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I had never had the intention of playing with my younger sisters, but somehow, I ended up in this situation. They had gotten me to strip naked, and then had teased me as much as I was willing to take. It was my turn to strip them. Of course, they didn’t resist at all, and soon all three of us were naked. If anyone walked in at that moment, it would be bad, but those kinds of thoughts weren’t in my mind right at that moment.

Instead, I was staring down at my cute sisters. They were twins, but they also had various differences between them. Kristy was a little pumper and softer, where Kelsey was a bit more refined and muscular. Kelsey was actually about an inch taller than her sister. As for their pussies, they were nearly identical. The only difference was that Kristy had shaved herself bare, while Kelsey had a bit of baby growth. It was thin and light, making it blend in with her skin.

“Y-you shaved?” Kelsey naturally was nosy, and immediately checked out her sister.

“Wh-where are you looking!” she covered herself from her sister’s eyes. “I-I heard guys like it smooth.”

“I do.” I immediately cut in before Kelsey could tease her.

“R-really?” Kelsey asked, suddenly covering herself shyly.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. “I like that too.”

“Sh-should we really be doing this?” Kelsey breathed out loud.

“We can stop if you want.” I offered.

She shook her head exaggeratedly. “N-no! I mean… whatever. If you want.”

“Okay then, I’ll start with you!”

“What? Ahhh!”

“Shh! Sister, someone might hear!” Kristy hushed Kelsey as I grabbed her by her legs and pulled her to me.

I dived my head directly between her legs. She instinctively tried to close them to protect her sensitive areas, but I didn’t let her. My mouth found her clitoris, and I immediately started to lick it.

“Ahn… B-brother!” Kelsey gasped, biting her hand.

The second the two girls had invited me into their room, they had to suspect that things were going this way. However, just because you were hoping to have sex didn’t mean you were prepared when stuff started happening. Kelsey looked down in disbelief as I slid my tongue up and down her slit. I barely started licking her when Kristy grabbed my hand. She brought it between her own legs.

“That’s so hot, Brother. Finger me.” She also begged.

Kristy had been more sexually aggressive and demanding than her sister. That’s why we ended up having sex in the first place. She likely also pushed her sister into bringing me into this room and going this far. I didn’t think either of my sisters was into girls. They were both focused on me, but I didn’t mind that at all. I heard about threesomes where the girls would be more into each other than the guy, so this suited me fine.

While eating out one girl, my nose pushing against the fur patch of her crotch, I slid my fingers into the other’s smooth snatch, exploring her depths. Both girls were naked and writhing on the ground between the matching beds on either side of the room, taking every piece of stimulation I gave to them. Kristy licked her lips and squeezed her nipples, even rocking her hips as my fingers slid out of her wet snatch. Kelsey was less animated biting her lip and panting as my tongue made shapes against her clitoris.

“Ahhh… ahhh…” Kelsey moaned and started to shake.

“Hehe… are you cumming?” Kristy teased.

Kelsey’s face flushed red. “N-no! I’m not! Th-this is nothing!”

“You can admit it. You’re a quick cummer. To think, you’re going to splash it all over Brother’s face.”

“Th-that won’t happen! I-I’m not some creepy girl.”

“Well, you definitely won’t last as long as me!”

I found it extremely interesting how alike the girls were. In public life, the conversation was usually reversed. It’d be Kelsey teasing Kristy. Kristy was always a bit more awkward, a bit lazier, and a bit less accomplished, and so Kelsey always took the opportunity to rub it in her face. However, now that Kelsey was taken out of her element, Kristy was taking the opportunity to tease her and make her blush. I would have let things progress, but I was the one pleasuring them, so all of her smack talk about how she was going to last was indirectly a slight on me. That was something a big brother wasn’t going to forgive.

I pulled away from Kelsey and then used my hold on her legs to flip her over. She let out a cry as she tumbled on top of Kristy.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” She cried out.

Kelsey had also said that this was nothing, so I was going to make both my little sisters pay. They were the ones who had pushed us into this situation, so why couldn’t I have a little fun with both of them? I was between both of my sister’s legs, although one was on her back, and the other was facing her on top. She tried to get up, but I pushed her back down against her sister. The two looked away to keep their mouths from touching.

I slid my dick into Kristy. She had already lost it anyway, so I just popped it in. She let out a cry of surprise, and her arms grabbed Kelsey instinctively. While that was happening, I put my hand up between Kelsey’s nice butt cheeks from behind and then slid two fingers into her snatch. This was the first time I penetrated her with my fingers, having previously only teased her clit with my tongue. She also let out a cry of surprise.

“B-brother… if you keep it up…”

“It’s cumming out!”

“No… I’m cumming!”

Both girls started climaxing. Liquid sprinkled out from the top and bottom like a water fixture suddenly being turned on. That didn’t mean I was done with them. These two were basically virgins, but I was their experienced big brother. If I didn’t show them how good sex could be, then I wasn’t doing my duty. I grabbed Kelsey and lifted her. My little sisters were younger and lighter, and it was easier to pick them up and move them however I wanted. Compared to London or Dawn, they were like feathers.

I pressed Kelsey’s naked back against my stomach, and then I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her chest and kissing her neck.

“B-brother, what are you doing?” She gasped.

While Kristy was still on the ground with her legs spread out, I put Kelsey down into a sitting position, her pussy pushing up against her sister. However, my dick was still inside her sister, so she ended up riding on top. Every time I thrust forward, my dick pushed between her cheeks, rubbed along her cunt, and then entered her sister. As my hips followed, they would push her up, and then when I pulled away, she’d fall back down, only to do it again.

As I continue to bang Kristy, Kelsey’s pussy got continuously teased as her pussy felt my cock enter her sister. I sucked on her neck enough that she would probably get a hickey, and I banged them both with my full strength. Both girls had already grown lost in their lust, and I was worried they were being a bit loud with their voices as they panted and moaned. Kristy had leaned back against me, letting me do whatever I wanted to her, and Kelsey just took my cock, keeping her legs wide for me.

“Ahhh… Ghhaaaa…” Kristy began to cum again, the feeling being too intense for her to handle.

Her body shook and bucked as she came once again. After losing to her sister, I pulled out, and then repositioned my cock and pushed up into Kristy.

“Y-yes!” She cried out as I slid into her.

I thought she’d be pained, but the athletic side of her seemed to want to push right through the pain. She started to ride my cock with the both of us in a seated position in front of Kristy. She could only watch, gasping for breath, as her sister continued to bounce up and down on my cock. I had taken both of their virginities now. At least I had kept up with the two girls at once. I realized I reached my limit.

“I’m going to cum!”

I might have just cum if it was my older sisters, but my younger sisters were likely not on any birth control. The last thing we needed was to get them pregnant. Kelsey seemed to be on the same wavelength, as she jumped off my cock and then turned around and on her knees, started to suck my cock. Realizing what was happening, Kristy quickly rolled over and did the same. I looked down as both of my sister’s savagely attacked my cock that was already on the edge.

I reached out and grabbed a chunk of each of their hair as my cock began to cum. Most of it missed their mouths. The girls had been so focused on getting me the rest of the way that by the time I came, their mouths were nowhere near the head. Warm, white spurts shot on their faces, their hair, and some even shot down their backs. Slowly I finished all over my sisters, making quite a mess.

Loud footsteps thumped down the hallway, and a few moments later there was a knock. They barely waited three seconds before shoving the door open.

Mackenzie glared inside. “You two know there are other people in this house, right? I don’t know what porn you’re listening to or where you got it, but you’re being too loud.”

“W-we don’t have porn!”

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

The twins spoke in unison.

Mackenzie narrowed her eyes as she looked at both girls, they were in bed, with their blankets pulled up to necks. It looked pretty suspicious.

“I said I don’t care… but your big brother is right across the hall. What would he think if he heard you two perverts doing such gross things!”

The two girls looked at each other, and then back at Mackenzie.

“We’re sorry.”

“Sorry, Kenzie.”

“Whatever, just be quiet.” She slammed the door.


“H-hey! What are you doing under there!”

I lifted my head out from under Kelsey’s sheet.

“D-doing that even when big sister was watching.” She stuttered.

“What did he do? Brother, you have to do it to me too! It’s only fair!”

“Eh, first we need to clean up. Brother, you got cum everywhere!”

“It’s all over my bed.”

“I’ll get pregnant for sure!”

“Brother has to take responsibility!”

I laughed helplessly as my little sisters acted a bit spoiled with me. In the end, I had to promise to take responsibility for the both of them. I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t the other way around, but I guess that was the difference between big sisters and little sisters. That was the same no matter what world I happened to be in.

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