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“Damn, boy, you don’t mess around.” One of the girls purred.

Since we were going to do this, I took charge of the situation immediately. I had a hand down the pants of each of these girls. Since one was wearing baseball shorts and the other was wearing sweatpants, it wasn’t difficult to get full access. The girls didn’t hesitate to spread their legs and let me do my thing. I was fingering one girl on either side of me. I turned left and kissed one of them noisily, and then swapped to the other. They rubbed their bodies against me like I was made of catnip and their hands eventually found their way between my legs where they started to rub my hard member.

“How about we take this to the bedroom?” One of the girls panted.

“Why, you don’t want an audience?” I teased, noticing that our actions were getting the attraction several of the other girls in the audience.

Some looked on enviously, while others looked on hornily, subtly touching themselves and biting their lips as they watch two other women enjoy getting fingered.

“Naw, boy. I want that big dick all to myself.” The girl responded.

“Well, you might need to share a little.” I chuckled.

Her eyes darted to the other girl, but she was too aroused to say anything. There was a look between the pair of them that seemed to suggest they were going all in. Since that was the case, there was no holding back. At that moment, there was a sudden disturbance. Someone came storming into the living room, pushing through people until they were right in front of us. It was only at that moment that I realized it was Julie. She had an unhappy expression on her face. Well, wasn’t I doing what she wanted? Once I had them in the bedroom, I was going to reveal the “cost”. They’d reject me at first, but they’d eventually pay.

“Come on, I got a job for you.” Julie declared.

“Hey, the girl’s taken.” One of the women I was fingering tried to protest.

Julie’s fist came out without a hint, slugging the girl in the face. Her head whipped back for a second, and she pulled away from me to grab her nose. A moment later, blood began to run from it.

“You fucking bitch!” She shouted with a muffled voice.

“You want to start something?” The other demanded.

I pulled my hands out of their pants, just as the two girls tried to stand up. At that moment, there was an audible click as a gun was cocked. A few more clicks followed. Three other people had walked into the room with Julie. One was next to her, and the other two were behind the couch. In a moment, they had guns drawn on the two women. One had a gun pressed against the back of the girl’s head. The person next to Julie pointed a gun directly at the bleeding nose of the other woman. They had both ended up freezing in a half-standing motion, visible shock and fear in their eyes.

“Do we have a problem?” Julie demanded.

“N-naw… we cool, we cool.” With their hands up, the two women sat back down, but also made a wide berth for me.

Julie reached out and grabbed my wrist roughly. “Come on, we’re going.”

I let her pull me up and away from the clients I had been working with. I felt a bit annoyed, but only a little. While pulling me, she lifted my hand and sniffed, and then made a disgusted face. I decided to speak up first before she could chastise me.

“What do you want me to do, mommy?”

She stopped for a second as if she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to let things pass or not, but she finally sighed. “I’ve got a customer who wants to play. She has particular tastes I think you’ll fulfill nicely.”

Was that so? It didn’t matter much to me. At least, that’s what I thought, but she didn’t have to bring me far. I was just dragged up the stairs and then taken to one of only three available rooms. This one wasn’t even the master bedroom, but smaller. As soon as I stepped inside, my expression faltered slightly. The woman was quite a bit older than what I was used to. Most of the janes I tasted were in their twenties or thirties. This was the first time that I was taken to one who must be sixty or so.

“My, my, isn’t my son growing up to be just like his daddy.” Another voice came as a man came out of the restroom, and my expression immediately fell.


“Hello, son.” Dad smiled. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“What the hell is the meaning of this?” I demanded, glaring at Julie.

She seemed a bit surprised by my outburst, but she still answered. “Our guest has always wanted a father, son duo. She was willing to pay quite a lot to get her way. Now, be a good boy and give her what she wants.”

“Absolutely not!” I shot dad a hateful glare. “You think I want anything to do with this piece of shit? He’s the only reason I’m here.”

“Oh, sweetie.” Julie smiled gently, reaching out and touching my cheek. “That’s where you’re wrong.”

“W-what?” I asked as her expression darkened and her fingers tightened around my chin, digging into my cheeks.

“I’m the reason you’re here, and you’ll do whatever I want. If I say you need to suck your dad’s cock, you’ll ask me for spits or swallows. Understand?”

“It looks like you still haven’t got my son as trained as you claim.” Dad chuckled, but Julie turned and struck him with a backhand so quickly that he could barely react.

Slap! When he looked back up, rather than being angry at her, he directed a glare my way like it was my fault he had been struck. I felt extremely irritated, and my opinion of my father only seemed to drop.

“Noah, you’re a ho. Do what I say… unless you want me to hurt your family.” Julie gave me a dark grin toward me.

“You wouldn’t!” I snapped back, not sure how else to reply.

“You have so many sisters. I can hurt one at a time. I think I’ll hurt… the youngest first. What was her name? Bethany?”

I shook visibly, but in the end, I knew I couldn’t do anything. I imagined her pulling up with her group of gun-wielding henchmen in front of Bethany’s middle school, and the power just deflated out of me. My lips tightened, and I gave a stiff nod.

Julie’s smile finally lightened again, and a moment later I was pushed into the room with my father and the door was shut. Was I going to do this? Was I going to have a threesome with my dad and some old crow? There had been a few times in my life when I felt like I had reached my low, but this was the lowest I had ever felt. For the first time, I did feel like the ho that they had called me.

“Father and son, but you two don’t get along?” The old lady raised an eyebrow.

“Noah here is just nervous since it’s his first time.” Dad grabbed my shoulders almost like he was showing me off.

I wanted to shrug his hands off my shoulders, but there had been a gleam in the old lady’s eyes when she mentioned that we didn’t get along and I feared that it might be some kink of hers that I didn’t want to cater to. I gave an extremely phony and unconvincing smile while shaking my head. Her lips tightened a bit, but she sat on the bed.

“Alright then, start taking them off.” She ordered, and Dad finally let go of me as I grabbed for my shirt, but then she shook her head. “No! Take them off each other.”

“Hehe… naughty.” Dad gave a nauseating giggle.

I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. I remembered how he had looked when he had sold me off in the first place, and I could only feel rage and hatred. I didn’t even feel that much anger at Julie. She may have held me against my will, threatened me, and forced me into a life of prostitution, but that was just a part of her nature. On the other hand, my dad was supposed to be my father. He was supposed to protect me. Things shouldn’t have ended up like this.

I could only stand there stiffly as dad made a show of taking off my clothes. Whenever his hand touched anywhere, I grew even more disgusted and hateful. I was starting to hate everything. I hated this life, this world, and everything in between. I thought I could just ride it out until things got better, but I suddenly found that to be impossible. Just as I was about the reach my breaking point, the old lady said one more ridiculous thing.

“Bend over, boy, let your daddy fuck you.”

“E-excuse me?” I nearly threw up as I broke into a cough.

The old woman only seemed amused. “Don’t look so shocked. Daddy knows best. Daddy, why don’t you make your son nice and happy? Fuck him in the ass!”

For such an old shrew, she was practically a devil in disguise. I had looked over at dad, hoping for once in his life he woke up and realized how wrong everything was, but he had the same vacant smile and glazed expression he always had. It was an expression that lacked empathy or concern. He reached out and grabbed me.

“Come on, kiddo. This will be good money, and it’ll look really hot. I can triple my profits with you. Mommy might even buy me that car I want.” Before I really what was happening, he was pushing me down over the bed.

My head hit the mattress a foot away from the old lady, and I was so stunned by what was happening that dad was already on top of me before I could think. I could hear him playing with his belt, and only then did the reality of the situation come crashing home. My head began to shake wildly and I started to push against the bed.

I was a strong guy, but dad was a man too, and he already had down on the bed in a submissive position.

“No! Stop! No!” I started trying to thrash wildly. “We’re not doing this! Stop!”

The more I fought, the more excited the woman seemed to grow. She started touching herself just a few feet from my face. I could see her hairy crotch as her fingers moved.

“It is his first time.” She gave a toothy grin.

“It will only hurt for a bit, and then you’ll start to like it,” Dad assured me. “I know I did after my first time.”

With all of my strength, I threw myself to the side. I was horrified, exposed, abused, and angry. I wasn’t thinking about the potential ramifications. All I was thinking was that I was about to be raped by my dad, and it was probably the most fucked up thing I could imagine. I managed to just slip out of dad’s grip, falling off the side of the bed. I ended up faceplanting into the dirty carpet floor, my ass up in the air.

“Oh!” The old woman made a sound of surprise, poking her head out over the edge of the bed and looking down at me.

Dad seemed to follow me down. “Oh, you want to do it here, huh?”

He sounded like he was treating it all like a game, but there was a tinge of annoyance in his voice like he was angry I wasn’t just going along with it.

He was on top of me again. This time, he grabbed me tightly, pulling my arms behind my back so I couldn’t fight him. I was trapped, and all I could do was wait for the moment of penetration.

Boom! That was when all hell broke loose.

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