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“I’m impressed,” My girlfriend said as she counted the money in her hand. “You’re doing great, baby.”

“Thank you, mommy,” I responded, pressing my body up against her.

I had since learned that my capturer’s name was Julie, or at least Julie was the name she was willing to give me. A week had passed since I had taken my pictures with the photographer. These had naturally been used in several different ways. They were a form of blackmail, keeping me from escaping. After all, if those photos were leaked, it’d embarrass my family and even compromise any potential jobs I had.

The other purpose of the photos was to establish my portfolio. I wasn’t exactly sure how Julie got my pictures out there, but she was always able to find a Jane who wanted to have sex with me. The first girl came the night after the photographer. She was a virgin who was embarrassed that she hadn’t lost her virginity yet and thus wanted to pay me to do it. It’s something I would have done for free, so I happily popped her cherry and made sure she enjoyed it. When she ended up paying extra, Julie was ecstatic. Of course, I didn’t get to keep the money. All of that went to Julie, and I wasn’t so naïve to think that I’d get a cut.

After that, she scheduled one girl a night as she warmed me up. Most of the girls were moderately attractive. I hadn’t gotten anyone particularly ugly, dirty, or fat. I wondered if this was Julie’s way of slowly getting me used to the lifestyle before I had to do the undesirables, or if there was something else at play. I used all of the skills my sisters had taught me and I left these women gasping and out of breath. They all paid extra, and most of them wanted me on their schedule as a regular, which only left Julie ever happier.

All of my calls were outcalls. It was the only time I was allowed to leave their building, and I was always accompanied by that butch bouncer, who made sure that I arrived and left safely. They also made sure that I wouldn’t be able to run away.

Although it was sexual slavery, I couldn’t say that it was completely without its perks. Although I had to give all of my money to Julie, starting from the first day, she started giving me gifts when I brought in extra money. The food improved, although she also restricted it strictly because she didn’t want me to get fat. I’d also be given various gifts. Julie gave me clothing, jewelry, and stuff for my room. She even took me out to select a mattress, and it was a short time before I was living better than I had in my own house.

As much as my mom loved me, she didn’t have the kind of money to waste on frivolous things. Our meals were practical and our clothing was basic. I slept in a twin-size bed on a cheap hand-me-down mattress. My pimp mommy let me slip in silk pajamas on a queen-sized hybrid foam mattress. I could get steak regularly, and when I mentioned I liked video games, she went out of her way and bought me a console. I was incredibly shocked, and she seemed amused when I asked her how I could repay her.

“I got another Jane for you.” Her words broke me out of my thoughts.

“Another, tonight?”

“It’s only 9 pm,” Julie responded. “You can’t do one more Jane tonight? I’ve bought you so much too. You know that money needs to come from somewhere.”

I started feeling a bit bad. She had bought me so many things. Even though I had finished with my last woman didn’t mean I couldn’t set things up with another. Besides, she was being friendly, but I knew that her friendliness would end the second I refused to do things her way. I agreed to the visit. After all, it wasn’t like I had a choice.

I left the building for the tenth time that week and my guard drove me to the next location. Last week, I had been trying to figure out where I was. I realized I was in a large city about two hours north of my house. However, it was a complicated city, and even simple things like finding the police station seemed impossible. I was slowly building up a map in my head so that I could escape, but I still needed help.

We ended up at a hotel. My bouncer gave me the number, and as I entered the lobby the receptionist only gave me a nod. They were used to misters of the night coming into service lonely women staying the night in their establishment, and it was to the point they barely reacted. I headed to the Jane’s room and stood outside, looking down the hallway both ways to make sure it was safe.

One of the interesting parts of the job was that I never knew what was going to happen. Every Jane was a bit different. It was true that they all wanted sex, but I once had a girl who just wanted to suck my dick. She paid me so she could spend an hour playing with me and sucking me off. I felt I should be paying her by the end of it, but she was so content after I just stood there that she gave me extra money. Apparently, she liked how I came several times down her throat. She said that other guys wouldn’t cum or seem to even enjoy it and I was the first that seemed like I wanted what she was giving.

Until the door opened, I wouldn’t know what kind of Jane I’d get. They could be any race, size, or appearance. On top of that, their sexual preferences could vary greatly. It was part of what made this job so interesting. I knocked on the Jane’s door and waited for an answer.

“It’s unlocked!” I heard a female voice inside.

I tried the knob, and it was clear she had kept the door in the position where it didn’t latch. I was able to enter her room. Inside, I could hear the shower running in an adjacent room. Otherwise, it was a simple one-bedroom hotel room. I still used that precious time to scope out the place. I learned a few things after a week of doing this, and one of those things was to always check your surroundings. Escape routes and heavy things you could use in an emergency were important for someone in my situation.

 I didn’t need to wait around long, as the shower turned off. It wasn’t like I minded waiting. I was paid for my time, so the longer they took, the less I had to do. Plus, compared to Janes who didn’t bother to shower before sex, I preferred a clean woman. I already anticipated a nice experience just because the environment was clean and the person had taken a shower. What could I say? I was easy to please.

The door to the bathroom opened and a naked woman stepped out. She was drying her hair without concern for her naked body being seen. I naturally used the moment to check her out as well. She was middle-aged and decent looking. I was sometimes surprised at how attractive some of the women who hired me were. You’d expect that it’d be ugly women who couldn’t get it any other way, but in my world, many of these women would have been pursued by any guy, regardless of her personality.

She lowered her towel and when she saw me, she nearly jumped. “It’s you!”

I blinked. “Yeah, you hired me?”

“Y-you are a prostitute after all…”

A flash of disappointment appeared on her face, and it left me even more confused. That’s when I suddenly came to recognize her.

“You’re that woman I met off the street, the married one.”

“Shh!” She looked around like her husband was standing over her shoulder. “I told you that in confidence. Don’t your kind of people have to be discrete?”

“My kind of people?” I narrowed my eyes. “You mean prostitutes? Not that it’s any of your business, but I wasn’t a prostitute back then.”

“Ah… shit…” She seemed slightly awkward before giving me a side look. “You didn’t become a prostitute because of me, did you?”

I was first going to deny it, but then I remembered what my girlfriend told me. This woman had been looking for me and asking around. It was true that she didn’t cause me to become a prostitute, but she did make the situation more difficult for me to tell them no.

“What if I did?” I asked coldly.

The woman winced. “I don’t know what to say. I was just horny and desperate back then. When you said yes, all I could think about was the fun. I don’t know how to make it up to you…”

Seeing her genuinely apologizing made me uncomfortable, especially when I knew deep down it wasn’t her fault.

I coughed. “It’s fine. This happened because of my own decisions.”

She shook her head. “You shouldn’t say that. You shouldn’t have to live like this. Why don’t you come home with me.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Go to your home?”

Her face turned red. “My wife is out of town. Ah! That’s not what I meant anyway! I meant that I could help you get on your feet. I could rent you a cheap studio for a few months. I can help you get a job. You don’t have to be a prostitute.”

Hearing her words only made me feel more bitter. I did want to get out of my situation. I wasn’t so enamored by gifts that I had forgotten that I was being held against my will and gaslit to hell. I was playing along so that my life was a bit easier. It wasn’t like I wasn’t living the dream. I mean, what guy wouldn’t love to just have sex with strange beautiful women all day while being taken care of, congratulated, and showered with gifts by their girlfriend? See, when I say it like that, it sounded like the best life I could ever hope to live. Yet, it was a life that would head nowhere, and more importantly, it kept me from seeing my mother and my sisters.

Yet, as tempting as her words sounded, a bouncer was waiting in their car outside. I’d only be dragging this woman into my problems, and she’d be in danger if she tried to help me. Maybe, I could get a message out, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I didn’t want my sisters getting hurt either. These were dangerous people with weapons. They meant business. If any one of them were injured trying to save me, I’d never forgive myself. That’s why I was determined to escape on my own.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Jane.” I raised an eyebrow and she lifted her hands. “No, seriously! My name is Jane!”

I supposed there was a reason we used Jane as the name for anyone who hired a prostitute. They were a common name after all.

“Alright, Jane, you were looking for me before. If you didn’t think I was a prostitute, why were trying so hard to find me?”

“Ah!” That question seemed to cause her to react more exaggeratedly than I would have expected. “That’s a bit of a difficult question to answer.”

“I didn’t treat you particularly well. You paid me. It was a done deal. I don’t believe I was so great either since you didn’t know you were seeing me tonight and were willing to buy a different dick.”

Jane bit her lip. “Our time was a lot of fun… unforgettable event. I did ask for someone with your description, but I never expected it would be you.”

My girlfriend must have known when she set us up.

“Why did you want to meet up?”

“It’s because…” She stopped for a second, and then her mouth tightened and she nodded to herself. “It’s because I got pregnant!”  

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