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Sneaking London out of my room took a bit more effort. Thankfully, after the embarrassing scene made earlier, Mother just ordered pizza and didn’t try to bother me. Furthermore, no one asked why I didn’t leave the room for the rest of the night. London ended up spending most of the time she was trapped in my room texting. She told mom she had already left the house and that she must have missed her. She told her boyfriend that she had been called into the hospital and would be busy.

I wanted to play more with London, but she grew fearful that someone outside would hear, and finally put her foot down. I might have been able to beg her, but I decided I had already extorted enough from her. I was still a little scared that I had pushed things too far with her and was afraid of ruining it. She was content with everything at the moment, and I had succeeded in my own goals. There was definitely a wrench thrown in between the relationship of London and Dan.

That wasn’t to say that London and I didn’t talk at all. She told me that Dan had never cum like that for her. She’d given him oral sex, but he usually didn’t finish. This was a concept I couldn’t even fathom. I supposed even for guys, reaching climax required a certain state of mind. I felt bad that London didn’t cum as well. She guiltily told me she did “cum a little”. I hadn’t noticed, but she had been touching herself with her other hand while she was sucking me off, and that was enough.

Having such a perverted conversation with my sister was odd, but she was very forthright with it. After all, she was a doctor in training, and she had experience with sex. Technically, she was supposed to give me the sex talk, so this would have to qualify. In a way, she had done exactly as Mother had wanted. Although, if Mother knew what had happened in here, she definitely would have kicked London’s ass.

That night, I finally slipped out of my room and checked the way before letting London leave. In a house with five other sisters and a Mother, it should be impossible to find a time when I could sneak her out. However, the nice thing about a crowded house was that it made privacy more precious. The girls hid in their rooms the vast majority of the time, the only place they could be alone. Kelsey typically stayed out of the house whenever possible while Kristy watched television all day. Dawn was always a room addict, but even Mom wanted her space after working all day.

Once London had left the house, I let out a breath. I definitely had to be more careful in the future. An event like that could happen again with Dawn at any time. If I was going to do more of this kind of stuff in the future, I’d definitely need to make sure I had the privacy to manage it. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t going to do it again. Perhaps I was already hopeless.

The remainder of the weekend passed without anything remarkable happening. I should have been doing my homework when I had London there to help, but I was too anxious and hadn’t even thought to use her that way. Thus, the remainder of my weekend was spent struggling to get through everything. Thankfully, I didn’t have history this semester. I would definitely flunk such an unfair class. I couldn’t even imagine how things might be different. Was there a female George Washington? Was she Georgia Washington?

Wait, there was an easy way to tell! I pulled out the stack of money I had been given earlier that week from that woman I had slept with in the hotel. I hadn’t spend it yet, and I had been holding off doing so. It was money earned with sex, technically, and I felt like if I got too comfortable with that money, I’d definitely suffer a bad end. Thus, I had kept it for a rainy day.

I hadn’t paid attention since money looks almost the same. Almost in that the figures on each of the currency were women, not men. They weren’t necessarily attractive looking women. One of them had a balding head, and another had a really long nose that wasn’t flattering at all. However, they did look distinguished. These were now my forefathers. I didn’t know if their names were Georgia Washington and Barbara Lincoln or something like that. I guess, history class or not, I should go do some studying.

That wasn’t the only distraction I experienced as I was worked through my homework. Every thirty minutes or so, my mind would wonder and then I’d suddenly want to know about something else. Who starred in Die Hard? This was a very important question the second it hit my brain. I wasn’t able to continue my homework for another minute until I found that answer. That was what I got for having an idle mind. The answer was ‘some woman’. It wasn’t Caitlyn Willis, just some action star I had never heard of.

The combined efforts of my wondering mind and my procrastination meant that the remainder of my time was long and boring. Sometime late Sunday night, when I should have already drifted off to bed, there was a soft knock on my door. Since the latch was broken and I didn’t have anything bracing it, the door ended up swinging open. Without me saying anything, mother suddenly stumbled in. When I turned to her, my eyes instantly fell on her chest. She was wearing a robe, and not much else. It was open, and the majority of her chest was exposed. From certain angles, I even saw nipple.

“Noah…” She grinned and then walked over to me, grabbing my shoulders. “My precious little Noooaaah.”

“Mom?” I caught a whiff of something strong and twisted my nose. “Are you drunk?”

“I just… I just… came home from the bar with the giiiirls… iiiss aalllll…” Her words were rather slurred, and she was leaning on me as she held my shoulders to keep herself from falling over.

“I see…”

Mom suddenly wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me tightly, I found the back of my head being pressed between her large hanging tits. Although she just came from the bar, aside from the smell of alcohol on her breath, she had laid on a lot of flowery perfume which almost overwhelmed the other scent from where I was.

“I miss sex,” she muttered.


“Whaaaaat?” She let out a slurred laugh, her chest bouncing on my head. “I’m just being hooonest! Your dad wasn’t good at eating pussy. Are you good at eating pussy?”

“You’re really drunk… Mom, just go to bed.” I tried to turn down and push her off me.

However, she grabbed my wrists with hers. “Whyyy sooo embarrassed? I know youuurre fuuckiing women now! I can teelll you’ve reached that age. You’re juuuust like your father.”

“I’m nothing like father.” My eyes darkened, starting to feel a bit angry at her lack of thoughtfulness.

“Hehe… that’s right, you’re definitely bigger than he was.” She smirked lewdly. “I saw that sexy body of yours.”

“Mom.” I gritted my teeth, standing up, even though she was still holding my wrist. “You need to go to bed.”

“Stoop acting all high and mighty… I know you’re just Mommy’s little slut!”


I reacted before I could stop myself. I went to slap her, and it turned out her grip on my wrist was less than I thought. My hand flew and struck her face. I just hit my mother. I couldn’t believe it. What was happening to me lately? First, I abused London, and now I’m slapping Mom? What was getting into me? Mom looked back at me, her breathing somewhat labored. I felt afraid for just a moment. If she suddenly attacked me, I was pretty certain I could defend myself, but not without hurting one or both of us.

“Iiiiii’mmmmmm ssoooorrrrryyyy…” She suddenly burst into tears, and then she hugged me, pushing her face into my chest. “I looovve you sooo much… I love you… please… please don’t leave me.”

Mom had always seemed so strong. My other mother, I mean. She never complained. She never cried. She never got drunk. She worked hard constantly. I had no clue how close she was to breaking. I had no doubt that the woman in front of me was echoing the feelings of my mother. This wasn’t unique to this world. This was her when she didn’t bottle up and hide everything. She was, for lack of a better word, a mess.

In all of that time, I could have been a better son. I could have helped support her and the house. Instead, I had hidden away and avoided dealing with anyone else. When Mom asked me to do things, I’d bark at her in annoyance rather than trying to help her in the slightest. I closed my eyes and sighed, putting a hand on her head. I held mom close to me. That was until she looked up and kissed my neck.

“Ah, Mom!” I started to back up.

However, there wasn’t much room in my bedroom, and my legs hit the bed. I fell back as mother kept pushing forward, and suddenly she was on top of me.

“I love you… I love you so much!” she said, her lips coming up to mine.

“Ah! N-no!… Mmmm!” I couldn’t even reject her advance before her tongue was in my mouth and she was kissing me just as aggressively as London had.

I shoved her off of me. My mother was a limit I wasn’t willing to cross. I couldn’t say I wasn’t tempted. In fact, her hot, mature body on top of me was instantly bringing those parts of me back up, but I refused to succumb to them. I wasn’t going to have sex with my mother! That included oral! Mom’s eyes were half closed but didn’t seem to be getting the hint though.

“It’s okay… I’ll make you feel good. You don’t need to play with idiotic teens anymore. Mommy will take care of everything.”

“No, Mom… stop!” I kicked her off of me.

Although she was practically a dead weight, I wasn’t weak, and I could still shove her off. As she fell to the side, I was just about to do anything I could to get her to snap out of it, but as I turned to her, I heard a snore. I jumped out of the bed, straightening my clothing, and then I looked down to see mother’s eyes were closed, and her breath was even. She had passed out in my bed just like that.

Her robe had grown untied and fell open. Her entire naked body was exposed to me. Mother had an exceptionally good body. She didn’t look like a woman in her 40s. If she was any indication of their future selves, my sisters would all mature splendidly. Her breasts were big and round. They sagged a bit with age, but they were smooth without a single wrinkle. She did shave down there, and there was a perfect brown arrow pointing down to her pink slit.

I grabbed the robe and shut it, then retied her sash. Only then did I take a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding. I forcefully shoved my cock back down, trying to kill the erection I definitely shouldn’t have. By the time I was done, Mother’s snoring had increased to a rather loud level. Realizing the last of my homework would be impossible to finish now, I packed it up. It was extremely late anyway. I should get to sleep, but it was impossible to sleep with my drunk mother in my bed. I definitely didn’t want to wake her and risk another sexual assault. I might do something I’d regret if she tempted me much more.

Of course, my mind immediately fell on a place I could stay, Dawn’s room. It smelled a bit, and she had food crumbs on the bed and crap on the floor, but it would probably be fine. I took a step out of my room, heading to Dawn, when a voice called me, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.

“Noah. What’s going on? Where are you going?”

I spun to see Mackenzie standing in her doorway with her arms crossed. I let out a staggered breath, willing my heartbeat to slow. Even as I did that, I cursed my luck. What were the chances that of all the times I snuck out, it’d be the one time I wasn’t looking around me that she’d show up? However, once I remembered I had nothing to hide, I calmed down.

“Mom… fell asleep on my bed. She’s drunk. I was going to… sleep on the couch.”

I wasn’t going to tell Mackenzie I was about to sneak into Dawn’s room. I was thinking my big sister could relieve some pressure Mom had built up. However, that was out of the question now.

Mackenzie walked forward and peeked into my room. She made a grimace when she saw that woman.

“That… damn… bitch.” Mackenzie growled under her breath. “You don’t need to sleep on the couch. You can take my bed.”

“We’re… a little too old to be… sleeping together.” I responded, trying to make her uncomfortable enough to forget trying.

I saw a lot of myself in Dawn, and I felt protective of Bethany. That was why I had spent time with them. Mackenzie, on the other hand, had always been a pain in my life. I didn’t want to be in her room, no matter what childhood memories she seemed to possess.

She blushed. “I have a sleeping bag. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

I raised my hands to protest, but she had already turned and walked into her room. I let out a sigh. I didn’t see how I could get out of this one.

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