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“Hey, why is the door locked?” Mom’s voice started to grow suspicious. “Is London still in there with you?”

The pair of us were panicking now. We were in a compromising situation. In fact, you could say we were in the worst situation we could be in, and Mom was right outside.

“N-no, Mom!” I yelled, trying to buy some time. “She must have left!”

I let out a breath while London frantically looked around the room wide-eyed. My closet was too full to dive inside. My bed had drawers under it, and so there was no space slide under. I didn’t even have a window that she could jump out of. My only shot was to send mother on her way. My room wasn’t so big and roomy that she could just hide. My door simply being open would reveal the entire room, and if I tried to only leave a crack, she’d definitely grow suspicious.

“Noah… open the door now.” Her voice suddenly turned slightly threatening, and London’s face went white.

She had pulled up her pants and was frantically looking for her blouse. I hadn’t even gotten my clothing back on, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I had.  Her hair was disheveled and her makeup with was a mess. Even if we were both dressed, the door was locked, and it looked like we had been doing something.

“I can’t!” I yelled.

“Noah! Open it this instant!” She banged on the door. “What is going on?”

“Stop! Nothing!” There was another loud bang.

“This is the last time! Open up or I’m kicking down the door!”

London shook her head, out of ideas. I bit my lip, shook my head, and let out an irritated growl. Grabbing a blanket, I shoved London to the floor and tossed it all on top of her. Then, I jumped on my bed. I looked back, grabbed one of the romance books the old me had, flipped it open, and then grabbed my cock.

Bang! Mother didn’t wait before kicking the door open. I couldn’t have imagined her doing that In the old world, but this woman was much more aggressive than the mother I remembered. She barreled into the room, a furious look on her face.

“Now, what are you do-” She started to bellow, and then her eyes fell on me. I was on my knees, naked, with my cock in my hands.

I let out an ear piercing shriek. Had Mom been looking at the floor next to my bed, at a certain pile of blankets, she would have noticed it jump at that scream. I wanted to kick London for showing her position, but it was fine. How could Mom’s eyes be focused on anything but me?

“P-p-p-pervert!” I shouted, covering my chest, and unsuccessfully hiding my cock as I dropped the book. “I said I was busy!”

“Uh… Uh… ahhh…” Mom’s mouth flopped open and closed like a fish, her eyes staring right at my chest, not my eyes like a deer.

No wonder women called their breasts headlights, if guys ever looked at them like that. However, mother didn’t stop there. Her eyes slowly wondered down until she was staring at that. My face grew red, and it wasn’t an act at that point. Mother was lewdly checking me out. Furthermore, I heard the door open across the hall. The twins were coming to investigate and were just about to peer into the room as well. The more eyes, the more likely things would be seen.

“Get out!” I shouted, jumping off the bed and running at mom while trying to keep myself covered.

“What’s going on?” Kelsey asked.

“Ah! Brother is naked!” Kristy cried out.

“I want to see!”

“Pigs!” I shouted, shoving mom out and slamming the door.

She had broken the latch, so it didn’t close properly. I had to grab a chair from my desk and corner it under the knob to get the door to remain closed. When that was done, I leaned to against the door, letting out a breath.

“S-s-sorry honey…” I heard the weak voice of my mother from the other side, followed by snickering from the twins.

The tramp of her steps faded away, and I let out a breath of relief. It was the only idea I could come up with on short notice. If I distracted mom by making her think she had caught me masturbating, then she wouldn’t notice the person lying at the side of my bed. It had actually worked a bit better than I had expected, however, I still felt horrified. Exposing myself to mother intentionally was more traumatic than I thought. I had just wanted to say I was a guy, and it didn’t matter, but it was still a bit much even for me.

As I looked over at the sheets, London still under them, I let out a laugh. It was laughter of relief. It was the same kind of laugh someone gave when they had just dodged a bullet. I walked over to London’s form and then pulled off the blanket. She was looking up at me, her face red, and her eyes down.

“Noah… you saved me,” she said in a light whisper, an embarrassed expression on her face.

“I did.” I nodded. “So, you definitely owe me now.”

“Right…” She closed her eyes and let out a shuddering breath. “I suppose you want a car?”

“What?” I blinked.

“I can buy a car for you,” she sighed. “But it can’t be something really expensive. It definitely has to be affordable. Medical school is costly.”

“You think I want a car?”

“You don’t?”

I mean, I kind of did? However, I would feel absolutely miserable blackmailing my sister out of a car. She wasn’t that rich. She might be a doctor one day, but she had a while before she reached that point.

“I meant… just… sex… like… oral… or something?” I responded awkwardly.

It wasn’t what it looked like! I wasn’t trying to blackmail my sister into sex! I thought after everything, she’d still be in the mood, so when I talked about owing, I was naturally trying to tease a bit, thinking it might lead to where we left off. She ended up taking it serious, even talking numbers, and suddenly my attempt to flirt with her felt really strange.

“Huh? You want to eat my pussy?” she asked.

I narrowed my eyes and shot her a glare. “Eat your pussy? I meant you should suck my dick!”

It wasn’t that I wouldn’t eat her pussy. I just felt it kind of silly that when I mention oral and she prioritized her own satisfaction over mine. As far as oral, I had already done it with Dawn. It caused me to grow a bit curious about trying others. I wanted to see how London compared. She was older and had more experience. She also had nice lips that were fuller than my other sisters. She probably got that from her dad.

“I mean, it’s just weird to have you ask me like that. It’s not like I don’t mind sucking a guy’s dick, but you’re my brother.”

“Haven’t we already gone that far?”

“Yeah… but it’s not the same thing. I mean… ahhh… I don’t know what I mean! Fine! If you want a blowjob, fine. However, you can’t tell anyone, unless you want your sister to go to jail!”


“Okay… well, come on.” She pulled her hair back and tied it up and then gestured with her hands. “Just stay quiet. We don’t want anyone else to hear.”

She was on her knees already, and my cock was already out, so it only took a step forward. I realized London was treating the experience very mechanically. She was an up-and-coming doctor, so handling people’s parts probably fit in with her job description. When we were kissing and she was touching me, she couldn’t separate her feelings from the actions. Now that it came to sucking me off, she was treating it like a doctor giving a prostate check, or some other medical examination.

That wasn’t to say she looked disgusted. She grabbed my cock assertively and then licked the head. However, her eyes didn’t hold any sort of excitement or horniness either. It was a procedure that would help extract my cum.

“Ahhh… shit…”

She sucked on the head with her lips. It turned out she was really good at the procedure. With one hand cupping my balls, her lips danced up and down my cock. It really did feel like a procedure. Lick the head, rub her lips along the shaft, kiss the base, lick back up the shaft to the head, suck on the head, repeat. Dawn just shoved it in her mouth and sucked until I came. Samantha’s mom had been animated, but her actions had been simple.

London didn’t work this way. She moved like she was performing a set of techniques. She never remained on one technique for too long, constantly changing it up. The constant change kept things interesting, but it kept me from growing too excited. As soon as she did something that started to cause my toes to curl, she would switch to something else.

I ended up lasting much longer. Where I could get hoovered and sucked off in 5 minutes, London toyed with my cock with calculated medical precision for nearly fifteen minutes.

Each step along the way, I grew more and more aroused. It started getting to the point where I was biting my hand, so I wasn’t heard outside the room. I always figured that cumming was basically as far as a guy could get, but my sister was seriously driving me crazy. Just when I felt like I would lose it, she’d abandon that part and attack another. My legs were weak, and all of my focus was on her.

That’s how I noticed something else. As London worked, she could no longer keep up her clinical separation. Whether it was the sight, the feel, the smell, the sounds, or the taste, all of it was causing my sister to lose her composure. Her detached eyes now had a lewd glint, and she was even letting out little excited moans and gasps as she gobbled my cock more aggressively.

However, I couldn’t be teased indefinitely, and I reached a pinnacle where I just wouldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed her head just as she put the head back to her lips, planning to tease it with her tongue for a bit. Instead, I shoved my cock down her throat.

“Mmmmphhhh!” She let out a muffled cry as the head of my cock slammed into the back of her throat.

The feeling of my entire cock being submerged in her warm mouth was almost too much. She started pulling back, and at first, I let her. Her eyes showed relief as her lips slid down my cock back to the head. However, just when it was about to fall from her mouth, I used force and plunged my cock back in again. She let out another cry, this time trying to push against my hips more forcefully. However, she had already teased me more than I could handle, so I started to thrust into her, fucking my sister’s face roughly.

The feeling was amazing, and even though I could hear London gagging every time I shoved it in deep. I couldn’t stop and deprive myself of the amazing feeling. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the endurance at this point, and she had already brought me to the tipping point too many times. After only a dozen strokes, I shoved it in for a final time before my cock swelled. I started cumming, hot bursts shooting deep down my sister’s throat. She didn’t know what to do first, two gobs getting coughed up and shooting out her mouth, dribbling down her tongue and some even coming out her nose.

However, it was her fault I was cumming so much, so I expected her to take responsibility. She got the message after the third shot and began to swallow with noisy gulping sounds. My knees shook as I came as much as I had ever cum down my older sister’s throat. With her head in my hands, she couldn’t pull away or move. She could only swallow it all down.

When I finished, I fell to the side and collapsed on my bed. I heard London let out a gasp. I looked down to see a face of ruined makeup. She had tears running down her cheeks. Her mascara had run. Her hair was even more of a mess. Her lipstick was smudged. She even gagged for a second like she was going to throw up before swallowing. Seeing the state, I had put her in, suddenly I felt really guilty. I went too far. I couldn’t even blame her for this. Yeah, she gave me a teasing BJ, but that didn’t mean I had to fight to fuck her face like that.

“That…” London said through clenched teeth, while still gasping for breath.

I winced, feeling scared that I had destroyed all the good will I had developed with her.

“London… I…” I tried to say an apology, but nothing felt adequate.

“That…. was awesome!” she said, looking up at me with a big grin on her face.


“Brother, that was so hot! And you even came! What you did in the end there… damn… that worked me up!” She reached up and grabbed me.

Before I could stop her, she was kissing my lips. She had cum dribbling down her chin and out of her nose. It was pretty gross. Thankfully, it was just a kiss without tongue and she pulled away, flopping down next to me. As I wiped my mouth in disgust, she let out a giggle, grabbing me and pulling me close.

“I love you, Brother.”

“Ah… I love you too…”

I didn’t know what I did, but I guess, as long as she’s happy, it’s all good.

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