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I didn’t like to put on makeup. Even in a world where genders were reversed, women still dressed like women. They might let their appearance go sometimes, but they still generally cared about their looks and would wear makeup when the occasion called for it. Although, men also wore makeup in this world, which I supposed evened the playing field a bit. Unfortunately, my girlfriend wouldn’t be satisfied unless I put a ton of it on. She also wanted me to wear a shirt that was tight around the chest and groin.  As a callboy, it was what I had come to expect at this point.

I sighed and finished washing my hands. Since running into Jane and sending her off with a message for my family earlier, it had left me in a melancholy mood. It was exactly the kind of mood that I didn’t want to have to go to whatever party my girlfriend had planned. After all, if I couldn’t keep up the proper mood, then she’d resort to other means to keep me happy.

I had been lucky so far that they hadn’t forced drugs on me. They tried to give me drugs after a few days, but I vehemently refused. It was the one battle that I had managed to win against Julie. We had ended up falling into an uneasy agreement that as long as I performed and didn’t get out of line, she wouldn’t give me drugs. Drugs cost money, and they had unpredictable effects on people which might even lead to death. Julie had let me know that many pimps like her would have just kept their studs drugged up and in a state of euphoria, but she was being generous. She let me stay clearheaded, and I continued to bring her in tips.

Yet, that came at a cost. I had to be on at all times. After all, if I couldn’t perform, there were drugs for that. Some of those drugs might seriously fuck me up, and at that point, I wasn’t confident I’d be able to escape. I was already struggling to find a way out, and that was without handling an addiction unless sex addiction counted, and I was pretty sure I didn’t have that. Honestly, after getting it multiple times a day and tasting dozens of girls, even a horny seventeen-year-old like me was starting to feel like enough was enough.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I could only shake my head. I never said I was a genius. I was just a seventeen-year-old. My world was suddenly flipped upside down and I coped with it the best that I could. At this point, I was just starting to get tired. Drying my hands on a hanging towel, I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

“Mommy, are we ready to go?” I asked, using a slightly deeper and more alluring voice I had started to pick up from having to seduce countless women.

“Let me look at your first.” Julie walked up to me, and then took several side steps as she looked at me from all angles. “Mm… Mmm… you looking fine, boy.”

Her words didn’t stir anything in me, but I squirmed as I enjoyed it. “Thanks, mommy.”

“How about you give mommy some sugar?” She asked.

I didn’t hesitate to step forward and kiss her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a rough kiss, her hands pulling my hair until it was painful. Her hand went down and groped between my pants, stroking at my cock. She stroked it long enough for it to get hard, and then she pulled away. While biting her lip, she grinned.

“We’re going to have some real fun tonight.”

She pulled back and gestured. Several other women who had been sitting around got up and started to follow her. I hadn’t looked any of them in the eye. I had learned that when I was around Julie, I had to keep my eyes down. I couldn’t look at any other girls. It was kind of dumb because she’d loan me out to any woman for a couple of bucks, but if she caught me looking at anyone else for more than a second, she’d explode in anger.

There was one time when she took me out to a club so that she could scout for Janes, and while she was away for a moment, a girl came up to me and put a hand on my knee. I did my routine, expecting Julie to be happy that I had scored a client, but then she came back and slugged the other girl. We have kicked out of the club and Julie was furious with me. I couldn’t believe that she’d get jealous, but that was exactly what had happened.

I eventually caught on, so whenever Julie was nearby, I kept my eyes down unless I was looking at Julie, and even then, I never looked her in the eyes either unless she asked me. It was the posture that had allowed me to last this long.

Julie grabbed my arm and took me along to the head of the group. This was probably the so-called honeymoon period of our relationship. Since Julie was a pimp, where were her other boys? I doubted I was her one and only. Instead, I guessed that this was all part of her conditioning. For a few months, I’d be her number-one boy. She’d take me out and she’d buy me things and she’d act jealous and get me to feel completely dependent on her. Then, once I was probably trained and safe, I’d be dropped into a dump and only seen once a week when she came to collect.

This was also the time I was waiting for. Once I had earned her trust, it’d be my best time to escape. I’d be their perfect toy, and then I’d be gone.

Where would I go? I couldn’t go home. I didn’t think they’d come after my family if I didn’t return to them. I’d have to just flee to some other city. Maybe, I’d need to prostitute myself for a while until I could raise enough money to get off my feet. Only when I was established and safe would I make an attempt to contact them. That might be years though, and sometimes I felt great pain as I thought about what I had to do.

However, men had to leave the house and go to war all the time. I might have been taken without my permission, but I was fighting my own battles. I wouldn’t be able to go home until I won and my family was safe. At least, that’s what I told myself to keep going.

We ended up leaving the building that my girlfriend owned and took a car. It was crowded, but Julie made sure none of the women sat by me. We drove out of the city, and I was a bit surprised as we seemed to be heading to the suburbs. I rarely went to the suburbs, even on outcalls.

This also wasn’t a particularly nice area, but it was pretty run down and beat up. We drove up to a somewhat derelict house. The lawn was half dead and there hadn’t been a paint job in years. Yet, the house was lively. There were people on the front lawn drinking and the sound of loud music thrumming through the earth.

“This looks like the kind of place police raid,” I commented.

I couldn’t argue with Julie’s judgment, but I could make a generalized comment and hope she understood. This was not a safe place for us to work. If the cops raided this party, what were we going o do?

Julie grabbed my arm a bit hard and then whispered in my ear. “You don’t need to worry about that. Just shake your ass and make me some money?”

“Am I… stripping?” I asked, feeling a bit confused.

I couldn’t see Julie clearly in the dark car, but the outline of her face seemed to have a very dark and malevolent appearance. “Your job is to satisfy the guests. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly,” I responded, lowering my eyes submissively.

The car engine turned off and the girls all got out at once. I only hesitated for a moment before stepping out and following behind. Julie no longer held my arm, but she shouted out a welcome, giving another girl with a bald tattooed head a hug. The two women seemed to know each other, and they quickly leaned close and started whispering things.

Without another word, the two took off into a backroom. They didn’t look back at me once. I was immediately on my own at a strange party. I also couldn’t see my typical bouncer. They had entered the party too without waiting to see if I would join them. Was this the time to run? What would happen if I just turned and darted? It was already dark outside though, and this place was a bad area of town. I had encountered a streaker even near my place. I was bound to encounter something worse here.

In my hesitation, I felt a hand suddenly slap my behind. The hand remained there as a woman suddenly wrapped herself around my arm. She had light brown skin, dark curly hair, and hoop earrings. She had dark red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. Overall, she was a normal-looking woman, although the lewd look on her face wasn’t that normal.

“Damn, boy, you look good. Why are you up here all alone?” She asked. “Your girlfriend leave you?”

“Ah, I don’t have one.”

Although I called Julie my girlfriend, I officially didn’t have one when I was on the clock. If any girl asked, I was untaken and practically a virgin. At this point after all of the women I had been with, I knew that was laughable, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Alright, alright…” She smirked. “Then how about you come with me.”

She pulled me forward and I was brought into a room that was full of smoke. There were both girls and guys here. The girls were mostly wearing t-shirts and jeans, while the guys were all dressed up in stuff that showed off their features. I could easily spot several of them that were prostitutes, but I wasn’t sure about all of them.

“Hey, slut, who are you bringing in?” One of the girls sitting on the couch with a long glass bong called out.

“Hey, this is my boy… uh…”

“Noah.” I coughed.

“Uh, yeah, this is Noah. Ain’t he a cute little white boy?”

The other woman laughed. “Come here, boy, why don’t you sit next to me.”

“Um, sure…” Although I said the words, the girl holding me was already pulling me to the couch.

I was sat down right between the two girls, who both changed their positions so they were turned toward me. The girl who had been holding me stroked my neck, while the other girl put her hand on my knee.

“You look nervous.” The girl stroking my neck said. “How about we get you something to drink?”

“I’m good.”

I knew enough to know not to drink anything at a party like this. I mean, the worst thing that would happen was that I was raped, but Julie wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t bring her any money.

“Don’t be like that, baby…” The other girl put her hand on my chest. “You a fine-looking boy. Do you have pet insurance?”

“Huh? What? No…”

“That’s a shame because I’m about to have you destroy my pussy.”

“Shit, you nasty. We don’t even know what he’s working with.”

“Whatever, you know white boys are my weakness. Here, your belt is tight, let me loosen it for you.” She grabbed at my belt while the other girl grabbed at my shirt.

If I didn’t take control of the situation, I was about to end up fucking these two girls and worse, I wouldn’t be getting paid for it.

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