually aroused. Maybe, it was because I was too familiar with the perverted actions of my sisters, but it took a bit more to get me aroused than it used to.

“Do you want me to help you?” The photographer asked as she put the camera down to her side.


“Of course, this is completely professional.” She gave me a solemn look.

“R-right, okay.”

I knew that her reasoning was dumb, but considering the situation I was in, it wasn’t like I had a lot of room to argue. So far, things between the photographer and I had been going well. If I was going to escape, I needed to have allies and people who sympathized with me. Just remembering my old world, there were plenty of guys that fantasized about rescuing a woman from a life of prostitution. Thus, I acted completely fooled hoping to get in her good graces.

The photographer reached into her pocket and pulled out a bottle. She squirted some of the bottles onto her hand before tossing them to the side, and then she rubbed her hands together. The skin took on a glossy appearance. Before I could say anything else, she reached out and grabbed my dick. Her hand felt warm as the fingers wrapped around the shaft. Her hand was full of oil, and she immediately started to move her hand in a stroking motion up and down.

“Haaah…” I let out a breath as the stimulation quickly struck my nerves.

Although I liked to think it took more to get aroused, my dick was rock hard after only a few strokes. However, even though it was hard, her hand motions didn’t slow at all. If anything, her hand grew more enthusiastic.

“Oh, fuck, you’re hard.” She moaned heavily in my ear.  

My cock twitched violently after hearing those words. Although she appeared to be acquainted with the woman who had kidnapped me, she seemed rather civil up until now. This was the first time I had heard her cursing, and it started to turn me on.

She leaned over while her hand worked on my dick and kissed me. My tongue immediately entered her mouth, and the pair of us noisily kissed in the middle of the room. She didn’t stay there long though, as she broke away with a gasp and then started to kiss my neck. I knew that I could have resisted her, but I saw no benefit in doing so. Since coming to this world, I had always known my priorities were a bit messed up. I wasn’t someone who would feel violated by this much.

Moans started to leave my lips, and she pushed her mouth against mine again as if to stifle the sounds. Our tongues clashed and wrestled violently between each other’s mouths, and while I was doing most of the moaning, the photographer was panting too.

Her free hand reached down and grabbed my ass. She squeezed my ass while stroking my ass, her hands working both sides. While she did that, I sucked on her tongue, fighting the urge to cream prematurely. When I had been with my kidnapper the night before, I hadn’t hesitated to finish as quickly as possible, but with this woman, I wanted to last a bit longer.

I decided to take the initiative, my hands wrapping around her waist as our kisses grew more intense. I forced my tongue into her mouth as my hands started to rip off her shirt. Under her shirt was a black bra which I should have been able to see through the shirt she was working on, but because of the low lighting of the room, I hadn’t noticed.

She stopped touching me just long enough to pull off her bra and toss it to the side. This revealed her modest chest. She had two large, pink nipples and the rest of her flesh was very pale and unblemished. In the middle of one of her nipples was a piercing. Her chest was nice, round, and perky, and her nipples were rather hard and swollen. I didn’t hesitate to put my mouth on them and began sucking on her nipples, attacking the one with the piercing first.

“My, my…” She gasped. “They said you were a noobie…”

“Mmmnmmm…” I made a response that was blocked by her boob, but even I wasn’t sure what I had intended to say.

I was enjoying flicking my tongue around her nipple, and playing with the piercing. At first, she seemed to be amused that I was sucking her nipples, but her face steadily grew to one of pleasure. Her hand motions on my cock even grew less steady as she became unable to focus on her intention.

“Ahhh…” She let out her first moan while I was sucking on her tits. “Shit…”

Her voice sounded shocked, and she had even pulled away and looked down. Since my head was buried in her chest, I was able to pull away and also look down. I could see a wet stain on her pants.

“Did you cum?” I asked, a bit surprised.

I had been sucking on her tit, but I didn’t think it’d be enough to make her cum. I had been able to make my sisters and mom cum from tit play in the past, but they were usually really horny and it took a lot to bring them all the way. I had only sucked her tits lightly, and she had already lost it. This seemed to fluster the girl, and for the first time since our encounter, she seemed a bit uncertain.

“I-I didn’t…” She responded stubbornly.

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow, my hand diving down her pants.

She tried to bend away, but my fingers were already pushing into her wet tunnel. I explored her insides, finding the entire area wet. My fingers could feel her wet juices all over the place. I used my fingers to make sure the inside was thoroughly coated before pushing them even deeper into her warm pussy. She had her hand out, grabbing my wrist, but as I fingered her twat with my free hand, she only stood there stunned. Her hand stopped touching my dick, and somehow the situation had completely reversed.

“Ahhhh… haaah…” The photographer moaned loudly, unable to fight the pleasure overtaking her body.

My fingers moved with the skill of a brother with six very vocal sisters. They had each educated me in their way on how to pleasure a vagina. They each had their tastes, but certain themes kept coming up and they were always quick to make sure their brother did everything correctly. With three girlfriends to practice on, I could be considered as close to an expert as possible.

As much as these kidnappers knew about my family and life, they didn’t know much about my sexually promiscuous life. They knew I wasn’t a virgin, but how could they predict the amount of sex I had in the last few months? Not even my dad would have guessed I was banging mom and his sisters, so he wouldn’t have been able to relay that information to anyone else. From the outside, I looked like a young teen who was just starting to slip down a slutty rode of selfish girlfriends tricking me into sex and casually accepting money for sex. They didn’t realize I had already slipped down the depravity hole a long time ago. Speaking of holes…

“Ahhhn… Ffuckkk!” Her body convulsed, and she started to cum like she was a virgin having her first time.

She even lost her footing and collapsed to the floor. I had to kneel as she collapsed since my hand was down her pants. She ended up on her knees with her legs spread, her body still convulsing and unable to grasp the pleasure shooting through her body. She had soaked through her pants, and it was starting to leak down her legs as she pissed herself.

“Amazing…” She said as her breath started to recover.

“You think I’m done?” I chuckled, pushing her back onto the mat.

I ripped off her pants, which she didn’t resist at all. I was able to spread her legs apart and line my cock up against her slit. I rubbed it up and down her pussy, spreading the liquid around her tight hole and causing her to shudder before I shoved it inside. My cock entered her tight pussy without any resistance.

“Ahhhn, so big…!” She moaned, looking up at me with lust.

She had completely forgotten the situation we had started at. She was the hunter slowly seducing the youthful little morsel. She likely had every plan to be on top, guiding me as she toyed and experimented with my body. Yet, that power dynamic shattered in a second as soon as my desires were brought to the surface. I started to pump my dick into her pussy, thrusting away at her.

Since this wasn’t my sister or even someone I cared much about, I didn’t show her any mercy. I jackhammered her as hard as I could, my hips thrusting in like I was trying to churn her insides. The photographer could only wrap her arms around me, taking it all as her mind barely managed to handle the pleasure. She was moaning constantly, and the slapping sounds as my dick struck her pussy was the only other sound in the room. We fucked aggressively, and her wet pussy came again, liquid squirting out as I shoved into her more and more.

I slammed her pussy at lightning speed like a maniac, causing her tits to bob up and down while squirting juices everywhere! The feeling of her clenching pussy was great. She might not have been as fresh and virginal as my sisters, but there was an appeal to that too.

My orgasm came rushing towards me rapidly without any warning. I knew I was going to cum, and I didn’t bother to hold back at all. If it had been a girlfriend or a sister, I’d ask her where she wanted it, but I didn’t care about this girl, so I decided to pull it out.

“Open your mouth!” I ordered.

She blinked in confusion, but she still opened her mouth like a waiting chick. I reached the end of my rope and started to cum. My balls swelled and my cock erupted. This was probably the kind of chick that took pills and could take a blast of my seed in her womb, but I didn’t feel like doing that with this girl. Instead, white streaks shot out. It caught her by surprise as she flinched when the first shot came. I aimed too high and it ended up streaking across her cheek.

The second streak was a bit less powerful, and it ended up in her mouth. At this point, she understood what was happening, but she couldn’t do anything but keep her mouth open as squirt after squirt went into her mouth. As I neared the end, I took my still-hard and squirting cock and slapped it on her cheek. Like when I was taking a piss and needed to shake, I wagged my cock at her face until the last streams of white came out. Her mouth was wide open, and I could see it half full of gobs of white. It was like she was holding it in her mouth without knowing what to do with it. I finished and rubbed the tip of my cock on her lower lip like I was topping off her mouth.

“Now, swallow.” I smiled down at her.

The photographer swallowed like a good girl.

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