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This wasn’t the first time that I had done sexual stuff with London, but up until that point, we hadn’t had sex. At first, she had been resistive to the idea, only kissing a few times and giving me head after I coerced her. However, those restrictions broke down with time as she got used to and excited by the idea of having her brother. Ultimately, she invited me on this trip for the sole purpose of expecting us to sleep together. She wanted to have me, and it was difficult to do when I was at home surrounded by my sisters.

Of course, that never stopped Mackenzie, but we’d also had our close calls, and besides, Mackenzie wasn’t London. Then, London had brought me out on the lake, and in her excitement, grew a bit forceful. This pissed me off, especially given her unwillingness to listen to me and trying to treat me like a little kid while trying to sleep with me like an adult. The result was that I ended up in Jasmine’s pants, spending the weekend reminding her that I was an adult and could do what I wanted with my body.

This somehow came to a head unexpectedly in the woods. It was dark and isolated. We were in an area about fifteen minutes away from the closest camping places, and no one was likely to be jogging up here in the middle of the night. However, London had the good sense that after we made out a bunch and had slipped out of our clothing to relocate from right in the middle of the path.

Grabbing up all the clothes, she pranced off into the dark, finding a more isolated location behind a big tree where we might have a chance to hide and get dressed if someone did come up the path. Watching a twenty-four-year-old woman with a bundle of clothing in her hands butt-nakedly tiptoe through the park at night was a surreal experience. If anyone saw this girl, who was here planning to bang a seventeen-year-old boy who was also her brother, they’d never be able to believe she was also an intelligent medical school graduate.

With a small half-smile on my face, I scampered after her like a cheetah stalking a gazelle. She had barely laid herself down when I pounced on top of her. London let out a noise, but rather than act shy, she turned and kissed me, her hand reaching hungrily for my cock. That was right, this was a world where the women were the cheetahs. However, I wasn’t a gazelle, so it was questionable who would eat up the other in the end.

While her hand enthusiastically stroked my cock, my hand mischievously ran through the pubic hair of her nether regions before I slid two fingers inside her. My fingers began to explore her pussy, while her hand gripped my cock. The pair of us began kissing again, our tongues attacking each other’s mouths as we fell to the ground together, neither one of us willing to back off. London was an older woman, who was filled with experience. While all of my younger sisters were virgins who didn’t know much about sex beyond their own fantasies, London was an experienced woman, who still had the exuberance of youth.

“Hah… Noah… yeah… finger fuck me,” she gasped, kissing my cheeks in little pecks as her body grew more excited.

I obliged, even trying to add a third finger. It barely fit, but she raised one of her legs, spreading herself so I could push my fingers deep inside. Her pussy was very wet, and sliding inside her felt like pushing my fingers into an apricot. I rotated my wrist, making sure that I pushed my fingers as deep into her wet insides as possible before pulling them out again.

“Yeah, baby, like that,” she panted, her hand moving faster and faster on my cock.

The outdoor air was chilly, especially since we were naked, but the feel of her warm body against mine was exceptionally good. Her hot breath struck my face as she panted, filling my nostrils with a sweet breath. The fragrance between her legs also started to fill the air. I lay on the cold grass, but I was sweating. More than that, I was getting hotter by the moment. By the time I realized her machinations were going to make me cum, it was too late. I hadn’t even stuck it inside her yet, and I was already going to lose a load.

However, just as I was about to reach my end, London cried out, her back arcing, shoving her pelvis against my hand. She let go of my cock and grabbed her chest, squeezing on her nipples. The other hand squeezed my arm, and it tightened as she came.

“I’m cumming!” she moaned.

Her body spasmed orgasmically against, her breath coming out in heavy gasps as she shuddered in satisfaction. Her thighs wrapped around my hand and squeezing together tightly, nearly to the point my fingers hurt. I could feel her pussy pulsating in my grip, wet liquid leaking out and soaking my hand.

“Fuck… fuck…” she moaned as her body started to calm down, still sputtering with sexual delight. “Noah…”

Feeling like I dodged a bullet by having her cum first, I gave a small smile. “I love you, London.”

She leaned over and kissed my lips. “That was amazing. Thanks.”

There was a certain finality to her words, causing me to frown slightly. She didn’t reach down for my cock. In fact, she lay down on her back, her legs open like she was airing it out after making a mess down there. Her hand remained on her chest, and she recovered her breath while looking up to the sky.


“Hmm? Oh, we should probably go back soon.”

“Did you think we were done?” I asked.

“Did you not cum?”

I stared at her in disbelief. In the past, I had always cum first, or cum when she hadn’t at all, so I had never realized this, but London was a one and done girl. Since she was sexually satisfied, she had no ambition or desire to fuck me anymore. Once she got what she wanted, she was happy to roll over and sleep! Now, I was starting to understand why Dan cheated. I didn’t want to sympathize with that asshole at all, but the hell I was going to let it end here.

“We’re still having sex,” I told her.

“O-oh… sure, if you want.” She was acting like it was weird I wanted it.

“Just get the fuck on my cock.”

I might have jumped on top and pushed her down, but she pissed me off, so why not make her do the work. Once she used up her energy, then I’d be the one having the last laugh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.” She chuckled like it was a joke, bringing her hand up to her face.

“It’s fine.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good too.” With her hand on her face, she took a sniff and looked at me lewdly. “Mmm… my hand smells like your cock. That smell really turns me on.”

Although she said this, the way she spoke it was like she just wanted to say something erotic. It worked, but it also had a layer of phoneyness to it, like a girl calling your cock big when she didn’t really think it was.

She casually swung her leg over and got on top of me. “You were wearing a rubber with Jasmine, right?”

“Yes,” I lied.

“Good… I’m only doing it bareback because I’m responsible and on the pill,” she explained. “But other partners, if they make you have a baby, it’d be dreadful.”

This world didn’t have very many STDs, so pregnancy was a greater concern. Somehow, despite it being the woman who got pregnant, it seemed to be the guy who had to deal with the burden. I roll my eyes as London lectured me like a kid again. Once she had gotten off, all of her animalistic desires had cooled, and she had turned back into my obnoxious big sister. I still planned to make her pay though, so I bared with it for the moment.

London lined up my cock, and then dropped down on top of it. “Ahhn…”

I was finally in my half-sister London. We had beat around the bush for a bit, but finally, I conquered her pussy. She was as slim or as youthful as Mackenzie, but there was something about the way she sat on top of my cock that felt like she belonged there. It was a familiarity with a woman who knew what she was doing. She then began to ride my cock, rotating her hips back and forth and she rubbed my cock in and out of her pussy.

The feeling was incredible, and instantly showed the disparity between an experienced woman and a teen girl. Although I had played with my teacher and a few other adults, they were older than London, and perhaps a bit slower and less passionate.

“Your penis really fills up my pussy,” she moaned. “We’re very compatible.”

“That’s good, I guess.”

Watching her ride on top of me, she was doing it with extreme calmness. In the night air, she bounced and gyrated, her eyes focused on the task at hand. She wasn’t loud, sloppy, sadistic, or aggressive. Her sexual attitude was very cool and collected. Her body seemed to lack passion, especially now that we already broke the ice. I found myself realizing more about my sister by having sex with her than I did from all my previous observations.

“Ahn… Ahn… I’m going to come again,” she announced.

Her breath was staggered, and she spoke in gasps, but once again, there wasn’ t much emotion there. It felt very clinical. Her body shuddered as she came, and she stopped moving her hips again.

“Keep going!” I urged.

“Sorry, I can’t,” she panted. “I need a moment.”

I hadn’t expected my attack to come so soon. I was just shocked as I realize the horrifying truth. My sister might have had a lot of sexual experience, but she was super vanilla. I hadn’t noticed ever before because, in this world, gender was reversed. I had taken her aggressive sexual approach and her willingness to touch and suck me to mean she was a pretty perverted and deviant woman.

That wasn’t the case at all! It all made so much sense now. Dan cheated on her because she was vanilla with sex. It’d be like having a girlfriend who only did missionary in my old world. She convinced you she was adventurous because she sucked your dick on the first date, but in the end, she was basic. It was no wonder that she had found such comfort in me. I gave her sex life some excitement and taboo she had never had before. To her, just doing it in the forest was probably the most exciting sex of her life. Even when we passionately made out and ripped each other’s clothes off, she had pulled away and then hidden us somewhere more private.

If I was a normal guy from this world, I could find London very unsatisfying. Fortunately, I wasn’t just any guy. Even if she didn’t have the heart of a pervert, didn’t that just make it all much more fun when I opened up her horizons? Licking my lips, I grabbed onto London and shoved her over. She had seriously reached the end of it. Two orgasms were probably already considered the most passionate sex she had ever had.

“N-Noah! What are you doing?” she gasped as I pushed her down to the ground.

I grinned. I was going to show her what passionate sex felt like!

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