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Beep. Beep. Beep.

I could hear the sounds of the machine pulsing away. Was that my heartbeat? I foggily looked around the room. There was a girl next to my bed. She had her back toward me as she scribbled on a chart, but I could see her side profile, and her behind wasn’t bad either. She was wearing nurse’s scrubs, but they were tighter than usual and showed off her butt nicely.

She looked kind of cute. She had a lot of makeup on and she had colored fingernails, the classic girl on the prowl. I had developed a good eye for the kind of woman who wanted to be hit on. Admittedly, that was mostly women in a world turned upside down, so perhaps it was better to say I was good at telling when a woman would rather be left alone, and she wasn’t the type.

In the past, a girl like her might have intimidated me. After all, she was in her early twenties, and I was a teenager. However, after months of enjoying women of all ages, an age gap of a mere 5-6 years didn’t feel like much anymore.

“Hey, cutie, what brought you to my bedside?” I asked, surprised when my voice came out in a weak croak.

The girl jumped, dropping her pen which snapped back onto a lanyard she wore around her neck. She turned around, fumbling to keep the chart in her hands as she looked at me wide-eyed.

“Y-you’re awake?” She asked.

I smiled. “The fronts not much worse than the back.”

She stared at me confused for a second, and then she followed my eyes which were on her nice rack. Her mouth opened, and then her cheeks turned red. She covered her chest and turned away from me.

“You’ve just woken up. You’re confused.” She seemed to be talking more to herself than me.

I let out a chuckle. “I’m not so confused when I see a girl who could use a good dick.”

She audibly gasped this time, but rather than the typical curious or intrigued look I expected when I came onto girls hard, her face turned red with fury.

“How dare you!” She grabbed a glass of water that was sitting on the bedstand and tossed it at me. “Pig!”

I let out a cry as ice-cold water splashed over my neck and face. I instinctively tried to sit up to keep it from running down my back, but at that moment I felt an extreme weakness. My body wasn’t working right, and I found myself falling to the side. The bed started going one way and I started falling the other way. The girl let out a cry, running to catch me. My head ended up landing on two soft pillows.

“Ghaa…” I let out a noise, feeling tons of soreness over my entire body.

I was panting hard as I tried to make my hands push me up. My feet were still up in the bed and my lower body was pressed against the nurse’s chest. Yet, my hands couldn’t seem to do more than grab at her pants. I grabbed onto the fabric just under her knees, but I could feel her pants sliding down slowly as she held me up.  

“Y-you’re doing this on purpose!” I heard her cry, sounding nearly in tears.

“I’m not!” I insisted.

“You!” She pushed with her chest, and just before her entire ass was bared, she managed to shove me back onto the bed, nearly landing on top of me.

As soon as she was sure I wasn’t going to fall, she pulled away from me, her face red as she fixed her pants and shirt. She seemed upset.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t realize I was so weak.”

“Hmph! You should be sorry.” She sniffed. “You sexually assaulted me!”

“Hey, you’re the one who dumped water on me!”  I shot back. “I’m just a weak innocent boy, aren’t you the one who is taking advantage of me.”

“You…” She wanted to say something, but then her eyes widened, and she looked away. “I’m sorry. You’ve been through a traumatic event. You would be very weak right now. You’re also probably a bit confused.”

“A little,” I admitted, feeling like this nurse was acting a bit… well, feminine.

Perhaps, it came with the job. Certain fields just had a certain type of person. Regarding gender roles, someone who would be a nurse is probably more entuned with their feminine side.

“I understand…” She let out a sigh, looking back at me. “After you were hit with that car, you’ve been… ah!”

She had just looked back at me, only to notice a tent had formed in my sheet. Whether it was because I had just woken up, or because I  had gotten a good feel of her body while leaning against her, I was rock hard. I had spent countless mornings being greeted to having one sister or another in my covers servicing me. Sometimes, I’d open my eyes to a girl naked and in sixty-nine over my body as she sucked my member. That’s how Mackenzie liked to wake me up. Thus, my morning erections were on another level, it was the Pavlov’s dog of cocks, and only by cumming could it be relieved.

Yet my hands didn’t have much strength to them, even if I wanted to jack it. Thankfully, I never had to go far to find a willing participant.

“You going to take care of it?” I asked.

“I was right, you are a pig!” She cried out, but her face didn’t look as angry as before.

“You say that after making me wet?” I asked, lowering my wet gown and exposing some of my chest.

She didn’t gawk at my chest at all. This girl was good. However, her cheeks did redden a bit.

“Who’s the wet one here?” She demanded.

“It wouldn’t be you, would it?” I gasped.

This time, her red face was pure embarrassment. “That’s not what I meant!”

“Come on. I won’t tell if you don’t.” I smirked.

This time, her eyes fluttered to my cock with temptation, although my cool expression on the outside didn’t match my confusion on the inside. I had never had to work so hard to get a girl to go all the way. Usually, by the time I made it clear I was interested, she was already stripping down to her panties. Although I was confused, I felt a kind of excitement too. This was far more enjoyable when victory wasn’t assured. Breaking down her restrictions one after another had its excitement too.

“You keep sexually harassing me.” She spoke, nearly in a pout.

“I don’t think that means what you think it means,” I responded. “I’m the guy here… and I’m in bed and defenseless. Although, I won’t cry sexual harassment no matter what you do.”

She let out a little sound of disbelief, and then there was a long pause as she stood there. My heart was beating loudly now, and my erection was showing no signs of disappearing. Just when I thought she was going to walk out though, she bit her lip and then walked over to my side.

“You won’t tell anyone!” She hissed at me. “About me throwing water at you… and you nearly fell out of bed?”

“Your secret is safe with me.” I grinned.

The nurse gave a nod, and then she carefully went to my bedside table and opened it up. She pulled out some gloves and put them on, and then what looked to be a bottle of ointment. I realized it said personal lubricant. She squirted some on her hands, rubbed them together, and then while carefully lifting the sheet with one, she reached in with the other.

I felt a little hurt that she was wearing gloves, but seeing as she was a literal nurse and we were in a hospital, it was kind of hot too. I let out a moan as her hand wrapped around my member. Her fingers were unexpectedly warm, and the lubricant immediately made them slippery. She kept one hand pressing the sheet down, while her second hand started to work its way up and down on my member. She was jacking me off while standing erect. If someone walked in, they’d be hard-pressed to notice she was doing anything inappropriate. The only thing I could hear was the constant beeping of my heart monitor and the occasional murmur of someone down the hallway.

“Oh god, you’re such a good girl,” I groaned as she jerked me off harder.

“You… be a good boy and finish already.” She whispered nervously, her eyes darting to the doorway as her hand started moving fast enough it could be seen through the sheets.

I reached into the sheets and grabbed her wrist, helping her as she stroked me. “I’m getting close.”

“Ah!” She gasped when I touched her wrist, her hand stopping momentarily in mid-stroke.

“Keep going.” I encouraged her, my free hand reaching out and touching between her legs.

She instinctively tightened her legs. Her hand on the sheets instinctively let go as she reached to stop my hand, but as I started to rub her, her hand stopped. Her breaths had quickened now, and she let out a little moan. Her legs loosened up again and she spread them. To my surprise, she grabbed my hand, and pulling down the front of her scrub pants, she brought my hand directly into her panties. I could feel now that she was wet.

My fingers began to work their magic, and her hand continued as well. We started to mutually masturbate with each other. I couldn’t hold on any longer. With her lubricated hands and her head start, I started cumming.  I came all over the sheets and her hand, creating quite a mess under the linens. As my cock started to soften, her hands slowed and she looked down at me with flushed cheeks.

She went to pull my hand out from her pants, which surprised me. “I’ll finish you too.”

She blushed. “I-I’m good. I finished.”

I blinked, a bit surprised. Girls were usually very aggressive with their orgasms. They made a lot of noise and announced it. I realized quickly though that she had orgasmed at the same time as I did. She finally pulled her hand from under my covers, and it was covered in the white stuff. She pulled the sticky glove off, and I had to admit it was convenient. Compared to what was going on under my sheets, she got off lucky. I had drenched it. I was a little shocked by how much I had cum. You’d think it was my first load in months. Her eyes seemed to be shocked as well.

As the glove fell into the trash with a plump, I reached out and squeezed her butt. “We’ll have to do it raw next time.”

“N-next time…” she looked over at me as if she didn’t know what to say.

“Noah!” I heard a familiar voice. “You’re awake.”

“Mom?” I turned to see mom at the door.

Mom can over and threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I was back in her familiar chest. The nurse had been fun, but this felt comforting, especially since I was a little confused. I remembered getting hit by the car, so I assumed I had just woken up after that.

“I’ll let the doctor know.” The nurse quickly fled the room, leaving me alone with mom.

Mom stiffened as the woman passed, straightening herself and following her as she left the room in a hurry.

“That woman… I don’t care what people do on their breaks, but she could have at least cleaned herself after. She smells like a… ah… never mind, sweetie.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Mom was pretty cute when she was jealous. I wasn’t going to admit to the fling in front of her, so I was content letting her think the nurse was just doing a doctor on her break or something.

“Mom, I love you.” I reached out to mom.

Mom looked down at me, a bit stunned. “I love you too honey.”

“Now, give daddy some love.” My smile turned mischievous as I reached out a grabbed her nice behind, pulling her on top of me.

My tongue found its way into her mouth and I gave mom a thorough kiss.

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