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“What’s your problem?”

“Come on, it’s fine.”

“Are you kidding? My little brother is right here?”

I was sitting in the chair while London was on the couch with her boyfriend, Dan. It was only another hour after Regina left that London finally returned home. I decided to wake up at that time and came out to sit on the chair. As for Dan, he was overcompensating for his affair by being all over London. He kept trying to kiss her neck and snuggle up to her, but she pulled away in annoyance as he tried to get closer. Dan was like a dog in heat. Did he really have no shame? No, I suppose he didn’t. Since I took his pussy, he only had his girlfriend to get it from.

When London gestured to me as the reason that he wasn’t getting any, Dan shot me a look that no longer even tried to hide his hate. He didn’t even know what I had done with that little partner he brought home. What would his face be like then? Thoughts like that allowed his snide comments and faces to roll off me like water as I put on a small smile.

“Ah, and you didn’t even prepare anything to eat? We have a guest!”

Dan frowned. “He’s not my guest!”

London returned the look, clearly displeased. “Don’t be like that, Dan. I’ve been at work all day, and I come home to see you haven’t done a thing. The house is messy, and you haven’t cooked. It’s really frustrating.”

Don’t worry, London. He brought some skanky girl over, got in your bed naked and… no… you’re right. He didn’t do a damn thing. I hid the smirk on my face behind a cough. Dan seemed to pick up on it though, shooting me even more glares.

“You’re sick too.” London sighed, glancing my way. “Noah, are you okay?”

“I honestly slept since you’ve been gone.” I pretend yawned which ended up turning into a real yawn. “I just got up when you got home. I’m a little hungry now, but it was fine. Dan did take a long shower, though, right?”

The color drained from Dan’s face. The look was extremely satisfying. Did I go a bit too far?

“Ah… I just remember waking up to someone using the shower. Then I went right back to sleep.” I tried to wave it off innocently.

“R-right!” Dan nodded, giving London a smile. “I was showering earlier.”

I wanted to snort at the obvious lie. His hair wasn’t even wet, and he hadn’t even changed his clothing. Ah, but it turned our London didn’t notice those details and only nodded as if this was fine. Well, that was fine. Nothing was going to ruin my current mood, but I’d rather not stick around right now.

“Um… actually, mom should be off now, so I was planning on just heading home if you don’t mind.”

“You want to go?” London blinked.

“Ah… what a shame?” Dan could barely contain the glee on his face.

“Hey, I’ll take you home.”

“What?” Dan shot her a look, but London ignored him splendidly.

“Um… it’s okay.” I said, only to feel surprised when London stood up and started getting ready to go.

I was ignored just as well. Were guys this dismissive of women in my old world? It was irritating.

Dan stood up too. “Just let his mom pick him up. I want to spend time together.”

“Come on. I’m the one who dragged him over here. I should at least be the one to take him back.”

“Fine… you do that then.” He nodded, tears welling in his eyes.

“Dan… don’t be like this.”

He spun around and went into their bedroom, slamming the door behind him. I might have even been sympathetic, but I knew he was a cheating dick, so my sympathy ended right there. London stared at the door for a bit, but then she shook her head and glanced over at me.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”

“Okay…” I said, deciding it was best not to say anything at the moment.

We left her building and then went back to the car, and were soon back on the road heading toward her house. The trip had been blissfully quiet for about two minutes, but then London opened her mouth.

“I just don’t get men.” She muttered.

I rolled my eyes. Men weren’t hard to understand. Or were we? In this world, men were women, yet I still seemed to get men. Strangely enough, while I originally got women, in the few days I had been here, it was getting harder and harder to wrap my head around them. I wasn’t becoming the Noah from this world, was I? Was I becoming a woman? That thought terrified me. What if it really was just a concussion? What if I got better? Would I even be me anymore?

“I mean, what did he want me to do?” She continued.

Well, I wasn’t going to have any help from London.

Feeling irritated, I spun and glared at her. “He wanted your attention. He wanted you to take care of him and to only think about him and not bring another boy over or go off to work while you’re supposed to be spending time with him!”

The last thing I wanted to do was help Dan, but London was too dense to forgive at the moment. Even after saying that, she was staring at me with a blank face like I was speaking gibberish.

“Noah… I…”

I spun away from her, “Ugh… it’s no wonder he… never mind.”

“You’re mad at me. I get that…”

I let out a sigh, “I’m just hungry.”

“You said you were fine.”

“I was lying.”

“Ah… well, I can’t help it if you’re not honest with me.”

Was this what it was like for women to talk to men? No wonder they had PMS. I wanted to bang something over her head.

“I’m going to take you out to eat, okay?”

I was tired of a mopey London who seemed to have no clue what she was doing, so I put a smile on my face. “Yeah, that’s good, thanks.”

She smiled and gave a little nod. It worked! I didn’t know how I felt about that. After a few moments of driving, she looked back over at me.

“What do you think of Dan, really?”

“He’s the worst.”


“London, Dan’s not a good person.”

“Don’t be like that…” London was already shaking her head, readily ignoring my words.

Fine, if she didn’t want to pay attention to such stock lines, then I’ll give her something she doesn’t expect.

“He’s not me.”

The words she was going to say froze on her lips and her eyes fell to me. “Noah…”

“I know you want me. So, stop pretending you’re not interested.” I said. “That’s why you won’t touch Dan, right? Because you’re too busy wanting to touch me?”

She parked the car, and I realized we had already stopped at a fast-food burger place. Upon putting the car in park, and with both hands still on the steering wheel, she leaned forward. Without looking over at me, she spoke.



“I said, you’re right, okay? I’m… not interested in Dan anymore. All I can think about is you?”

“Wh-wh-what are you saying?”

I was genuinely shocked; she was saying it. I had pushed her with such words because I was trying to shock her out of her defenses. That attempt to shock her went haywire. Now she was saying such dangerous things. It wasn’t that I hadn’t had similar thoughts myself. No, it was because I had such thoughts myself that I didn’t want to hear it from her!

She slammed her hands on the wheel and then turned to me. “I’ve always had you on my mind, even when we were younger. You were my cute little brother. How could I not think about you? But, recently, those thoughts changed into something inappropriate. After we kissed, and then… did other things, I just can’t stop thinking about it. Every time I close my eyes, I see your face. I keep thinking about your smell, and I fantasize about you naked.”


She grabbed my arms, her eyes taking on a fervent look. “Noah, I love you. I’m… in love with you. You’re my brother, but I don’t care. I don’t want Dan. I want you. But I’m afraid… afraid that if I leave him, then I won’t be able to stop myself from having you.”

“Damn…” Those words were incredibly hot.

I didn’t find myself scared. I found myself aroused. Perhaps that was the scariest thing. She was my sister, and nearly seven years older than me, yet I wanted nothing more than to have my way with her. She had already confessed her feelings to me. Really, what was I waiting for? Just as I was about to close my eyes and lean in for a kiss, she roughly let go of my shoulders.

“I’m so fucked up, aren’t I? How can I lust after my own brother?”

“I’m kind of into it, so…”

“It’s because you’re young and innocent.” London snorted. “When you’re older, you’ll have a better perspective to understand these kinds of things. If you ended up with me, you wouldn’t be able to find happiness.”

“We could just be fuck buddies. You know, meet, have some fun, but then go our separate ways.”

“I’ve considered that…”

“Y-you have?”

“I just get too jealous. I want all of you, Noah. I even get jealous of my sisters.”


“Yeah… they get to live with you and can stop by your room any time. Meanwhile, I’m the most distant. When I saw you kissing that other girl, I felt so much anger. I wanted to beat her up. I even wanted to throttle you. It’s scary, these feelings. I don’t even feel that possessive over Dan.”

“That’s probably for the best.”


“Ah… nothing.”

She shook her head. “Can you just be my little brother a while longer? I need time to come to terms with this.”

“As in, you want to be with me, or no?”

She bit her lip. “I honestly don’t know. I honestly wish you were a bit more guarded. You should be calling me a freak or a pervert. It would make it much easier on me.”


“It’s fine… it’s my issue!” She waved a hand.

“How about this?” I asked, looking up at her shyly. “Sister is a pervert…”

“No! That’s making it worse!” She reached out and grabbed me, and our mouths touched.

Her tongue entered my mouth and kissed me roughly before pulling away while panting. “Sister…”

“Damn it, don’t act so cute.”

I was just about to act cute some more. I’d act cute until she was out of her clothing, but just as I went to do that, my stomach grumbled.



London’s erotic expression disappeared and then she burst out laughing. Her hands which were being aggressive suddenly turned soft, and after laughing for a solid minute, she finally let go and pulled away from me.

“You really are my cute brother…”


“Let’s get you something to eat, okay?”

I let out a sigh. “Fine.”

She got me a burger, fries, and soda. Then, we took off the rest of the way home. I kept wanting to bring the conversation where it left off, but with food in my lap and London focused on driving, a chance didn’t present itself until we found ourselves already pulling into the driveway.

“I should get back to Dan.” She said, although her voice sounded a bit sad.



“I love you too!” I kissed her on the lips, but just a quick peck before pulling out of her car and shutting the door.

She had her mouth open, but I didn’t hesitate as I waved goodbye and ran indoors. Were my actions a bit manipulative? Probably. But I liked a London who only thought about me, so I would definitely make sure to keep her focused on me if I could help it!

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