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As soon as the door to the room clicked with the sound of the lock, the woman realized I was in there. She turned around, her mouth falling open in shock. If I had to describe the girl, she was somewhat pretty. She had curly brown hair and brown eyes. She had large lips. She wore makeup, perhaps too much of it. In this world, women wore makeup alongside men. Rather than switching sides in this reverse culture, it just became more normal for men to wear makeup alongside women.

Of course, it wasn’t every woman who would wear makeup. I guess the guy equivalent would be the clubber and pickup artist douchebags in the overpriced shirt with the nice car. He had hair filled with hair gel and axe body spray. Actually, he probably would wear makeup, so maybe it wasn’t so different after all.

“You… um… you’re that boy that’s his girlfriend’s… um…” She looked around with panic in her eyes. “I’m just a friend who is hanging out.”

Well, she was uncaring and clumsy, but she wasn’t a complete asshole. She was concerned she had outed Dan. Perhaps, it was only to the level where she wouldn’t get sex from Dan anymore, but that was at least something.

I didn’t really blame her. Maybe that was a bit hypocritical. You might blame the douche of a guy who went in and slept with your girlfriend, but some habits were hard to kill. I put all the blame firmly on Dan here, who had chosen to cheat on my sister. Of course, my sister probably wouldn’t be any happier if she knew I was doing it, but that was the thing about family. We didn’t always do the thing the other wanted.

This wasn’t just for my sister, but my own satisfaction too. Dan really had pissed me off with his passive-aggressive comments. I wasn’t used to this kind of world, so I wasn’t used to that kind of behavior. Normally, he would have punched me, I’d have punched him, then I’d get my ass kicked, and it’d be over. There would be nothing personal between us. We were just guys. However, the Dan of this world made it personal, so I was going to show him how personal I could be.

“So, you’re Regina?” I asked, looking her up and down.

She laughed awkwardly. “So, you were awake, huh? Damn… it looks like you want to tell your big sister about this? Well, it’s not like I’m sorry or anything. Got nothing personal against your sister, though. I just see something I want, and I take it.”

“How ma… uh… girly of you?”

“Hmm…” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a wallet. “You’re a guy. You like money, right? How about I give you $40? The mall is just down the street. Get lost for two hours and go buy yourself something nice?”

“Just $40? I had been eyeing this cute outfit.”

“You…” She narrowed her eyes. “Fine… $100, but that’s all I got. Damn… this bitch is expensive. He better be skilled with his tongue is all I’m saying.”

“Dan? Oh… he has herpes.”

“Wh-what? Seriously? Shit! Damn slut! I can’t afford to get an STD!”

“So, you’re clean?”

“H-hey! I make my dicks wear rubber! What kind of gal do you take me for?” She frowned and then moved to push past me, but I moved in her way. “What’s the big idea?”

“Since Dan has got a floppy dick, how about someone else? $100, right?”

“Wh-what are you, a whore?”

I reached out and undid her pants, causing her eyes to widen. “I’m just a guy who if he sees something he wants, he takes it.”

Tossing her words back at her, the girl gave a tempted look. I began to push her back against the bathroom sink and then started up zipping her pants. She grabbed my hands before I could pull her pants down.

“W-wait… you’re a kid, right?”

“I’m sixteen.”

“Shit!” she cursed.

“Sixteen is the legal age where we are.”

“S-seriously? Not eighteen.”

I shook my head. “That’s for being in a porn. Trust me, I checked.”

“Yo-you’re definitely the right age, right?”

“Do you want to card me?”

“Actually, that’d be best.”

“Sorry, I don’t have a driver’s license yet.”

“You dick…”

“What about my dick?” I playfully brought her hands to it.

I was erect, and she could feel it through my pants. Instantly, I could see the lust in her eyes grew stronger.

“Damn… teenagers these days are thirsty,” she muttered.

She let me put my hands in her pants, and I pulled them and her underwear down. She was wearing some silk panties. They weren’t fancy, but they were nicer than what I had seen Sam or that other woman in. She had come out looking for sex, so this was probably the equivalent.

Her hands went up to my shirt, and then she grabbed my chest. Her fingers started pinching my nipples. It did nothing for me, but a thought suddenly hit me, and I decided to have fun with it. I let my eyes flutter, and I let out an orgasmic moan, my hands faltering as they brought her pants and underwear down past her hips. This seemed to cause her to grow even more assertive.

“You have sensitive nipples, don’t you?” she asked, playing with them excitedly.

“Mmhmm…” I bit my lip and nodded, giving her a fake lustful look.

Not for the first time, I found myself reevaluating anything I had ever seen done to a woman. Women would be twirling and writhing in pleasure over nipple play. For me, I felt aroused. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t the mind-blowing orgasm-inducing thing porn made it out to be. I wondered if this was a product a person’s mindset.

“Get up on the sink,” I told her as I helped her scoot her butt up.

With that, I bent down and put my head between her legs. I could have teased her by kissing her thighs and teasing her cunt, but I was coming to a realization. If she was like a guy, she probably just wanted to get it licked like a guy. As a guy, if a girl was down there playing with my balls or licking my thighs, I’d probably just be counting the seconds until she stuck my cock in her mouth. In that case, the girls in this world didn’t need to have foreplay. They were already horny. They just wanted to get to the fun.

So, I didn’t hesitate to shove my tongue inside her. It tasted a bit like pee. She had just gone to the bathroom, but it wasn’t as gross as I might have thought. Rather, her scent was that of a woman, and it caused my raging boner to grow even harder. Up onto the ledge with her ass half hanging in the seat, all Regina could do was spread her legs and grab my hair.

I went to town, sucking down on her clit hard before diving my tongue inside her roughly. I had my face pressed against her womanhood so hard that my cheeks hurt, yet even with that, she was using her hands to push my head even further into her crotch.

“Ahhh…. Ahh… damn… you got a good tongue. Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Fuck it… ahhh… yeah… suck it like that!”

A nice thing about Regina and probably a lot of girls in this world were that they had no qualms about saying what they wanted. They wanted to get off, and they were willing to use someone to accomplish that, however possible. I recalled reading online forums about girls complaining that the guy didn’t make them cum. Guys would, in turn, complain about how hard it was to get a woman to achieve orgasm.

Women just seemed to expect a guy to figure out what pleasured them, all while keeping their mouth tight and their opinions refrained. They even faked their orgasms sometimes because the guy was continuing to swing and miss. Yet, with a small change in mindset, where the woman wanted to satisfy herself regardless of the consequences, and she was telling me exactly how she liked it.

Regina liked having her clit sucked hard. She liked it to the point where my lips hurt. Yet, when I did it, she’d orgasm and then squirt all over my face. As for Dan hearing us, he was two rooms over in a bedroom with the television on loud. Furthermore, I had turned the shower on in the bathtub. I was glad I did because just as she started her second orgasm, I heard a light tap on the door.

“Ahhhn.. ahh, babe?” Regina fought the moan and then gave a short yell.

“Regina? You okay in there?” I heard Dan’s voice on the other end.

I used this time to stand up and pull out my dick. I pushed it up against Regina’s wet entrance, rubbing the head against her pussy. She shuddered and grabbed my head.

“You naughty slut!” She hissed under her breath before shouting to the door. “Ah… yeah, just taking a shower. Almost done.”

“Okay, be quick. I don’t want Noah waking up before we’re done.”

I had put the pillows in my bed and turned down the lights in a way it looked like someone was sleeping there.

“What do you think?” I asked teasingly in a low whisper. “Do you want Noah up?”

I pushed my head against her cunt.

“Fuck… stick it in!” she moaned.

“What did you say?” Dan’s voice called, and she blushed.

“Ah… I said as soon as I’m done, I’m going to fuck you good!”

“You’re so naughty. Be quick, or I’m going to use a toy, and you get nothing!” Dan called back.

“I guess he’ll have to use a toy tonight, hmm?”

“You dirty slut… Fuck, you’re amazing. Why can’t other guys be like you?”

I grabbed her legs and shoved my cock the rest of the way into her snatch. She let out a gasp and wrapped her arms around me. This time, I started playing with her chest. She did look like she was genuinely enjoying it, though, so maybe just certain people had sensitive breasts. I kissed her and our tongues intertwined while I continued to thrust into her. She eventually broke off the kiss, rolling her head up.

“Holy shit… fuck… fuck… you’re amazing! All the other guys just fucking lie there, you’re a fucking freak. Damn… I’m cumming again. Shit, I can’t hold it.”

To date, this was still only the third time I had sex. As much as I liked being called good at it, this speed was as much as I could handle.

“I’m going to cum.”

“Ah… shit… not raw, dude…”

“I’m clean…”

“Ah… damn it… it feels so good raw. Fuck it… just cum in me. If I get pregnant, I’ll get it taken care of.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything else!” I laughed, shoving my cock deep inside her as I released my cum.

Hot torrents of white exploded into her womb. Her body shuddered, and I could feel her pussy still sucking on my cock. She was still orgasming herself, and the residual spasms were milking my cock for all it was worth. I kissed her again, and we wrestled with our tongues messily for another few minutes until my cock was empty. I pulled my dick out of her gushy pussy.

“I guess with you dirty like that. You’re not gonna go run off to Dan?”

“Fuck Dan!” She laughed, kissing my forehead. “Damn… that was fun. We should hook up again sometime.”

“Well, you better say your goodbyes to him quickly. He’ll definitely be suspicious.”

“True!” Her eyes widened as she checked her watch.

It had only been five minutes since Dan had checked on us. Well, if he was outside the door listening, he probably would have heard some of those ending moans there. I felt my heart beating fast with the thought that we might have been caught. I know that I wanted to prevent things with Dan progressing, but I did want to see the look on his face if he caught me with his woman. How would he even be able to react knowing that the girl he brought over was fucked by me in his bathroom.

Unfortunately, the dream was too good to be true. When we opened the door, I could hear the loud television in his room, and the door was shut.

“My number, call me any time you want pussy.” She winked at me shamelessly.

I smirked and grabbed her butt. “Maybe next time, you can give me a ride.”

“Hehe… I’ll give you the ride of your life!”

We kissed and then separated. However, I only entered my room and closed it to a crack before watching her head to the other room. As soon as she entered and closed the door, I quietly ran across and listened at the door. At first, I could only hear the television, but after thirty seconds, it was lowered.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Dan ask.

“Hey, babe, I got to go. I just realized I made a promise to a friend.”

“Really? But… I’m horny…”

“And I’d really like to, but you know, I don’t have the time. I shouldn’t have taken a shower, but I didn’t want you to smell my BO. Sorry, babe.”


I heard the pair of them coming closer to the door, so I ran back to my room, shut it and then jumped into my bed. I heard them saying a few more things, but it was clear she was leaving and he was upset about it. After another minute, the front door shut. I waited in silence with my eyes closed and my back turned away from the door.

I heard it open a crack. I felt steps approaching me. Dan was seriously standing over my bed looking down at me. I had to fight the temptation to open my eyes and look to see what expression he had. Did he suspect that I had anything to do with Regina leaving? I didn’t know. I just kept my eyes closed and pretended to sleep.

Thankfully, after a minute or two, I heard his footsteps leave and then the door shut again. I carefully opened an eye, and after confirming he had indeed left the room, I let out a breath of relief. I had done it. Now, it was time to start thinking about how I was going to break them apart!

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