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“Hey, you’re bringing your brother in today?” The man behind the counter gave London a smile. “He’s a cutie!”

The guy winked at me, and I found myself shivering all over. Did a guy just call me a cutie?  I seriously didn’t even know how to react to that. London grabbed my shoulders and she seemed to be blushing.

“Ah, yes, he’s just my little brother.” She said, “He got hit by a car earlier and he’s had some confusion. I was hoping one of the doctors could check him out?”

“Ah? Yeah… there is Dr. Ruben. Should I page her?”

“If you would?” she asked, and then turned to me. “Look, Dr. Ruben’s one of the younger doctors around here. She’s going to look you over. I have to go get something from the school side of things and I’ll be back. Just do whatever the doctor tells you to.”

She looked really worried about leaving me by myself, but I was freaking sixteen. There was no reason I couldn’t take care of myself. I wish I understood why everyone was acting so weird recently. I was growing more and more certain that head injury didn’t quite justify things. I sat down in the waiting room.

I noticed an old woman looking at me. When I glanced up at her, she looked me up and down and then winked. Sorry, lady, I may be a desperate virgin, but I don’t bang grandmas.

Thankfully, despite the creepy woman looking at me, it didn’t take long for a young woman to approach me. “Hey, I’m Dr. Ruben. You’re London’s brother?”

“Ah… yeah, I guess.” I said awkwardly, not expecting a cute girl like her to suddenly approach me.

She really was young, probably in her twenties, and she had a beautiful smile. I had thought it’d be a male doctor, not that I had any problem with females as doctors, just that I had been caught off guard. She led me back into an examination room.

“So, what is the problem? I just got a message that you were in an accident.”

“Ah… yeah, I hit the back of my head,” I explained. “After that, things have been kind of weird.”

She started checking my eyes in the same way London had done at home. She also touched my neck and looked in my ears.

“Weird? What has happening that you consider weird?”

“I don’t know… it’s just… things smell strange…”

“Well, a concussion could explain a smell change, it’s probably just that,” she explained, “I’ll be using this on your chest.”


She had pulled out a stethoscope and showed it to me before touching my chest. She seemed to touch my chest almost hesitantly. She had a strange looked on her face as her finger moved across my chest. Then, ever so slightly, she squeezed it. Her eyes remained focus on me though.

“Can you give any other examples?”

“Ah… well… like, my sister was acting weird. She usually ignores me, but suddenly she started being really worried about me. Plus, I keep getting looks from women. I swear I had something on my face or something.”

She laughed, as she finally pulled her hand away from my chest and put it on my back, having me breathe in and out in deep breaths. “Well, you’re already at that age. You’re developing into a man, and you’re quite attractive. A handsome boy like you is going to attract the looks of a lot of women.”

“What are you saying?” I responded indignantly. “How can that be the case? I’m still a virgin!”

She let out a shocked noise, breaking into a cough before glancing at me strangely. “A boy like you shouldn’t be worrying about things like that. Purity is really important to guys.”

“What world do you live in?” I said incredulously, forgetting myself for a moment. “Girls can have it any time they want! Ah… I mean…”

Somehow, I had even made the doctor blush by speaking so rashly. I was suddenly worried she’d tell London and it’d get back to my family. I’d never hear the end of it. They would claim I was sexually harassing my doctor!

The doctor looked to the door and back to me, her expression turning a bit nervous. “Actually, I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell lately. A-are you really interested in losing your virginity?”

The way she asked it caused me to blink a few times. The reason was simple. Those words were something I never would have imagined would come out of the mouth of a beautiful woman towards me. Was she really being serious? I was finding the whole situation very difficult to believe.


She had rolled her chair back to the door and locked it with a resounding click. She then rolled it back to me, reaching out and gently putting her hand on my knee.

“You really are an attractive boy,” she said, her hand squeezing my leg slightly.

I’d like to say I was acting suave, but it was more like a deer in headlights. I was afraid to move and screw it up. If I talked, I knew I’d trip over my own tongue. A hot, older woman was feeling me up in a doctor’s office. Wasn’t this the complete fantasy? I could only gulp, waiting for what happened next. Since I didn’t shy away, her hand slowly worked its way up my leg until she reached my groin.

“Lie back,” she said, her expression turning slightly lewd.

Of course, when a pretty girl told me to lie back while she’s touching my dick, I’d do it! My cock was already rock hard, and all I could do was think about how hard this was to believe. Was I the luckiest guy on Earth? Her hand reached into my pants. Her fingers were a bit cold, or maybe my cock was just too full of blood. It was throbbing with desire.

“Mmm… your dick is so hot,” she purred.

“Ah…” I really lacked any smoothness, since that was all I could get out.

“Hehe… you’re really cute like this. I’m going to smell your balls.”

I thought I had heard her wrong, but she immediately pulled down my pants, stuck her nose in my groin, and smelled. She even rubbed her nose and face on my balls like she had reached some nirvana. The feeling was great, but I seriously had no clue what she was thinking.

“Is it really… that good?” I asked, feeling awkward.

“Mmm…” she finally said. “You smell like a virgin.”

Those words actually hurt a little. Can you even smell virgins? Was I that pathetic that I even smelled like one? She noticed my unhappy expression and then panic flashed in her eyes.

“Ah… that’s good!” She said, chuckling. “I’m really excited about being your first!”

I’d never heard of a girl being excited about having a virgin before. That just sounded odd. In fact, overall, she was acting exactly like a guy would act, wasn’t she? Then, I started to remember a saying in my school. Girls were just as horny as guys. I always found this to be a complete farce. I’d have sex with just about any girl, yet I remained a virgin. If every girl had the same standards, I would definitely be having a lot more sex.

Her hands we moving up and down my cock, and the only thing I could think about was how much better it felt when it was a girl’s hand rather than my own. I had no clue why, but her fingers were electric, and as she stroked it harder and harder, I couldn’t help but moan.

“Ah, shit… I’m cumming!” Naturally, I couldn’t even last, my dick erupting.

The doctor watched with a smile as much cum shot up in the air like a rocket. Even though I had masturbated just before coming to the hospital, the fact that it was with a girl made me shoot ten times as much.

“Mmm… so much cum!” She giggled.

Immediately, I started to feel bad. My cock was softening in her hands. She had barely touched me for a second and I exploded just like that. I didn’t even get to penetrate her, and it was already spent.

“Uh…. I’m sorry…” I said, feeling some embarrassment.

“Hmmm? What for, cumming?” she let out a chuckle. “Actually, it’s really hot. My boyfriend never cums when I touch him. Finding a guy who shoots it when you barely touch him is really hot. I’m totally turned on.”

“Oh… th-thanks… wait, you have a boyfriend?” I only completely processed what she said now.

“Ah! S-sorry… but, he never gives me sex. He’s a total prude. Besides, you’re way hotter than he is.” She frantically said, waving her hands.

“Is that so…” I didn’t really know what to say at this point.

Something about this whole exchange was weird, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Are… you okay with that?” she asked, looking slightly guilty.

I mean, I didn’t know this guy anyway, and what kind of guy doesn’t want sex? If his girlfriend is so thirsty she’ll do it with a sixteen-year-old virgin at her job, then does the guy deserve to be cheated on? At least, that’s what I was thinking.

“I… guess so…” I responded, noticing she was waiting for an answer. “You want to continue?”

She let out a breath and then gave a smile. “Mm! I can’t wait to pop your cherry. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Should I be the one saying that? I thought wryly.

Just as she went to pull down her underwear, there was a knock on the door. She let out a small sound and instantly pulled her stuff back up. I almost wanted to curse just as badly as she did. What was my luck? I quickly put my dick away, but there was little I could do about the cum everywhere. Dr. Ruben literally just tossed a handful of napkins at me, straightened her clothing, and then went to the door. I desperately tried to remove the semen as she started to unlock and open it.

“Dr. Ruben, are you still in here with my brother?” London’s voice came through the door.

“Ah, yes… we were just doing some tests and he wanted privacy. You know how boys get when they have to pull off their shirt.”

I frowned, thinking her reasoning was weird, but then London responded with an affirmative grunt.

As the pair of us left the doctor’s room, Dr. Rubin slipped me her number. She really wanted to continue where we left off? Just as we passed the lobby, I saw a television on. I wouldn’t have minded it, except there was a woman pictured in front of the Whitehouse, and it said, President Maria Gonzalez.

“President Gonzalez?” I said, “A female president?”

London stopped and turned back. “Ah… yeah, I know you were hoping the last election to get a male president in office. I, for one, think it’s about time we have a male in office. Um…”

She looked slightly awkward. Time for a male in office? What the hell, was this world backward? That was the first moment that I realized it might really be. What if… was it possible… men and women, were reversed? It made little sense in my skeptical mind, but it explained everyone’s strange behavior perfectly. Now, I just had to confirm it!

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