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“You’re pregnant?” I asked. “Didn’t you use like a Plan B or something?”

A flood of feelings flooded through my head at that moment. It certainly explains why Jane had been so desperate to find me, but it was the kind of thing that I had never expected. I was far too young to have a kid. At least, that’s what I thought. Then again, I had been going around having sex without being safe. This world had fewer STDs since men were more reserved, and despite the changes, basic biology that made it easier for men to spread the disease wasn’t there. Yet, that had nothing to do with getting someone pregnant, and I wasn’t being careful with that either.

Normally, in this world, it was the woman’s responsibility to use protection, but should she get pregnant, it was expected of the man to step up and raise it, whether the woman wanted it or not. It was a strange situation, but in reality, there were enough exceptions to the rules that there was nothing hard and clear about how to deal with a baby.

“Not.” Jane sighed.

“I seem to recall you telling me you’d let your husband raise it.”

Jane winced. “I was just saying that because I was horny. Saying dumb things and living with them are two different things entirely. I would never do that to him.”

“Just cheating then.”

Jane glared at me. “I don’t want to hear that kind of bullshit from a whore!”

“I’m the one getting paid.” I raised an eyebrow, and Jane’s cheeks reddened slightly.

“Look, I just wanted you to know, okay?”

I let out a long breath. “How far along is it?”

I honestly couldn’t even remember how long it had been since we had sex. It had to be at least one or two months, but probably not long since she wasn’t showing.

“What?” She gave me a strange look and then shook her head. “I said I got pregnant. I didn’t say I didn’t take care of it.”

“Take care of it?”

“Yeah… I got an abortion.”

My heart seemed to rise to my throat. “You what? You killed it?”

“Hey! First off, I don’t even know you. Why would I take care of your baby? Secondly, I did try to contact you. I couldn’t find you. Remember?” She spoke irritably.

Her words left me stunned. I never had any strong opinion on pro-choice or pro-life. I had even teased about the possibility of getting my girlfriends, my sisters, and even my mother pregnant. Perhaps, had I not already been enslaved by another woman and treated as a prostitute, this wouldn’t have come as much of a psychological blow. At this moment, however, I started to feel a great deal of rage.

“You bitch!” I reached out to grab her, but before my hands could reach her blouse, her palm struck my cheek.

Slap! I blinked a few times in surprise.

“What? I’m an equal-opportunity woman. Do you think I’m going to let you push me around just because you have a dick? If you didn’t want to see your babies get aborted, maybe you should be fucking women without a condom. I know that’s not the politically correct thing to say, but it’s not like guys have no involvement in a girl getting pregnant.”

I rubbed my cheek. The moment of anger had passed. Nothing I did now would change what had already happened. I was mostly just surprised. I was surprised that she had gotten pregnant, and then just as quickly, I was shocked that the pregnancy was over and taken care of without my involvement. This was a world where men typically took responsibility for the children. She had sought me out, but because I couldn’t be found, she decided to shed the responsibility. It was done.

“I’m sorry,” I responded. “I was just a kid though.”

She winced slightly. “Yeah… s-sorry for the slap. I’m not one of those girls who hits men. I swear.”

The pair of us looked at each other. It was probably the first time we had ever really acknowledged each other. I had met her on the street and fucked her, but I had never really bothered to look at her. I mean, I hadn’t even learned her name. The same was true for her as well. She had treated me as just a dick she could satisfy herself with, and I had treated her as a warm pussy to dump my cum. The pair of us let chuckled at the same time, and it seemed to cut down on the stress we were both feelings.

“I’m not here of my own free will,” I spoke softly.


“Sex trafficking? It’s a real thing. I was snatched off the street a week ago.”

I didn’t know why I decided to speak the truth at that moment. Perhaps, I just wanted to trust in another human. Besides, my girlfriend never specifically ordered me not to tell other people about my situation.

“For real?” Jane’s eyes widened. “Then, we could…”

She made a gesture with her thumb, but I was already shaking my head. “There is a bouncer outside. They come with me on every visit. They’re also armed. If I come out without the money or any of a dozen other situations, then she’d come in and take care of it.”

“What?” She seemed generally shocked, looking over her shoulder nervously. “Scary…”

“Did you think prostitution was a safe thing?” I raised an eyebrow, causing her to blush.

“Shit!” She cursed after thinking about it for a second. “What are we going to do?”


“I…” She stopped for a second, looking at me guiltily. “I know it was only for a brief moment, but you were the father of my child. Fuck, I couldn’t stop thinking about you so much that I wanted to fuck someone who looks like you just to try to get you off my mind.”

“Um… thanks?”

She let out a sigh. “I’m just saying, I’m a fucked-up girl with a fucked-up mind, but even I’m not a complete piece of shit. If I see a boy in need, especially a boy I had a relationship with, I want to help them if I can. Is that so strange?”

“No.” I shook my head. “It’s not.”

There are all kinds of men in my world who love to white knight for women. Men want to save women all the time from whatever bad situation they experienced. This allowed many women to exploit those men. However, there were also real cases of men being heroes, or dying foolishly over a woman too. The kind of married woman who bangs random high school boys and seeks our prostitutes weren’t the healthiest mentally, but they were the first friendly face I had ever met.

“What do you want me to do?” Jane asked after taking a deep breath.

“Can you get a message out?” I replied with my question. “I just don’t want my family to worry.”

I wasn’t sure what kind of messages Julie had sent to my family, but I wanted them to know I was alright.

“Yeah, I can do that.” Jane seemed relieved that I had requested something so simple.

Thus, I pulled out a pen and paper and then wrote my message. It wasn’t a message about escaping. Quite the opposite. I just wanted them to know that I was alright and safe. I didn’t want them worrying about me. I gave Jane my sister’s address. I didn’t know how wide Julie’s eyes were, but I had to presume that it’d be safer leaving the note with London than trying to send it to my house that they’d be watching.

It took me three sheets before I was done with the note. I folded it up and handed it to Jane. She nodded in affirmation.

“Are you sure there is nothing else I can do for you?” She asked.

“I’m sure.” I nodded, but when I saw her start walking toward the door, I spoke up. “What are you doing?”

She stopped and looked back at me as she put the letter into her pocket. “I’m going?”

“You bought me for two hours. It’s only been thirty minutes. If you leave now, it will look suspicious. Besides, you still haven’t paid.”

Her face fell slightly. “I still have to pay?”

I chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’ll still make it worth your while.”

As I spoke, I stroked the area next to the bed. Jane might have been trying to help, but it wasn’t like she was an altruistic person. A horny grin grew on her face, and she immediately pulled off her shirt and dropped it to the floor. Her average-sized tits were covered with a thin lacey bra, which she quickly removed as well. She then fumbled at her pants like she couldn’t get them off fast enough. They fell to the ground leaving her in nothing but pantyhose and black panties. Her skin glowed under the dim light of the nightstand. Her nipple stood hard and erect under her thin fabric. Her eyes contained desire and excitement as she eyed me eagerly.

Jane was attractive, but a male version of her definitely would have been considered a toxic pig in this world. Thankfully, I went by my own world’s standards, and it made this eager slut very erotic. My cock swelled rock-hard. It wasn’t like prostitution had ruined sex for me. I still enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. As bad as the situation was on the outside, it still had perks.

I took my erection out of my tight pants that they made me wear as a prostitute. Her mouth was watering in anticipation as she approached me with eager steps. Instead of reaching out and grabbing my dick, she stopped right next to me on the bed. She turned around so that she was facing away from me. She then pulled down her pantyhose, shifting left and right as they slowly peeled off her wet pussy like she was opening a Christmas present. Those pussy lips were pink and glistening wet!

The sight of this woman’s bald cunt made my cock twitch in desire. Although my sisters played with shaving, most older women I had tasted were au natural or just a bit of maintenance. This was the first time I had encountered a completely bald pussy on an older woman. It had more appeal than I originally would have thought.

I smirked, “You’re shaved…”

Jane smiled at me while looking back over her shoulder. I could see her pink clit sticking out between her smooth labia. She turned back around and got onto my lap with her legs spread. She started to kiss me as one of her hands guided my dick into her cunt.

She started to passionately kiss me while she rocked her hips in my lap. We started fucking with our mouths open wide like a couple of wild animals free of any shame or hesitation. There was no awkwardness in our movements. We both were taking what we wanted from the other, and so it made this arrangement simple and clean. Our tongues danced together with passion and lust as we played with each other for our satisfaction.

My hands roamed all over her body as if trying to memorize every inch of her skin. My fingers dug into her soft flesh and rubbed her nipples. Hers were doing the same thing to mine. She moaned louder as she felt the tip of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

Then Jane took my hand off of her breast and guided it down to where she wanted it to go, to her pussy. Her pussy lips were warm and sweet. Rather than rub her labia as she intended, I pushed two of my middle fingers inside her wet hole, stretching it with my dick still inside her! She gasped in surprise, but she didn’t try to stop me at all! She spread her legs wider apart and ground her hips against my dick even more!

I alternated between my dick and my fingers, sliding them deep inside her pussy. She was so tight and wet, and with two fingers and my dick, she was being stretched passed her limit. The inner walls of her cunt were gripping tightly on my fingers! I could feel her juices flowing out from between our bodies, soaking up in my clothes, but that didn’t matter to me. It wasn’t like I wore closes that weren’t intended to be stained or ripped open anyway.

Jane’s hips began moving back and forth while she ground my dick and fingers as deep in her pussy as space would allow.

“Oh, yes baby!” She exclaimed with pleasure.

I pushed deeper and harder into her until my fingers were buried completely inside her hot cunt. The back of my knuckles could feel the top of my hard rod. She started to bounce on me like a teenager, while we kissed with our mouths open wide. Our tongues were dancing together outside of our mouths as much as inside.

With my fingers inside her cunt, Jane was moaning and gasping louder with every thrust. She grabbed onto the sheets as if trying to keep control over her body movements or something. I couldn’t thrust up since she was bouncing so aggressively, but my fingers continued to move with my wrist movements.

“OOOOOOOOOH!” Jane moaned loudly as she orgasmed.

I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock, and it became so much that my finger was forced out of her with a squelch. They immediately started rubbing her clit instead, and she became feral. Shoving her tits into my face, her body convulsed wildly against me as she experienced powerful orgasm after powerful orgasm.

She finally became limp, and I picked her up and pushed her down onto the bed. She fell backward onto the bed without resisting, breathing heavily as she recovered from her intense orgasm. Jane looked up at me with eyes filled with satisfaction, but also more lust.

“What do we do next?” She asked teasingly.

“No one said I was done!” I responded, preparing for round two.

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