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With the piece of paper in my hand, I dialed the number on my phone. It was the next morning, and my mother and sisters had already left. In a rare occurrence, I was at home alone. I had watched as my sister Bethany boarded the bus to middle school. If her bully was there, it would be difficult for me to find them. I didn’t think it was the case though. The wounds on her body couldn’t have been made to that extent in a crowded place. Whoever this fucker was, he was probably getting to her before or after school. As soon as her bus pulled away, someone picked up the line on the other end.

“Hello?” a groggy girl’s voice spoke up over the phone.

“Ah… hi… it’s me. Um… I just realized I never got your name. You… um… hit me with the car a few days ago?”

The girl who hit me wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to me, but she didn’t even bother to write her name. Thus, I was calling her completely blind.

She let out a yelp causing me to nearly drop my phone. “My name is Anna. It’s Anna! Wh-wh-why are you calling this morning?”

“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go out.”

“G-g-go out?” Her voice went a pitch higher. “Um… yes, I’d love to! When?”

“Can you come over right now? You have a car, right?”

“Yes, I have a car! Wait? Right now? Like now, now?”

“Uh… that’s the idea.”

“Ah… actually, I have school. I’m seventeen. Are you out of school?”

“Oh, you’re in high school too?” I bit my lip. “Sorry, I ended up staying home today. That’s kind of why I called you.”

I had thought since she owned a car that she was probably a bit older, like in college, and might be free. I didn’t actually have any interest in Anna. Rather, it was her car that I wanted. I needed someone who was willing to drive me around. Contacting her was a bit of a long shot though. I also considered contacting Sam’s mom, but I didn’t think I was ready for that just yet.

“You’re home today, with family?” she asked.

“No, I’m alone. Well, I’m not going to ask you to skip school, so it’s fine. Sorry to wake you up so early…”

“N-no! I’ll go!” she suddenly cried out.

“Huh? But school…”

“It’s fine! I can afford to miss a day. I’ll be over right away! Ah… I don’t remember your address though…”

I gave her the address, and she made me repeat it as she wrote it down. “And my name is Noah, by the way.”

“Noah…” She said my name strangely like she was committing it to memory. “Okay! I’ll be there in ten… no twenty minutes!”

“Okay. Bye.” I hung up the phone and looked at it in my hand. “That was easy.”

I had only figured I had a small chance of the call succeeding, yet she had jumped on the opportunity unexpectedly. What had I said that made her decide to skip school? Wait, didn’t I say I was alone? I was never going to get used to thinking things in reverse. Let’s assume a girl called me early in the morning. She asked me to come to her place, and also, she was alone without parental supervision. Oh… I saw what she was thinking about now.

It was still difficult to wrap my head around it. I remembered a cute girl, and she was my age too. To think, she was heading over here with naughty thoughts on her mind. She was even willing to skip school for the chance to get with a guy. After Sam, I hadn’t stopped thinking of being with another beautiful young girl. Perhaps, we could play a bit before we went?

I shook my head. No! I was on a mission. In the end, I had to use this girl and her misunderstanding for my own advantage. I couldn’t allow my hormones to keep me from helping my little sister. With that said, I had nothing to do but wait for her to come over. I knew that the middle school bus route took about forty-five minutes to get to school. So, if she got over here in twenty, that gave about us twenty minutes to find a place in the parking lot and see if we can scope out my sister’s bully.

I sat for five minutes before I realized I should be doing something. “What am I thinking? I need stuff to spy with!”

Thus, I started looking around the house for things I could use. I checked the kitchen and the family room, not seeing anything useful. Then, after a quick breath, I went to Mackenzie’s room. Her room was far messier than I remembered. I searched about until I spied the shape outline of something familiar under her bed. I lowered myself down so that I could grab it and get a closer look.


It was a pair of binoculars, exactly what I needed. At that moment, though, I noticed a conspicuous box under her bed. I pulled it out and opened the lid, looked in, and then immediately closed it again. I put the box back under the bed while wearing a stiff expression. Why did she need more than one dildo? I had one pocket pussy. One! And that was enough. Why did she have five dildos! More than that, there was a bunch of porn, but it was all of men! I really didn’t want to see that!

Binoculars in hand, I abandoned Mackenzie’s room and instead went into the twin’s bedroom. They would be much more sensible. They lived together, so there was no way that they would have such lewd things lying around. That’s what I thought until I drew open Kelsey’s drawer containing a dildo and ample lubricant. I gingerly closed it and sighed, but it was only a minute later when I found her sister’s stash.

Did all of my sister’s own sex toys? I stormed out of their room and entered Dawn’s room. If anyone had surveillance stuff, it’d be her. She gave off that kind of vibe. Speaking of vibe, it wasn’t hidden at all! It was on the bed. And it was still on! I picked the thing up and shut it off, but at that moment, I smelled a strong scent coming from it. I tossed it back on the bed with a grossed-out cry.

I was both horrified and aroused. This simple task was turning into something that was pushing my mind to the limit. I looked around and saw her camera on the desk next to her monitors.

“Bingo!” I went and grabbed the camera.

As I did so, my hand pushed the mouse, and the screen saver turned off. My eyes turned to pinpricks as I noticed what was open on her desktop. It was a picture of me. It looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. I had a towel around me, but it covered my chest too. I became intrigued by the image. This was a picture of me before the switch. This was the me that acted like a girl. He certainly wore the towel like a girl. No, that’s not the issue! This was really suspicious! This was a picture she shouldn’t have of her brother!

While minimizing the picture, I noticed a folder on the desktop. The folder had the name “Noah” written on it. I felt my spine tingling just a bit. Why did my sister have a folder with my name on it on her desktop? Unable to stop myself, I grabbed the mouse and moved the pointer to the folder. I double-clicked, and the folder popped up.

Please enter your password.

I let out a breath. So, she passworded it. I don’t know if that made me feel better or worse. It could be nothing. It could be just what she named her porn folder. I used to name mine ‘school work’. The name meant nothing. I was just paranoid. Deciding ignorance was bliss, I closed out the password box and the folder shut down unopened. Then, I turned away and left Dawn’s room. In the end, I left her camera behind. It didn’t have the SD card in it, and I didn’t want to venture further into Dawn’s room and see things that I couldn’t unsee.

Bethany was the only girl who didn’t have any dildos in her room. Her porn collection was also innocent underwear stuff. I almost felt relief until I noticed a wet spot on her mattress. I really hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was. I left her room and took a breath. What was I even looking for? I had the binoculars, what else would I need to spy on her?

“A disguise!” I snapped.

My sister would totally notice me if I showed up at her school. I should come in disguise. Immediately, my thoughts went to my mother’s room. She had a few wigs left over from previous Halloweens. Those would make it harder to notice me, definitely.

I went into mom’s room and looked around. It was a lot cleaner and better smelling than the rooms of the other girls. I carefully looked around until I ended up opening a certain drawer.

“Mom…” I rolled my eyes. “That’s way too big.”

She had a drawer filled with dildos too, but one was as big as my arm. It had to be a gag gift. There was no way my mom used that thing, right?”

I finally found a wig, a pair of sunglasses, and a long coat. Sure, it looked super suspicious wearing it, but at the very least, it would be difficult to recognize me.

By the time I left Mom’s room, the doorbell had rung. It had been about fifteen minutes, and Anna arrived just as I got out. There was a knock on my door, and I walked over and answered it. Anna was there. Her hair was wet. She must have just taken a shower before suddenly coming over. I really didn’t know what to say about that.

She had straight, Auburn hair, long eyelashes, and soft-looking lips. Her body was the body of a typical teenage girl. Perhaps size C breasts, a butt that was neither curvy nor flat, and youthful, healthy skin.

“H-hi!” she responded, her body showing a lot of nervousness.

“Ah, come in.” I gestured for her to enter.

She came inside, but I could visibly see her shaking. Was she really that nervous about going to a boy’s home?

“I-is it okay if you have a girl over?” she asked nervously.

“Y- uh… probably not…” I laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of my head.

My mom probably wouldn’t have cared if I brought a girl home. However, she had a strict rule of no boys in the house for my sisters. If we assumed things were reversed, then it was clear that mom would not be okay with me having a girl here, especially when I was all alone with her.

“I see…” she said, looking around my family room curiously.

“Your car!” I said suddenly, trying to put the conversation back on track, “Um… did your parents buy it for you?”

“Hmm? Yes.” She nodded. “It was Dad’s car, but he bought a new one and handed me his. I don’t like it though. It’s kind of a boy car.”

She seemed distracted, clearly waiting in anticipation for why we were there. I had a feeling if I told her to go to my room, strip to nothing, and wait for me, she’d do it like that. It was a weird feeling to hold that much power in a relationship. It was a bit scary, knowing how easy it would be. Yet, at the same time, I had a nagging fear that I was mistaken. Perhaps, it wasn’t that easy, and if I tried, I’d only embarrass myself completely. Even though I had a good inkling of what was on her mind, I still had my doubts.

“You ready to go out?” I asked.

“Huh? Out?” She blinked and then gave a weak smile. “Right! Out. Of course. You wanted to hang out.”

It felt so awkward, but for once in my life, it wasn’t me stumbling to try to impress her. It was a surreal experience watching it from the other side. She squirmed and tried to come up with things to say, all while I just sat there and smiled. I never realized until I reached this point how much stress was put on the guy in every social interaction with someone of the opposite sex.

Guys were expected to carry the conversation, keep things interesting, and generally entertain the girl while all she needed to do was sit there and be pretty. Men were the chaser, and women were the chased. I had none of that pressure on my shoulders, no need to impress her, woo her, or keep her smiling. It was strange, to say the least.

And the strangest part was the realization that came with it. I had already made my decisions regarding this girl. I had called her over not for sex, but to make use of her car. As for whether we had sex or when I had at least considered it and was mulling over that possibility. If I wanted it though, I was fully confident it would happen. For the most part, my mind was already set. How many interactions with women had I had in the past like that?

I would be trying to impress a girl at school, yet she was standing there having already decided what kind of relationship we’d have. It put all of that discomfort, sweat, and embarrassment into a strange kind of perspective. It was all basically meaningless in the end. It was better to just be yourself. That girl, she either likes you, or she doesn’t. She’s either interested, or she isn’t. No single combination of words or actions are going to make a girl turn from disinterested into a raging slut, certain drunk girls at the club perhaps being an exception.

Well, in this world, every girl was that drunk girl at the club, ready to bring home a guy at a moment’s notice. Anna was no exception. I could tell she had been looking for the words to invite me to the bedroom. Now that I said that I genuinely had meant going out rather than staying here with her, she couldn’t stop a flash of disappointment from showing on her face, but to her credit, she covered it up quickly and gave me a smile.

“So, where would you like to go?” she asked. “Th-the park?”

I wanted to roll my eyes at how transparent she was being, but I fought the urge and instead gave her a smile. “Do you know the way to the middle school?”

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