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Before I had much time to think, Mackenzie had managed to get me pinned under her once again. She looked down at me with a predatory desire. This was the sister who loved me the most? Doesn’t she want to devour me instead? She leaned down and kissed me, biting my lip and pulling it with her teeth, letting go just before it became painful. Then, she leaned down again, kissing me harder. She pulled away slightly and licked my lips slightly, a seductive look on her face.

She then started to kiss my cheek, slowly moving down my neck, and then my nipples. She spent particular special attention to my nipples. I had gleefully played with a girl’s breasts and nipples, but it was still awkward getting it in return. Yet, Mackenzie sucked my nipples roughly, and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. She bit down on one.

“Ah!” I cried in protest.

“That’s for twisting my nipples so hard earlier.” She grinned. “They’ll be bruised.”


“It’s fine… I don’t mind. If my little brother could hurt me, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?” She responded, her hands moving up and down my body, exploring it with her fingertips. “I already said that you can have me as rough as you want. I can take anything my brother can give.”

“Mackenzi-” She put a finger on my lips, stopping me from talking.

“I want to suck your dick now. Make sure you cum in my mouth. I want to taste all of you.” She grinned as her head lowered down to my crotch.

I could only nod dumbly as my sister went down on me. She was acting so aggressive now that it was causing my dick to throb. I felt like I was going to explode.

As her hand finally left my lips, my eyes dropped down to see her lying between my legs with my cock in her hands. She lifted it, savoring my dick with pure delight in her eyes. She brought her nose up to my balls and sniffed.

“D-don’t smell…” It wasn’t the first time a girl had done that to me in this world, but it still made me feel embarrassed every time.

“But your dick smells so yummy.” She purred. “I bet it tastes sweet like sugar.”

“You’ve had it before…” I responded shyly.

“Mm… but you haven’t cleaned up recently. You even fucked those two other girls.”

I raised my head. “Ah… that’s even worse… I’ll go wash up!”

She put her hand up and shoved my chest back down. “No, I want to enjoy my little brother’s slutty dick when it’s fresh.”

As if to punctuate her words, she engulfed my balls in her mouth, sucking on them playfully. Her tongue darted back and forth playfully as she gobbled them.

“Hah… Mackenzie…”

“Mm… does brother like that?” She teased. “Your dick is so hard right now, brother must like his sister’s lips.”

Her voice was devilish, every word seeming geared toward driving me wild. I was ready to beg her for sex, but I had a feeling that was exactly what she was looking for. She lifted her mouth and brought my cock into it. I could feel the heat and warmth of her lips, and the wetness of her tongue as she enthusiastically swallowed my cock. She didn’t frantically move her head in an attempt to bring me to a climax. Instead, she sucked on it slowly, savoring the taste and feel of it. I could feel her throat swallowing slightly as her tongue moved up and down the underside of my shaft, undulating teasingly.

As she sucked my cock down, her finger wrapped around my hips and then started to squeeze my butt, shoving my hips into her face like she couldn’t get my dick down her throat far enough. As she deepthroated my cock until I couldn’t see any of it left, she looked up at me, her eyes giving a predatory look, as if to say that if I dared cum, she’d punish me.

Yet, it was taking all of the power I had to not cum down her throat that insistent. I had already grown excited by her. It was only growing worse now. She was on her knees now with her butt up in the air. I could see it just over her head waging back and forth as she sucked down my cock. That’s when I noticed that one of her hands had gone missing. By the position and the subtle movement of that arm, I realized that she was fingering herself.

“Mmmm… mmm… mmm…” She moaned, her throat buzzing against the tip of my cock.

I narrowed my eyes. As much as Mackenzie talked about fucking me raw, she was just as turned on and unable to control herself. She seemed to notice my look and made a noise. As if to hide her pleasure, she finally started to bob her head up and down my cock. As she sucked me off, she sucked with her throat, sucking my dick down like she wanted to drink from a straw. Her attack was successful because my head fell back and I let out a moan.

She finally brought my cock out of her throat, gasping for breath. “Do you…hah… like that…hah… brother?”

She was going all out. Her face was completely red and she was panting from a lack of oxygen.

“Why are you asking me? Aren’t you just playing with yourself for your own enjoyment?” I teased.

“You!” She took her hand and began to jack me off. “Weren’t you just about to cum?”

Her hands began to vigorously work my shaft, and she occasionally added her tongue in there too, keeping my dick wet and slippery. Her hands moved up and down roughly. She seemed absolutely determined to make me pop.

“No fair, if you’re going to do that, shouldn’t I get to touch you as well?” I asked.

Mackenzie shot me a teasing look. “Nope!”


“When did I say I was going to be fair?” She stuck her tongue out at me. “Now release your seed for me. Ahhh!”

She engulfed my cock once again with her mouth. Her hands stroked the shaft and balls while her tongue playfully attacked the head. Her moves were relentless, and I felt myself growing lost in an instant. She was determined to extract my load from me. However, I had a stubborn streak, and I tried to hold back. My way of thinking meant that as a man I had my own pride, and couldn’t just give her what she wanted without a fight.

I clenched my teeth as Mackenzie hoovered my cock, using her hands and mouth until my balls ached to explode. However, her attacks were relentless, and that little pink tongue kept attacking every sensitive area. I was panting aggressively, knowing that I was losing this battle. I had been hoping my sister would get tired or bored, but I had seriously miscalculated. My sister’s horniness was in full swing and she was gobbling up my cock excitedly with delight.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. Her teasing was just too much. Her hands were still teasing my balls and shaft, and she didn’t deep throat me. My hands reached out and grabbed my sister’s hair. It felt far too pleasurable to hold back. I thrust my hips out, shoving my dick back down her throat. Her throat gurgled as I took her mouth, but I didn’t care. Using my hands to lift and drop her head, I started to face-fuck my sister.

“Mmmgghg…. Mmmmggg…. Mmmmghhh…” Her throat made noises every time I plunged my shaft down it.

Her hands had retreated from my balls and instead held my thighs as if she was bracing herself. However, although she was pushing back slightly with her hands, I had a vice-grip on her head, and I was bobbing it up and down on my cock almost as if it was completely detached from the rest of her body. She let me use her face however I wanted. Didn’t she say it best? I could use her however I wanted and she could take it. If that was the case, then I was riding her hard.

My cock was drenched in my sister’s spit, and it made wet sounds as it penetrated past her lips. She tried to use her lips and tongue to continue to tease me, but I was thrusting into her throat so hard and fast that she didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. As a result, her tongue would raise up, and then my cock would force its way through, shoving it back down. Her face had turned red again, but I couldn’t stop myself at this point.

I had managed to hold back from cumming earlier, and for some reason, my desire to cum subsided temporarily. That wasn’t to say I wasn’t still at the height of sexual excitement. I seemed to have broken through the barrier and was reaching new heights. I usually came as soon as I reached my sexual climax, but I had somehow skipped my climax to rise to a new height.

I had of course read seedy stories online about men who could achieve multiple orgasms or through meditation or something achieve the pinnacles of sexual delight. This world had even more of these stories. Even with the gender roles swapped, men seemed to be obsessed with getting off. However, in my old world, it was always framed as lasting to enhance your woman’s pleasure. This world allowed men to be a lot more selfish with their desires, talking about the ideal cum.

Well, I didn’t spend that much time reading those stories. I wasn’t into men talking about their junk and what turns them on. However, I got the gist of it. For me, it was a bit like a second wind. In running, once you reach a point where you’re stamina is nearly exhausted, certain endorphins kick in and you suddenly feel super energized. The breath you were struggling to take became plentiful and you experience a runner’s high.

If there was a sex version of that, I had achieved it. By holding back, I had inadvertently hit my second steam. I became completely overwhelmed with sex and completely focused on obtaining pleasure. At the moment, that pleasure was being derived by my sister’s throat, so I continued to fuck her harder and harder.

“Fuck!” I shouted. “Fuuuuuck… I’m going to cum!”

If Mackenzie had any words of triumph over finally getting what she wanted, she wasn’t in a position to gloat. She could only just take my dick as I fucked her throat raw. Clenching her hair, I shoved her down on my cock as hard as I could, impaling her head with my cock. My cock reached deep into the back of her throat, and even my balls had seemingly disappeared. My clenched teeth opened as I let out a guttural scream. I had been acting more like an animal than a human, going at it unrestrained.

“Mmmm!” Whatever Mackenzie wanted to say was lost.  

My cock exploded, and white-hot jizz erupted down her throat. I heard her cough and try to push her head away, but my hands on her head forced my cock to stay deep in her throat. I came again and again, and after a few spurts I could feel her throat swallowing, taking it down properly. I kept cumming through, and her cheeks started to puff out and then cum burst out her lips. She wasn’t able to swallow it all fast enough, and it had ended up exploding out.

The intense sexual pleasure finally subsided enough, and common sense took over. Realizing how far I had gone this time, I guiltily let go. My sister pulled her head back and then turned away, coughing and gagging. A bunch of cum and saliva came out, drenching my dick and also dripping from her mouth. Before she turned away, I saw her face for a moment and she looked like a mess. Tears were streaming down her eyes, her makeup was a mess, and her lips were swollen.

“Ah!” I put out a hand.

It wasn’t the first time I had been rough with one of my sisters, but did I go too far this time?

“Fuck…” Mackenzie croaked with a broken voice. “Damn it, Noah…”

I lowered my head. “S-sorry…”

Mackenzie continued to gasp for breath and cough for a few more minutes, and then finally stood up and turned back to me. I didn’t meet her eyes. She reached out and lifted my chin, forcing me to look at her. Her face was still messy, but she had wiped away most of the mess.  

“What are you being sorry about?” She demanded. “Rather, did I say I was done with you? Don’t tell me you’re already satisfied with just that.”


“Heh… I love my little brother acting like an animal. That was fucking hot, but I have two other holes for you to use, don’t I?”

I had thought this before, but my sisters really didn’t have an upper limit where I was concerned.

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