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Entering Mackenzie’s room felt like entering enemy territory. We had never gotten along in my old life. She had always been a pain in my ass. This life didn’t feel like much of an exception. Since mom was drunk, I had no choice but to sleep in her room. It would only look suspicious at this point if I tried to go to Dawn’s room.

“Can’t I just sleep on the couch?” I asked, giving it one last effort.

“It’s fine,” she responded with a voice that gave me no room to escape.

“I see…” I replied helplessly.

Mackenzie fell to her hands and knees and started looking under her bed. She wore shorts and a string top. I realized after a moment I was looking at her butt. I hadn’t been joking when I said that she had the nicest butt out of the girls of my family. As she pulled something out and glanced at me, I just managed to peel my eyes away. However, she seemed to have noticed something and was still looking at me with suspicious eyes.

I kept my mouth shut, but when she started laying out the sleeping bag, I couldn’t keep silent any longer. “I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Nonsense. I’m not going to have my little brother sleep on the floor.”

“Th-then you take the couch.”

I was surprised to see a slightly hurt look on her face. “Is it really that bad that you don’t even want to be in the same room with me anymore?”

I didn’t know what to say. If there was a closeness between Mackenzie and the old me, I didn’t remember it. Either way, I didn’t recommend the couch for myself, but because I didn’t want to have my sister sleep on the floor on my account. I figured that the couch out there would be more comfortable. Heck, at that point, one of us could probably sleep in mom’s bed. She couldn’t be mad considering it was her fault this all happened in the first place.

When I didn’t respond, Mackenzie stood up. “It’s fine, I’ll take the couch.”

I suddenly felt bad. This Mackenzie was genuinely trying to help her brother, and I was being standoffish. I reached out and grabbed her arm as she walked past me. She looked back at me with no specific expression on her face, and a large sleeping bag bundled in her arms.

“The bed,” I muttered.


“We’ll sleep in your bed together.”


“It’s a full, it’s fine. It can fit both of us.”

I didn’t know why saying such a thing made me so embarrassed. I wouldn’t have acted that way around Dawn. There was just something about Mackenzie that seemed to keep me from acting assertive. Whether it was the fierce look in her eyes, her naggy atmosphere, or something else, she always left me feeling a bit shy.

She had a surprised look on her face as she looked between the bed and me a few times. After a hard swallow, she nodded slowly.


She dropped the bedroll to the floor and then stood nearby the bed as if waiting for me to enter first. I cautiously lifted the sheet and slid inside. Her bed was a bit comfier than mine, and the sheets felt cool and clean. Dawn’s bed felt crunchy. She always had crumbs on it, so something clean was a nice change of pace.

As I got comfortable, facing away from Mackenzie, I could hear her rustling as she got in next to me. I had never slept in the same bed as a girl before. Dawn and I had fooled around, kissing and petting, but I was awake for all that. There was something far more awkward about being in the same bed with a girl and your only goal was to go to sleep. I focused far too much on my other senses. I could smell her sweet flowery scent next to me. I could feel the warmth emanating from her body. I could hear every rustle and breath. Suffice it to say that falling asleep was very difficult.

“It’s okay if you hold me,” Mackenzie suddenly said.


“You can hold me like you used to.”

“Ah… okay…”

If I had thought about it first, I would have told her no. However, she had asked so suddenly that I just agreed without thinking. I turned around and suddenly I had my arm over her stomach and my nose just an inch from her breasts. She was lying on her back, and I was now cuddled up against her side. I could feel her body tense as I held her, but then loosen up after a moment.

However, I started to have problems of my own. With the feel of her warm body in my arms, my lower half was starting to respond again. I absolutely couldn’t afford to get a boner, but this extremely close scene where I could even feel the tickle of her sweet breath against my nose was too much. It was like watching a disaster in slow motion. The more I tried not to think about it, the more I ended up thinking about it, and my cock slowly grew harder and harder. I slowly edged my butt away to avoid poking her hip.

Just when I thought I was out of it, her arm which was wrapped around me suddenly grabbed me and pulled me close. I let out noise as my hips we suddenly pulled forward, and that thing struck her hip.

I shot a look up at Mackenzie, terrified by what she’d say. To my surprise, her eyes were closed. She did it while she slept? So, maybe she didn’t realize anything. With a sigh, I started to relax. As long as she was asleep, then she might not notice anything. Although I couldn’t make it go away, if I got to sleep, it’d disappear and in the morning, and I’d have nothing embarrassing to deal with. Accepting my place with my cock pressed against my sister’s side, I snuggled up closer and closed my eyes. As a result, I didn’t see an imperceptible smile form on Mackenzie’s lips.

It still took a while to go to sleep, but I eventually passed out. My dreams were murky at first, but then I started having a very lucid sex dream. It started with a feeling in my groin. I dreamt I was having sex with someone. The faces always seemed to change. It went from Samantha, to Abigail, to Anna. Then, it went to London and Dawn, slowly dancing through the rest of my sisters. Even my mother ended up in there, drunkenly bouncing up and down on top of me.

For a moment, I thought I woke up, and the form solidified as Mackenzie. Her face was right next to mine and she was panting hard. Her hand was stroking my cock under the sheets.

“Come on, brother, it’s okay. Mackenzie will take care of it.”

“Ahh…Ahhh…” I painted, already half-way there.

I was confused and disorientated. I didn’t know if I was dreaming or awake. Mackenzie’s body pressed against mine felt so real. My fingers instinctively reached out, and I touched her between the legs.

“Ahhn… B-brother…” She breathed, kissing me lightly. “You don’t have to. Just let me do this like we used to when we were younger.”

I ignored her and started rubbing between her legs. I pushed aside the shorts and panties and then began to feel her wet slit. Her body shuddered, but she increased the speed, moving her hand faster and faster.

“I love you… I love you…” She moaned, kissing me gently on the cheeks.

My body shuddered as I started to cum. Gushes of white stuff shot out. They got on her hand, the sheets, my pants. It made a mess everywhere. At the same time, her thighs tightened around my hand, squeezing it tightly.

“Y-yes…yes…” Mackenzie shuddered orgasmically in my arms.

She collapsed her body on top of me, although she didn’t let go of my cock. My hand was more or less squeezed out from between her thighs. I could feel her hot breath on my face, and her warm body pressed against me. I tried to open my mouth, but her spare hand covered my lips with two fingers.

“Shhh… it’s just a dream. Go back to sleep.”

She started to gently stroke my hair, and I slowly slipped back into unconsciousness. My dreams were a lot more relaxing, and I slept through the night like a rock.

I woke the next morning to the sound of my phone alarm. My eyes opened, and I realized I was still sleeping on Mackenzie’s bed. However, she wasn’t in the room at all. My memory of the dream I just had came crashing home. I tossed off the covers, only to find nothing. My penis was in my pants. My underwear looked fine. There was no sticky evidence of last night.

I lifted my finger which I had remembered sliding into Mackenzie and smelled it. My hands smelled clean, I guess. At least, as clean as they ever were. Was this all a dream? Even if it was a dream, wouldn’t it have become one of those so-called wet dreams? I distinctly recalled cumming, so why was there no evidence? Did Mackenzie accost me during the night, or not? I didn’t know. Sitting up, I pushed out the door to find that the house was active.

“Brother! You slept in! We’re going to be late!” Kelsey said.


“The bus! We have like ten minutes!”

“Ah!” After a week of not being in school, a sudden school day hit me like a brick.

“Ah… son… I’m sorry about last night.,” Mom said, blushing. “I didn’t mean to take your bed.”

“Why are you apologizing to him, I’m the one who had to sleep on the couch!” Mackenzie said.

“You could afford to sleep on a couch!” Mom retorted with a snort.

Mackenzie ignored her and shot me a look. “If I knew you were going to sleep in like this, I would have stayed in the room after you went to sleep.”

“After?” I was still a bit dazed, trying to process what had happened.

Mackenzie had left after I went to sleep. I slept in on a school day. The bus was leaving in about ten minutes.

Mackenzie cocked her head at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Ah… nothing… just not used to being up so early.”

“Come on! Move it!” Kelsey cried out.

“Just go already.” Mom waved her hand. “I’ll take Noah in myself. It’s his first day back since his concussion, so it is best if I take him in and get him situated.”

“Really?” All of the girls made similar faces.

“I won’t embarrass him! What kind of Mother do you girls think I am?”

“The kind that accosts your son drunk in the middle of the night,” Kelsey answered.

“The kind that steals a young boy’s bed,” Mackenzie snorted.

“A pervert… definitely a pervert,” Kristy added to the others.

Mom’s expression dropped, but every eye ended up on me, waiting for an answer. Actually, I was still only half-awake. I wanted a bit more time to get ready anyway.

“It’s fine if Mom takes me,” I answered.

Mom laughed. “See? My son still loves me?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

The girls all gave Mom admonishing or disbelieving looks as they headed out the door. Other than Bethany and London, we all went to the same high school. Dawn was a senior getting ready for college. Mackenzie was a Junior. I was a Sophomore. The twins were both Freshmen. Bethany went to the middle school just down the street, but she’d be in high school next year. Typically, we all took the bus, since mom didn’t have a car large enough to fit seven people. Unless London showed up with her car, family gatherings were impossible.

However, because the bus went all around town, with our house being one of the first stops, it took almost an hour to get to school. That meant that being driven to school was the equivalent to getting an extra hour. In my old life, it was common for some of them to always beg mom to drive them, since it gave them time to get ready. However, she had work as well, so the sooner I was ready, the better.

Once everyone filed out the door, Mom gave me a look with her arms crossed. I ran into my room to get ready. It was finally my first day of school in this topsy-turvy world.

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