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Friday passed by rather quickly at school. I had so much homework from all of my missed days that I’d really be busy that weekend. Fortunately, I’d be on a trip with my genius sister London, who could help me through all of that homework. On top of that, we’d be at a cabin where I could get some peace and quiet compared to the crowded household from which we usually lived. At least, that was the story I was going with for my mother.

In reality, London was taking me on this trip because she hoped to find some alone time for us. As I understood it, it was just me, her, her boyfriend, and then one other couple who I hadn’t met. I suppose it was technically a double date, with me along as a fifth wheel. Then again, since London had her eyes on me, it was more like her boyfriend was the fifth wheel. This was going to be an interesting weekend, that was for sure.

When I got home, I started packing for the trip. I even found myself going through the bag of stuff Abigail had gotten me, but in the end, I shoved it back under the bed. I was not going to wear costumes to excite a girl. I might make a girl wear something to excite me, but that was another thing entirely. I’d have to find a time when I could go out and pick up something skimpy. I wondered if I should make Dawn or Mackenzie wear it. Dawn could be the model for once, although she probably would never do it.

When I finished putting everything that I thought I’d need in my bag, my sisters were just arriving home with my mother. Of course, I had put something on the stove for them. At this point, it had become almost second nature to cook something as soon as I got home. I usually just left it on the stove on warm and they came and took a bowl as they got home. As I walked out into the kitchen, I heard a honk from the front of the house.

“Are you going to be okay, sweetie?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ll be with London, right?”

Dawn gave me a look as she was passing by, but I decided to ignore it. Mom only smiled and nodded, not reading into my words at all.

“Well, be safe, and come home soon,” she said, then turned away and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

As I left the house, Mackenzie watched from the door. She had her arms crossed and a slightly jealous expression on her face. It was clear she didn’t want me to go. I gave her some extra attention the night before though, so she couldn’t complain too much. I went up to London’s car and found that Dan was sitting in the passenger front seat. Thus, I was relegated to the back. I tossed my bag in the trunk and then got in.

Dan had an extremely fake smile on his face. “Oh! Hey boy! It’s been a while. We’re going to have so much fun on this trip!”

His voice was practically dripping with malice, but London seemed to be deaf to that sort of thing.

“We definitely will.” I smiled back at him.

At this point, I had already played with London, and I also knew that Dan was an asshole cheater. Technically, so was London since she was trying to sleep with me, but when it came to sides, I would take my sisters’ any day. Besides, he’s the one who started it by cheating on her. In my mind, London deserved so much better. She not only worked full time and paid for his sorry ass, but he was a cheating prick as well. Anyway, I forced myself to smile and make small talk with him. Eventually, I asked about the other couple.

“We’ll meet them at the cabin,” London said. “The cabin is being loaned to us, so we have to leave it in as good of a condition as we found it.”

“How big is it?” Dan asked.


“The size?”

“Ah… it has three rooms, I think?”

“Three rooms? That won’t do at all!”

“Huh? Why not?” London blinked. “One for us, one for the other couple, and then brother can take the third.”

Dan rolled his eyes exaggeratedly and irritatingly. “Because… I need a room all to myself, remember?”

“What? Why?”

“For my yoga? O.M.G. How do you not remember?”

“We share a room now though?”

“Yeah, but I still have the guest room to do my Yoga in. I just started it last week, it’s really important to me.”

“I don’t get it. Can’t you just do it in our room? I can get out…”

“You just don’t get it. Do you want me to get fat? I need another room. It’s important.”

“It’s okay,” I piped in. “I can just sleep on the couch.”

“No, I will take the couch. You can have my bed.”

“Wouldn’t that put me next to Dan?” I responded, just stopping myself from making a disgusted face.

“Yeah!” Dan piped in, his fake expression returning. “This could be like a guy thing we could do!”

“Oh… yay…” I gave out as much fake enthusiasm as I could muster.

London nodded and smiled, while Dan shot me a smug look like he had won something. Somehow, London seemed to miss all of that. It was incredibly infuriating. Were all girls this obtuse?

I settled down after that. The car ride ended up being a couple of hours. I did eventually pull out some of my homework and try to get through it. There was a lot of missed work thanks to my spotty record. I did my best. There were some things I just couldn’t do without having the internet. I didn’t have a good grasp of this world’s history. Just about every famous male was replaced with a female.

It also was rarely a gender-bent version of the man, like Georgia Washington. No, that would make things easy. Instead, every name was completely different, from our country’s founding mothers to even the dates. True, most of the dates were close, but they were always off by a month or a year. It was just enough that I had no grasp on it.

As I did what homework I could, I found myself getting sleepy and finally drifting off. My dreams were filled with all kinds of strange things. I dreamed about my sisters, except that they looked like they acted. I guess that would make them my brothers then. They were all pulling out their dicks and trying to compare. Then, I realized I was a girl and had become the sister! Just as it was looking like things were going to end in a bukkake, I woke up with a start.

“We’re here.” London had a hand on my shoulder.

We appeared to be parked in front of a beautiful lake and a log cabin. There was a dock with a boat on it that was bobbing up and down and gently rising off the water. It was evening now, and the lake was starting to give off waves of yellow and orange that looked particularly beautiful.

“A little drool.” London touched the side of her mouth awkwardly.

I stared at her, and then wiped my mouth, blushing. She chuckled, squeezing my shoulder affectionately before pulling away. With a yawn, I got up and out of the car. I felt a bit sore from sleeping slumped over in my seat, but I worked out the kinks quickly.

“Is this your little brother? Isn’t he a cutie!” I heard a girl say.

I looked down from where I was stretching. I realized how I was stretching my shirt had lifted, exposing my stomach, which was now being looked at lewdly by a cute girl. The expression on her face was one that didn’t belong to a girl as cute as her.

She was wearing a sporty top and bottom, and her brunette hair was done up in pigtails. She looked younger than London, but that could have been because of how she dressed. As soon as she noticed me checking her out, a perverted grin spread across her lips.

“Jasmine, don’t be a creep!” A guy came up behind her and punched her shoulder.

“What, hun?” She turned to the man, looking completely innocent.

“Ah! Jasmine! You came!”

“Hey, beer, fishing? How could I not come? Oh, by the way, this is my man, Jake.” She grabbed Jake’s ass as a means of pulling him to her arms. “He’s my little hot piece of ass.”

“D-don’t be a pig!” Jake resisted, pushing at her while looking away with disgust.

“Hey, sweetie, don’t act like you don’t like it.” She leaned over and then licked his neck. “Go get the bags.”

She finally let go of him and smacked his ass as he turned away. His face was completely red, and he looked uncertain.

“I can see you’re still a guy’s lady.” London laughed.

“Ah… it’s fine. He acts uptight, but he’ll pull his dick out if I ask him right.” Jasmine laughed with her hands on her hips. “But look at you, you’re still dating that Dan boy, right?”

“Yeah.” London nodded.

“Eh… he’s alright, but why date him when you got such a sexy little brother?” Jasmine turned to me.

The friendly expression on London’s face dropped and she grabbed Jasmine’s arm. “My brother is off-limits.”

Jasmine looked back in surprise, but a second later she shrugged. “Yeah… whatever. I got it. No brother.”

She still gave me a look and winked before wrapping her arm around London. “So, we haven’t spoken much since Med School. How have you been?”

“You mean since you flunked out of Med School.”

“Sis… that digs deep! You know a bitch like me always lands on her feet. I’m doing alright for myself. I’m in trading. You should consider investing…”

“I bet…”

The two took off into the cabin. Dan had been the first one in and hadn’t come out since. No one else had grabbed their bags. I guess that meant that I had to get them. I opened the trunk and pulled out my bags. After a moment, I decided to grab all of them, as I was sure the snippy Dan would be displeased if I left them out here. As I was walking into the cabin, the other guy carrying the luggage for Jasmine came up to me.

“She’s a bitch, right?” the guy named Jake said.

“O-oh… yeah?” I blinked, not expecting this stranger to say something like that to me.

“I’m not interested in her. I mostly came because of Dan.”

“Dan?” I glanced over at him in confusion. “You’re friends with Dan?”

“He’s had his eyes set on Jasmine for a while. Says she has a tight pussy he’s aching to fuck.”

My eyes widened. “R-really?”

“Your London’s brother, right? Well, if you care about your sister, this would be the chance to get her to catch Dan cheating.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Why would you tell me this? Isn’t Dan your friend?”

Jake shrugged. “Because that whore slept with my girlfriend a year ago. He thinks I don’t know, but I’m looking for a chance to get back at him. If I do something and ruin their relationship, he’ll blame me. If you do it, it’ll just be sweet vengeance. You understand… it’s a guy thing.”

With those words, he turned and carried the bags the rest of the way in. I could only stare in shock. Even while mentally swapping genders in my head, this was hard to wrap my head around. Were women that catty in my old world? It felt like something that belonged on a reality television show. Of course, there was another option, that this was all a trap and Dan was trying to in some way destroy my credibility with London.

It looked like this weekend was about to get a lot more complicated.

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