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“Mmm… Mmm… Mm!” Anna’s lips pulled away from mine. “You’re amazing.”

We were sitting in her car, and I was on top of her making out. She didn’t mind where my hands went either. I had full reign to feel up her chest, her body, and anything else I felt like. The only reason she was still wearing clothing was because of the awkwardness of fumbling around in the car.

We were parked in a local nature reserve in a spot that was away from the main street. I was never popular enough to be aware of where the best make-out spots were, and I doubted Anna had that knowledge either, so we kind of just found a spot that looked like it worked and hoped for the best. Twenty minutes later, the windows were fogged, and we were kissing heavily.

It was freeing to not concern myself with the family for a day. Lately, I had been obsessing a bit after my sisters and mother, even to the point I might say I was lusting after them. Wasn’t it far more natural that I play with other women? Furthermore, Anna didn’t go to my school, so there wasn’t a chance for bad rumors to spread. I wasn’t saying I was going to abandon Samantha, but it was fine if I played with Anna a bit.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled her shirt up over her chest with her bra as well. Her breasts, which weren’t humungous, but were large enough, flopped out from the bottom of the shirt. I looked at them lewdly, not even having to concern myself with how she thought. Normally, a guy looks at a girl lewdly or obsesses over her chest, and he’s treated like a pervert. Meanwhile, when a girl looks at a guy with the same eyes, it’s considered hot and erotic. She blushed over me examining her breasts, but she didn’t look turned off at all.

I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking on her breast gently. Her hand went and grabbed my hair as she gasped, her hips rising off the car seat for a moment before resting back. My spare hand went and fiddled with the nipple of her other breast while I sucked the first one rhythmically. She gasped and shivered, her whole body reacting to her chest being played with. She was very sensitive to this kind of thing, it seemed.

“I-if you keep this up… I’m going to cum first.”

“What’s wrong with that?” I asked, grinning up at her.

“I’m a woman, how can I come before my man?”

I chuckled. “Is that how it is? Maybe you can just cum and cum again.”

“That’s rude!” She sniffed, wrinkling her nose. “Besides, a man’s desire is all that matters?”


She shrugged. “I mean, if you think about it, biologically, who has to cum for a baby to be made?”

“I guess, guys…”

“See? Whether a girl cums or not doesn’t matter. She can get pregnant either way. Biologically, it’s men who need to cum during sex, and it’s a woman’s responsibility to make sure he does it, maybe even multiple times.”

“Multiple times?”

“Well, I mean… I know guys need some time to recover, but a good woman helps with that recovery.”

“You’ve done a lot of research on this, huh?”

She blushed. “What girl hasn’t… especially when I’m stuck at an all-girl school, all I can do it read about it.”

“You’re very cute coming from an all-girls school, keeping telling me a woman’s responsibilities toward a man.” I grinned.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“Nope.” I shook my head, but I had a wide grin on my face.

“You are making fun of me!”

“Not at all!” I grabbed her and twisted her nipples.

“Ahhn… don’t do that…”

“Maybe I want to watch you cum…”

“Wa-watch? Like one of those chat roulette sites?

“Well, in person.”

Although, now that she mentioned it, those sites were filled with guy’s jacking off, so now it had to be full of women. I hadn’t even considered taking a look. After finding 90% of porn had a male focus, I had concentrated more on reality, but I guess it was pretty easy if a guy in this world wanted a show, huh?

“I-if you want… just to watch…”

I had been speaking teasingly and casually, but I realized she was taking my words seriously. I sat back with a raised eyebrow as she took a breath and then raised her butt from her seat. Her tits were still hanging out, but that wasn’t a big deal for women in this world. Even if someone walked by, they’d just think it was odd she had her shirt up, and otherwise wouldn’t think anything of it. However, what she did next wouldn’t be so easy to ignore.

She pulled her pants and underwear down, revealing her naked lower half. She was unshaven down there, but her legs were clean, and she smelled lustful and erotic. Looking around quickly, she raised a leg and leaned back against her window, showing me her body. I licked my lips, the smile on my face starting to fade as I realized she was going to do it. I had played with and had sex many times by now, but this situation was strangely erotic.

I wasn’t touching her at all, but I could see her naked body exposed to me, and she was doing something naughty just for me. She lifted and licked two fingers, and then started to rub her cunt. She let out a single hot breath and then closed her eyes as her fingers rubbed her nub roughly. She moved a lot faster and quicker than I did when I touched her down there. I guess she knew exactly how hard and where she liked it and didn’t have to worry about doing anything uncomfortable.

My smile had disappeared and my mouth fell open, excitement filling my eyes as she put on a show. Feeling extremely aroused, I reached out and squeezed her tit. While I touched it, I could feel the moving of her arm against the tit, rhythmically rubbing herself. Looking down at her snatch, I could see it glisten wetly, and even her fingers were making wet noises as she rubbed it harder and harder. When I looked up at her face, she was keeping her eyes closed, but she was panting now, and with each breath, I could see her expression change as she felt pleasure from her fingertips. Watching Anna touch herself like this was far more erotic than I would have ever thought.

“Stick your fingers inside,” I said, licking my lips.

“Uh-huh…” She didn’t even hesitate, pushing her two fingers into herself up to the knuckles.

She began to push them in and out of herself, a wet, dirty sound filling the car, only just quieter than the sound of both of our heavy breathing. I never had the money to buy a camgirl online, although I had received adverts from dozens of them. I’d even gotten into conversations with women I thought were real, only for them to demand a rate just as things got heavy. This was better than any of that. I could smell her, hear her, and see every inch of her body.

I couldn’t control myself any longer, so I took out my cock and started to stroke it. She still had her eyes closed, so she couldn’t see me playing with myself, but I felt like maybe she sped up slightly when I did.

“Faster…” I panted.

I told her that because I was already so horny that I didn’t know how long I could last. Anna didn’t respond, but her fingers started moving faster and faster, the wet, lewd sounds growing as her fingers ploughed aggressively. Her entire body began to animate as she rocked her hips against her hand. She was squirming, growing more and more aroused as she got closer and closer to her climax and less able to control her body.

I could no longer control myself, and I reached out and kissed her. Her tongue shot into my mouth like a flood gate, and she kissed me like she was mad with lust. At the same time, her body started to shake. She broke off and let out a moan.

“I’m cumming!”

Her body began to convulse and shiver as she reached orgasm. Her free hand grabbed my hand on her tit and shoved it down almost painfully, pushing it against her crotch. From the outside, I could feel liquid splattering out, as well as her muscles contracting as she had an orgasm. She went back to kissing me, while she used my hand as a toy, rubbing it against her cumming pussy. When she was finally done, I realized I hadn’t finished myself.

“Ah! Came before you!” She looked extremely disappointed. “Here, let me finish you off.”

“No, it’s fine…” I laughed, as she tried to go down on me, even as she was still shuddering from her orgasm.

At that moment, there was the slam of a door, and the two of us who had been playing erotically jumped, nearly falling out of the car. The pair of us turned to see that there was another car parked next to us. I had to wipe the window of steam to see outside. An older man had gotten out the passenger side facing away from us, and a woman got out on this side. She was an older woman, with a tattoo, piercings, and a leather jacket.

“Come on!” she said. “Get the fuck back in the car.”

I let out a breath. It seemed that the pair were having some kind of argument. They were just another group of parkers and not someone who was here to get us in trouble. I let out a giggle when I realized that, and Anna who was now calming down also laughed. She pulled her shirt down and her pants back up, but she was still eyeing my penis, clearly wanting to finish the job.

“Not with them right there,” I said, causing a disappointed look to flash on her face as I opened the window to cool off.

“Get away from me!” The man cried as the girl ran over to his side.

“Shut up! Don’t be a damn cocktease. You know you want this.” She grabbed on to the guy and shoved him against the car. “Stop being such a little cock.”

“It was just a ride! I didn’t promise anything.”

“You bitch… you didn’t even give me any gas money. I’m getting something from you. At least eat my pussy!”

“Stop… I really can’t.”

“Get down there!”

She wasn’t taking no for an answer and was even forcing him down on his knees. Anna looked very uncomfortable, her hand tightening on the steering wheel. I didn’t react at all, finding the whole situation odd, until my mental gap that allowed me to spin the situation around to this world’s common sense finally kicked in. This was the equivalent of being witness to a woman being sexually assaulted. Although it was a man, he was taught not to defend himself.

Another look at Anna and I could see her eyes filled with reluctance and fear. She was the ‘man’ in this situation. She was the one who was supposed to step up and protect the poor guy who was being taken advantage of. However, Anna was only 17, while that other woman was an adult who looked like she could hurt someone.

“Please, help!” the man called out, and for a moment I saw his face.

At the same time, his eyes met mine, and the pair of us locked onto each other.

“Help…” The woman laughed mockingly. “Who would help you?”

“Noah…” his words were so light, that I could barely hear them.

“Do you know that man?” Anna asked, her brow furrowing.

“Yeah… that’s my father.”

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