Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Hey… hey… we can stop. If you’re not into it…” She actually started patting my head and trying to calm me down.

She seemed very uncomfortable with me crying, and it made me want to bang my head against a wall. This situation was so freaking screwy. I was way out of my depth with all of this. I went from a loser jacking off to porn to being naked in bed with my childhood crush in a day’s time. Even ignoring the car accident, of course, my mind would be a bit of a mess. I wiped my tears away, shoving the emotions down as I recovered from my breakdown.

Samantha had pulled her underwear and pants back up, but she didn’t seem to bother with her shirt. She had a bra on, but sitting on the edge of the bed next to me with no shirt didn’t seem to faze her at all. It was as if her tits being on display was perfectly normal. In this world, it probably was. With that thought, I realized I had to go through with this. I had to tell her what was going on.

“Samantha. I came here to tell you something. I didn’t think… well… I mean… I don’t want to make you feel like I led you on.”

“Ah… so, you’re not that into me, right?” She let out a weak laugh, scratching the back of her head. “It’s okay, I mean, I don’t want to push you into doing something you don’t want to do.”  

“Damn it! Will stop acting like a guy for a minute! I’m trying to have a serious conversation!” I said irritably.

“Hah? I’m not being emotional!”

“No… I mean… the opposite, Fuuuc… just… listen.” She was looking at me strangely now with an eyebrow raised.

Although she had her pants on, her wet cunt soaked through and even left a little bit of a wet spot on the bed. As for me, I was still fully dressed.

“What?” she asked.

“I was in a car accident earlier today.”


“I went to the doctor. I’m fine.” I defended, “Besides, that’s not the point!”

“What is the point?” she demanded worriedly.

“Everything changed!” I shot back and then winced. “I mean, everything is different.”


“How do I explain this? You know how you want to have sex with me?”

“Y-yeah…” She looked away, blushing.

“Well, before, you didn’t.”


“I mean… like… before I got hit, there was a male president. Men did sports. Men were tough. Men hid their emotions. Men chased after women. Then after…” I gestured around her room.

“I think we should take you to the hospital…” she responded after a moment.

“I mean it!” I sighed. “Your room should be full of pink frilly things. You liked stuffed animals, and cooking.”

“Are you sure you’re not switching us around?” She chuckled.

“Exactly!” I let out a noise of frustration. “Look, you need to stop seeing me as a girl… I mean a guy. I’m more like a girl now. I want sex. I like video games. I masturbate to porn all the time.”

Saying I was like a girl hurt a bit, but at the moment, I was willing to do just about anything to get through to her even just a little bit.

“Ah!” Her eyes widened.

“Do you understand now?”

Her eyes slowly lowered, “So, you’re really just here to make fun of girls. I see…”

My eyes widened. “What?”

“I’m not here to be made fun of, okay?”

If she was a he, wouldn’t he be one of those jaded guys who had been used by women to the point that he had almost no trust in them? I knew several guys like that, particularly on the internet forums. Did she really think I just gave her oral sex just so I could embarrass her or trick her into something? I didn’t even know how to break through for someone like that.

“Fine, you won’t believe me?” I grabbed the bedroom door and softly closed it, locking it.

Prior, it had been opened a crack, but both of her parents were downstairs, so they likely didn’t hear us. Well, had they heard us, they likely would have stopped things. Although, I was curious if I’d get thrown out. If I was the girl in the situation, wouldn’t they just blame everything on her?

“H-hey, what are you doing?” she asked nervously.

Taking a deep breath, I began to pull off my clothing. She spun away as soon as she realized what I was doing, a large blush on her cheeks.

“Noah! What are you doing?”

“We’re having sex,” I responded. “Unless you don’t want to?”

“Y-you… how can you ask a girl that, like I’d say no!” Even though she spoke, she wouldn’t face me.

“Hehe… that’s good like I said, you can treat me just like a girl. Since you’ve wanted to do it with me, naturally, I feel the same way.” I kicked the last of my clothing away, making me completely naked in her room.

Actually, my heart was beating so fast I thought my chest would burst. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! As a guy, this really pushed against all of my common sense. Every instinct in my body told me this would end with her slapping me and then crying on her mother’s lap while her father chased me with a shotgun. However, I had to be sure about this world, and I had already gone this far with her. I had to know.

“Samantha, turn around and look at me.”

She was shaking slightly, but she still turned and looked at me. Her eyes roamed my body quite perversely, and in fact, her eyes seemed to be stuck on my junk. I suddenly wanted to cover it, but I fought against it.

“T-take off your clothing.” That order was a lot weaker.

How could a man order a girl to take off her clothing like this? She hesitantly pulled her pants and underwear back down. When I gestured to her chest, she looked down as if surprised I wanted her chest bare too. Actually, I had already seen below, but as she tossed her bra aside, I got to see her chest for the first time. Seeing her standing there, now completely naked, she looked so beautiful. My cock was about to explode.

Suddenly, she reached down, and her fingers went into her pussy. She started rubbing herself. Particularly, she spread open the area around her clit with two fingers and started to rub the center area. I was so surprised that I made a noise without realizing it. She glanced up at me, her face showing a hint of confusion.


“Wh-what are you doing?” I asked, looking down at her touching herself?

“Eh? Asking like that… aren’t I just trying to keep my slick?”

“Your… slick?”

She shot me a side look. “Yeah, you know… I’m keeping it wet down there, so you can, you know, get it in? Since it’s my first time, I’m sorry if it’s hard to get it in…”

“Hah? What are you apologizing to me for? I’m a virgin too! I’m not sure if I can keep it hard.”

“Yeah, but you’re just a boy. If I can’t make you hard, aren’t I failing as a woman?”

I blinked, taking a moment to translate everything. I had watched plenty of porn and didn’t guys kind of stroke it to keep it hard. I was so excited that I hadn’t needed to, but the more I thought, the more I’d realize I would lose wood if we took too long! But this world was opposite, huh? It was a woman’s job to keep a man hard? Plus, she wanted to remain wet so he could get it in easily? Rather than maintain wood, they called it maintaining slick.

This all left me slightly dazed. Perhaps, if I wasn’t a virgin, these oddities would have been more predictable, but I already wasn’t completely sure how this worked and now my first time was going to be completely backward.

“It’s okay, I’m hard just looking at you,” I said.

“Ah… when you say that it really turns me on.” And she admitted it just like that, but she still kept touching herself.

“So, um… l-lie down,” she said, nodding to the bed.

“Huh? Why don’t you lie down?” I responded.

“Eh? Do you want to be on top? I heard that doesn’t work at all for the first time.”

“How can that be?”

“Well, I mean, boys are so weak, I got to force it in with all of my body weight, if you did it, you probably couldn’t get it in.”

“Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Yeah… if she’s a little bitch… ah… don’t worry, I can handle it. I won’t cry or complain like those dyke bitches.”

Dyke bitch? Is that the equivalent of saying no homo? It seemed like the culture here was just a bit less progressive than in my own world, or maybe Samantha was just a little bit sexist. Actually, she said a lot of things that were sexist, but they sounded so weird I couldn’t even respond to them.

“Don’t worry, I want you on the bottom,” I said, some dark desires starting to swell up inside me.

If this world was the opposite of my own world, then women tended to be on top while men sort of just lay there and let them do their thing. In which case, since Samantha was expecting to be on top, I decided to go all out. I wanted to see the surprised look on her face when the predator became the prey. Well, it was that sort of thing.

She lay on the bed. It was clear she wasn’t all that familiar with this position. Where missionary was the most standard position before with doggy being a bit more exotic, I had a feeling that woman on top and cowgirl were the standard positions now. Trying to put her in missionary for our first time would be like suggesting we did an upside-down wheel barrel for our first time. Actually, I didn’t know that position either, it was just an example.

I got back on top of Samantha, but this time we were both completely naked and there was nothing separating us at all. I could tell she was just as nervous as I was. I grabbed her legs and spread them open. Well, here goes nothing.

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