Yurtdışı Yatırım

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I had no clue how to dress for my first day. I had never really thought about it that much before. It wasn’t that I was adopting this world’s attitude toward how boys act, but that I didn’t want to find myself being singled out by anyone there. People might begin to notice my personality changes or the fact I couldn’t remember key details. How someone acted at home and how they acted at school were two very different things. I needed to reduce as many variables as possible, and dressing nice was just one of them.

“You ready, sweetie?” Mother asked.

I grabbed a button-up shirt and tossed it on. I had no clue if it looked good or not. Grabbing my backpack, I headed out into the living room.

“Let’s go.”

I climbed into the car and clicked in the seatbelt. Still a bit early coupled with the fact mom was going to drive the direct route, I was probably going to end up there before my sisters. In my old life, my sisters all but ignored me at school. In this life, I wondered if it was the same.

“Noah…  I wanted to talk to you for a bit.” Mom spoke in a hesitant voice as she started the car.

I glanced over at her. “What is it, Mom?”

“About last night… when I stormed into your room…”

“Oh, it’s fine. You were just drunk.”

She shook her head. “It’s not fine. I’m your mother, and to go into your room and… I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I said it is fine.”

“Did I… do anything to you?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Do anything?”  

She winced at my look, looking embarrassed. “I mean… I don’t remember clearly, so…like…”

“Like sex?”

“N-Noah!” She suddenly hit the brakes, pulling over to the side of the road.

We weren’t on any major road, so there was no one nearby that could easily see us as mother turned to me, a slightly frightened expression on her face.

“Mom!” I called out in surprise as she grabbed and looked at me with a dead-serious look.

“Baby, please tell me I didn’t touch you, right? I was drunk, but there is no way, right?”

“Nothing happened!” I cried out.

“O-oh…” She took a breath. And then backed away. “Good then…”

Suddenly, a dark streak welled in me, and I wanted to see how far I could push things with mom. I didn’t want to ruin things with her, but at the same time, she did force me out of my bed last night, so I was up for just a bit of revenge.

“You did ask me to eat your pussy.”

“Ugh!” She made a noise like she had been punched. “Y-you’re such a jokester…”

“Then you accused me of sleeping with other women and called me your little slut.”

Beeeeeeeep! Her head fell unto the steering wheel, causing a loud beep from the car’s horn. I thought she’d move, but she just left her head there, seemingly completely unresponsive. Freaking out just a bit, I pulled her head away.


With the beep stopped, I could hear her muttering under her breath. “It’s over… it’s all over… my son will leave me. I’m going to prison. My life is over. All of my children…”

Her dark words came out in a low voice like deadly curses, and this nonreactive mom was far scarier than the overreactive mom. I leaned over and grabbed her face, but her eyes seemed to be lost, looking at nothing, and she was still murmuring words like it was the end of days. Perhaps a good shock would kick her out of it.

Looking out of both windows and making sure her honking hadn’t attracted any eyes, I then grabbed her and kissed her right on the lips. My tongue darted out into her mouth almost by instinct. I couldn’t believe I was kissing my mother with tongue. Going after my sisters was one thing, but this was my mother.

“Mmm!” She finally snapped out of it and then pushed until my lips parted form hers. “S-son, what are you doing?”

“Mom… it’s okay. If you need a man, I’ll be that man!” I declared, with my cheeks pouted out.

Why was I acting this way? I imagined all of those daughter-con fathers who wouldn’t let their daughters date anyone and were uncomfortably close to their daughters. Then, I put mom in their place, and I imagined what kind of words would break a daughter loving father. What came out was a daughter, or I guess I should say a son, who wants to give his all to make his mommy happy. It was weaponized innocence, and it’d only work on a father, who would refuse to see their loved ones as anything but pure.

“B-baby…” Mom gasped, panting, but her hands were resting on my chest, and I felt them suddenly squeeze.

“Mommy, I love you…”

Her body shook, and for a moment, she shot me a look so lewd that it almost caused me back away. It was a look like she wanted to eat me up right there. I thought she was going to throw herself on me. I realized my heart was beating quickly. That look was sexy, and for a second, I stopped seeing her as my mother and started seeing her as something else. We both stared at each other for a minute, waiting for something to happen.

However, when neither side did a thing, we seemed to snap out of it at the same time. I shook my head and pulled away, and she dropped her hands and bit her lip. Once we were both sitting back in our seats, we stared out the window in a daze. I didn’t know what was going through mom’s mind, but I was wondering if I wanted to taste my mother like I had Dawn.

“We… um… I need to get you to school,” Mom said in a low voice, pretending that what just happened didn’t happen.

“Y-yeah… of course… school.”

She put the car in drive and took off. She was driving a bit fast too, but I didn’t say anything. We were both silent for the rest of the car ride. Our previous moment had been something, but was it the kind of moment that we could bury and never discuss again, or the kind of moment that would change everything forever? I didn’t have the answer to that question.

We pulled in front of the school just as the first of the buses arrived. My sisters hadn’t gotten off, so I was still there before them, and a bit early overall. I had checked over my classes just in case, and they were the same classes I had taken the previous year, so no change there. I went to hug mom, and she instinctively pulled back for a second.

“S-sorry… come hug your mom.” She put her arm around me, then patted my back like the way two men hugged in my old world.

Had I ended up making things too weird between us? I had just meant to tease her, but it ended up being too much. Just as I was about to pull away from our hug, I leaned in and kissed her lips. Just a quick kiss before I pulled away.

“Bye, Mom!’ I jumped out of the car before she could react.

She stared at me with wide eyes as I ran up to the doors of the high school. It took a honk from behind her before she finally looked away and shifted back into drive. For now, I’d just tease mom a bit, because it was fun. This kind of thing would be harmless, or so I thought.

I only made it a few steps into the high school when a hand grabbed me. I found myself being pulled from the entrance into a stairway.

“Noah, we need to talk.” A girl standing in front of me demanded.

That girl was none other than Samantha. She had her hair up in a ponytail. She wore tight-fitting sweatpants and a loose-fitting t-shirt. She had a clean smell and was wearing a sweet-smelling perfume.  She looked quite pretty today. She was a lot better dressed than she had been when I stormed into her bedroom a week ago.

I blinked, looking Samantha up and down. “Yeah?”

“Um… rumors are going around school.”


Samantha nodded. “They are saying you’re a slut that will fuck any attractive girl you see.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “That sounds about right.”

“Take this seriously!” She pushed me against the wall roughly, putting both hands on it on either side of me. “Girls are going to be trying to date you left and right just for sex.”


“Samantha didn’t I already tell you? I’m not like other guys.” 

“You’re not still on about that!” She furrowed her brow.

“Ai… not even you believe me…” I hid a smirk and instead looked upset. “After I gave myself to you and everything?”

Her face turned red. “Noah… I’m sorry, What we… what I… that’s why I wanted to talk to you. Be my boyfriend!”


“If you’re my boyfriend, then no one will have room to talk. If any girl runs her mouth… I’ll… I’ll… beat her ass!”

“Seriously? Are you even allowed to have a boyfriend after everything?”

“I was grounded last week, so I couldn’t talk to you, but my parents don’t mind if we date. It just can’t be in my room, and I’m supposed to use protection.” She blushed. “Dad says you’re nice, and Mom wants you to be around some more.”

I bet she did. After all, she probably wanted another shot at some teenage ass.

“I’m not boyfriend material. I mean, I love pussy. The rumors aren’t wrong. I’ll have sex with any hot girl I want.”

Samantha was being so sincere, that I had to speak the truth. I had already attacked two of my sisters, and even my mother wasn’t safe. I had even played with Samantha’s mother. There was no way I could just let her pretend to be my girlfriend after that. It would only end in sadness.

“Then… I’ll give you all the pussy you need!” she said defiantly.


“I’ll please that dick so good, that you won’t even think of other women. Can’t you just give me a chance?”

I crossed my arms, “Abigail…”


“I’m already sort of dating a girl named Abigail. I think… I don’t know. I only hung out there to get closer to my sister, and then she started calling me her boyfriend. So… if you want me, you got to get her to understand we’re over.”

“R-really? Then you’ll date me?”

“I guess… but you promised me all the pussy I want.”

“I’m a girl, I could have sex at any time!” she announced proudly.

“Really?” I asked innocently, and then reached down and slid a hand into her pants.

“Ahh!” she cried out, grabbing my wrist, “What are you doing?”

“I’m playing with some pussy,” I offered politely.

“H-here? We’re in school!” Her voice rose a few octaves.

I let out a laugh. “Is that a problem? Is this only how far your offer goes? As much pussy as I want, but not in your room, and not at school, and not anywhere else, and also we have to use protection.”

As I spoke, my finger pushed aside her underwear, and I started rhythmically rubbing her wet slit, teasing the surface relentlessly. She let out a stuttering hot breath.

“Fuck…” She breathed out. “God, it feels so good.”

“I’m glad. You’re so wet and horny, even at school, you naughty girl.”

“You’re the one who makes me so wet,” she said, finally letting go of my wrist and grabbing my head. “Just thinking about you makes me horny all the time. I haven’t stopped thinking about the first time. I love you, Noah. I love you.”

“I know.” I grinned.

I slid my fingers into her wet snatch.

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