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“I can’t believe what you did!” Although London had pulled me into a private room, she yelled loud enough everyone in the cabin could hear her again.

“What I did?” I sneered. “Since when did I have to get your permission to do what I want?”

“Since I agreed to watch you this weekend! I’m the adult!”

“Are you now?” I raised an eyebrow, deliberately eyeing her body.

She blushed, covering herself slightly. “This isn’t about that!”

This time, she spoke in a hissed whisper. Although she was angry at me, she was still self-aware enough to understand that she couldn’t talk about certain things in front of her friends and boyfriend.

“London, this is only about that,” I responded back in just as hushed of a voice.

“What do you want from me?” she snapped back. “I tried to do stuff on the boat. You weren’t interested!”

Her voice came out as accusatory. In her mind, I had acted out because I was horny. However, she had already tried to cure such a condition, and I had refused, so she was looking genuinely confused. As for me, the anger I had felt earlier had already diminished quite a bit. Just being able to see the look on Jake’s face had already made my day. I had managed to vent my frustrations on Jasmine’s ass, so I was much calmer now.

At that moment, we heard a car engine turn over. The pair of us looked at each other, before walking out of the room and heading to the front of the cabin. There were car lights on, and there was a half-naked Jasmine in front of the cabin. She had flimsy tight shorts on that showed off her butt really nice, but she wasn’t wearing a top at all. Her delicious breasts were completely exposed to the night air. She had run up to the running car and was banging on it.

“Babe… come on. Don’t be like this,” Jasmine said.

I realized that inside the car was an enraged looking Jake. As Jasmine spoke, he lifted up his middle finger. He hit the gas slightly, turning the car to face down the driveway. Jasmine cried out, running to the front of the car and slapping her hands on the hood.

“You cunt! Leave me alone!” Jake’s muffled voice shouted from the inside of the car.

“Come on, don’t leave… we can work through this. It was just a mistake. He slipped in the shower and fell in me. You know how easy it is for little boys to cum!”

It was even clear to me that she couldn’t have said anything stupider.  Jake was seething, and even shot me a hateful look. He suddenly turned the car to reverse, and then back away, causing Jasmine to stumble. Then, he set it to drive and hit the gas. Jasmine wasn’t able to get her balance in time, and he swerved around her.

“Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing? That’s my car!” London shouted out as Jake peeled off down the driveway and onto the street.

He ignored any of their words, and then kept on driving. The motor became distant, and the light faded. Soon, all that could be heard was the crickets and the occasional splash of fish in the lake. Jasmine walked up to London, her flipflops clapping with each step until she stood side-by-side with London. She clapped a hand on London’s shoulder casually.

“Men… am I right?” dhe asked innocently.

“Don’t!” London shoved Jasmine off of her. “Just don’t…”

“What?” Jasmine held up her arms like she was completely innocent and confused as to why she was being targeted with London’s aggression.

“What? What! What the fuck do you think?” She gestured her arm into the darkness, where a cloud of dust was still settling from where her car drove off. “The buses don’t run on weekends. We’re stuck here until Monday!”

“Really? Ah, well, isn’t that fine? You got a cute boyfriend. I got a cute boyfriend. I’m sure we can keep this weekend entertaining.” Jasmine laughed innocently.

“The fuck did you just say?” London stuck her finger in Jasmine’s face. “You have a cute boyfriend? You better be talking about the dick that just stole my car, because if you’re talking about my little brother…”

Watching London freak out was immensely enjoyable. She was always so cool and collected. She could be a tad condescending and self-absorbed. Right now, all of her walls were down, and I was just trying to keep myself from laughing.

“Oh… I see… you’re just pissed because I banged your little brother and your car got stolen.” Jasmine nodded like she had just genuinely realized this.

“Yes! Yes… I’m pissed off because you touched my brother and got my car stolen!” London was shaking, her face red.

“First off, the car is not my fault. Didn’t see that coming. Besides, he’s Dan’s friend, go blame him.”


“As for your brother…” Jasmine suddenly looked embarrassed, even shooting me a glance. “I um… I didn’t want to say this now, but… I think I’m in love.”

“What?” London stared at her flatly, like her mind had just imploded suddenly.

“Noah, your brother. I’m in love with your little brother.”

“Don’t… you… dare…” London shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Sis, but what happened between us, it wasn’t just an accident. It meant something. I felt it in here.” She put her hand on her naked chest.

“Your heart?” London’s voice now sounded like all hope was lost in this world.

“No, girl, my tits. Remember? I told you how my tits would have this tingle when I found the right guy. Well, they are tingling all over!”

“Oh, god…” London turned away with a disgusted look, walking back to the cabin.

Dan was standing in the doorway, watching this with an incredulous look on his face. I was a bit farther out, standing in the driveway where the car once had been. As London walked away, heading toward the door, Jasmine followed, keeping her distance a few steps behind.

“It’s true. Look, it’s just how I feel. Damn… they’re as hard as glass. That means something!”

“It means it’s chilly and you’re wet without a shirt on!” London snapped back, still muttering to herself.

“Naw, sis… it’s love!” Jasmine stopped right in front of me, and then her spine suddenly straightened and she looked at me, her face blushing.

“Love?” I asked.

London stopped at the doorway. Dan was trying to bring her inside, but she spun back, looking at Jasmine closely while Dan pulled on her arm.

“Ah… yeah…” She said, smiling goofily. “It’s just… when you were inside my ass, it felt so amazing. I was like… I want this guy in my ass all the time… and you can have my pussy too!”

I glanced at London who was raising an eyebrow, then back at Jasmine who was staring at me hopefully.

“That’s… the sweetest thing a girl has ever said to me.”

She broke into a relieved smile. “Cool… cool… um… you’re like really hot, and even though you’re a bit younger, I don’t think you’re dumb at all. I like your dick… and your chest… ah… that’s not to say I only like you for your body. You have a great mind too.”

“Man… your nips are hard.” I poked one of them. “They could cut glass.”

“Hehe…” she chuckled. “Yeah, guess it is a bit cold. I like you though, so, I mean, with Jake gone, be my boyfriend?”

I looked deliberately over at London and spoke slowly and deliberately. “I would love to.”

She clenched her teeth and shook her head with an irritated expression, then she moved through the front door, finally letting Dan take her and letting the screen slam shut. London didn’t have a place to say anything about our relationship. Although Jake and Jasmine had been a couple, it wasn’t like they were serious. In this state, 17 was legal, so I was grown up enough to make my own decisions. Furthermore, if she did press things, she’d end up having to reveal things to mom, and I knew London wasn’t willing to do that.

Jasmine followed my eyesight toward the door where London had just left and then nodded. “Yeah, don’t worry about London. She’s my sis. She’s angry now, but she’ll eventually get used to it. Who cares what she thinks anyway, right?”

“Want to fuck?” I asked.

“Yeah?” Her eyes brightened. “Can you go again? Damn… I’m already wet just thinking about it.”

“Okay… let’s go fuck.”

I grabbed her hand and the pair of us walked into the cabin. I wasn’t going to take her to her bed after seeing Jake in his sexy underwear on that thing short of taking fire to it, so we went to my bedroom instead. This was the bedroom that I was supposed to share with Dan. However, Dan was in London’s room trying to calm her down.

“Ooo… fuck… fuck… yeah… fuck!” Jasmine’s moans started to fill the cabin.

Well, before her moans, there was the squeaking. She was riding on top, her boobs bouncing up and down wildly, and the springs on this cabin mattress had gotten a bit squeaky. It was very clear what we were doing long before we had started. At this point, the cat was out of the bag, and there was no point in hiding anything.

Jasmine was a luscious girl, and she had a lot of stamina. When I came inside her, she’d rub her wet, dirty cunt against my soft prick until it grew hard again, and then we’d start. Since she was on top and doing all the work, all I had to do was lie back and play with her hard nipples. They didn’t get any softer in my hands, but I did drive her into orgasm after orgasm.

I definitely would have crapped out after two times if I had been doing the work, but since she was riding me, I found us ending up going about five or six times. I felt like a stud, especially with a vibrant, dark-skinned beauty on top of me. We kissed until our lips were chapped and fucked until even my cock ached a bit. Finally, we passed out in a sweaty, naked mass on the bed.

Of course, Dan wouldn’t barge in and he wouldn’t want to sleep on the bed after the mess we made on it. He ended up sleeping with London. Ultimately, this entire affair seemed to have left him more flummoxed. On the one hand, it was good that I was revealed as a sex fiend. On the other hand, London had grown extremely distant and angry.

I didn’t know this at the time, but under the sounds of us having vigorous sex, and with them not being able to sleep, Dan had tried to seduce London numerous times. However, listening to her little brother give it to her friend, she wasn’t in the mood at all, and had slapped away Dan’s hand and even turned her back on him icily. Come morning, both of them were in a bad mood.

As for Jasmine, she woke up whistling, went out and made breakfast, and then served it to me in bed. While I ate it, I felt some fumbling around my pants. I looked over my tray table to see Jasmine pulling my cock out of my pants. While I ate breakfast, she sucked my cock.

In the long term, I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with this nympho, but for the weekend, I was thinking things were going to be a lot more entertaining.

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