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“Mm!” I was still pressed against the wall when Abigail suddenly stuck her tongue in my mouth, kissing me aggressively.

She had grabbed a hunk of my hair and was clenching it almost painfully. Her other hand was squeezing my chest. When it passed over my nipple, her thumb and forefinger squeezed. When she was done, she pulled away, panting slightly. Her eyes had a wild, slightly unhinged look as she sized me up and down.

“You’re my man! Do you understand now?”

“Not really?” I frowned, causing her eyes to pop open in surprise.

“What does that mean?”

“Didn’t we meet under the pretense of doing porn? I mean, we’re only talking because I wanted to get involved in that stuff. You can’t then turn around and say I can’t have other women.”

At this point, I almost felt like laughing, although I was sure that would piss her off. I wasn’t trying to hurt any of these girl’s feelings. Rather, I was being completely honest with them. I was going to get with other women. If they didn’t like it, it was best that they left now. As long as the world was like this, how could I not get some enjoyment? Sure, I went too far sometimes, like with my mother earlier today, but I was still determined to get as much enjoyment as possible out of a strange situation.

Any other guy would do the same. I’m just being honest with myself here. I’m a high school kid in the prime of my youth, and I now exist in a world where I have a cheat level hack. Women were throwing themselves at me, and my sex life improved by leaps and bounds. If the world turned back to normal tomorrow, I didn’t think I’d ever say I regretted having too much sex. I didn’t see myself saying I wish I had only slept with one woman my entire life or didn’t try that hot girl I had always fantasized being with, but now won’t even look at me.

Since I couldn’t imagine ever thinking that way, then my future direction was clear. I’d be the slut this school was already starting to call me. Would some women use me for sex? Awesome! I was using them for sex as well. As long as I was clear and didn’t lead people on, as long as I didn’t end up in some kind of ‘School Days’ ending, I’d be happy.

That was what I was feeling. Even then, there was an exception to that rule. My sisters and my mother… I had already done a lot of stuff with them that left me worried. They were my family. For years, we had been distant from each other, but since the world turned upside down, I was starting to understand my sisters more and grow closer to everyone. They were my family; I didn’t want to ruin that. I would never treat my sisters casually. That was a promise.

On the other hand, Abigail had been a little fun at first, but she ghosted me this weekend, and now she was acting all high and mighty. I had already sort of told Samantha to help me end it with her. I was kind of hoping that the pair of us would approach Abigail together and I’d turn her down. As for Samantha, I thought I might try to get her into a threesome. I just didn’t feel like that threesome could be with Abigail. She was a bit too controlling and obsessive.

“You… other women… I suppose you want pussy? Just want a pussy buffet?”

Her tone was angry and aggressive, but what she said sounded pretty good to me. She was trying to slut-shame me, I supposed, but my entire sense of values was different, so it ran off me like water. I’d have to be careful about that in the future. Even if I wasn’t affected by such comments, I still had my sisters to consider.

“Look, I need to go, we’re late for class.” I decided to try to end the conversation quickly.

She suddenly leaned forward, her mouth going to my neck. I felt a pinch as she bit me hard. I was surprised by this and let out a cry. She didn’t bite enough to draw blood, and in another context, it might have been sexy. In this context, it was just confusing. I pushed her off me, not hesitating to grab her chest to do it. She finally let go of my neck and took a step back, grinning with a bit of dribble running down her chin.

“What was that about?” I demanded, wiping my neck.

“I marked you,” she said, smiling in a somewhat creepy fashion. “So, you can better understand your place.”

“My… place?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her over the top behavior.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” she said quietly. “You’re my man. I’m going to make you realize it eventually. I’m going to make you realize just how much you need me.”

She moved back enough that I could get my hand on the door and open it. With her grinning at me strangely, I opened the door and slipped out, closing it behind me and leaving her in the closet. I looked back at the door once, but she didn’t seem to come out to join me. Touching the bitemark on my neck, I felt a bit odd. I didn’t know how to take her behavior at all. We had only hung out a few times and then had sex once.

I remember what Mackenzie had warned me about. She had been harassing some guy until Mackenzie and her friends stepped in. I had disregarded her words because it was easier to believe Mackenzie was just a bully, but seeing the current Abigail, I wasn’t so sure. I was beginning to think that none of our meetings were an accident.

I turned and left, moving at nearly a jog so that I could get to my class. It was already fairly late, but hopefully, the permission slip was enough. I reached my class and slipped in. I had made sure to hide the bitemark, but I still felt every eye on me when I came into the room and gave the teacher my slip. Thankfully, she didn’t check the time the teacher signed compared to the time I arrived too closely and so I simply managed to get to my seat without a problem.

“Slut!” A guy suddenly coughed as I walked by.

This caused a group of people to giggle. When I reached my desk, I could see a lot of people giving me looks. I didn’t know why I was drawing so much attention. I checked my pants and made sure there was no erection or embarrassing precum spot. My neck was covered as well. I didn’t know what the problem was. As I was growing more confused, a guy next to me suddenly bumped my arm.

I turned to him, and he slipped me a pocket mirror and leaned over. “Next time, you might want to clean up after fooling around with some girl.”

He spoke with an uptight voice like he didn’t think much of me. I looked in the mirror, and that was when I realized I had some makeup on my lips and cheek. When Abigail had kissed me earlier, she must have been wearing a lot of lipstick. She didn’t mark me just by biting me, but she wanted a mess to be seen by others. It was pretty clear I had been making out with a girl. In my world, it’d be applauded. In this world, a guy with lipstick from a girl kissing him had to be the equivalent of… well, as someone coughed, a slut.

I had been mentally preparing myself all day for it, but now that it happened, I felt a bit angry and helpless. I wiped my mouth quickly and then handed the mirror back to the guy. He received it, sniffed, and then looked away. A few people continued to shoot glances my way, but as the class continued, they calmed down and focused on what they should. I fought from letting out a sigh. Saying and thinking about how much you didn’t care what people thought of you, and dealing with it, were two completely different things.

After a few hours of class, it was lunchtime. The way lunches were set up, there were three different lunch periods. So, I didn’t share lunch with everyone at the high school. This meant Samantha and Abigail weren’t in my lunch, nor were most of my sisters. Only Kelsey and Kristy had the same lunch period as me. They always kept their distance.

I went to sit by my usual group of friends. These were gamer guys, and while I wouldn’t say I was so close to any of them that we hung out, we always talked every lunch, and we were on good terms. This was the first test I would truly have where I’d need to adapt to this new world. That’s what I thought, but as soon as I tried to sit down, reality kicked me hard. Real hard.

“This seat is taken,” a fat guy with acne said, putting a wobbly arm out to block me.

“Oh, then…” I looked at one of the other spots, next to a tall, lanky ginger.

“This one is taken too. They’re all taken.”

I wasn’t dense. I could see I wasn’t wanted there. However, given how much of losers these guys usually were, to block me from sitting down was laughable. I felt fury, but I also felt a bit like crying. Biting my lip, I turned around and walked away. I heard giggling and laughter behind me. It looked like I was no longer accepted in that group anymore. I looked around the messroom for another place to sit. I ended up settling on a place filled with girls.

“Can I sit here?” I asked.

The girls who had been in the middle of laughing about some joke I didn’t hear, looked over at me. “Huh? Yeah, I guess.”

One girl moved over, and I sat down. I felt like a few of the guys nearby shot me dirty looks for doing it. It felt like I was damned if I did, damned if I didn’t.

“So, anyway, I was playing that game you recommended last night. It was freaking awful.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The story is garbage. It makes no sense.”

“It’s a video game, dude. Who the hell is playing video games for the story?”

“I am! I like role-playing games and immersive games.”

“The game is immersive! You immerse yourself in the environment!”

“That’s not what immersive means!”

“It totally does!”

“What game is this?” I asked.

The momentum of the girls suddenly stopped as they all looked at me again. I smiled weakly.

“Uh… it’s Shadow’s Fall. You probably haven’t heard of it.”

“Is it like an FPS?” I asked.

I hadn’t heard of the game. Then again, a lot of media was different in this world and had different names.

“It’s FPS and RPG lite.”

“And story lite.” The other girl said.

I laughed. “I like lite-RPGs. I don’t like it when they get too weighty. I want to play the game, not manage 150 stats and inventory.”

“Hey, that’s the best part!”

“Shit, are you a gamer guy?”

“Hah? I mean, I’m a guy who games,” I laughed.

“Damn, that’s hot.”

“Then you’ve come to the right table!” one of the girls announced. “I’m Sophie, that’s Luna and Nora.”

These weren’t the most beautiful girls in school. They were all kind of geeky. That had it’s own appeal though. Sophie was a small girl with big glasses and a lot of freckles. Luna was a tall girl who looked a bit too skinny and had a somewhat big nose. As for Nora, she was a bit thicker and had dark skin. If I was going to compare them to my sisters, or even Samantha or Abigail, they’d be a bit lacking. However, the old me would have happily dated any one of them.

The three girls all gave me a wave, smiling and looking at me excitedly. I started to feel a bit better after the earlier crap. I didn’t fit in with the boys from this world at all. I did fit in with the girls though. I could now have as many girlfriends as I wanted, and they all shared my interest. The best part? If I wanted to, I could fuck them!

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