Yurtdışı Yatırım

If you’re confused about the details, reread the prologue.

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Lunch ended too soon. My mood had significantly improved since that morning. It was nice to find girls hanging off your every word. These girls were into videogames and me too, and just being able to joke around in a relaxed manner was great. I did refrain from flirting or leading them on. I didn’t want to make things complicated. Just because there was a potential for more with these women, didn’t mean I needed to pursue it. After all, I had Samantha and my sisters.

As for Abigail, I had pretty much committed to ending it at this point. I understood that I was being fickle, but I now lived in a world where I could afford to be fickle. I was starting to understand women who would drop men for such shallow reasons. I’m sure it wasn’t only a sex thing. Attractive men who never struggled to pick up a woman acted similarly. As I said, it was best if I ended it quickly with her.

I had two remaining classes for the rest of the day. One had an old bald man. In this world, he very distinctly wore a toupee, which was jarring when I walked into class and saw this for the first time. He also used to dress pretty sloppily, but he seemed to dress a bit nicer now. The other was a cute girl in her twenties. She had always been eye candy for the guys in class, but now I found myself wondering if I made a move on her, would I be able to get into a relationship. I found myself thinking about that outcome with every woman now.

In the past, I never even considered this was a possibility with most women. It was always a taboo or something where I didn’t believe I had a chance in a million years. Now though, I had already broken various taboos, and all of this seemed to be a possibility. It was freeing in many ways, and also a bit scary.

“Hmm? Where did this come from?”

I had let myself drift off in class, but when I glanced down, someone had left a note there. I glanced around, but everyone was either chatting with friends or focused on their books. This was a work period she allocated for us, but I had still been letting my mind wander at the possibilities, which I had honestly been doing all day. Maybe high school had turned out to be a bit too stimulating now that the rules had changed.

I opened up the note, which was just a folded piece of paper ripped out of a notebook. There were messy words written on it, and it took me three tries to get what was written.

Meet me by the girl’s locker room after school.

Was this some kind of confession? It wasn’t signed. I couldn’t help but smirk a bit as I considered it. Even though I already had women fighting over me, which I admittedly kind of liked, I had even more women showing interest? Ah, it was great being a guy in this world. I needed to relax. It was probably just Samantha or Abigail wanting something. Well, I preferred it if it was Samantha over Abigail. Like I said, her behavior was becoming a bit disagreeable. I’d need to use Samantha and approach Abigail soon before things escalated.

School ended, and I waited for most of the class to clear before I put up my bags. I wasn’t going to take the bus home today. I’d just try to get a ride with Kelsey when her sports were over. Thus, I could afford the wait time for the hallways to clear out before I made my way to this supposed rendezvous. I could afford to be late. If the old me had gotten a note from a girl, I would have tripped over myself to make sure I was there the second the bell rang. It had only been a short week, and my entire attitude had already changed.

When I reached the area in front of the girl’s locker room, the door suddenly opened, and the sister I was just thinking about popped out.

“Ah! Noah? What are you doing here?” she asked breathlessly.

“I got a note from someone to meet here,” I responded, feeling like I had no reason to leave. “What about you?”

“A note?” She cocked her head, her brow furrowing for a second before she shook her head. “Ah, I’m late! I had to run back to get pads, or I’d bleed right through my shorts.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“That’s why you love me!” She winked and then ran past me.

I let out a little sigh. I had lived with these new world sisters for a week, but it wasn’t until I reached high school that I realized just how freely girls in this world talked about their body functions. They showed little restraint around guys, but if you listened carefully, you’d hear women talking about periods, pornography, and pussies publicly. Try to say that ten times fast. My old sister never would have just boldly announced she was on her period like that.

I was alone in the hallway. Realizing that whoever wanted me here wasn’t coming, I turned to follow the direction Kelsey went. I’d watch her out on the field, instead. She’d probably like that. I barely made a step away from the wall when the door opened, and six girls walked out. They were all older girls by a year or two, and I didn’t recognize any of them.

I tried to move out of their way to let them pass, but somehow, I kept ending up in their way. I had shifted my movements two times before I realized that they were deliberately blocking me. I stepped back, hitting the wall as the six women made a half-circle around me.

“Ah… so you’re the boy, huh? You’re pretty cute,” the girl in front said.

“Damn, boy, you looking fine,” one of the others chuckled.

“Sorry, did one of you send the note?” I asked.

“Did one of us send the note?’ One of the girls parroted in a patronizing voice, causing the girls to all laugh.

“Ah… well… maybe we did, maybe we didn’t.” The girl in front put her arms pressed on the wall to either side of me, trapping me there. “Don’t worry, boy, we’ll take good care of you. Don’t be scared.”

“Huh?” I cocked my head. “Should I be scared?”

The girl blinked, but when all the girls behind her laughed, she put on a grin and leaned close. “What If I said… I want to fuck you right now?”

I looked her up and down. She was kind of a bigger girl. She was a bit chubby, but kind of cute. She was a little better looking than the friends I had made at lunch. At least, she smelled slightly better and had a bit better hygiene.

“Yeah, sure.” I shrugged. “I mean, you don’t have any diseases, do you?”

This caused her to turn red. “I-I don’t!”

The girls behind her laughed even more at her flustered appearance. However, she quickly recovered and then reached out and grabbed my hair with one hand. She grabbed my crotch with her other hand, and I let out a noise of surprise, having not expected to be grabbed like that.

“Listen… I’m going to use your dick like my own personal sex toy, and then my girls are all going to enjoy you one at a time!”

I nodded. “Okay.”

“Okay?” She froze.

“Yeah, sounds fun.”

“Wh-what is with this guy?” one of the girls spoke in disbelief.

“You probably should do it in the locker room. Wouldn’t want to be caught, right?” I offered innocently.

Only a few minutes later, I had a woman riding my face, another on my cock, and more women all touching themselves around me. This was crazy fun, although it was a bit scary at times too. None of the women were super hot, but I didn’t mind that. They were all pretty enough and they were teenage girls, so it was pretty hard to go wrong. Plus, they seemed to go crazy at my touch, and that only made things more exciting.

“W-we were supposed to just scare him. Is this okay?” someone had said.

“Shut up!” the girl riding my face snapped. “Ahhh… fuck… this slut is the best!”

“What the hell is going on?” My sister’s voice cut through the room.

I was shocked to see her there. Kelsey must have said something, and she had come to investigate. There was a girl at the door to block people, but Mackenzie must have shoved right through her. She even ended up punching someone before carrying me out the door and taking me home.

When we ended up home, she verbally chastised me. I couldn’t even really explain why I did it. I was just thinking that I wanted to calm down and keep a low profile, then I did something like that. I had been flipping back and forth the entire day, pulled between my hormones and my newfound freedom, and my responsibilities and senses.

“If you want me, then have me…” I told Mackenzie.

Was I going after her too? I remembered the previous night when she touched me. That wasn’t a dream! She felt something for me. No! What was I doing? My sisters, my mother, my best friend. Was I getting out of control? All I knew was that it felt fun, and I got to do things that I’d never get to do in another life. There was a gang bang full of thirsty beautiful teen girls obsessed with my dick. How could I ever fear that? How could I ever regret that?

It was only a week ago when everything was normal, and now I was banging every pussy I came across. I tried to act respectable, but every time I even had the thought, there was another beautiful woman pulling me toward her. I couldn’t feel regret about that anymore. I wouldn’t regret it. This was who I was. I was in this world now where everything was backward, and this was the kind of person I turned out to be.

I pulled Mackenzie, who was still on top, toward me. Our lips met. Her tongue shot out into my mouth. Although she was acting so resistive, it turned out she had no resistance at all. She started to kiss me more roughly. Her hands were on my chest, and she was stroking it as she kissed me excitedly. She sat up just as quickly as she started, but then she pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing her chest. She hadn’t been wearing a bra.

Next, she unbuttoned her pants, discarding them along with her underwear. Her expression looked manic, and I realized that she seemed to have lost all restraint. She wasn’t going to play around like London or Dawn. Her eyes were on my dick.

“Si-sister…” I said, short of breath.

“I can’t hide it anymore. I… wanted to be the one to have your virginity,” Mackenzie suddenly said.

I looked away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“I fought it… for so long, I fought these feelings, but I’ve always loved you, brother.”

“Is that why you’re always on my case?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you. You live only next door, but it feels like an unreachable gap.”

“Mackenzie…” I was stunned by her words.

I had never thought for a moment that her feelings for me were this strong. She had been holding back all of this time? Was it like that in my old world too? Did Mackenzie truly have improper feelings for her young brother? Did she always bully me so that she didn’t have to face these true feelings deep inside?”

“I couldn’t have your virginity, brother…” Mackenzie sighed, “But I’m going to give you mine.”

She got on top of me before I could react, grabbing my cock in her hands.

“W-wait!” I cried out, but Mackenzie didn’t listen.

She dropped herself down, pushing my cock into her. I had eaten out Dawn, had been deepthroated by London, and teased my mother, but I had never actually slept with any of them. For the first time since I had come to this world, I was truly having sex with one of my sisters!

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