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“You girls are leaving already?” Dan asked, his hands on his hips.

He had a very unhappy expression on his face, and it was clear he wasn’t pleased. Jasmine and London had already put together a bunch of fishing stuff, and they were halfway to the door when he caught them.

“It’s evening time. The sun is just setting. Great time to catch a few.” Jasmine smirked.

“London, we haven’t even unpacked yet. I’m all sweaty and I need to relax!” Dan responded in an insolent voice, aiming his anger at London rather than Jasmine, even though Jasmine spoke.

I supposed he was doing that on purpose. He wanted to sleep with Jasmine after all, so he couldn’t spend the weekend snapping at her and making her feel uninterested. In fact, if he instigated a fight with London, he could justify banging Jasmine even better.

“I figured you guys would handle it,” London said, almost too innocently.

As her brother, I definitely wouldn’t let her get away with that bullshit. “I’m with Dan on this. How could you two just take off without saying anything!”

“Ah! Even brother!” London looked at me with a pathetic expression.

Dan grinned, apparently liking that I took his side. It made me want to throw up.

“Yeah! I want to go too! You weren’t going to invite me?” I growled, causing everyone to blink in surprise.

Dan’s grin dropped as he realized I was trying to take off as well and avoid responsibility. However, Jasmine broke out in laughter.

“Damn, London, I like your brother.”

“You really want to come with us? Well, it’s not like we mind,” London explained.

Dan crossed his arms angrily. “I don’t care who wants to go… there better be at least one woman who stays behind to bring all our stuff in and start the furnace.”

London and Jasmine glanced at each other, and then Jasmine tossed up her arms. “Fine! I’ll stay! Catch a fish for me, London.”

“Huh? You’re going to stay?” she asked.

“Yeah, didn’t you want some time to bond with your little brother. That’s why you brought him, right? Besides, I know you wouldn’t let me take your little brother out on a boat alone.” She grinned evilly, causing London to flush angrily.

“Absolutely not!”

“Then, it’s settled! Have fun you two!” She waved her hand.

Dan had his arms crossed, but not only did he not complain about Jasmine staying behind, but it was quite obvious he was pleased with this turn out. Was Dan already going to make a move on her? It was the first night! Did he have no shame? Well, we were only staying two nights, and would head back on Sunday, so I guess this was his chance. Although I could see this from a mile away, London was naturally oblivious to her boyfriend’s true intentions. Then again, if Jake hadn’t tipped me off on his plans, would I have noticed?

Either way, that’s how I ended up heading out to the dock with London alone. The implications of what that meant didn’t sink in until London shot me a hungry look. While Dan was planning on having an affair with Jasmine, it looked like London only had her eyes on playing with me.

Out on the boat, we could find any number of hidden places to play while we were supposed to be fishing. However, with Jake around, just how bold would Dan be toward making a move on her. Jake hadn’t said a thing as we set up this arrangement.

Thus, we ended up boarding the boat. It was a small boat with a motor engine. The boat had enough room for four people if they got close. Any way you looked at it, one of us would always have to stay off the boat. I had a feeling that neither of the guys were interested in fishing through. I almost wondered why they came. Then again, it would be weird if I came alone with my sister and her friend.

As we got on the motorboat with all the fishing gear and then turned on the engine, I glanced back to the cabin on the shore. I realized I had a bit of a decision to make. I could either spend some time with London, which was what I had more or less come out this weekend to do, or I could fake some kind of illness, have her take me back early, and possibly catch the pair of them fornicating. Then, I could finally cause London to break it off with Dan. Of course, if I timed things wrong, then we could arrive before or after. The big thing came down to Jake. Was he sticking around the cabin?

“You okay, Noah?” London asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I realized, we had already made it a fair distance from the cabin and were now floating in the middle of the lake. Without binoculars, there would be no way to tell what we were doing on the boat. There were a few other cabins as well, but they were just as far. As I was surveying our location, London slowly moved forward. Her hand reached out and touched my knee.

“Ah… let’s go fishing,” I said.

 “You want to fish?” London blushed. “I kind of thought, you wanted to come out here to do other things?”

“With Jasmine here?” I responded incredulously.

When I had asked to go with them, Jasmine had still been planning on going, so there was no way I had been planning for other things already. Plus, this was the first second we had ended up together. As someone who was often the pursuer, I never realized how annoying it was when the other party didn’t even try to be romantic. Usually, it took an hour or two to get a girl going. I mean, I didn’t know that firsthand, but I had read about it. In this world, every girl was down to fuck at any moment. Even after being here for weeks, I still hadn’t gotten used to it.

“Ah… well… Jasmine isn’t here, Brother.” She bit her lip, and then her hand moved to my thigh. “How about we get comfortable?”

“We’re on a boat?” I responded helplessly. “How do we get comfortable?”

I wasn’t trying to put her off. Really. I didn’t mind London hitting on me, and I did want to have sex, but she was being kind of ridiculous. We had come out here to fish, and we had just gotten here. We could relax a bit, chat, and see what happened. Yet, London was coming on to me aggressively. I found it surprising to realize it, but it was kind of killing the mood.

London took my question literally, and a second later, she snapped her fingers. “I got it!”

She leaned back and then went into one of her packs. I realized that she was pulling out a cooler, and then she brought out two glass bottles and handed me one.

“You’re giving me a beer?”

I know, I had gotten drunk right in front of my father only a few nights ago. However, I had snuck in since I wasn’t an appropriate age. London, on the other hand, was supposed to be my put together, responsible sister. She had finished college and even made it into med school. I was just surprised that she’d suddenly hand me a beer.

“You’re old enough. It’s fine. It will… make you more comfortable.” She smiled and then popped open her bottle on the side of the boat.

Looking at the beer in my hand, my stomach rumbled unpleasantly. I had no problem taking what was offered, but after being hungover, vomiting, and that horrific headache, I didn’t want to drink again so soon. Just thinking about it made me nauseous. I politely put the bottle down unopened. London took a few more drinks of the alcohol while keeping an eye on me. I wanted to start fishing a bit, but all of the supplies were on the other side of London, and I’d have to lean toward her to grab anything.

After a few minutes of silence, London suddenly leaned forward and kissed me. I rolled my eyes but then decided to just go for it. Maybe we could fish afterward. A little kissing never hurt anyone, and being a teenage boy, I’d get horny pretty quickly. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, but then London started to grow more aggressive.

Her tongue started taking my mouth roughly, and before I could pull away or say anything, she leaned forward, pushing my head back until I rolled right off my seat and fell between them. My back hit the metal seat and it was somewhat hard. I let out a cry of pain, but it was muffled and only sounded in London’s mouth. Somehow, this seemed to excite her. I suddenly found my sister jumping on top of me.

Although she was several years older than me, I wasn’t that much smaller than her. I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden, so I pushed her away and kicked her off me. She only fell back when I used enough force that she had to.

She sat back down with a thud, gasping for breath, and staring at me with confusion. “What is it? Aren’t we going to do this?”

Her eyes still held an intense desire to fuck me. I realized that there was no talking to her. If I told her no, she’d just start acting pissy. Why did I even want to tell her no? It was just, I wasn’t in the mood. Was that a thing?

“J-just take me back to the shore,” I said, realizing that we weren’t going to just fish and bond.

There was only one kind of bonding my sister wanted to do, and that was the kind that joined our genitals.

“Noah… don’t be like that.”

“I’m just… feeling a little sick. We can do it tomorrow, okay?”

She reached out to touch my head. “Are you sure? Do I need to take you home?”

“No…” I tried to force a smile on my face, even though it felt fake. “I think I’m just sea-sick.”

London slowly nodded, looking down at the boat rocking back and forth. She seemed to buy that and turned the boat on. I let out a long, hard breath. London and I had done things numerous times now. I didn’t get why I didn’t just go for it right then. I was honestly as confused as she was.

There was just something about the way she came at me. It was like… I was just a dick for her to pleasure herself.

“Do you… see me as a brother?” I asked.

“Huh?” The engine was roaring, and she had her head near it as she was controlling it, so she didn’t hear my question.

“N-nothing.” I sat up and then sighed.

I began to realize what was bothering me about London. She was perfectly willing to do sexual stuff with me, but none of it felt like it was done from a point of love. It felt like she was doing it for pure sexual gratification. If I was someone else, another guy, I didn’t think she would even care. I was just the closest guy she knew who was willing. She didn’t want to hang out with me, not really. She didn’t like me; she just liked the feel of having an affair.

No, it was more than that. I felt like I was changing too. After having sex freely with whomever I wanted for so long, I was realizing that just sex wasn’t as satisfying anymore. I slowly came to a horrifying realization. I no longer wanted to have sex with London!

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