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Jane was lying back on the bed breathing hard. “I forgot what it was like to have a real man.”

“Haha…” I couldn’t help but laugh at her words.

Something about the entire situation made her calling me a man particularly funny.

“What? What? Why are you laughing?” A frown formed on her forehead.

I had enough experience with women from this world to understand that they sometimes had pretty fragile egos. She thought I was laughing at her expense and was thus getting angry. To keep her from getting upset, I grabbed her and kissed her passionately. On the other hand, women from this world were very easy to distract.

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” I whispered into her ear.

It was kind of a ridiculous request, but I had long since grown comfortable with myself. I knew what I wanted, and at that moment I wanted her butt cherry. I wouldn’t get Jane pregnant by fucking her ass, so it was an ideal option for me. Her eyes brightened with interest and curiosity.

I pulled out my fingers from between her moist folds and let my dick slide out of her cunt. She shifted her body, lifting her bottom and giving her a tight asshole and an easier angle for my penetration. I pulled out some lubricant from my pants and squirted it on her butt. As a male prostitute, lubricant was a must. There was a particular way to use it too.

Women had their pride, and in a world where it was the woman’s responsibility to pleasure the man, her ability to be lubricated was the equivalent of a man staying erect in my world. If she couldn’t get lubricated, she might as well be limp. This caused lubricant to have a negative connotation, making it feel to the woman like she was sexually deficient. However, some women just couldn’t get wet, so I was shown tricks to add lubricant without it being obvious I was doing so. She’d feel like she got wet, and it’d make her feel good.

I used those skills at that moment, making sure her hole was sufficiently wet. I positioned my dick against her hole and then pushed into her ass with a single thrust.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH” Jane screamed out, her eyes clenching tight as her hands grabbed at the blankets.

Her ass was warm and tight! It was a feeling I only occasionally enjoyed. I only offered it because she had just come from the shower, so I knew she was clean.

This woman might have been my baby’s momma, but that didn’t happen. Now, she was getting plowed in the ass by me, and she was paying for it! I thrust away, pushing my dick in and out of her tight hole. She let out staggered breaths and moans as she took my whole dick into her rectum.

Jane and I weren’t friends. We weren’t lovers. We weren’t related. We were just strangers thrust together by chance, and then enjoying each other’s bodies for our satisfaction.

I was pounding away at Jane’s butthole with full force while kissing her passionately on her neck. Our bodies were shaking with excitement. Our moans filled the room with sexual energy. The walls of the bedroom echoed loudly as the sound of two people having sex reverberated through the motel room, possibly being heard by a neighbor. I didn’t care about such modesty anymore. I wasn’t going to hide, lie, or pretend.

Jane grabbed onto the sheets tightly again trying not to lose control over herself.

“Oh, God. Yes, baby! My ass is being stretched so much.” she moaned in ecstasy.

Her body trembled from all the intense pleasure.  I could feel her cunt muscles twitching through the thin colon walls every time I thrust deeper inside her asshole. I kept ramming my cock deep down into her butt until I felt her tight hole stretching against the root of my balls.

“OOOOOOHHHHH!! YESSSS!!” Jane screamed out loud while orgasming hard, her ass tightening aggressively on my cock.

For a moment, I felt intense resistance like she was trying to expel my dick, but pushed down, keeping my dick deep into her backside. We were still in the middle of fucking, and I wasn’t going to give up so soon! Suddenly, Jane moaned even louder, and her hips began moving faster against me like there was no tomorrow! Her fingers were playing with her twat as she rocked her hips desperately to aggravate my cock still lodged deep in her intestines.

“OOOOFFUCCCCCK!!!!” Jane cried out.

With her pussy up in the air, it began to erupt like a fountain between her two fingers. Warm gushes shot up like a fountain, splashing against my crotch and stomach. My balls were boiling and full of sperm! The feel of her ass clenching on my dick was all I could hold onto. There was nothing else I could do but give everything to make her scream with pleasure.

My entire body was shaking uncontrollably with the intensity of our fucking! My balls churned up and released hot seat into her clenched ass. She seemed to jerk as she felt the first hot load deep inside her. It was like a volcano erupted inside of her colon, filling it with hot white magma. Steamy and fragrant juices began to run freely, and our bodies were covered with sweat as if we just ran for miles.

I fell on top of her and we both gasped heavily. As we tried to recover our respective breaths, we kissed again passionately.

“Oh, God!” she moaned softly as the kiss broke away. “That was so good! I like anal!”

“Mmmmmm… Mmmmm… yes…” I agreed although I didn’t have a reference point for that.

I personally never had anything in my butt, and I didn’t intend to ever have anything in my butt. However, I was happy sticking my dick in any girl’s ass as long as she was eager and willing. Jane certainly was. She smiled at me while still lying down on the bed, breathing hard from having an intense orgasm, then rolled off me, grabbing onto me, pulling me closer, kissing me deeply, hungrily.

“Thank you, I needed this.” She purred.

I looked into her eyes, feeling myself getting hard once more because of what had happened. Compared to my sisters, she was a bit dirtier. Sex with her was filthy, and I kind of liked it that way.  

Jane pushed me off of her and then rolled over. She crawled out from under me and towards the edge of the bed, showing her ass to me and spreading her legs wide open. She shook her ass cheeks in front of my face.

“Go ahead and fuck my pussy again, baby,” Jane whispered. “Fuck this cheating slut’s dirty pussy!”

My cock was already rock solid again. As I looked at her from the backside, her asshole was gaping a bit, and there was white stuff leaking out of it and down the side of her cunt. It was an erotic event knowing how I had ruined such a hole, and it only made me desire to ruin the other hole even more.

I slid my dick into her while I squeezed her butt. Her tight wet hole felt an amazing tightening around my shaft as if there was no tomorrow! Fucking her butt had seemingly made her pussy extra twitchy. I took her from behind with one hand holding onto her hips while my other was between her thighs playing with her clit. We both moaned loudly as we fucked each other’s bodies passionately while making out on top of the sheets of my marital bed!

I thrust her body against the headboard hard, driving myself deeper into her than ever! My balls were churning up more sperm into her womb, filling it, until I couldn’t hold back anymore…

“Mmm, yes!”  I screamed as I came deep inside her pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh!! OOOHHHHH!!! YESSSS!!” Jane let out a scream too as she climaxed once again.

She squeezed me tight around my shaft like she was milking a cow. I collapsed on her back while still buried deep in between her thighs. We both laid there panting heavily. We held onto each other’s sweaty bodies. Our breathing was getting slower as we rested. It was almost like we were just taking a pause to recharge.

I start fucking Jane like I was doing a push-up with my big dick between her thighs while laying down flat on my back. I thrust her body against the headboard hard, driving myself deeper into her than ever before! We both moaned loudly fucking passionately!

I impaled her faster and harder as I grew closer and closer to cumming again! I could feel it building up inside of me, ready to shoot off all over her body again, squirting hot semen deep inside of her pussy, filling it, until there is nothing left inside of me.

“JANEEEE!!!” I pushed up harder and deeper into her cunt, burying my cock to its base as she screamed out loud:

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! YESSSS!! YESSSS!!” Her entire body shuddered violently from having an intense orgasm once again!

I came very hard inside of Jane’s womb as she screamed out loud in yet another climax! My balls were churning up more sperm into her fertile egg-producing vagina. Hot lava poured from between us. Our bodies were covered with sweat.

Once again, I collapsed on Jane’s back, inhaling her neck scent. She rolled over and we ended up lying like that, with me spooning her from behind. Some time passed by, and Jane let out a little groan.

“Is it time already?”

“Yeah, you’re time is up, sweetheart.” I chuckled.

The pair of us got off the bed. I was supposed to take a shower before I left any place if I was allowed to take one. I headed to the room under the guise of using the restroom, but I quickly started the shower. A few moments later, Jane came in and joined me. She kissed and fondled me a bit, but since the time was almost out, I didn’t encourage her to continue. Instead, I left the shower first while she finished up. After quickly getting dressed, I spotted the money on the dresser. I pocketed it and left the letter I had written in its place, and then headed toward the exit. It was usually best if I was gone before she got out of the shower.

All I could do was hope that the message reached my family. Since it wasn’t a cry for help, it wasn’t like I was expecting anything to happen from it. I just wanted them to not lose any sleep over it. I’d figure this crap out and return to their side soon.

With a sigh, I closed the door and then headed back to the car. My supervising guard held out her hand as I approached. I sighed and handed her the money that I had collected. There was even a little extra in it. Whether she had intended me to take it or not didn’t matter. In this business, you took everything you could get, and all it cost was everything that you had.

My guard silently took the money and started the car, and we were soon off. I was tempted to look back to see if she was watching me leave, but I decided against it. I didn’t intend to continue some kind of relationship with her. She was just another Jane to me. If she send that letter, I’d consider it even for whatever karma existed between us.

The guard led me back to the apartment. Just as I was heading to my room, I heard my girlfriend call out for me. I went to the family room. I was surprised to see her dressed a bit sluttier than usual.

“Come on, we’re going.”

“Mommy? I just worked.”

She suddenly lunged at me and grabbed my chin. “Did I ask for your opinion?”

“No, mommy,” I diverted my eyes.

After a moment, she gave a light chuckle and lightly slapped my cheek twice. “Go get ready. It’s time for a party.”

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