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Another week passed by. I maintained my routine of cooking for the family when I got home. However, my grades were slipping, so I also focused more on my homework. Mom complained that Dawn wasn’t putting effort into getting into college herself, but at this point, Dawn had already dedicated herself to photography. I encouraged her and helped her out a bit, and in exchange, she helped me study a little. This usually made Mackenzie jealous, and then she would offer to help me study.

Somehow, this caused the twins to get involved, and they wanted to help me study too, even though they were a year younger. They said that would make things advantageous for everyone because we’d work as a group. I had a feeling the group activity they were planning would mostly focus on studying anatomy. Things got rowdy at home with all of my sisters fighting for my time, and my mom would offer that I go study at one of my girlfriend’s houses. However, whichever girlfriend it was, if I went, I’d just end up fucking someone. Abigail was a pervert and would come up with new or strange ways to take our relationship to the next step. Sam was more traditional, but her mom still wanted my dick.

One night, London even called and offered to take me to her place to study. She had been dealing with her breakup with Dan recently. Other than calling off the engagement, she needed to get a new place. Dan didn’t make things easy on her, even drunk dialing her and sending unsolicited dick pictures. Well, in this world, women ate those pictures up, but when you were trying to leave someone, it was a problem. When it became clear that London’s answer wouldn’t change, Dan turned from begging and crying to attacking.

He called London every name in the book and started telling her about all of his affairs. He even sent a picture of himself licking a girl’s pussy as a final fuck you. Suffice it to say that dealing with this while also preparing for her own doctor exams had caused London a great deal of stress, and she wanted to relieve said stress. Although I knew what she wanted, I felt sorry for my big sister and thus went over. As predicted, I spent half the night listening to her call Dan a bitch in as many ways as she could think of, and then the other half of the time having my cock until it was sore.

It was while she was napping, I found the pictures of Dan’s dick. I deleted them and then put pictures of my own dick in her phone in their place. It just felt like the right thing to do. Then, I stayed up late studying. I ended up passing out at London’s desk. When I woke up, I found she had picked me up and taken me to her bed. The next morning, she had made me breakfast in bed before I went to school and seemed much more chipper, so I had done my brotherly duties well.

When I got back, the other sisters were even worse. London had gotten a night, so all of my sisters wanted a piece of me. By the time Friday rolled around I was ready to flee the house. If my sisters had their way, they’d break my penis. There was only one sister that seemed to be left out of this. Although Bethany gave some longing looks, as the youngest sister, she didn’t get involved in the competition. After all, how could she justify helping me with my school work? If she wanted me to help her, the other girls would intervene, and one of the twins would end up being her helper.

That’s why on Friday, I was going to announce that I was going to go out on Saturday with Anna, although I hadn’t called Anna yet to confirm this, I was confident that she’d make herself available. Before I could open my mouth, Bethany spoke up.

“Noah… do you mind helping me out on Saturday?”

The dinner quieted up immediately and every eye fell on Bethany, who looked like she wanted to flee the room rather than face the looks of her older sisters.

“Huh? What for?” I asked.

“I’m… um… doing some volunteer work.” She spoke quietly with her head down. “I guess they’re short this Saturday, and I could use some help.”

I blinked. “I didn’t know you volunteered.”

Her cheeks turned pink for a second. “I just started last week.”

“Oh, that’s right, aren’t you helping to build a house?” Mom spoke up, nodding.

“Building a house?” Kelsey made a face. “Why would you build a house?”

“Maybe some people just want to help their fellow man.” Mackenzie shot her a glare.

Kelsey snorted. “More like she probably wants to build some muscles! However, why don’t you ask a girl for help.”

“None of you would say yes.” Bethany declared.

“Even if that’s true… asking a boy to work on a construction site is a little…”

“I’ll do it.” I declared if for no other reason than the direction Mackenzie’s statement was going.

Lately, I hadn’t been doing very many guy things. I meant guy things from my own point of view. It was starting to wear me down a bit. I knew I had changed a bit since I had come to this world. If I couldn’t act the part after all, then that could lead to some problems. I was never the sports-lover or a weightlifter kind of guy. Shoved into an estrogen-rich world, I kind of missed those endeavors. It’d be nice to get outdoors and do some heavy lifting for a change. Plus, as much as I loved my sisters, they could be a bit sexist sometimes.

I don’t know if my sisters had just got used to my stubbornness when I made a decision, but they didn’t push things very long. Mom thought it was a swell idea.

“I work just down the street from the spot. I’ll drop you guys off tomorrow morning.” Mom smiled. “Maybe we could get lunch together on my break.”

“You’re working?” I asked in surprise.

“Mom… another Saturday?” Mackenzie frowned.

Mom shrugged. “The boss asked, and we need the money. I had some money put away earlier, but I guess I didn’t put away as much as I thought…”

When she said that, something tugged at the edge of my conscious, but I didn’t dwell on it. Instead, I focused on busting the dishes. I managed to get my sisters to clean them, claiming I had schoolwork. That was a lie. I just wanted to be lazy. Since I was still exhausted from the long night with London, I ended up falling asleep early.

The next morning, I awoke to a knock on my door. I looked over at the alarm clock to see it was six in the morning. That was far too early. I ignored the knock and fell back, pretending to still be asleep. The other reason I didn’t say anything was that I was having a sex dream the previous night. I couldn’t remember the details, but as soon as I woke up, I started getting morning wood. At the very least, I had to wait for it to calm down.

I expected them to either keep knocking or go away, depending on how much they wanted me. If they kept knocking, I would have eventually given in, but if they went away then I won some extra time to sleep. At least, that’s how I saw it. So, I was surprised when I heard the door click open. My eyes were closed, but I could feel the light peeking through from the hallway before the door closed quietly with a click.

“Noah…” A voice lightly called.

It was Bethany. It was only at that moment that I remembered I agreed to go with her and mom for that volunteer work. It was construction, so they probably started early in the morning. Damn. If that was the case, then I did need to get up. I had not been hoping to sleep in, but I had agreed, getting myself into this situation. I was just about to open my eyes and speak when I heard Bethany’s light footsteps moving across the bedroom towards me.

She didn’t call my name or try to wake me up. I was really curious about what she was doing. Was she trying to steal something? If that was the case, I would catch her in the act. My curiosity got the better of me, and I loosened my face, trying to appear like I was sleeping. I could feel Bethany at my side, and I was pretty sure she leaned over the bed to look at my face. Finally, I felt her take a step away. I still didn’t know what she was up to, but if I opened my eyes I’d probably freak her out.

That’s when I felt a small hand wrap around the tent in my blanket. My eyes nearly popped open. She hesitated slightly because of my reaction, but I tried to calm myself and appear like I was still sleeping. I had forgotten I had that, or rather in the dark, I didn’t think Bethany would see it. Yet, not only did she notice, but she came to my bed and grabbed it. I could feel her hands touching it and poking it playfully. She was acting like a monkey who just got a new toy… or maybe a boy who was getting to play with a girl’s boobs for the first time. Hey, that boy had been me not too long ago, so I probably shouldn’t look down on such brave soldiers.

As I didn’t react and kept my breathing normally, my sister’s movements grew bolder. She started to gently stroke her fingers up and down the shaft. Her touch was a bit light for a handjob, but it was enough that soon I had a real stiffy and not just morning wood. Her teasing went on for several minutes, and it was turning me on. This was alright, right? My little sister was the only sister I had yet to violate. Given her age in middle school, I didn’t want to corrupt her purity. However, she went into my bed and she was touching me. All I was doing was not letting her know I was catching on. It was a victimless crime in this case, right?

“MMm… Abby… don’t stop…” I moaned, smacking my lips like I was asleep.

My sister’s hands snapped away from my cock at hearing my words. I nearly let out a laugh at that. I waited cautiously to see if the bait worked. After a minute of me still pretending to sleep, Bethany lifted my blanket slightly, and her hand went on the inside. She grabbed my dick again, this time just through my underwear, and she started to jack me off harder.

I had used Abby’s name because she knew Abby to be my girlfriend. She must be thinking I was sleeping and was having a dirty dream of Abby. The dream I had earlier hadn’t been of any of my sisters or girlfriends at all, but that wasn’t what was important. What was important is that she thought I was lost in Lalaland, and everything I was experiencing externally I would only think was a dream.

Emboldened by my feint, she started to move her wrist hard. She was clumsy and a bit rough, but the whole situation was enough to turn me on, and her actions were quickly causing me to start panting. I couldn’t control my breathing anymore, but at this point, she was convinced I was out of it, or maybe in her own horniness she didn’t care. I was getting extremely close. I was about to cum thanks to my little sister’s handiwork.

“Beth! Did you get Noah up yet?” A voice cried out.

Bethany jumped, her hand darting out of my pants as she stumbled back. She seemed to run into something loud. I was instinctively worried she got hurt or broke something, so my eyes snapped open and I looked at her. She had fallen back against my dresser but just managed to keep herself from falling to the ground. She was staring at me like a deer in headlights.

I immediately squinted my eyes and then rubbed them. “S-sister?”

“Mom says get up! We’re going soon!” Beth cried out, nearly too loud, before turning and racing from the room.

When the door slammed behind her, I could hear mom yelling at her not to slam doors so early in the morning. I leaned back and laughed. I wasn’t even mad I didn’t get to finish. My perverted little sister was the cutest.

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