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“Haah… Haah…”

“I’m going to start now.”

“It’s… more than I can taaa…ahhhhhn…”

“Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be gentle.”

“You say that now… after you’ve ruined me.”

“You’re just being melodramatic. Is there anywhere else you want it?” 

“Th-the… the bu…tt…”


“M-my butt!”

“Fine, but I’m going to use my whole fist.”


“Twinsie… what is he doing to Mom?” Kelsey pinched her sister

“He-he’s just massaging her,” Kristy stated, but her voice seemed unconvinced.

“Are you sure? I’ve never heard mom make such strange noises.” Kelsey shook her head with a mortified expression.

My sisters were also being melodramatic. I was just giving mom a massage. I had given her many massages back in the previous world. One could say I was extremely accustomed to her body, as well as the bodies of all of my sisters. I knew all of their sensitive spots, triggers, and exactly how they liked it. I hadn’t thought about it when I made the offer to placate my mom, but I had never touched her in this world, so she was unused to being massaged.

In that respect, I might have taken things a bit far. Mom went from having not had the touch of a man in years to being touched exactly how she liked it. She had certainly acted more enthusiastically than I had ever seen her before. Her other self was a bit more subdued and perverted. Usually, she’d entice me into touching her private areas and it would lead to a sexual encounter. Since the roles were swapped, it was men who were supposed to be very expressive during sex while men did all the work. That meant that mom was more expressive now than I was used to, and it had caught me off guard.

 I had tried to be reserved in this encounter. I didn’t want to touch mom in any way that might be inappropriate. However, I still knew her body intimately, and even when I wasn’t touching anything too naughty, she had quickly become jelly in my hands. Her moans and shouts had caught the intention of everyone in the house, although only the twins were brave enough to remain the entire time and watch the whole event. Perhaps, they felt it was penance for previously breaking mom’s rules, which was the only reason mom had ended up getting the massage in the first place. My other sisters had retreated to their rooms, and in one case, put on loud music to try to drown out the noises.

I finished kneading her ass with my fist, ignoring the gasps and moans. I was a bit rougher on her butt than she usually liked. A part of me had started to grow excited over mom’s sounds, and a part of me wanted to take her the whole way and see what kind of noises she made with her more feminine and expressive personality. I had bundled all of those dark desires and crushed them with my fists, which ended up meaning I took a little of my frustration out on her butt.

“Ow… Ow… Ow…” She whined.

“S-sorry…” I softened up for the remainder of her massage.

When I finished, I gently touched Mom’s shoulder, only to hear a snore. She had fallen asleep on the couch. Feeling a bit awkward with Mom unconscious on the couch with her shirt pulled up and her bra undone, I quickly fixed those things and put a blanket down on top of her. I looked up to see if the twins had anything to come it, but they had finally run off to their room. It was very late at night, and I was feeling tired.

I did want a bath before I went to bed. It had been a long day. I went to my room and collected my shower stuff. I dressed down to my boxers and threw on my bathrobe. I had forgotten I even had the thing. I had used it extensively in that world. If I tried to walk to the bathroom with my chest exposed wearing nothing butt boxers, none of my sisters would let me make it the way. I smiled to myself as I tied to robe up, a seemingly unnecessary thing now.

I left the room and made it to the bathroom. My hand was on the handle of the door when a nearby door opened up. I glanced over, a bit surprised that someone was still awake. Mackenzie had even turned off her loud music and I was pretty sure just about everyone else was asleep. That was why it was surprising to see Bethany, the youngest one with the seemingly earliest bedtime, was still up.

“Noah.” She spoke quietly, an uncertain expression on her face.

“Yeah?” I asked an innocent look on my face that I had mastered in the previous world.

She looked in both directions and then gestured with her finger. I felt a bit strange, but I still moved forward and followed my sister into her room. My relationship with Bethany in the other world had been a bit awkward. She was a young girl just starting to explore her sexuality, and I didn’t want to ruin her innocence too quickly. This was ironic, because Bethany from that world had been obsessed with femininity, or should I say appearing tough and grown up? We had ended up doing a few things together, but I had resisted going all the way with her.

I supposed Bethany cared about her femininity in this world too, although it probably had a completely different meaning here. Although she often lazed around the house in loose-fitting clothing that showed off her body, she had shown nothing but disgust whenever I looked her way. She had never once allowed me into her room, and most of my other sisters supported her decision and treated me the same. Bethany had always seemed a bit more private than my other sisters, so I had never known anything about her.

That’s why it was surprising she had gestured for me to join her in the middle of the night. We hadn’t had any interactions since I had woken up that might have changed her opinion of me, so I didn’t know what she was thinking now. She closed the door, and with a click, she locked it. I opened my mouth to say something, but she spoke up first.

“I need to talk to you.”

She spoke with her back still facing me. She was wearing her typical night clothing, those loose short shorts which I knew didn’t include underwear. If she bent over or spread her legs the wrong way, she’d expose everything. Her loose, armless top wasn’t much better. Her little nubs were just a side shot away from being exposed. I tried to ignore these facts, keeping my eyes from leering at her body like I might have done before.

“Alright,” I responded simply.

She slowly turned around, and when she looked up at me, she had tears in her eyes. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. Then, she started lifting it. My mind panicked when I saw her shirt going up. I leaped forward and grabbed it just before it reached her breasts. She let out a light cry, falling back, and like that she was pressed against the door. Her hands fell and she turned her head away from me, her cheeks turning red. She was trembling slightly, and it took me a moment to realize she hadn’t been lifting her shirt any higher.

Now, I was holding her shirt up with her pinned to the wall. If someone walked in on us, it’d look a certain way. I took a step back letting go of her shirt. However, just before her shirt fell over her belly, I saw the black and blue marks. My mind went blank for a second as the memories came flooding back. Bethany had been getting abused at her school. However, that abuse had come from a boy.

In that world, with the genders switched, it seemed like a girl who liked a boy being a bit more aggressive with him than he should. That’s why it hadn’t occurred to me that my Bethany would be experiencing the same thing. I figured there was no way that a boy would push around a girl like that, and no way my sister would put up with it. It had already been infuriating the first time I had dealt with this issue. Knowing that Bethany had been experiencing it all those months I was in the coma, and I had been back nearly a week and hadn’t even followed up on it, made me even angrier. I felt like such an idiot.

“Noah…” she spoke quietly. “I just…”

“I’ll take care of it,” I responded, barely trusting myself to say anything more.

“I don’t want… I’m sorry I…” Bethany looked slightly unhappy.

“I will take care of it,” I repeated, turning and leaving the room.

I barely got any sleep that night. I spent it pacing back and forth in my room. The next morning, I left early. I didn’t have a ride to school. I didn’t want to let anyone know what I was doing, so I couldn’t ask anyone who could drive me. I also didn’t think the current Anna was the kind of girl who would skip school just to hang out with a boy. I had a lot to think about though, so the hour-long walk to school went by pretty quickly.

I headed for the same hidden back of the school. I was able to hear a few male voices laughing and joking around. Bethany hadn’t arrived at school yet. This is likely where she would have walked only to be abused by this asshole. That’s what I was thinking as I turned the corner. There were three guys there, the same guys I recalled facing before. Thinking about how they had hurt my little sister only filled me with rage once again.

“Hey… who are you?” The bully who had once called himself Bethany’s boyfriend said.

“You know Bethany?” I asked blatantly.

The guy blinked, and then he grinned. “That girl who always follows me around? Yeah, I know her, what about her?”

“Are you dating her?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Why? Are you interested? She sucks great dick. You should try it.”

I shook slightly, and take a step back. “She… sucked your dick?”

The three guys all broke into laughter and the main guy continued. “She does whatever I want. She spends every morning on her knees pleasuring all of us. She’s the best. You should have a taste. Ah… well, it will cost you. $50.”

This guy was trying to pimp out my sister to me. My first was moving before I could stop myself. I just managed to get a solid hit on him, but his two lackeys shoved me back.

“What the fuck?” The guy touched his blood lip as he stood back up. “Kick his ass!”

The two boys descended on me, just like last time. However, this time, they were pulling out knives. These weren’t the feminine boys who acted like young girls. This was a genuine gang of delinquents. They wouldn’t act weak like back then. Yet, I surprisingly felt calm. It was true I was furious, but I didn’t feel scared. I just knew that if I failed, then my sister would continue to be hurt. That wasn’t an option. I charged them.

Honestly, it wasn’t like the easy fights of that world. These guys fought back. It was painful, and I got hit many times. I blacked out for a lot of it, not remembering what happened. Fists were flying and people were grabbing at me. Flesh was cut and clothing was ripped. The only thing that kept me swinging was knowing I had to win. I had no choice. The sight of them taking advantage of my sister kept me burning with rage.

The next clear scene I had, the two guys were unconscious, and the leader was on the floor bloody and confused.

“J-just who the hell are you?” He demanded.

“I’m her brother,” I responded. “If you touch my sister again if you go anywhere near her… I will kill you.”

His face went white for a second, but then a hint of stubbornness appeared and he forced an insolent smile on his face. “Oh? You want to kill me, but I’m your sister’s lover. She’ll be really sad.”

I shook slightly, trying to ignore his words. “Shut the fuck up!”

“Haha… you should see her!” He laughed even as blood came from his mouth. “She takes my entire cock down her throat like a champ. That girl has practically no gag reflex. She hates the taste of cum and spits it out, but I make her swallow my load. You should see her face when deep throats my cock and swallows my cum. She moans like a slut!”

“Oh…” I smiled and let out a laugh of relief. “Thank god.”


“That doesn’t describe how my sister sucks cock at all. She’s never sucked yours.”

He blinked, a confused expression on his face. I raised my foot and stomped, the last thing he saw before he lost consciousness.

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