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“Noah,” London said, a stern look on her face.

“London,” I responded back, keeping my expression straight.

“When a woman loves a man very much, the pair of them get these… urges.”

“Are we really starting there?”

“Where do you want me to start!” London sighed. “Mom just suddenly called me and said I needed to give you the sex talk. I’m ten years too young to be worrying about this kind of thing.”

“You’re really thinking about having kids with Dan?”

“Look, I understand that you two don’t like each other.”

“Dan doesn’t like me?”

“Ah!” She froze for a second.

“I’m kidding, he’s not exactly subtle about it.”

“It’s not unusual for boys to hate each other, especially where a girl is involved,” London said, scratching her cheek awkwardly.

“Dan’s a cheating jerk.”

“Noah, I know you don’t like him. You’re not that subtle either.” She sighed. “However, I love him.”

I really wanted to just tell London that he was cheating on her. I wanted to tell her what I saw, minus the part where I banged her for him. However, I had concerns. If I said anything, London would definitely confront him, but then that would open her to being emotionally manipulated by him. At worst, he’d somehow convince London it was her fault, and somehow bring their relationship closer together. At best, he’d throw shade at me, convincing London I was a liar, and causing our relationship to fall apart.

At that moment, the pair of us were sitting on my bed. London had come over as promised and was now being forced to talk to me about sex. Of course, Mom didn’t know that London and I had already been in a few situations the last few days that made this whole thing awkward. It was a bit difficult to tell someone about the birds and the bees after you stroked them off through their pants and even kissed passionately a few times. At least with kissing, she might convince herself it wasn’t as sexual in hindsight, but definitely the stroking would be impossible to excuse.

Instead, the best thing I could do was keep myself on London’s brain. Like when she was checking up on me because she thought I had a concussion and was crazy, I’d make her obsess about me a little. It was the best way to drive a wedge between her and her current boyfriend. Okay, maybe that was emotionally manipulative too, but this was someone who I cared about, so I did it not just to satisfy myself.

“I had sex recently.”

“Noah!” She broke into a coughing fit even though she hadn’t even been sipping anything. “Wh-what are you saying?”

“I think I’m a nymphomaniac.” I said.

“What?” London sat up. “Th-that’s impossible. Wh-what are you saying?”

“I think about sex all the time. I’m always horny. I even want to have sex with you right now.”

“Me!” London’s mouth fell open.

“I want to push you down and have your body.” I nodded seriously. “I don’t even care that we’re related. No, actually, because we’re related, it’s more exciting!”

Silence permeated the room. London stared at me. I stared at London.

She suddenly made a face. “You’re teasing me!”

“Is that what you think?” I smirked.

“Noah, you shouldn’t say things like that.”

I leaned back with a sigh. I hadn’t said anything that wasn’t a bit true. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a nymphomaniac. However, I was a teenage boy. That should be enough said, but apparently not in this world. I always heard that girls were just as horny as guys, but they were just better at hiding it. In this world, they were definitely horny, but they couldn’t hide a thing.

“Why not?”

“You know why, because some girls will take advantage of you.”

I shrugged. “That doesn’t help how I feel.”

London’s head lowered for a moment, and then she looked back up, but her previous flustered appearance had been replaced by a far more serious one. “Are you seriously going to stick to this story?”

“It’s the truth,” I responded defiantly, not allowing her sudden change of attitude to unhinge me.

“I see…” Her expression looked slightly downcast.

With a sigh, she stood up and walked over to the door, locking it. She then reached down and started unbuttoning her shirt. She was halfway up, her belly button already exposed, when I finally was able to react.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

She ignored me, continuing to unbutton her shirt and then pulled it off. She was now standing in my room with her shirt off, wearing a bra and slacks. Her breasts were a bit on the large size. She wasn’t a fit woman, but she wasn’t fat either. It could be said that she had it in all the right places. It would be too much to say she was a supermodel-like beauty, but she was definitely a beautiful woman one couldn’t help but appreciate.

I knew that being shirtless for women in this world wasn’t much stranger than being shirtless for men in my previous world. In fact, I’d love to go to a beach one of these days and enjoy all the topless girls. Swimming class at school will take on a whole different meaning. Regrettably, I wasn’t in gym this quarter. As for London, I had to keep myself from getting excited. After all, showing her chest to me wasn’t anything major for her.

A moment later, her bra came off, and as much as I tried to tell myself it was nothing, I could stop myself from admiring her nice chest. Even Dawn had remained mostly clothed when we had done stuff. Mom and shown her chest to me, and I had seen glimpses of some of my other sisters when they weren’t paying attention, but this felt different. Maybe it was the serious expression on her face, or the intentional way she did it, but I felt considerably more aroused.

“London…” I spoke again, my voice sounding somewhat hoarse.

The atmosphere was just really strange. It was playful only a minute ago, but the serious look on her face wasn’t disappearing now. It put an edge into the air and made me a bit hesitant. When she started undoing her belt, that was when I finally realized that I wasn’t misunderstanding anything a single bit.

“Hey, don’t you have a boyfriend?” I asked, slightly panicked.

It was a strange thing to say, because I was aiming to drive a wedge between her and her boyfriend. If we became intimate, wouldn’t that help me achieve my goal? Perhaps it was because she was acting so strange and out of character that it was starting to worry me.

London snorted. “Why does that matter? Are you going to tell anyone about us?”

“Us?” I blinked, still trying to figure out what London was doing.

She walked over and grabbed my wrists, not unlike Dawn had done the previous night. “You said you wanted it, even with a half-sister, so I’m going to give it to you.”

“Y-you’re joking?” I responded in disbelief.

My heart was beating fast, and it wasn’t so much that I disliked this sudden change in direction, it was more like I was wary of it. It was kind of like when your girlfriend was angry at you, but she insisted she wasn’t. I could feel that London was angry, yet she was grabbing my arms tightly, her bare chest just a few inches from my face. If I lowered my head, I’d be pressed into those things. Part of me was afraid how far she’d take this, and part of me was afraid how hard I’d go.

Admittedly, I had done things with Dawn the previous night. However, she was nervous and unsure about her sexuality. She didn’t see herself as the beauty I knew her to be. She wouldn’t even show her naked body to me the entire night, and everything we did was done mutually to satisfy our curiosity and need for companionship. There were clear lines between a brother and a sister, and she wouldn’t cross them. The lines with London and I weren’t so clear. I knew without a doubt she was only a half-sister, and we didn’t grow up together closely like I did with Dawn.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” she asked sternly. “I was told to give you an education on the mechanics of sex. Since my little brother thinks himself a slut, then what else should I do but to give you a personal lesson!”

She reached out and grabbed my shirt, yanking it off roughly. I didn’t fight her. I was actually a bit too stunned. Soon, my chest was just as bare as hers. Although, in this world, roles being reversed, it’d be like a brother suddenly pulling off his sister’s shirt. I didn’t feel any embarrassment, but my confusion was increasing with every second.

When my shirt hit the bed, she looked down at my chest. This was the first time her serious expression twisted for a moment. There was a gleam of want and desire as she looked at me. It’d be like if a guy saw the chest of some a woman he liked. It was just a flash of perversion, but it was there. This told me that she was seriously planning to go the whole way. I didn’t know what had gotten into her, but I kind of liked it!

She got on top of me, pushing me down as her knees straddled me. After Dawn, I was starting to get the sense that this was this world’s missionary. The girl straddled a guy while holding his arms and kissing his neck and chest. She did most of the work while he basically just lay there and took it. She leaned down until her lips were a few inches from mine and her large chest pressed against mine naked. My cock was raging hard now, and all the alarms that had made me cautious were collapsing at an extreme rate.

She removed her hands from wrists and grabbed my hair, a chunk in each hand. “I’m going to fuck you hard. Let’s make you a man.”

“Oh…” My eyes widened, and then an excited expression grew on my face. “Hell yeah!”


I pulled forward and took her lips, my tongue entering her mouth. Every last piece of warning that told me this was wrong had exploded away with those naughty words. London’s eyes had suddenly widened, but I barely noticed as I grabbed her and rolled over. She let out a cry, but it was muffled in my mouth. I ended up on top, grabbing her chest and tasting her sweet breath. Unlike Dawn, her breath was rather sweet. It tasted like mints and coffee, and she had a floral scent from whatever soap she used.

I pulled away and grabbed her pants, pulling them down to her knees. With her mouth free, she let out a cry, reaching down and trying to grab her pants away from me. In my mind, she wanted to be in control, and I was taking it away from her. However, I was way past caring. After the signals London had given me, I’d be stupid to hesitate now.

“Wait! Wait… stop!” she cried out helplessly as I managed to get her pants off and toss them away.

I pulled out my cock, and as soon as she saw it, she let out a gasp. I was already between her legs, and I was too horny to even think straight, so I lined it up between her legs. I could feel the wet entrance on the tip of my head. With a push, I was finally going to have London. She reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezing it with her long fingers. I thought she was going to stick it in, but she suddenly sat up and shoved me over. When I went to kiss her again, her hand slapped my face.

“Ah!” As I grabbed my face, my mind finally seemed to snap back to reality. “Wh-what was that for?”

My movements froze as I finally got a look at London. London’s stern look had disappeared. Rather, she looked extremely flustered, embarrassed, and shocked.

“You… you…” she said. “Why did you do that?”

“Y-you said you wanted to fuck!”

“I was trying to scare you!”


“You were supposed to get scared and start crying! And then I’d prove to you you’re not a… oh god, what are we doing!?” London’s eyes opened as she gave me a fearful expression.

We were on my bed, naked, my cock in her hand, our bodies pressed against each other. It seemed like she only just realized how far things had gotten. In her mind, I guess it was just a prank that went too far. She thought I’d panic under her domineering side. Had I been a normal man from this world, I might have, but I happened to find a woman coming on to me aggressively as extremely arousing, so it had the opposite effect.

“H-how was I supposed to know that? You were acting so serious!” I responded.

“I was trying to be scary!” She shook. “Oh, god, we almost… with my brother, I’m a shit sister. How did this go so wrong!”

She looked like she was about to start hyperventilating. I reached out toward her. She winced for a second, but didn’t reject me as I hugged her. Once against, our bodies intertwined, although she was stiff and unmoving.

“Sister… I don’t think you’re bad. Rather, I love you, and I don’t want you to feel bad about this.”

“Noah… why did I end up with such a cunt tease brother,” she breathed. “Damn it, I have a boyfriend. If anyone catches us like this, we’re both screwed.”

I pushed my hips forward, striking the area between her legs with the head of my cock, “You can still teach me about all the mechanics of sex.”

Her face flushed, and she didn’t look away or reject anything from what I said. Her hand started to stroke it slowly, although it was unclear whether she was doing it unconsciously or on purpose. Our lips started drifting slowly together. It looked like London couldn’t hold back any more than I could.

“Hey, Noah! London! Did I hear a scream?” There was a sudden thudding on the door, followed by the locked doorknob being jiggled. “Why’s the door locked?”

London pulled away from me, her face turning white as the worse possibility became a reality. It was Mom who was right outside the door, and she was trying to get in!

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