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It was a day after my study session with Samantha, and my play session with her mom. Another day of school started without too much of a problem. In general, since I was out of school so much, the rumors about me had died down a bit. That was mostly because it seemed like Abigail wasn’t spreading those rumors anymore. If anything, she’d gone strangely quiet. I hadn’t run into her at all. In class, she had been excused in preparation for other duties. I guess the prom was coming in a month or two, and she was part of the committee that was getting everything ready for the juniors and seniors.

At this school, Junior and Seniors were allowed to buy tickets for the prom. For Seniors, this was their last prom, so they tended to go all out. For Juniors, it was more common to just go with friends and screw off. A Sophomore like me would have to be invited by an older girl who would then have to buy a ticket for me. Previously, it was impossible for all but the most popular guys to ever get invited to the prom. However, after the switch, girls were clamoring to invite any guy they could. Many of them were hoping to lose their virginities with a guy after the prom too.

Samantha was too young. Someone would have to buy her a ticket, and for women that was impossible. When it came to Abigail, she could probably get a ticket, if I ever had a chance to talk to her. Then there was Mackenzie or Dawn, who were both old enough to go. Dawn seemed to have no interest in prom, and as for Mackenzie, going with her brother would be a public disaster, no matter what her feelings were.

Then again, even if none of them asked, there was Sophie, Luna, and Nora. We had started talking again the previous day. They had just sat down around me at lunch and started talking like they hadn’t ghosted me. Perhaps, after Nora told them what she found out, they all started feeling bad about it. Since Abigail had lightened up and the rumors were gone, they felt comfortable chatting with me again.

This didn’t make them the greatest friends, but then again, we didn’t know each other all that well to start with. Just the fact that they were willing to hang out with me again said enough. Apologies didn’t need to be said. We were guys, after all. Ahem… actually, they were girls. Never mind, I felt good being able to chat with someone at lunch. I began to realize my video game time had been slipping. When your mind was lost in sex and girls, it was really easy to let your hobbies go.

“What are your thoughts on prom?” I asked them, hoping they didn’t think I came off as too much of a guy.

The three looked at each other, but it was Sophie who spoke. “Ah, well, Luna is on the committee, so she can get us tickets. We’ll probably go together. Just a group of sexy bachelorettes prowling for some di… ah… I mean! S-sorry…”

“Dick, huh?” I scratched my chin. “Maybe, I should make some guy friends, then I can get you girls hooked up.”

The three women’s eyes fell open in shock, and Nora reached out. “Shit, you’ll do that?”

I was surprised as all three girls looked at me intensely. What was Sophie’s talk about bachelorettes just prowling? Weren’t they all desperate for some cock? I’d offer them my own, but we had only just started talking and I didn’t want to make things weird.

“Wait, don’t you have several sisters? They’re pretty popular with the boys.”

“What are you saying?”

“Bait and switch.” Sophie grinned.

“That’s awful!” Nora cried.

“Absolutely not!” I put my foot down.

I wouldn’t give my sisters out to any boys, even as a joke! Ahem… I might have acted a bit aggressive there. They were all looking at me strangely.

“I-I mean, you shouldn’t do that to gi-guys. “I recovered quickly. “You’ll ruin your night and theirs if expectations aren’t met.”

Sophie sighed. “I guess you’re right.”

I wiped my forehead, glad I had gotten out of that conversation without seeming like a creep. We continued to chat for the rest of the lunch period, and then I moved on to the next class. I finally reached our last class of the day, which was the same class where I had blackmailed the teacher. She handed back our tests from the previous week. I had been there on Friday to take the examination, but after missing so many days, it was hard to be confident.

When she handed me the test, there wasn’t a score on it. Instead, it simply said ‘see me’ after class. I looked up at Ms. Devon, but she didn’t meet my eyes as she continued passing out tests. I knew since I decided to play with fire that we’d be having more confrontations. The current me felt a little embarrassed that I had gone so far earlier. I could get in a lot of trouble if this was ultimately found out. I wasn’t invincible here. That’s why I’d mostly been pretending I didn’t have illicit and naughty pictures of my teacher on my phone.

When the bell finally rang, I pretended to get ready, but just went slowly. I planned to stay after today anyway, so it didn’t bother me that I’d miss the bus. It wasn’t long before it was just Ms. Devon and me alone in the classroom once again. She was erasing the board slowly. The room was silent and I could only sit there listening to the soft swish. She was wearing a tank top and tight yoga pants. It was sexy, the same kind of stuff a teacher really shouldn’t wear.

She finally turned around and looked at me. She didn’t say anything. Rather, she looked my body up and down like she was considering things. Finally, she put down her eraser and walked by me. She passed by and ended up in the backroom. I raised an eyebrow and turned after her, watching her behind in those tight yoga pants as she left into a more secure spot. Glancing around the room one more time just to make sure I didn’t miss someone, I followed her into the backroom and then closed the door.

“Um… you wanted to see me?” I asked.

She reached behind her, and then pulled down her yoga pants with the underwear as well. She then bent over her desk and spread her cheeks. “Eat my pussy.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Wh-what?”

“You failed that exam. This is your makeup. You wanted a decent grade, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… but…” I started, but then she sneered while looking back at me.

“Hmph, you think you can just blackmail me? You’re too naïve. If you try to bring me down, I’ll bring you down too. If you want something, you have to give something. That’s the way the world works. So, now, you’re going to be my little slut. If you want to keep your grades up, then you’ll have to give it when I want it.”

I wanted to say something, but then I closed my mouth. She smiled, taking that as acceptance.

“Good, now pleasure me.”

She thought she had a one on me, but I mostly felt a little amused. Perhaps, if I was a girl who was trying to blackmail her male teacher and he started acting this way, I’d grow scared and submissive. However, I still had my original mind and demeanor, and how could a forceful and demanding teacher that wanted to have sex with me be a disadvantage? Wanting me to eat her pussy? I had no problem with that at all!

I had worried she’d do the exact opposite. I was worried she’d refuse to give me better grades, and close her legs tight and perhaps even start telling people what was going on. Even after all this time, I still struggled to see like a girl in a reverse gender environment. She decided to double down. If she was going to be threatened with blackmail, then she might as well try to threaten instead, coming out on top.

Of course, she was afraid, which is why she had waited a week or two to make her move, but when she saw that I wasn’t going to tell, her horny desires surfaced, and she decided to keep taking advantage of the situation. When one side wasn’t submissive to the other in this typically taboo situation, it became more like a cold-war, where neither side was willing to press the button for fear of mutually assured destruction.

In which case, Ms. Devon, or Diana as I should call her, had made an unspoken agreement with me. If I kept fucking her, she would up my grades. Naturally, when I’m done with her class, we separate and never talk about it again. As for my previous talk about being more responsible, wasn’t it responsible to finish my promises and not go back on them? You should also finish what you start, or something like that.

I fell to my knees, and the naughty teacher grinned lewdly. I stuck my nose between her ass cheeks and licked her cunt from behind. This was actually the standard blowjob position in this world. Since most of the girls I played with were virgins or we had been in odd circumstances, I hadn’t experienced it that much outside of googling some porn. Women liked it from behind, so in a world where women were dominant, wouldn’t they prefer to stick a man’s face in their ass?

Men before the switch liked women in submissive roles, on their knees, in the most humbling positions possible. It was no different in a world where women were in charge. Except, licking it from the front was considered more intimate. After all, you could see them, you had to move your legs especially to make room for them, and so on. Let’s face it, if a guy could make his cock point the other way, he’d make girls suck his dick while sticking his ass in her face too.

My tongue darted in and out of her excitedly while my nose was shoved in her ass crack. She was a bit fragrant and sweaty after a day of classes. She wasn’t disgusting below, but she hadn’t bothered to make herself fresh for me either. That was probably done on purpose to show me my place. However, I ate her dirty pussy anyway, enjoying every moment of it as my tongue and mouth made pick like noises between her leg.

It was clear that I had an effect on her. Her legs felt like they buckled a few times under the pleasure, and she found herself clinging to the desk just to keep on her feet. She let out several moans, unable to keep herself from making noises as she was eaten like her husband no longer did for her.

“Ahhn… Ahhh… fuck… lick it… lick that pussy you little slut.” She moaned as she orgasmed on my tongue.

She still seemed to like calling me a slut. That was probably another powerplay. I didn’t mind at all. I just doubled my efforts, attacking her clit until her legs kicked out and her pussy contracted. When I had her dripping down her legs, and I needed a breath, she finally started to recover. She straightened up off the desk and got her legs under her again. She then grabbed a pen from her desk along with my test. She wrote on it then handed it to me. I looked down at it and then frowned.

“Wait, why did I get a B?”

“Did you think that was enough for an A?” She responded, grinning.

She was still facing away from me, her tight ass and wet cunt exposed, looking back at me mischievously. Her dark expression had loosened after an orgasm or two, but it was clear she could keep going. With a sigh, I shoved her back down over the desk roughly, causing her to cry out in surprise. Then, I pulled out my dick, and shoved it in her. I put in a good amount of effort on my makeup exam. It took about thirty minutes and I was sore by the time I was done, but I finally earned an A.

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