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We managed to sneak back into the house without a problem. I had some worry someone would catch me. But come the next morning, there were no repercussions. It was Friday, and my last day off from school. London stopped by very early in the morning, and I was forced to get up while all the girls were getting ready for school.

She checked my vitals and checked my health to verify if I was okay to return to school on Monday. I could only smile uneasily at this. From my point of view, this was all just silly. I never had a head injury from the beginning. However, it made Mother feel better, and London got to show off her schooling, so that seemed to be the nature of things.

I was a bit worried about returning to school. I was distant with my family, so they didn’t seem to notice the new me, but what about my friends? I would have to rely on Samantha a bit for this. I already thought I should probably call her once everyone left for the day. She was only one of two people who believed me. Well, whether she truly believed me was questionable, but she could at least help me get through the day. Plus, if we’re going by reverse reasoning, she owed me for having sex with her!

Damn, even thinking it made my head hurt, how were things so screwed up in my old world that women could treat sex, something they themselves enjoyed, like some gift they bestowed on men that gave them numerous privileges. I decided to stop thinking about such things, as London was noticing the strange expression on my face and was starting to question it. Instead, I smiled and told London everything she wanted to hear. I definitely didn’t talk about my experiences with another world, as I’m sure that would get me another week in quarantine.

“He can go back to school on Monday,” she finally declared, allowing me to let out a breath of relief. “I don’t see any swelling or any neural issues.”

“London, don’t talk about neural issues in front of him like this, you’ll worry him,” Mom admonished in a stern tone.

“Huh? I said he was fine, though?”

I frowned as Mom grabbed her arm and pulled her away, whispering a few things back and forth in private. I narrowed my eyes a bit, feeling irritated that they were treating me like a… well, in this world, it was a boy. This was bad even by that standard. Was this the 1950s? Was I supposed to be in the kitchen, barefoot and preg- well, that’s not possible, but I’m sure they had similar stereotypes back in the day.

“Honey, everything is okay. London says keep it easy for the next three days, and if anything comes up, don’t hesitate to call her, or me for that matter,” Mom said once she finished her private conversation with London.

She grabbed her keys and headed out the door, London following behind. One big difference I noticed from the past was that the mornings were much less hectic. In the past, the girls would take forever waiting in line at the bathroom and mom would need to kick their butts out the doors. I had committed to not having bathroom time in the mornings. That was no longer an issue. Everyone just grabbed their stuff and left.

I watched as everyone went on their way to school. Dawn didn’t give me a single glance. In fact, she deliberately avoided looking at me so that she didn’t cast any suspicion. However, that itself might have been suspicious, because Mackenzie gave each of us a hard look as she walked out the door. She didn’t hear us coming in late last night, did she? No, that was impossible. The Mackenzie I knew would have kicked up a fuss the second she heard someone acting out of line. Maybe, she was worried that Abigail would come over today.

Well, after our time together the previous night, I had gotten a recipe from her based off the ingredients she had brought over earlier. It was another simple food I could cook. I really was getting the hang of cooking though. It wouldn’t be long before I could make much more intriguing dishes. I just needed some time to experiment with spices and such. It wasn’t that I was enjoying cooking for the girls! It was just. I needed to maintain the act. That was all!

The meal was something slow-roasted, so once all of the girls left, I began to prepare it and left it in the cooker. By dinner time, it’d be ready. That gave me a lot of time to kill. Tonight, Dawn and I were finally going to shoot our first film in Abigail’s studio, but that was going to be much later. At the moment, I was just sitting at the couch, bored and watching television.

“You can do it! Men can do it! Say it with me, gentlemen. I am man! I am man!” I quickly turned the channel.

“Only women can keep men from being raped.” Change.

“All I’m saying is that homosexuality is wrong. I mean, unless it’s two hot guys. Am I right?” Change.

“Do you have male odors? Are you not feeling quite fresh?” Change and off.

“At least this world also has nothing to watch on television,” I sighed.

At that moment, there was a light tapping on the door. I got up from the couch and went to answer it. When I saw who it was, I was genuinely a little surprised.

“Abigail? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

“Not right now, I’m not.” She chuckled, lifting up a paper bag. “Can I come in?”

“Ah, yeah.” I stepped back. “You brought more groceries? Ah, I didn’t get the money to pay you back.”

“No… I bought those for you!” Abigail shook her head, putting the bag on the table. “And I bought these for you too.”

“Huh?” I moved the bag up as she stepped back eagerly.

I began to look through the bag. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of boxers. Except, they had holes in the back, one on each buttock. I looked over at her and raised an eyebrow.

“What is that about?” I held up the item.

“Ah… that’s not everything!” She blushed. “They’re clothing. Things I thought you’d look good in.”

I started pulling out item after item. There were at least ten outfits in the bag. Some of them were costumes. Others were tight shirts or various other outfits. They seemed tight in the chest and around the crotch. Many of them seemed flimsy, and a few, I had no clue how to wear. None of them looked comfortable, but Abigail was looking at me with hopeful eyes, looking for a certain reaction.

“They’re… nice?” I smiled.

She broke into a smile and nodded excitedly. “I’m glad you like them. I have a ton more I want to see you in as well. You’d look really hot. I could do like a photography shoot or something. You’ll be my model, right?”

“I guess…” Something about the fervent look in her eyes made me feel strangely helpless. “Um, but with Dawn, right?”

“Dawn…” She looked away, saying the name almost like a curse. “Ah… I mean… you don’t really want to do this stuff around your sister, do you? I mean, she can come when we need the big stuff, but it is cool if you and I do some private stuff too, right?”

“Oh, I mean…” I was caught a little bit surprised by the visit.

I mean, technically, I had agreed to this stuff as a means of getting closer to Dawn. Cutting her out felt wrong in several ways. Then again, when I thought about it, she was my sister. Leaving her involved was just as weird. If I did get caught, it would be better if Dawn didn’t get implicated, right? Didn’t I say it last night? I was just going to enjoy this life. I wouldn’t cut her out, but what did it matter if I had fun on my own.

“Yeah… it’d be fun.” I grinned.

Actually, thinking about what I did with Abigail the night before was starting to turn me on. Since she was here and no one else was, and it was nowhere near the time Mackenzie should be returning home, I was thinking of inviting her to my room.

“Can you try this on?” I was just about to ask her if she wanted to have sex, and she pushed an outfit on me.

I looked it up and down. “A… nurse outfit?”

“You’ll look so hot in this, I promise.”

I let out a breath with just a bit of a laugh. “Okay… if that’s what you want.”

I grabbed my shirt and began pulling it off. Abigail’s eye’s widened, and she spun around.

“Woah! Your bathroom is over there, right?”

“Huh? You want me to change in there?”

“Ah… it’s just… when you come out, I want the whole scene at once, you know…” she responded, her voice shaking nervously.

I chuckled and walked into the bathroom. Taking one last look at the outfit, I had to sigh again. I never thought this was how I’d spend my day. I wonder how’d she react if she knew I’d rather just fuck her. I pulled off my clothing and put on the outfit. I decided to use some water and some hairstyle, so my hair was a bit nicer too.

It wasn’t the sexy nurse outfits of my old world. This looked like a typical scrubs that anyone would wear in a hospital. Except, that the shirts V-line dipped halfway to my stomach and was so loose that anyone peaking from the sides could see my bare chest and nipples. The pants were super tight, especially around the ass and crotch. I almost needed to stretch them over my ass. If I bent at all, I’d be showing buttcrack. It was only after fiddling with it for five minutes I realized that that was probably the idea.

“Should I start shaving back there?” I wondered out loud.

I didn’t think that was a question I could ask Abigail, no matter how much she was into this kind of stuff. Dawn would probably be a better person to ask. Men were hairier than women, that was true no matter how flipped our values were. So, I really didn’t know if men in porn shaved or not. Although, the best example I could think of was a woman’s bush. Some women were au natural, while others shaved it bare. Neither was wrong, and both had their appeal depending on the person.

That was more thought than I ever wanted to put into my buttcrack. Damn, women in this world were screwing with my mind. Don’t laugh until you try it. The problem with men openly gawking at women is that those women become very aware of their appearance. Even if the man only says positive things, just knowing you have eyes on you all of the time gives someone a need to worry about their appearance. Before, since I never really thought most girls were looking at me in any kind of romantic way, I didn’t worry as much about how I looked.

With a breath, I finally came out into my living room. Abigail had closed the blinds and was now sitting on my couch. Her mouth fell open when she saw me. I felt extremely self-conscious, but seeing her eyes roaming over my body hungrily, my heart started to quicken, and I got aroused very quick. In those pants, there was no way to hide the tent that formed in front of Abigail’s eyes.

“Oh, is my dirty little boy getting excited?” she purred hungrily. “Shall we take care of that?”

I nodded excitedly. A guy could get used to this kind of treatment.

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