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“Why did you go on a date with George?” I asked the question that I hadn’t dared to ask before.

Perhaps, everything that had happened could have been avoided if I had just asked this question. However, when I saw her with George, I had just gone crazy. My thoughts instantly went to her either getting bored of me or intentionally trying to upset me. It wasn’t until once she told me that I was the only boy for her that I had finally thought that there might be something else to it.

These last few days I had been torturing myself because Mackenzie was with someone else. Admittedly, I had monopolized all of my sisters and several other women on top of that, but I just couldn’t stand the idea that she would be with another guy. So, I had turned his confession into a double date and then tried to destroy that double date. However, it had all stemmed from the moment Mackenzie said yes, and for all, I knew there was a completely normal reason.

“I don’t know.” She responded.

“That’s your answer?” I cried out, grabbing her nipples again.

“Owwww! What do you want? I’m a girl! A cute boy asks me out and I just said yes.”

I was wrong. Mackenzie was as one-dimensional as a guy. There was no deeper meaning. She just wanted to juggle two boys at the same time. I glared at her fiercely. She at least looked guilty, but I just couldn’t believe that after everything, she would do such a thing.

“What about my feelings?” I demanded.

She looked down. “You’re dating Abigail, right?”

“That doesn’t matter!” I growled, twisting harder. “You said you love me!”

“I do love you! You’re my brother. Stop, my nipples are going to get sore!” She responded tearfully, not meeting my eyes.

“Not until you give me a better excuse.”

“Brother… girls aren’t like guys. We just do stupid shit for no reason sometimes.”

“Bullshit! You love me more than anything. I’m the only boy for you! That’s what you said. Did you lie?”


“Then why did you go out with him!” I shouted.

“Because I didn’t know!” She knocked my hands away and then grabbed me by the back of the head roughly, glaring at me with teary eyes. “Because it isn’t normal!”


I stared down at her, but I didn’t say anything. I was waiting for more. She took a deep breath, finally meeting my eyes directly as she spoke.

“I’ve been in love with you for years,” She continued. “I’ve always been thinking about you. For a time, I tried to tell myself that my feelings for you were just sisterly love. I tried to tell myself that when I took a pair of your underwear or when I sneak a peek of you changing, that it was just a horny girl being a horny girl.”

“You did what?” I blinked.

As time went on, I found it harder and harder to justify my actions. I wasn’t interested in other boys. I was just interested in you. For a while, you were so self-absorbed, lost in your own little world, that I felt like it would be fine. I could just keep admiring you from afar. So, when you started to show interest in other girls, it drove me crazy. I felt like I was losing it. I was jealous and angry, and alone. Then, something changed.”


She bit her lip, shaking her head slightly. “I got everything that I had ever wanted. You showed interest in me back, and for just a bit I was able to taste what I had always wanted. I thought it’d just be that. A single time, and then once I got it out of my system, I’d move on. However, the feelings I had only got stronger, and my desire to have you grew.”

As she spoke, her hand was tightening in my hair, growing to the point of pain. Her face was filled with emotions, and I couldn’t help but feel my heart beating rapidly as she spoke. Deep down, I started to think about the Mackenzie from before. She had always been a nag. She was a pain in the ass. She wouldn’t leave me alone. She’d boss me around and act like a general bitch.

However, I learned that the switch didn’t change who people were. It might change how they’d act to an extent, but they were still the same person with roughly the same history. That meant that the Mackenzie who made my life a living hell was a girl who had been in love with me from the beginning. That was taking a lot for my teenage brain to process. I shook my head and focused back on what she was saying.

“That still doesn’t explain George.”

“When he asked me out, I was thinking it was a chance to be normal. If I said ‘no’, then I’d spend the rest of my life as a perverted girl lusting after her brother.” She sighed. “So, I panicked and said yes. I needed to see if my feelings for you were just me being a horny girl taking the first guy I could get my hands on, or if it really could be someone else.”

“I see… I kind of fucked that up, huh?” I asked guiltily.

She looked like she thought about it for a second before shrugging. “Not really. If anything, you being there only helped me understand what I wanted.”

“And that is…”

“You… dumb brother.” She gave me a condescending look like the answer was obvious.

“Well, excuse me if I was confused!” I frowned. “You did go to protect him before me.”

“That’s because…” She lowered her eyes. “I knew that you would be able to handle yourself. I didn’t think those dumb bitches would be able to do anything my brother didn’t want. I thought you’d get mad if I got in the way of your fun too soon.”

My eyes widened. “Are you saying you waited for me to finish?”

“Tsk…” She looked away, looking slightly pissed now. “It wasn’t easy. Seeing you plow those two girls… I was filled with rage. I wanted to tear their tits off. However, if I didn’t let you finish, you’d just jump on one of our sisters when you got home.”

“You know about that?” I coughed.

“The walls aren’t as thick as you think. You’re definitely fucking Dawn, and also the twins. Is Bethany getting it too?”

“No!” I cried out, but when she raised her eyebrow, it was my turn to look away. “London.”

“London… I never thought she’d be so reckless. Damn…” Mackenzie shook her head.

I gave her a side-long look. “You’re not angry, are you?”

“A little…” She responded. “At them, though.”


“You need to understand, Noah. To them, you’re just a fun toy. They love you like a brother, and may even want to protect you, but their sexual interest in you is only as deep as getting their pussies off. You’re just an easy and available dick. I’m not saying they don’t care. I’m just saying that their feelings for you are like a friend with benefits.”

“You say that like you’re different.”

Her hand tightened in my hair for a second, causing me to wince. “Haven’t you been listening? I love you, Noah. I don’t just see you as my brother. I’m… I’m in love with you.”

The way she said that seemed filled with emotions, and for a moment my heart started to beat out of control. For just a moment, I could feel like her feelings were different from my other sisters. Of course, I knew deep down that my sisters and I were just being hormonal and having fun. London and I had already talked out our feelings. We established that we were just fucking for fun. It stood to reason that my eldest sister was the only one I had truly discussed our budding relationship with. For the twins and me, it was a matter of fun. As for Dawn, it was a matter of comfort. So, what was it with Mackenzie? It was… something else.

“Mackenzie…” I spoke her name, feeling slightly funny.

We were lying there naked, me on top of her while she held my head in her hands, yet just saying her name felt more exhilarating.

“I just wanted you to understand. If we keep going, my heart is going to belong to you.” She explained.

“And George?” I still felt I had to ask, and then added. “You know, while he was doing my makeup, he threatened me.”

That was a little childish, but I felt I had to get one more dig at him.

“That dick.” She responded, and then chuckled to herself. “You know, I did kick open the bathroom door and beat up the girls that had assaulted him. Do you know what happened?”

“What?” I asked, surprised by her change in tone.

“He was sucking one girl’s pussy.”

“He wasn’t!” I gasped.

She nodded. “He had his tongue all over her snatch. He said it was coerced, but I could tell he liked it and didn’t hesitate to get on his knees when the opportunity presented itself.”

I opened my mouth and then bit back my words. “I guess, I’m not one to talk. I wasn’t much better.”

“What are you saying?” She asked. “How can my cute little brother compare himself to that slut?”

“I mean, with both did sexual things…”

“Yeah, he got on his knees and ate pussy like a submissive little prick.” She grinned. “While you turned those two women into your fuckgirls. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was hilarious! A couple of tough broads, but as soon as they meet my brother they turn into little bitches. It was great!”

“Ah… that… I was mad you didn’t come, so I went a bit overboard.”

“You…” She shook her head in disbelief. “You’re really amazing. Noah.”

“So, you’re not mad?” I felt like I was a broken record asking that over and over again, but I couldn’t stop myself.

I was really worried that our relationship was on the verge of collapsing. I had almost ruined things with London, and I didn’t want to ruin things with Mackenzie. What she thought mattered a lot to me. I didn’t realize how much until now.

“I’m furious!” She pulled my hair deliberately now, forcing my head up.

“Oh…” I said although it came out almost as ow.

“Noah, when I saw George sucking cunt, do you know what I felt?”


“Nothing, I felt absolutely nothing. However, when I saw you banging those two pieces of trash, I felt anger, frustration, and a wave of other unpleasant emotions. Do you know what I felt most of all?”


“Fucking horny.”


“Fuck, it was hot! Seeing you with other women made me extremely excited. I got so wet I could barely stand it. When you finished, it took everything I had not to force you to the ground and deepthroat your dick hard. I wanted to taste your dick and then cover up the smell of those skanks with my own body. I didn’t expect to feel that way. Well, you can tell where that ended up leading us.”

I looked around the hotel room. She did toss me on the bed and start trying to fuck me the second she brought me here. That was more conducive of someone horny versus someone angry.

“You’re… a cuck?”

Wait, is that a word in this world? Would it be a Vagold? It was too late, I had already said the word. However, my sister seemed to understand what I meant.

“I guess I am. Seeing you with other women turns me on. I have to accept that.” She sighed. “However, don’t all of your girlfriends have to be, just a little. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be with you.”

“I see… then, I guess that settles things.” I nodded thoughtfully until I noticed Mackenzie still was holding my head and staring at me. “Um… you can let go now.”

“Brother, you don’t listen.” She cocked an eyebrow. “It looks like I’m going to have to continually remind brother for him to understand things.”

“What are you saying?” I suddenly started getting a funny feeling.

“I said… I’m fucking horny.” Her expression turned dangerous. “I’m going to fuck you, Brother. I’m going to fuck you raw until you are covered in my pussy juice and you smell like my dildo!”

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