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“O-okay…” Dawn had unexpectedly agreed to my request.

I had only seen this sex position and had never experienced it for myself. I had actually been half joking, thinking that Dawn would inevitably reject it. However, she nodded her head with a blush. Then she went and turned the light in the room down. I didn’t understand what she was doing until I realized she didn’t want to be seen in the full light. She had a small lamp on her nightstand, which was now the only illumination.

She went to grab her pajama pants, but then blushed and looked awkwardly. “Don’t watch.”

“What? But I’m going to see…”

“J-just do what your big sister tells you. Close your eyes.”

My lips twisted, but I did as she said. A moment later, I felt the press of a knee near the side of my head. I then felt my sister’s weight as she got on top of me. She wasn’t that heavy, and her body on top of me felt fine. I finally opened my eyes. I could see her pussy just a half foot in front of my eyes. She was still wearing her top, but she had taken off her bottoms and underwear. I didn’t get what she was being so nervous about. The view here was extremely erotic. She had a really nice ass, not to mention her pussy.

Compared to the stale Cheeto breath my sister had right now, her pussy was actually a much more pleasing fragrance. It was wet, lewd, and just a bit wild. Her thighs were wet from cumming earlier, and they pressed against my ears. A warmth emanated thickly from her sex, warming my cheeks and giving me a strange sense of comfort. Her pussy was a little pink slit, with hair all around it.

She wasn’t shaved, an au natural girl, although that was probably because she didn’t expect a boy to give her a need to shave. That said, it wasn’t bad. She was just a teen girl, and her hair was thin and stringy, and just above and on the sides. Her vagina stood out the most, and they only seemed to outline the erogenous zone.

I had considered complimenting her parts, but I thought that might have an unintended side effect I couldn’t predict. So, I decided to keep my mouth closed instead. I chose to check out my sister in silence while she finished orientating herself on top of me. While I admired her parts, she had unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I could feel her hands on it, but without being able to see what she was doing, the feel of her slightly cold hand fiddling with it was all I could make out. However, the rich smell, the feel of her body against mine, and general situation guaranteed that I wouldn’t lose my erection no matter what.

I decided to dive right in. With my arms out in front of her knees, I reached around and grabbed her backside once again. I then pushed it down, while lifting my face. I didn’t do anything strategic. I didn’t search for her clitoris, or g-spot, or anything like that. Instead, I just buried my face in her pussy, rubbing it on me lewdly. I could see her stomach spasm at the touch, and I heard stuttered gasps that told me she liked it. Her hairy parts were scratchy, and her bare parts were wet.

While pushing my face against her snatch so hard that my nose was practically in her asshole, I began to tongue her hole, tasting the salty, sweet taste of her cunt.

“Brother…” Her hands had stopped going up and down on my shaft.

However, a second later, my cock was engulfed by her mouth. I could only let out a gasp. Her hands had been cold, but her mouth was definitely warm. The shock of my cock plunging into a warm, wet abyss was incredible. I moaned, practically humming into her snatch, which caused her to shake at the same time.

I had never done this kind of thing before, but it was a lot more intensive than I had imagined. If I tried to focus on my pleasure, I stopped eating her out, and if I focused on pleasuring her, I didn’t receive as much pleasure of my own. However, it was more than that too because she would grow just as distracted as I did. When I was giving it to her good, she’d stop sucking and even pull away to gasp for breath. It was a position where I had to balance my own pleasure with Dawn’s pleasure.

While I started to get the hang of it, I thought Dawn was having a more difficult time. She’d keep stopping, letting out moans while she just held my cock in her hand and her pelvis would start to rock against my face. After thirty seconds of doing nothing, she’d realize she wasn’t doing her part again and then start stroking my cock superfast as if to make up for the lack of stimulation for the last minute. Then, she would suck it once again, only to repeat the process again a minute later.

It suited me well enough, because if she sucked me off constantly, I would have blown my load into her mouth already. I was determined to bring my sister to another climax before I reached my limit. Thus, I started to concentrate more on her clit, sucking it and spiraling my tongue around in circles. It seemed to do the trick, and Dawn was back to moaning to herself.

However, she really needed to be quiet. Although we had locked the door, if she made enough noise, someone would definitely be knocking at her door. At that point, I’d have no way to get out of the room without someone finding out what we did. If any of my other sisters knew that Dawn and I had gone this far, I don’t know what I would do. It would certainly destroy the dynamic in the house that has slowly been building since everything changed.

“Hah… Hah… ahh…ahh… shit!” Dawn moaned.

I wanted to tell her to shush it and cover her mouth, but my current position kept me from doing anything. That was when Dawn suddenly pulled away from my cock completely. I realized she had sat up and was now sitting vertically on my face. However, she didn’t pull away. Rather, she pushed her groin down hard against my face until I was shoved into the bed. Then she started gyrating her hips again.

It was just like when she had been riding my groin, except now she was on my face. I tried to lick and suck, but she was rocking her hips too fast for me to do much. Instead, I could only lie back as her wet slit slid up and down my face and tongue. My nose ended up as much of a sex object as anything. I couldn’t even believe it. As she continued to smother me, I realized I was lacking oxygen. However, she was growing more and more frantic, humping my face with all of her strength.

She had seemingly completely forgotten about the sixty-nine, and surrendered to her own lust, riding me for all she was worth. It was really hot, but it was also kind of scary. For a bit, I was seriously worried that I’d pass out from oxygen deprivation. What kind of gravestone would that make, ‘died between his sister’s thighs’?

I had slapped her thigh and butt with my free hand, but she didn’t take that as a gesture to stop, but as encouragement. She was riding my face like a horse, and I was slapping her ass for her to giddy on up. Just when I feared it’d go too far, I decided to grab her hips tightly and try to dominate my out-of-control big sister. I physically held her hips to keep her from rocking, and with my last breath, I put her clit in my mouth, and I sucked it hard.

“Yes… yes! Yes! Right there!” she moaned.

Her entire body convulsed on top of me, and I felt liquid shoot out onto my face. Where last time, she had just wet my crotch, now my sister had squirted all over my face. The taste of it wasn’t bad, although I didn’t guzzle it down or anything. I just took a small bath in it while I pleasured her aggressively.

When she finally finished, I let out a gasp of breath as she lifted up a leg and fresh air entered. Hearing that, she jumped off my face. A few moments later, she was lying with her head down, in a dogeza position, begging for forgiveness.

“I’m the worst!” she cried out.

“Sister…” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I did it again… I’m horrible. I’m despicable. I even used your face like a sex toy! I’m sorry you have such a despicable and unreasonable sister!”

“Dawn, it’s fine.”

“I-it’s not! You’re still hard, and I didn’t even take care of that while I came twice! How can I even call myself a woman if I can’t make my brother cum!”

“Actually, most women probably shouldn’t be proud of making their brothers… ah, whatever…”

“I’ll suck brother’s cock! Okay… I’ll definitely finish you off properly! I don’t mind! I’m not one of those girls who won’t do it!”

“Well, obviously…” I chuckled.

Dawn wasn’t in a humorous mood though. She grabbed my hands, looking up at me tearfully.

“Please, one last chance! I’ll definitely satisfy you!”

“Ah… I guess… if you insist.”

And so, in the end, I lay back in her bed for round three, and she sucked my cock until completion. She ended up fingering herself during it and came from a third time just as my own cum shot down the back of her throat. My sister swallowed every last drop like a pro. She was better at it than Abigail, although maybe it was because she was desperate to please me.

“Mmmm… it’s really salty,” she said after swallowing all of it.


She nodded. “It’s like… almonds and cherries. I really love the taste.”

She lifted up my softening cock still in her hands. Even though I came, she was still down there, a perverted look on her face. I realized that just as I had played with and admired her parts, she was doing the same to me.

She lifted up my ball sack and then sniffed it. I was horrified and couldn’t stop a blush from forming on my cheeks.

“Don’t sm-” I just realized I was about to say a cliched line and shut my mouth.

Just then, she bit my balls. It wasn’t hard, it was just a nip, but I hadn’t been expecting it.

“Ahhh! What is that?”

“You don’t like it?” She blinked in surprise.

“I don’t!”

“But… Playgirl says that guys liked it when…”

“Don’t read that garbage!”

She blinked, and then giggled, coming up and getting on top of me again, then bending over and kissing me. “You’re so adorable. I really want to fuck you.”

“Now? But we already did all that!”  

“Hehe… what can I say, I’m a girl, you know all girls can think about is sex. And when I have a brother as sexy as you, I can’t help but want to play with you. Don’t worry, I won’t do it. This is as far as we can go.” She went to grab me, her eyes flashing with lewdness when an alarm suddenly went off on her computer.

“Uh huh… sure…” I replied, shaking my head.

She ignored me and looked up at her monitor and then winced. “That’s… saying we’re supposed to go see her.”  She emphasized ‘her’, and it was clear she was talking about Abigail.

“I’ll just cancel. It’s fine.”

“R-really, you don’t have to.” Dawn looked down. “I’ve already been selfish to go this far with you. I don’t want to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend too.”

“It’s fine.” I shrugged, pulling out my cellphone. “I’ll just say we have to reschedule. Abigail stopped by earlier, so I can’t imagine it’ll be that big of a deal.”

“She did?” Dawn frowned. “I mean…”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” I chuckled, clicking send on my message. “Come here and show me some more sisterly love.”


The pair of us played the rest of the night together, although it mostly accounted to light petting and kissing. She was steadfast on the no penetration rule, so I had to bear with it. I finally slipped away carefully after Dawn made sure no one was watching. Then, deep into the night, I fell asleep, forgetting all about the supposed sex shoot. Abigail didn’t send any message in response, but that I was fine. Probably.

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