Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Abigail stroked the tent in my pants excitedly, looking at me with eyes filled with perversion that I only wished a girl would look at me within my old world. She bit her lip, only all too excited as she unbuckled my pants, and pulled it out. Of course, I was already fully erect and ready to go.

“My… my… you’re so hard…” she tried to tease me.

If I would flip things around, this was the point where the guy would stick his hand in a girl’s pants and then tease her for being so wet and horny. Then, she’d deny it while blushing. However, I wasn’t a guy from this world, and I wasn’t even inexperienced at sex anymore. This was my third time doing this. That hardly made me an expert, but I was definitely eager to get started.

“Just suck it already!” I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it into my crotch.

“Ah! Uuummmmm…” Her mouth went right around my cock, and she didn’t hesitate to start bobbing her head up and down on it like she was a pro.

Well, I had only had one other blow my cock before in a car, so it really was amazing. In some ways, it was nearly as good as sex. She hit the top and bottom of my shaft with her teeth a bunch. I was starting to understand what all the porn sites were on about with that. She definitely didn’t have the skill of Sam’s mother. However, she was really moving her head, and with my hand on the back of her head, I could feel it going up and down. When she needed to take a breath, she pulled it out and licked it from top to bottom. There was a lot of drool, and it was really messy, but somehow that made it hotter.

It didn’t look like it did in the porn movies, but the fact she was trying so hard to make it look like that is what I enjoyed the most. She didn’t go super deep; it wasn’t what was called deep throat. She only went just far enough so that she didn’t gag herself. However, never having deep throated, I didn’t know the feeling to either desire or not desire it. Either way, I wasn’t really a sadist, so I didn’t really want to hurt a girl if I didn’t have to.

She pulled out my dick and grabbed it with one hand, licking the balls. “You like that? I love the taste of your balls.”

“Really?” I can’t imagine she would, but then again, I’d tell a girl I like the taste of her pussy no matter what it tasted like.

Then again, the pussy I’ve tasted included hers, I did like the taste of it, so maybe she did enjoy the taste of my balls, not that I ever wanted to know what that tasted like.

“Cum in my mouth,” she moaned. “I want to eat your cum. It’s okay.”

“Ah… okay…”

I hadn’t been trying to hold back, but I wasn’t close to coming either. I was wondering if she was overestimating her blowjob. I mean, it wasn’t that I didn’t love it, but that she kept getting me with teeth. It was enough that I couldn’t manage to get to the point of climax. It was actually a major tease because I was really close, but then her teeth would scratch again, and I’d be denied release.

“Cum… don’t hold back. Just cum,” she purred excitedly.

Thankfully, she couldn’t see the expression on my face, which was a bit annoyed. I guess, in the end, she was just as big of an amateur as I was. I wasn’t cumming from her blowjob. As the novelty of it began to wear off, I began to realize that she was just way too overconfident in her ability.

However, if I told her any of that, I might end up offending her. Then, I wouldn’t get any sex at all! I was really horny. I just wanted it in her pussy. Other than the handjob from the doctor, my other recent times with women I had finished inside them. So, it was basically what I was used to doing. I hadn’t been inside Abigail yet, so I was eager to be inside the thing I had tasted all of last night.

My balls had been aching the night before after eating her for so long, and I was going to end up with blue balls again if I had to wait on her. She was determined to “get a taste”. Perhaps, after I had made her squirt so many times last night, it was a matter of pride. Thinking about it, if a girl sucked me off until I had cum several times, and then I wanted to return the favor, I would be determined to give her the same or feel like a complete failure.

As she desperately tried to bring me to the edge and I grew more and more frustrated, it became completely impossible to cum. Even if I relaxed and we could have obtained it under normal circumstances, I had put up so much pressure that I just couldn’t. Maybe because it was in my living room. Yeah, that was part of it. My family lived in this room, and here I was fornicating on the couch my sisters sat at. If they saw what I was doing, they’d definitely be embarrassed.

Well, that didn’t free me of the current predicament, so I found myself considering what a girl would do. If a guy was going down on her and she just wanted him to finish, what would she do? That was right. She’d fake it! However, I’m a guy! Guy’s cum when they orgasm. That’s an undeniable fact! How was I going to be able to fake it!

Fap! Fap! Fap! She had taken it out of her mouth and had a tight fist on it, stroking up and down so hard that it actually felt slightly painful.

“Come on!” she said through gritted teeth. “Just cum!”

“Uh… I’m about to!” I declared, biting my lip as tears formed in my eyes. “K-keep sucking! I’m almost there!”

Her eyes grew excited, and she started sucking me off again. If her handjob was a little less rough, I might have gotten off that way. There probably wasn’t much like the cumshot in this world, where I finish off the last few strokes while she sits there with her mouth open. This was all a lot more complicated than it looked. If I had sex in my original world a few times, then I’d at least have some reference for how things were supposed to be. As it were, I was really just exploring bodies here!

“Ahhh… Ahhh… damn… your mouth is so great. It’s making me cum!” I acted, trying to make it sound convincing while feeling like an idiot.

It seemed to encourage her, as she went faster and faster, but that also meant more teeth and other mistakes. She was way too eager to gobble down my cock. Normally, that was a really big turn on, but now that it had gotten to this point, it felt more laughable than erotic. So, I did my best to fake it.

“I-I’m cumming!”

I grabbed the back of her head and tightened my hands on her hair. I pushed my dick down her throat enough that she choked, and then I shuddered. After about fifteen seconds, I let go, and she eagerly pulled her mouth out, wiping it as she coughed.

“Wow… Abigail… so amazing…” I responded, pretending to pant.

She let out another cough while cleaning her mouth. “R-really?”

“Yeah… it felt so good.” That wasn’t a lie. It was the best blowjob I had ever had.

“I tasted a little cum… but I was expecting more…”

“I-it’s not like guys cum a lot every time…” I responded, lying my way out of it.

“Oh? Yeah… I think I heard that.”

I realized as soon as I lied, I had been speaking to a girl who helped run a sex site. As far as deviants go, she should have a ton of knowledge about sex. In the end, she was willing to believe the lie, though. Although it was true women could orgasm without cumming, I had managed to tell her a lie about men. Wait! Was it true that women could orgasm without cumming? Or… have women been lying to men the whole time? I suddenly wasn’t sure. From my experiences, it was pretty easy to tell when a woman came. You could feel it tightening and twitching, and it got like a flood of wetness that even shot out at times. For all I knew, women always came too, and had been faking the supposed cumless orgasm just like me!

Feeling like my world view had just been overturned, I stood up with my dick still hanging out and grabbed Abigail’s hand. “Let’s go to my room.”

I was already extremely horny after that blowjob. Just because I had gotten to a state where I couldn’t cum didn’t mean that it didn’t turn me on. If Abigail knew how bad I wanted to fuck her that moment, then she probably wouldn’t even feel too bad if she found out I didn’t cum from the blowjob. Well, it wasn’t like I was going to tell her that.

We were already kissing by the time we entered my room. She started tearing off my clothing as I tore off hers. I had intended to toss her on the bed, but apparently, she thought of it first and I ended up on the bed. My cock was already hard again, not that it had softened much from the blowjob. Abigail jumped on top, panting excitedly.

“God, I’ve wanted you for so long,” she moaned.


She nodded. “I’ve had a crush on you for years. Why do you think I agreed to go to your house? I wanted to spend time with you. I was excited about the chance to cook with you. Then, when Dawn told me you were interested in porn, I thought I’d finally get my chance. I never thought we’d get to this point so fast.”

“Is that bad?”

She shook her head, her hair bouncing back and forth. “No! Baby, I don’t think you’re a slut or anything. I’m actually just really happy. C-can I tell you a secret though?”


“I’m actually a virgin. I’ve never done anything before.”

Although she blushed, she was saying this completely naked and straddling me. She had one knee on the bed, and the other foot propped up. Her pussy was literally two inches from my erect cock, and she was holding it spread with her fingers while her spare hand was lining it up.

I sat up in surprise, “You’re a virgin?”

“Last night, you made me squirt for the first time. I heard girls could do it, but I never have. You’re amazing, Noah. I just wanted you to know that I love you. You’re going to be my boy forever, okay?”

“Ah…” I started to get a bad feeling, “Wa-“

She didn’t wait. Instead, she shoved it inside herself. She was already wet, and I felt it pop right through and keep going until I was deep in her womb. She let out a cry of pain, but she didn’t stop until she had buried my dick deep in her pussy. The feel of her tight snatch was incredible. Breaking past her hymen caused her muscles to contract, and they were twitching with resistance as I broke through her defenses.

After her sloppy blowjob, the feeling was just too much. The second my cock entered her womb, I started to cum deep inside her.

“I-I feel it!” she said excitedly, her face filled with ecstasy.

“Ahh… Abigail…” I panted, grabbing her hips as I came.

Before I could feel any shame over prematurely ejaculating, she brought her head down and leaned close to my ear.

“You’re my man now. I own you.”

With those words, she started to rock her hips, using her pussy to bring my cock back to life. Her words, however, seemed to echo through my head. Something about them gave me an uneasy feeling, but I didn’t know what. Eventually, my cock grew hard again, and I began to forget about that feeling and just enjoy myself. There was nothing wrong with just having fun, right?

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