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“Why don’t you screw off!”

“You want to fight?”


“Wh-what was that?”


As Kristy had her head poked out the front curtain as she argued with the other woman who seemed dead set on using this shower, her naked butt was wagging before me. She was wet and bent over. How could I not tease her a little? Of course, I started with my hands, sliding two fingers into her wet, waiting snatch. I couldn’t see her face, but she was surprised.

“Look, woman, just finish quickly.

“I’m aaaahh-lmost done…”

“Are you okay? You look like you’re out of breath?”

“Th-that’s i-i-mpossib—ahhhh-le!”

I started to move my fingers rapidly, pushing them in and out of her warm body. They moved smoothly, making somewhat noticeable wet splashing sounds. At this point, I had figured we were going to get caught anyway. I didn’t see a situation where I was walking out of this. The best I could do is make the scene so graphic that no one ever noticed my face.

It made sense in some ways. After all, these women were like guys from my world. Would they really be that focused on a girl’s face when walking into a scene like that? If the rest of the scene was shocking enough, then I could flee before my identity was determined. Then, Kristy would only face very general rumors about taking a boy in the locker room. Most people wouldn’t believe it, and it’d probably only increase her popularity among the girls. Simply put, molesting my sister was for her own good.

“What’s that sound? What are you doing back there?” One of the other girls who had taken a shower had returned after getting dried and dressed, and she noticed the wet sounds.

“I-it’s nothing!” Kristy cried, her hand reaching behind and trying to swat mine away, and failing.

I shoved my fingers particularly deep, and she grabbed onto the shower curtain, squeezing it hard enough that her fingers were white, trying to fight back the pleasure.

“Holy crap, she really is masturbating!”

“That’s not true… ahhhh…” She let out a lewd cry.

“Are you getting off on us watching you? Girl, fucking sick!”


“Let’s get out of here!”

“I’m going to throw up!”

“Kristy’s sister is a pervert!”

“I-I’m cumming!” She cried out, her body starting to convulse.

I was just about to push too hard, causing her to fall out of the shower and reveal what was really going on. Her reputation would immediately spin around. From a pervert schlicking off in the shower to a woman sneaking guys into her shower to bang. Of course, I was going to cover my face so they couldn’t see. Make it out like I was embarrassed. I just really hoped no one was waiting out in the school hallway as I ran from the female locker room to the male locker room. Well, even then, I might be able to claim I was streaking or something. Desperate times called for desperate solutions.

“Let’s get out of here!”

“I’m leaving.”

“Yeah, uh… I feel like taking a shower even more, but not that one.”

As Kristy’s pussy twitched against my hand in orgasm and her legs turned to jelly, the three women finally abandoned their spots. I could hear them running away all while making disgusted, embarrassing remarks. Girls of this world might be perverts, but this level of perversion exceeded their level of comfort. They couldn’t even be mad about it. They were just disgusted. The door to the locker room opened, and then slammed shut, and like that, we were alone in the shower once again.

By this point, Kristy had finished her orgasm. Oops, their sudden departure had caught me off guard, and I had completely forgotten to carry through with the plan. We were safe now, but Kristy’s reputation would be destroyed!

She stood back up as my fingers fell out of her. She stood with her back to me. I couldn’t see her face at all. Was she really mad at me?

“Kristy…” I said guiltily.

Slowly, she started to turn to me. “Brother.”

“Y-yes!” I stood up straight, not wanting to anger her further.

However, when I saw her face, she wasn’t angry at all. Rather, she looked guilty.

“I’m sorry, brother. I know that was scary for you,” she said.

I could even get away with this? Somehow, despite my embarrassing Kristy, she was taking complete responsibility for what happened. She’s not even mentioning the fact I fingered her from behind!

“It’s fine… about your reputation,” I said awkwardly.

I did feel bad about that. I had promised to take care of my sisters, and I had instead put Kristy in a worse spot. If I could figure out a way to change things around, I would. However, Kristy didn’t seem particularly worried at all.

“It’s fine, Noah. People spread dumb rumors all the time. No one is even going to believe those gals.” Kristy said, and then looked away from me, a strange expression on her face like she wanted to say more.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s nothing!” Her expression grew redder.

Was she holding back her anger? Was she upset, but didn’t want to yell at her brother? I grabbed her hands, forcing her to look at me. She let out a cry as our eyes met.

“What’s wrong? Please, I can fix it.”

“It’s just that since we’ve already gone so far…” She pushed her fingers together. “Then, we might as well go the rest of the way, right?”

“Wh-what?” I took a step back.

With a red face, she bent over and spread her cheeks, giving me a full sight of her backside once again. “Please, stick it in and finish. I want it in me so bad.”

I was completely wrong! Kristy was a pervert after all! The other girls were right! After getting a taste for her brother, she wants the whole sausage! Well, I did say that I’d do anything to fix her. Big brother couldn’t be a liar, now could he? Now that the other girls had left, it was just us. A smart man would escape the locker room when he had the time. A smart man would…

I grabbed my dick and slid into between her legs. She gasped as I pressed it against her sweet womanhood. We had pushed the showerhead to the side, so even though it was still running and we were both wet, her sticky warmth hadn’t been washed away from when she came. Her pussy seemed to be begging for my cock.

“Are you sure?” I hesitated for a second.

“Please, brother. I want it.” She begged.

I pushed myself into her, taking the pussy of my 4th sister. I was truly helpless. She was tight and warm, and it took a bit of force to get it in. As I pushed, Kristy let out erotic noises.

“Yes… Ahn… yes… a little more. I want all of Noah. Please… almost there.”

She didn’t resist as I completely penetrated her. Then, I began to thrust into her. I grabbed her ass and gave hard, rough thrusts. She let out various moans and whimpers, no longer trying to hide her lust. Her tits were pressed against the wall of the shower, and she arched her back so I could fuck her at the best angle. I had to still bend my knees slightly and thrust up, but each thrust felt great. I moved my hips faster and faster, banging Kristy for all she was worth.

“Ahhn… Noah… yes! Keep it up! Yes! Like that!” She moaned.

Girls in this world rarely hesitated to tell you just how they liked it. It made sex much more satisfying because they didn’t even attempt things like faking it. At this point, the shower was luke warm. We had eaten up all the heat. However, the friction between the two of us was hot enough. She turned her head and I kissed her mouth while thrusting into her from behind. It was all I could do to keep from exploding. Her moans muffled against my mouth as our tongues explored each other.

“Fuck!” She cried out, breaking her kiss from me and pushing her butt back. “There… there.. there… yes, yes, yes!”

As she arched her back and her pussy contracted around my cock in an orgasm, I couldn’t hold back.

“I-I’m going to cum…” I panted.

“I love you…” She stood up and turned around, dropping to her knees.

She started to suck my dick, not hesitating to suck hard even though my cock was covered in her wet juices. She probably wasn’t on any kind of birth control, so she had decided to finish me off with her mouth. All of my other sisters were older and had already prepared for such things, but Kristy was still young. I grabbed her hair tightly in my hands, and I started to thrust into her mouth.

I was almost there and I wanted to cum in her so bad. Since she had pulled it out of her pussy, I used her mouth instead. She gagged and coughed, but she let me use her face to my pleasure. I fucked her throat roughly for about a minute before I finally came. My cock erupted with semen, and she immediately made gulping sounds as she swallowed it all down her throat. My precious baby sister was now drinking my cum.

“S-sorry…” I stuttered as I finally let go of her and she spat out my dick and gasped for air.

“Don’t be,” She wiped her mouth and smiled up at me. “You taste like candy.”

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t true at all, but then again, didn’t guys say women tasted like roses or sweet stuff all the time. In my experience, it was usually just salty. I helped her up to her feet, and then she leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed back, not minding since she had swallowed. Her lips were really warm and pretty red after I had banged them so hard.

“Kristy, we can’t tell anyone about this,” I explained, feeling a bit stupid telling her this after we had already done so much.

“Duh.” She said, causing me to wince. “How could I? My sisters would kick my ass if they knew we had done this.”

“That… might be true…” I said, scratching my cheek.

Most of my sisters I had been just as far with. The only sister I hadn’t closed any gap with was Kelsey. That was a bit strange, because of all the girls, she was the most expressive and flirtatious. Yet, because of circumstances, it was her twin sister Kristy that I had the pleasure of fucking. How was I going to consolidate all of my girls together?

“Hey! Kristy! Someone just said you were in here masturbating! You’re going to give me a bad name if you-” The screen slid open.

Standing on the other side of the shower was Kelsey. She was still in her track shorts, but she wasn’t wearing a shirt. As soon as her eyes focused on the two of us, completely naked, holding each other closely, her mouth fell open. My cock wasn’t erect anymore, and there was no real indication we looked like we were having sex. It was just a man and a woman taking a shower together, and they just happened to be siblings. You could make up a reason for that, right? Yeah, I figured not.

“I’m sorry to disturb you.” Kelsey shut the curtain and turned away.

Kristy and I looked at each other and then jumped out of the shower. The pair of us jumped on Kristy as she tried to run, tackling her to the floor.

“What are you doing? You’re wet!” She cried.

“So are you! At least we’re clean!” Kristy criticized Kelsey for being sweaty.

“Okay, I will! Get off me! I didn’t see anything!”

“What do we do?” I asked Kristy desperately as we held Kelsey down.

“She’ll talk! She’ll definitely talk!”

“I don’t even know what I saw! No, I mean I didn’t see what I saw! Let me go! Help! Help!”

She started yelling for help. On the floor in front of the shower, I grabbed the first thing I could find. It turned out to be Kristy’s panties which she had taken off during the shower. I shoved them into her twin’s mouth. Her eyes bulged.

“We have to make sure she doesn’t talk.” I hissed.

“I got it! She won’t be able to talk if she’s a participant!”

“What are you saying?”

“Brother, you’re only chance is to bang my twin sister!”

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