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“Abigail?” I looked in surprise at the woman in front of me. “Don’t tell me. You’re really Peepshow?”

“Ah? You’re on the student council!” Dawn cried out as well, clearly just as shocked by this development.

“Exactly.” She put a finger to her lips and winked. “So, it’d be best if you guys didn’t draw so much attention, okay?”

Her look mostly went to Dawn, who dressed all in black, looking extremely shady sneaking around a rich looking house at night. She gestured the two of us in, and I followed behind Dawn, feeling both relieved and complicated over this whole revelation. On one hand, Peepshow wasn’t old or ugly. In fact, she was a pretty nerd girl who I had already been thinking of having sex with. It was actually one of the best outcomes possible.

On the other hand, there was something alarming about the fact that she appeared at my doorstep mere days before this happened. I mean, I knew her from school, but we had no personal relationship. Now, I was trying to learn cooking from her while she sent naughty peep images to Dawn to put online. I suddenly recalled Mackenzie warning me away from Abigail. What did she know about the woman that I didn’t?

We were in her shed, but the entire place had been done up to make her own little studio. There were sheets with various background designs lined against the wall and floor. There was a large couch in the middle, surrounded by numerous large floodlights which pointed directly at the couch. There were also two full-size cameras, one of which made anything Dawn had look like a joke. The entire thing was set up like a movie set.

“Wow… you really have things set up nicely,” Dawn said with excitement, her eyes wide as she looked at the larger of the two cameras.

“Of course, what do you take me for?” Abigail crossed her arms smugly.

“A seller of upshort photos. It would be less strange if you were a thirty-five-year-old living in your mom’s basement,” I said while glancing around until my eyes landed on her frowning expression. “Ah, not that I mind you’re not! In fact, it’s much better that you’re such a cute girl.”

“Is he always like this?” Abigail whispered to Dawn.

Dawn chuckled. “I used to not think so, but he got a head injury a couple of days ago, and now he says he has a mind as dirty as girls.”

“Hehe… I doubt that,” she snickered.

I crossed my arms and shot them a glare. “Try me. It’s not like I aim to be a pervert, but I won’t have a couple of perverts looking down on me either.”

Abigail smirked and then pursed her lips. “Okay… how about this. How about I find three girls and you can service them all at once?”

“How is that anything but a perfect fantasy?”

Three girls at once? Isn’t that even better than the fabled threesome? I had considered it a few times, but perhaps there really was a chance I could have a threesome in this world. The only reason I had doubted it was because lesbians were less popular in this world. I only wanted the good kind of threesome. I wasn’t going to go with two guys on a girl, no matter how much it was a girl’s fantasy in this world.

“Hehe… okay… maybe that was too easy. How about butt sex?”

“If I’m sticking it in the girl,” I responded, sticking out my tongue.

“Naturally! Wait? How would a girl stick it in a guy?”

“With a strap-on?”

“You mean those things lesbos use? On a guy? Why!” Abigail seemed genuinely surprised by this development.

Even my sister was looking at me like I had declared something she had never heard about before.

“What? I don’t know! Don’t gay guys do anal? The prostate is sensitive or something.”

“Ah! That’s right! But I didn’t think a straight guy would do such a thing!”

“I won’t!”

“Tsk… spoilsport!”

So, not everything in this world was completely the opposite. I already knew this, since girls still wore clothing that was generally reserved for women and men generally wore clothing reserved for men. Both sexes also were free to use makeup or do their hair. Men were just a bit more metrosexual, and women all had a girl next door lazing at home look. This was fine. If men were in dresses, and women were wearing briefs, I’m not sure if I could cope.

“Do guys really refuse to do anal sex with a girl?” I asked.

“Of course… every girl secretly wants to try it, but a lot of guys think it’s gross. You can only hope they slip in by accident and like the feel. There was that video on the internet, how to get your boyfriend to give you anal. Use a lot of lube. Turn the lights out, and raise it up to higher and hope he slips in. You can also guide it in yourself, but if he realizes you tricked him, he might get angry…”

So, it was like that. I had a good guess now why it didn’t flip. I figured it had to do with the mechanics of sex. Men had the dick, and women had the pussy. Sort of like how men knew that lesbians could scissor, mashing their parts together for satisfaction, but that it’d be impractical for a guy to be able to do it, so it never occurred to us to try. As for women taking it in the butt, well, whatever world, slippage would happen during sex. Yet, in my old world, women would complain, chastise, or angrily stop the sex.

Women here were expected to be tough and satisfy their man. A little pain was just bitching. With that mentality, women wouldn’t say anything if their man got it in the wrong hole. In fact, they might be afraid of embarrassing them and causing them to stop having sex, so instead, they came to find enjoyment out of it instead. In fact, women in this world liked it in the butt, or at least, they were too proud to admit that they didn’t like it. Of course, there were always exceptions. I remember guys in my old world who didn’t want to do anal because it was dirty. That number was just way higher here to the point where finding a man willing to do anal became a commodity for women.

“Well, I have no problem with anal. Let’s start with that!” I said eagerly.

She held up her hands. “E-easy! Let’s not get too eager. Rather… you’re just speaking words right now. I think if you’re really serious, w-we should put you to the test, right?”

“A test?” I wanted to roll my eyes. “Okay… sure, what do you want me to do.”

I almost felt like laughing. Were these girls suspicious of me? This was actually a really awesome situation where I got to sleep with a hot girl, but she didn’t seem to be convinced I was really into it. I guess she thought I’d chicken out once we started or something. I was actually being questioned on my willingness to have sex. I understood why, but it still couldn’t stop me from shaking my head in disbelief. This world still managed to surprise me. Upstanding student council members were closet exhibitionists, nerdy sisters were pornographers, and soccer moms were horny sluts.

“Simple. Eat my pussy.”

“Is that all?”

“You’ll do it?”

I glanced over at Dawn, who looked away and blushed. I was trying to flip the situation in my mind as quickly as it would go. The situation would be like if a brother took his little sister to some strange guy’s house to film her naked, and then the guy, who was a popular student, pulled out his dick and told her to suck it to prove she was really willing. It was the set up to a porn movie. I couldn’t see it any other way. I came to shoot a sex scene, but it felt like I was already in one.

“Okay…” I said, realizing she wanted me to show her.

She had been to my house twice in the last two days, and I had already been debating having sex with her. Now, we were in some brightly lit shed turned into a studio and she was telling me to eat her pussy while my sister watched. What a strange direction things went.

I went to my knees, reaching out and grabbing her pants. She watched me with a slightly predatory look, biting her lip as her cheeks grew flushed. Dawn was looking away, apparently a little too shy for this. Didn’t she want to be a photographer? That’s the entire reason we were here! Yet, if she couldn’t even look at this much, what was the point?

Well, it’s not like I mind. I was planning on fucking Abigail eventually anyway. It just turned out to be quicker than I had thought. Unzipping her pants and opening them up, I pulled them and her underwear down to around her knees, revealing her pussy to me. I guided her back on the couch and then I reached out with my tongue gently licking the inside.

“Yeah, like that…” she moaned happily, stroking my hair like she was trying to soothe a wounded animal.

I bit on her clit, causing her to let out a cute cry.

“A-ah! T-teeth!”

I let out a laugh of my own and then plunged my face right into her snatch. Thankfully, she had washed up before this. She had been preparing. Did she know Dawn’s true identity when she had made all these plans? Did she know it was me who was going to be coming over? Is that why she made sure she was the one to bring over the homework? Was it possible that she had set this all up?

To the me at that moment, none of that mattered. I was having fun. My sister was with me, and I was supporting her. I was getting to do something I loved to do. Abigail was a cute girl, and the taste of her cunt in my mouth was fun. I ate her until she ended up squirting, and then I kept going until she did it again. Only on the third time did she finally pull away and tell me that it was enough. At this point, it was late, and I was worried if we stayed out too much longer, then it would be difficult to get back into the house.

Of course, we also hadn’t gotten a single picture on film. Abigail chastised Dawn for failing to do her job. She apologized, but also looked a bit awkward and uncomfortable. She did just watch her brother give another woman cunnilingus, so I supposed it wasn’t the most normal thing. We agreed to meet again tomorrow to finally start taking pictures. All in all, this was a trial run and only the beginning.

“Is… this really alright?” Dawn asked quietly as we walked back.

I stopped and glanced over at her. “Do you not want to?”

“N-no… I mean yes… I mean, I really want to,” she said, sounding somewhat impassioned. “It’s just… I don’t know. You’re my little brother. I worry about you.”

I chuckled. “I’ll be fine. You don’t need to think so hard about it. Just have a good time, right?”

Life was an adventure, and this was a new world to play in. It was my kind of world. Rather than thinking about things seriously, I decided it’d be better to just have some fun. There was no point in asking questions or dwelling on things too much. I always had later to worry about that. The old me, the procrastinator and world-class underachiever had finally adapted to this new world.  

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