Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Hey, boys, how are you doing?” One of the girls asked with a smirk on her face.

“We’re just fine,” George responded stiffly, grabbing my hand and trying to pull me around them.

The girls quickly ended up surrounding us. One girl ended up getting directly in front of George, putting up her hand.

“Woah, woah… where are you going so fast?” She asked with a smirk.

“None of your business!” George responded haughtily.

I couldn’t help but smile, but I quickly tried to hide it behind George. The girl seemed to notice and thus became interested in me.

“Well, hello, cutie. How old are you?”

“He’s seventeen!” George declared defensively.

“Uh, oh… we have a budding young boy here.” One of the girls giggled.

“You know, boys develop slower, so he’s probably closer to fifteen if you think about it.” Another laughed.

“Stay behind me!” George hissed as he positioned himself first.

I was a bit surprised that George was being defensive of me. I thought that he’d just try to abandon me. I was a little worried because the plan was for us to get split up. However, he had a grip on my hand and wasn’t moving away. Was there a comradery among men, especially when they were being targeted by horny women?

One of the girls reached out and tried to stroke a finger across George’s chest. He stepped back, pushing me back with him.

“Oh, don’t be like that. You’re so cold, but I bet you warm up real nice once you’ve had a tight pussy.”

George’s face turned red with anger. I still found the situation somewhat funny, but I was also feeling like something was off. Most of these women were supposed to be friends of Dawn’s audio-visual club. However, their acting was a bit too good, and while they were getting touchy, they weren’t trying to pull us apart like the plan. They also looked a bit older. She might know a few older people, but these people smelled of alcohol and failure.

“Um… I think we should go…”

I pulled George’s sleeve, doubting the plan that I had started up.

“I think it’s better if you stayed!” A girl grabbed for me.

George grabbed me and pulled me away before she could get her arms around me. He then shoved me hard toward one of the exits.

“Go!” He let out a yell as three girls jumped on him.

I stumbled away, still uncertain what to do. Should I fight them? I didn’t want to start hitting girls, and they were all older than me, but I also didn’t feel right running. The three were fighting with George. He bit one of them, but they were overpowering him, forcing him into the girl’s bathroom. Seeing him being dragged away, finally got me to start taking the situation seriously. I turned and ran to the exit. I could run around the building and flag others for help.

Two of the girls had ended up chasing me. I guess they considered me the easier one to handle since I didn’t act as aggressive as George and he protected me. As I shoved open the door, one of them slammed into me and I found myself stumbling to the ground. One of the girls slammed the door shut and then they both turned to me, looking down with vicious looks.

This was a loading area in the back of the alley that says slowly lower down than the parking lot. Thus, there was a 3-foot tall concrete rise, a stairway, and a railing that kept the area somewhat private from any eyes, not that there was anyone behind the bowling alley at the moment anyway. I was sitting on the concrete in the middle of this alcove.

I looked back up at them. “What do you want?”

“Hehe… don’t worry, cutie. If you satisfy us, we’ll let you go.” The first girl responded.

The second girl lifted her skirt and then pushed aside her underwear, showing me her pussy. It was hairy and not kempt at all.

“Eat my pussy nice and good like the little slut you are.” She grinned.

“Okay.” I sighed, getting up on my knees.

She blinked, her smiling flickering slightly. “Y-yeah!”

As I stared at her innocently, she walked up to me with her skirt still up but moving hesitantly like I might bite. I rolled my eyes, and as soon as she got close enough, I reached out and slid two fingers in her. She was already wet, but that was nearly a standard in this world where women were always horny. She let out a gasp as I started to finger her, while at the same time drawing her crotch closer to me.

“Ah, damn… he’s really doing it!” She moaned excitedly in disbelief.

What did they think was going to happen? They dragged me into a hidden area behind the bowling alley, and then two on one demanded sexual gratification. Wouldn’t it be weirder if I shamelessly resisted? Once she was close enough, I started using my tongue. After a few moments, I spit and made a face.

“You could clean up a bit…” I responded.

The girl who was just watching burst out laughing. The other girl frowned.

“That’s the taste of a real woman, punk!” She grabbed my head and shoved it back into her crotch so hard my nose pressed against her hairy snatch. “Eat that shit. You’ll learn to love it.”

I did as she asked, not thinking too much about the intense odor. It wasn’t necessarily disgusting. However, most teenage girls were very concerned about hygiene and thus kept pretty clean. They’d even wash up if they suspected a boy would be down there and tried to make it an enjoyable experience. This woman tasted like she had walked around in those undies all day. It was the pure, rank smell and taste of a woman, so I quickly forced myself to get used to it.

After a minute of eating her out, I barely even noticed it. She was making moaning noises now, her hands running through my hair and her hips rocking slightly to the feel of my tongue sliding in and out of her.

“Look at this guy go to town. You sure he’s seventeen?”

“Shit, that’s right, jailbait… but fuck does he know how to use that tongue.”

“It’s legal at seventeen here.”

“Seriously? Damn…”

The two girls had a pretty relaxed conversation even though they were forcing a young boy to give them cunnilingus behind a bowling alley.

“Check it out,” the one not getting eaten declared. “He’s got a stiffy. He likes your pussy.”

“Hehe… such a dirty boy.” The girl getting eaten chuckled.

The other girl kneeled and started stroking my cock through my pants. As she did this, she was close to my ear, and with my head between the other girl’s legs, she was pretty close to that as well. Feeling slightly mischievous. I pulled away from the girl’s crotch with a gasp and then kissed the other girl immediately after using my tongue. She was caught off guard, and after kissing back for a few seconds, her eyes widened and she shoved me hard enough that I fell to the side.

“Damn it! What the fuck!” She snapped angrily. “You think that’s funny?”

She suddenly stood up and kicked me. I was stunned for a second. I guess it’d be the equivalent of a girl giving a blowjob and then kissing another guy. I had done it teasingly, but it seriously pissed this girl off.

“Haha… you tasted my cunt!” The one standing laughed.

“This little dick!” She raised her foot and stomped on me.

“Shit!” I cursed.

“Hey woman, go easy on him.”

“Fuck that! I’m not some gay butch. You stupid cock.” She kept kicking me as I tried to defend myself.

The girl who had been getting eaten out finally grabbed her friend and pulled her back. She had hurt me. My arm where I blocked hurt and so were my ribs. She had seriously attacked me because of that. I was mostly stunned at first. I hadn’t even reacted. I had just been in the moment and suddenly I was getting kicked. Then, I started to feel angry.

“Hey, you, just finish us off and then…” The first girl tried to recover from the situation.

“Oh, I’ll finish you off.” I declared standing up and wiping my mouth.

These people dragged me outside and then started pushing me into sex. I had been willing to just go for it, and consider it a consequence of playing the game. However, after doing that, this bitch thought she could kick me? Fuck, no.

“What is that supposed to mean?” The girl who had been kicking me arrogantly stated.

“You like molesting young boys? You like forcing yourself and taking advantage of people?” I asked, the anger in me burning even more.

“What of it? What’s a little kid like you- what the fuck?”

I grabbed her long hair and then threw her over the concrete rise. This shoved her head between the metal bar railing above, so when she tried to lift back up, she was unable to move. I grabbed her pants and panties and then ripped them down. I pulled my dick out, and with a thrust, I shoved it into the girl’s pussy.

“What the fuck are you… ahhh! What the hell? Get your dick out of me!”

 At this point, her friend in the skirt had finally processed what was going on and then came at me. “What the heck do you think you’re doing?”

As she tried to grab me, I grabbed her instead, I threw her against the rail, forcing her to sit down next to her bent-over friend. With one hand, I reached up her skirt and then shoved my fingers inside her. With the other hand, I put it around her throat.

The girl bent over with my dick inside her tried to reach around, but the bar blocked her on one side, and her friend’s ass blocked her on the other. With just my hips, I could keep her stuck there. I began to thrust into her with hard, rough thrusts. Meanwhile, I fingered the other girl. She had a shocked look on her face like she couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Stop it! You cock! Stop! Ahhh… damn… don’t… fuck… if you keep… if you keep… haaah… haaah… I’m gonna…” The girl trapped in doggy spit out obscenities, but as I pounded her pussy her thinking started to grow muddled.

The other girl was completely at my mercy, watching me with a furrowed brow even as she started gasping.

“Fuck… Fuck… I’m gonna… ahhhhn… I’m cumming!” The girl trapped started spasming, liquid running down her legs as she had an orgasm.

“You think I won’t fuck you too!” I snapped at the other girl, who had a slightly relieved expression on her face.

She must have thought that once her friend came, I’d stop. Instead, I lifted her. Her eyes bulged as I pulled her up and over plopping her ass right on top of her friend. I pulled my dick out and then shoved it right into her pussy. I started to fuck her lotus style, except her butt was resting on her friend’s bare ass. I grabbed her hands and shoved them against the rails. Her friend had become quiet after she came, but she still couldn’t get out of her rail prison as long as I was right behind her and thrusting forward.

The other girl closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around me, submitting to her fate as she let me fuck her to my own pleasure. I started kissing her, and she kissed back, and when she started to cum, she clung to me, her entire body spasming as she held on tightly. At that point, I had reached my limit. Being able to fuck two girls to completion, let alone two girls who didn’t even want it, was already an impressive feat.

I shoved my cock inside and erupted inside her. Her eyes bulged as I came in her womb, but she remained silent as I creamed her pussy. When I pulled it out, white splooged out and then dripped down on her friend’s ass.

I opened my mouth to say something, but the girl suddenly jerked as something from over the rail hit her in the head. Her eyes rolled up, and then she fell off her friend. I kept her from hitting her head on the concrete, but only just. When I looked back up, Mackenzie was standing there with a serious expression on her face, and George was right behind her.

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