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“Your fingers are fucking amazing…” Samantha moaned in my ear. “Shit… Shit… I’m cumming.”

“Cum, cum all over my hand.”

“Ahh… ahhhn… fuck… it’s tightening around your fingers. I’m spurting all over your hand, you naughty boy… Mmm…” Our tongues met and danced back and forth as her cunt clenched tightly on my fingers and I felt a little bit of liquid spurt on my hands.

My cock was rock hard, and I was just about to throw her down and fuck her when the sound of an extremely rusted door squealed open. She shoved me away. And my hand flew out of her pants so fast that lust flicked from my fingertips and even hit the wall. I hid my wet hand and took a few steps back, looking around for where the noise came from.

Someone on the second story had opened the door and was walking down. It was none other than the vice-principal. Through sheer luck, she had a folder in front of her and was reading through it. As she walked down the stairway with heavy steps that sounded in the echoey hall, she only looked up when she was halfway down.

By this time, we had parted, I had hidden my erection, and Samantha had wiped her mouth. We were standing across from each other, breathing hard, so I was pretty sure the vice-principal could easily figure out what we were doing.

“You’re Noah, right?”

I jerked up. “Ah…. Yeah?”

“Follow me. I was meaning to talk to you anyway.”

Samantha and I looked at each other. I was a bit confused. Why me? She didn’t seem to care that Samantha was there at all. She walked the rest of the way down the stairs and then passed the pair of us, not even bothering to make sure I followed. However, I knew I’d only get in more trouble if I didn’t obediently do what she asked, so I straightened myself out one more time, and then followed after her. As I reached the door, Samantha grabbed my arm.

“I’m sorry if I got you in trouble,” she whispered.

“It’s fine, you need to take responsibility and finish what you started though.” I winked at her.

A lewd look appeared on her face, and she reached out and squeezed my butt as I walked by. I looked at her in surprise and she grinned, looking every bit like a horny little devil. Seeing such perverted looks on women took some getting used to. I quickened my pace and caught up to the Vice Principal. A few people glanced my way and whispered as we walked by. Maybe, they were wondering why I was following the vice-principal. Perhaps, they had heard about my concussion. Or maybe it was just the rumors about me being a slut.

I wasn’t sure I felt like that. I knew I should be upset and perhaps even go out of my way to rein it in so nasty stories didn’t spread about me, but I didn’t feel insulted by such terms. Didn’t men chase after girls because they were sluts? So, if I had a reputation as a slut, wouldn’t that give me more opportunities to get laid? I mean, I wasn’t planning on having sex with every girl I met, but it’d be nice to be chased, and it’d also be great to have a wide selection. In some ways, being a known slut seemed like a plus.

The vice-principal was a short woman with a curvy body. She wasn’t fat, but she had a big butt and breasts that made her look big if you weren’t looking. Her anatomy caught the eyes of many boys in school, and she had been the brunt of many jokes. However, that was another world. In this world, she didn’t seem to be as cautious of her large parts, which is why she was wearing a shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and a skirt that only just covered her robust bottom. It was a scandalous outfit she never would have worn in my old world.

Just then I thought about what would happen if I suddenly threw myself at her. Would she turn into a naughty deviant like Samantha’s mom, or would she hold back her libido and remain a respectable teacher. I worried to find the answer. I might start to lose my faith in adults completely if I kept going down this road.

The pair of us ended up entering the vice-principal’s office. She gestured for me to sit, but she only leaned against her desk with her arms crossed, watching me carefully.

“You’ve been away for a week because of a head injury, correct?” she asked once I sat down.

“Ah… yeah, I was hit by a car and got a concussion,” I admitted awkwardly.

“I see, well… I just wanted to check on you and make sure that you were okay to properly return to school.”

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.” I reassured her, trying to give my best look.”

“That’s good to hear.” She nodded. “What about your future, have you given it any thought?’

Her sudden change in discussion caught me off guard. “Future? What do you mean?”

“What do you plan to do after high school? I mean unless you plan to become a stripper!” she laughed.

I joined her. “Oh… man… I wish!”

Her smile flickered. “Wish? You want to be a stripper?”

“Wouldn’t that be great? You have a good reason to stay in shape. All you have to do is dance a bit, and women throw money at you. It’s the dream jo-“ I stopped, only then realizing what world I was talking in.

I had been half-joking because I had assumed she was joking. After all, a guy’s aspirations of becoming a male stripper were somewhat silly. On the other hand, a woman’s aspirations of becoming a stripper would be really hot or somewhat worrisome based on who you were talking to. Spinning that around, I was doing myself no favors by suggesting I wanted to be a stripper. Then again, in this world, I could probably make some good money. No! I just didn’t have the body or confidence for that kind of thing.

“Noah…” Her expression had turned serious, and I felt a bit foolish. “You really shouldn’t sell yourself short. You’re a sexy, attractive man, and while women may like you for what you have down here, I want you to know that you have something up here too that many women find attractive.”

She had gestured at my groin, and then my head, as she spoke. I felt mortified. Then again, I only had myself to blame for starting this conversation in the first place. I already had forgotten that the world had changed on me, and I had only been in the school for a few minutes. I needed to be more careful in the future not to reveal my true colors.

“There is one more reason that I decided to bring you here. Seeing you in the stairway with that girl, I know you were likely doing something.”

“We were just talking!” I lied outright.

“Hmph… believe it or not, I was young once too. I know what it’s like being a woman. We’re animals, driven by our desire to find pretty boys like you and have fun.” As she spoke, she leaned closer to me, and her chest was hanging in a very provocative position.

“R-really…” I tried to not stare at her chest, even though it caused me to lean back and awkwardly turn my head in my chair.

“Noah, there have been some unfortunate rumors about you coming our lately.”

“What’s that?” I turned back, giving her a genuinely surprised look.

“Someone wrote something in the girl’s bathroom.” She pulled away and grabbed a paper from her desk, handing it to me.

The picture looked to be a wall. The wall had some writing on it.

For a good time, call Noah. He’ll suck your pussy good!

I stared at the writing with a somewhat stunned look. The number written was my actual number. If this kind of stuff was going around school, I was starting to realize why my sisters were recently acting so worried about my sex life. That kind of explained why Mackenzie had been on my ass a lot lately as well.

“I just wanted you to be aware of this. I might have asked what you did to warrant this kind of behavior from one of your fellow students, but you haven’t been here the last week. This might be because one of your sisters made an enemy. Can you think of anyone who’d want to slander your name?”

My mind immediately jumped to that middle school boy. I had embarrassed him. If he had a big sister or a friend in high school, he could get them to start trying to cause me trouble. However, I decided to answer by shaking my head. There was no way I could tell a teacher I went to the middle school during my time off and beat up a boy who was bullying my sister. I’d ask Bethany about it later. Maybe, we needed to leak those embarrassing pictures after all.

“Well, it was one of your sisters who reported this, and she also scribbled out the number quickly. Since you looked surprised, it looks like you didn’t get any negative phone calls. However, I wouldn’t put it past them to try again. For now, I’ll let it go, but if this becomes an issue, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

“Yes, of course.” I nodded.

However, if this did become an issue, as she called it, I definitely wouldn’t be telling her. Rather, I’d be trying to handle it myself. If someone wanted to screw with me, I definitely would make them pay.

The vice-principal ended the conversation there. The mischievous part of me flared up again and I considered teasing her and seeing what would happen for the second time. However, it was my first day back to school, and she hadn’t done anything but look out for me. She didn’t deserve to be played with, and it might even cause me more trouble down the line. Thus, I acted as the model student, smiling, and even shaking her hand before I left.

By the time she let me leave, the bell for the first class had already been rung. She wrote me a slip that would allow me to come to class late. I thanked her and then left, feeling slightly strange. I realized it was the first time I didn’t shamelessly hit on a woman. She might very well be the first one that I had spoken to amicably but didn’t tease since the world changed. That made me feel slightly depressed. Since I had my head down and was thinking about how I might need to simmer down a bit in the future, I wasn’t paying attention when my arm was grabbed, and I was pulled.

I was yanked into a nearby closet, and before I could even get my bearings straight, I was shoved against the door. In front of me was Abigail. However, instead of the smile I typically saw, a slightly perverted look mixed with an air of faux confidence, she was frowning and looked genuinely angry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked instinctively.

“What’s wrong?” she mimicked, her facial features turning even angrier. “What’s wrong! You have some nerve.”

My eyes widened, surprised by her violent attitude. “I don’t get what your problem is.”

“My problem is… you’re my boy, but you’re going around school slutting it up with other women!” she snarled. “That’s my problem!”

Oh, yeah, there was that.

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