Yurtdışı Yatırım

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If I had to explain why I was kissing Dawn, my biological sister, like I would a close lover, it’d be difficult to come up with the right words. Part of it just came from the stress that this world constantly put on me. This was just another outburst as I found myself once again in a world where I didn’t fit.

Another reason came with how much I saw myself in Dawn. This was something I never would have recognized before, but Dawn was likely suffering from depression. She didn’t think anyone cared about her, and she was quick to push people away because it was easier than getting hurt. That was why she had decided to cancel the plans on me. She had decided on her own that she was a third wheel, and so she wasn’t interested in tagging along while I ended up with other girls. It stemmed from her low self-confidence, although my own flippancy lately might have also led her to trying to push me away.

Her desire to be a videographer probably was true, but she probably had no personal interest in upshorts. Her current occupation selling shady erotic content was an outlet for her own struggles. It was something I understood all too well. I had also buried myself in porn to feel like I was desired. I’d jack off three times a day, not necessarily because I was bored, but because it was more satisfying than trying to grow real relationships. I hadn’t noticed that dependency until now.

I realized I hadn’t masturbated once since I had ended up in this world, most likely because there had been no need. I was emotionally and sexually satisfied. I knew I could have sex when I wanted. Those who looked down on those who masturbated were usually the same people that could have sex whenever they wanted and were having their sexual desires met, even if that was because their desires leaned towards the vanilla side of things. That isn’t saying that people who are sexually fulfilled don’t masturbate. Rather, I mean that people who aren’t missing something don’t base their lives around it.

The kiss was a bit sloppy and rough. She didn’t taste sweet or fruity, but instead her breath had the taste of stale Cheetos. Her pink tongue didn’t hesitate to flood into my mouth, taking it roughly without care. After her brief resistance, she had completely given in, and kissed me as roughly as I kissed her. It was only after we held each other and kissed for a minute that her eyes snapped open and she pulled away again.

“Brother…” she panted, pushing me away with all her force.

I thought she was pushing me off of her, finally coming to her senses where I couldn’t, but perhaps that was too naïve of me. Dawn kept pushing and then spun me around and shoved me back down onto the bed. She jumped on top and grabbed my wrists, forcing them up over my head as she mounted me. Her thighs straddled me, and her nether regions were pressed upon mine. Her cheeks were red, and she was panting in an extremely lewd way as she peered down on me with lust in her eyes. It was incredibly hot, and my erection naturally formed. It grew up, pressing against her crotch.

She was wearing pajama pants made from a slick texture that rubbed up and down my pants easily. While still panting, she started moving her hips up and down. A wet spot had already formed and leaked through her panties and displayed on her pants. As she rubbed herself up the shaft of my cock through the pants, I could see a light wet streak forming on my pants.

Dawn started to gyrate her hips, more and more, rubbing her clothed parts against my own. The feeling of her soft body rubbing against my own was extremely stimulating. Although I had already had sex a few times now, something about the raw need and desire from Dawn was considerably more erotic. She wasn’t just a horny girl who wanted sex. She was someone who needed to feel loved.

She remained on top of me, rubbing her parts against mine. The only sound filling the room was our heavy breathing. She didn’t even kiss me again. Perhaps she was worried about her breath. Perhaps, she just didn’t want to bring romance or love into what she was doing with her brother, because what she was doing was using my hard cock like a toy, rubbing her snatch against it like a cat in heat.

The feeling of cloth rubbing on cloth was too much, and I started to let off little moans in between my deep breaths. The way Dawn was making me feel was hot and incredible. I didn’t even need to penetrate her, and I was feeling a level of pleasure that was quickly rising. It wasn’t just increasing over time, Dawn was gyrating her own hips faster and faster. She was rubbing her pussy against my rock-hard cock as hard as she could.

She bit her lip and started moaning as well, her body wildly humping mine. She was growing louder and more animated, her hips thrusting against me hard. I was starting to worry we might be heard. Even though it was through several sheets of material, I could feel the heat of pussy and could almost feel its wetness. Or, maybe, I was just releasing precum and felt my own. Either way, it only added to the eroticism.

She finally let go of my arms and grabbed my shirt, lifting it up. Suddenly, she was sucking on my nipple while she fingered the other one. Her loud moans were muffled against my chest, and whenever she felt pleasure, she seemed to suck my nipple harder.  I hadn’t expected this. It felt really strange, but also really good. With my hands free, I grabbed onto her braid with one hand, and my other hand dropped down and grabbed her gyrating ass. Squeezing it tightly, I pushed her groin against mine even harder, using my hand to help mash our parts together.

Dawn really liked this, and her attacks on my nipples grew frantic until she couldn’t manage it any longer. With her cheek on my chest, she let out wet, staggered moans. Then, she slammed her crotch against mine, and began to spasm. Her body shook as her breathing seemed to stop. She let out several choking noises as she shook, and then finally brought out a gasp of air, collapsing on top of me. She was sweaty now, and Cheeto breath danced across my nose.

“Ahhh… haaah…. Haaah….” she panted, her chest pressed against my stomach and her head resting on my chest.

I could feel her glasses digging into my sternum. They were completely fogged. She looked slightly drunk with pleasure and had stopped doing anything but clinging to me tightly. When she finally finished cumming, she looked up at me.

“D-did you finish?” she asked.

I thought about lying at first, but I didn’t want to leave my sister confused, especially about her first experience. I shook my head.


A disappointed expression flashed across her face, making me regret not lying for a moment. Then that expression grew a bit bitter.

“I see… I’m sorry.”

I stroked her braid, “It’s fine… I’m really glad you got off.”

“No…” she said weakly, dropping her head on my chest again. “I’m the worst sister ever.”

“Hmm? Why do you say that?” I chuckled.

“I took advantage of my little brother. I can’t believe I just did that to you. I’m such a pervert.” I felt wet tears on my chest and was shocked to realize she was actually crying.

“Ah! Dawn, it’s okay! I mean, I kissed you first!”

“Yeah… just a kiss! And then I humped my little brother like an animal! I’m just awful!” she cried. “I’m sorry, brother. I didn’t mean to. I came all over you… oh, god. I’m scum!”

Even Dawn’s tearful, panicked expression felt extremely cute. It was a lot different from the other girls I had been with. Her actions felt warm. She was genuinely worried about me. Even though I had wanted this… no, actually, I wanted to go all the way, this wasn’t far enough!

“Please… brother… can you forgive your perverted sister? Don’t tell anyone… especially Mackenzie… oh god, what have we done!”

She started trying to pull off of me, and I grabbed her and pulled her back on.

“B-brother, what are you doing?”

“I love you.” I said.

“Y-yeah…” She looked away.

“Say it…” I started feeling slightly mischievous.

“S-say what?”

“How do you feel about me?”

“D-don’t you already know?” Dawn said, trying to avoid my eyes.

“No, maybe, I’m just a piece of meat to you!” I shot back.

“N-no! You’re not!” She grabbed my hands and suddenly gave me a serious look.

“Then say it.”

“I… c-can’t.” She brought her eyes down again.


“Because…” She bit her lip. “I mean… if I say it… then it becomes too real. I won’t be able to stop. I don’t want the relationship we have to become weird.”

“Isn’t the relationship we have already weird?”

“Th-that! Even so… If I say I love you, then I don’t think I can stop. I’m not someone like Kelsey who can act so casually. If I give my heart to someone, it’s for good. So, I can’t say it.”

“Didn’t you just say it?” I asked, grinning.

She thought for a second. “Ah! But…”

“Say it again…”


“Dawn, I’m your brother. That is forever. Whatever happens in the future, that bond between us will never change. Even if I date Abigail, or sleep with Samantha, or any of that, you will still be my sister, and the love I have for you will never waiver.”

“Sleep with!”

“Don’t get jealous now! I already said I like girls. You’ve already seen me with Abigail.”

“R-right…” Dawn sighed and closed her eyes. “Just what have I gotten myself into… alright, I admit it, I’m in love with my brother.”

“Good!” I nodded, grinning. “Then, let’s have sex.”


“Yeah, we’ve gone this far.”

“I’m your sister! I can’t… we can’t…”

“What did you think we just did? Don’t you need to take responsibility for this?” I moved my hips, pressing my still erect penis against her wet cunt.

She let out an erotic breath with her eyes closed before shaking her head and regaining her senses, “That’s just… I mean… no penetration!”

“You don’t want to do anything?” I asked, looking up at her in a way I hoped looked shy.

“It’s not that! Rather, I can’t go too far! What if I ended up making you a baby! We can do anything but sex!”

“So, you want to suck my dick?”

“Ah! That… I mean… I guess that’s an acceptable thing for a sister to do for her brother.”

“In 69?”

“Ah! You… really are my perverted brother… that… you don’t have to. I already came, so it’s wet and gross down there. I’ll finish you off. You don’t have to worry about me.”

I put my hands-on Dawn’s shoulders while giving her a big smile, causing her to blink in confusion. “I insist.”

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