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That night, I snuck into the house. Thankfully, Mom was already asleep. As for my sisters, I heard the television on, but I didn’t get close enough to see who was awake. Rather than the typical late-night drama or talk show that was usually on, it appeared to be a sports game.

After everything I had experienced today, I just wanted to rest. I wasn’t in the mood to end up in an uncomfortable discussion with my sisters, so I made sure to remain as quiet as possible. Once I entered my room and closed the door, I flicked on the light and leaned against it, taking a breath. Then, my eyes turned to pinpricks.

“What the…”

I was standing in my room, but it also wasn’t my room. The same basic things were there. Thankfully, it wasn’t a pink room filled with dolls or something. However, it was much cleaner. Everything was tidy and folded. Stuffed animals that I had stuffed in my closet since I turned 10 were now out and covering my bed. I walked over to my neatly organized desk and picked up a picture of my family.

It was a picture I remembered taking, but it was completely different at the same time. It contained me, my mother, and all of my sisters. I remembered my mother and sisters were getting annoyed at me because I wouldn’t smile for it. In truth, they put me in this uncomfortable monkey suit and all the girls wore dresses. The lights were hot and I became irritated and fidgety as time went by. In the end, Mom got her perfect picture, but the smile on my face was forced. If you looked carefully, you’d see my sisters sort of leaning away and looking disdainfully in my direction as if I smelled bad.

In this image, all of the girls seemed distracted. In fact, it looked like they weren’t taking the picture seriously at all. Mom had a strangely serious expression on her face like she had just finished yelling at them. As for me, I was in the same spot, but my smile seemed genuine. Even though my position in the picture didn’t change, the positions of all of my sisters did. They were leaning into me, and I almost seemed like the center of the family, rather than the outcast.

I looked around and eventually found my video games. However, instead of being out and easily accessible, they were hidden away in a drawer where I normally stashed my porn, as if I didn’t want anyone to see I played games. As for my porn, it was nowhere to be found. The only thing I could find was a single novel on my bedside which I would have thought was a trashy romance, except it had a hot, topless woman on the front instead of a man. It was sitting by itself, despite the woman’s tits being in clear view. Everything was the same, and everything was different. It was simply too much to wrap my head around.

I let out a sigh, pulled off my clothing, and jumped into bed. That night, I had a strange dream where a female doctor was trying to stick a thermometer up my butt, and no matter what I said, she kept forcing me. I was powerless as she stripped me down and bent me over a cold table. I had many dreams start out this way, but this one felt uniquely like a nightmare. As the icy cold thing slipped inside, I awoke, sitting up quickly. It was early morning according to the clock.

I ended up coming face to face with my youngest sister, Bethany. I was a bit surprised she was in my room. She never went near me. She thought I was gross. Of all my sisters, her words were often the cruelest. Then again, if she didn’t want to be looked at with lewd looks, she shouldn’t dress so provocatively around the house. Even now, she was wearing those loose shorts with various holes in them. It looked like she wasn’t wearing underwear. She also wore a tight-fitting spaghetti strap shirt. It was the kind of outfit no 13-year-old girl should wear, but this was her typical pajamas around the house.

She jumped back, and I felt something below as she pulled her hand away from my lap. I glanced down to see that I had a tent in my underwear. I Immediately tossed my blanket over it and looked at her apologetically. She was definitely going to get upset after seeing that. She would call me a creepy pervert and then she’d race out of the room. I opened my mouth to apologize profusely when she suddenly bowed her head.

“Brother, your door was unlocked! I’m sorry! I didn’t see anything! It’s my mistake!” She spun and ran for the door.


She ignored me and ran out the door, slamming it behind her. A thought hit me and I looked down at my pants again.

“Was she… touching it?”

That was a crazy thought. There was no way my thirteen-year-old sister would touch her big brother’s erection while he was sleeping, right? I heard the thumping of feet from the next bedroom over. Oh great, Mackenzie heard the door slam and she was coming to yell at me.

As soon as she reached my door, I yelled. “Bethany slammed the door, not me!”

The door ended up opening anyway. “Of course, it was Bethany! That pervert! Brother, she didn’t do anything weird, did she—“

Mackenzie froze, her eyes widening as she looked at me. I had sat up in bed with my blanket in my lap. At first, I thought I still had my erection exposed, but the blanket was definitely covering it and it was starting to go away anyway.

“B-brother!” she cried out in a strangely cute voice and then covered her eyes. “Y-y-your chest!”

I looked down at my chest and then back up at her with a confused expression. It was only then that the previous day came back to me. Since the moment I had gotten hit by that car, it had all felt like some kind of surreal dream. Part of me had thought it really was a dream. Yet, looking around my room, it was still the clean thing I had seen last night.

In this world, men’s chests were erotic whereas women’s chests were not. That romance book showing a woman’s chest suggested that this was the case. Therefore, it would be the same as if I walked in on my sister changing. I raised up my blanket awkwardly over my chest. I tried to put on an angry expression, but considering I didn’t grow up ever having concerned myself with this kind of thing, I really couldn’t. In fact, I was more intrigued by her reaction rather than the fact that she saw my bare chest.

The result of my attempt to look upset was that my cheeks puffed out and I looked pouty. At that point, a sentence leaped into my mind that almost caused me to chuckle. I had wanted to say this to one of my sisters since forever. Of course, in my old world, there was never an opportunity.

“Sister is a pervert!”

It felt so vindicating after years of abuse. Unfortunately, even if my sisters did do anything perverse, I had never caught them doing it. They say that women are just as horny as men. Women were even known to masturbate. Yet, as many times as the girls walked in on me or accused me of these perverted actions, I had never managed to catch a single one of them looking at a naughty book or touching themselves. It was one of the greatest injustices of my life, and now I had managed to finally have a reason to accuse one of them of being a pervert for a change.

Yet, the reaction from my sister wasn’t what I expected. A bit of blood suddenly leaked down her nose.

“S-so cute!” She muttered, half to herself.

“What?” I jumped out of bed and grabbed a tissue.

“B-b-brother?” As I ran to her in nothing but my underwear, my sister suddenly panicked. “Wh-wh-wh-what are you doing?”

Yet, she didn’t move as I grabbed her and put the tissue to her face. “You’re bleeding!”

“Ah…” It only seemed like she realized it now, her eyes turned in an unnatural way as if she was making a distinct attempt to not look at me.

At that moment, Kelsey was running down the hall. Just as she passed us, her eyes locked on me. She kept running, but she was no longer looking in front of her. She ended up tripping and then slamming to the ground.

The sound caused the door across from me to open, and Kristy popped her head out. “Be more careful, I…”

Her eyes suddenly fell on me in the hallway, and her mouth fell open.

Was my appearance shirtless really that alarming? Mackenzie, realizing the two girls behind me were looking, suddenly grabbed me and pushed me into the room, closing the door behind us. I kept the tissue on her nose, but she grabbed it.

“B-brother… show some modesty!” She cried while slapping my hands away.

“You’re the one bleeding, pervert!” I shot back, immensely enjoying calling her a pervert.

“It was just dry in my room! That’s all!” She tried to pull my hands away. “I got it! I can take care of it. Please put on some clothing! You’re in a house full of girls! You should keep your door locked when you’re indecent!”

“Who is indecent!” I shot back, fighting with her.

With a yank, my hands fell away, but then I fell forward and both hands grabbed the next thing down her body. That ended up being her chest. I froze, but my fingers, they had a mind of their own. They suddenly squeezed. Her breasts were small and soft. Each one was about a perfect handful. I closed my eyes. Damn… as much as I called her a pervert, I was the real pervert. Here I was feeling up my sister! I waited for her to hit me.

“Brother… put on a shirt already…” Her voice sounded a little breathy.

I opened one eye, and then the other. Mackenzie had her head turned away from me, but I could see her blushing. Her chest was out, and my hands were certainly there, one grabbing each. However, she wasn’t reacting to it at all. I squeezed again for good measure.

“Why do you keep touching my chest?” She said, “It feels funny when you do it.”

I gulped, staring at this world’s Mackenzie. The old Mackenzie would have kicked my ass. This Mackenzie stood there while I fondled her breasts while looking the cutest I had ever seen her. I suddenly felt a bit of raw desire. No! That’s my sister! If I went for that, I’d truly be a degenerate!

I licked my lips instead. “D-do you like it when I touch your chest?”

She finally turned and looked at me. Her eyes suddenly held a tinge of longing. This was a sister who actually loved me. It somehow felt warm and comforting.

The door burst open. “What is this about forcing my son into his bedroom naked!”

“Ah!” Mackenzie panicked again when she heard mom burst in. “It’s not what it looks like!”

“Woah!” Mom cried out when she saw my chest and spun around. “Noah, put on a shirt. Mackenzie, get your ass out here!”

“I was trying to get him to put on a shirt, I swear!”


Mom smacked Mackenzie on the back of the head. “He’s your little brother! What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m innocent, I’m innocent!”

“It’s my fault!” I called out for some reason.

In the past, I would have gleefully watched as Mackenzie got in trouble. Suddenly, I didn’t like it at all. I hastily pulled a shirt on to cover myself up, and then I yelled to stop them from fighting. Mom glanced back at me, and her expression which looked angry at Mackenzie suddenly turned soft.

“No one blames you, sweetie. Please, just remember to keep your door locked. You can’t trust a house full of girls.”

“Mom! Please!” I cried out, grabbing her arm. “I just… wasn’t thinking, is all. Yesterday…”

Mom let go of Mackenzie’s arm. Mackenzie looked at me and then blushed, then ran to her room and shut it to hide from mom. Mom then turned and put her hand on my forehead.

“London said the doctor gave you the okay after the examination, but are you sure you’re okay? She said that with a concussion, you might have some… mood changes? Although, how can you tell with men, right? So emotional…”


“S-sorry…” She gave me an awkward slap on the back. “Tomorrow, you’re going back to school, but if you’re still not feeling well, I’ll call you off and you can stay home, okay sweetie?”

“Ah… okay, Mom.” I couldn’t keep from frowning slightly.

Mother would have always made me go to school in the past, even if I was legitimately ill! This woman was a lot more easy-going. I could tell that she really cared about me. In fact, it seemed like all of the women in my life were a lot easier to read. In the past, I felt like I never knew what they were thinking. Now, it was quite easy to understand things.

“Ahem… well.” Mom looked around the room uneasily. “How about I let you get dressed? Then you can come down and make breakfast. When you didn’t come down early like you always do, I got worried. Then Kelsey said she saw you naked and that Mackenzie pushed you in a room and I freaked.”

“You want me to cook?”

“Huh? Don’t you always cook? The girls will take care of themselves for lunch, but you make breakfast every morning and dinner every night.”

“Ah… r-right.”

I really didn’t know how to cook! This was going to be a disaster. They were definitely going to find out I was a fraud. Well, I had until dinner to worry about that. I could probably manage to cook up eggs and bacon. I can manage that much, at least.

Mom smiled again and then turned to leave, but a thought came to me.

“Um… Mom?”

“Yeah?” She looked back.

“Uh… can I… uh… can I see your chest? Like bare?”

This was a test. I just wanted to test and see if my thoughts were right. I wasn’t being lewd!

“You want to see my tits?” Her expression immediately turned weird.

“Hah… I mean… like…” I tried to quickly come up with an excuse to sidestep this.

“Here you go, sweetie.”

Without a moment of hesitation, she reached down and lifted her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were big and impressive. They sagged a bit with time, but they were still incredible for a woman her age. My mother and sisters were all very beautiful women. I was the only one who didn’t seem to inherit the hot gene. I was only an average looking guy at best.

Staring at her chest, I tried to keep my chin from falling. I couldn’t believe she was flashing me so easily, but it did prove my theory about men and women.

“Hehe… Do you like them? They’re much bigger than your sisters, right? That’s cause I’m older. They’ll get big ones like these once they pop out a baby… or seven, haha.”


“You want to touch them? They’re soft.”

“N-no!” I couldn’t even believe she asked that.

“Haha… you used to suck on them when you were a baby…” She shook them in my direction.

“M-mom…” I blushed, looking away.

“Hehe… I know when boys turn your age, they start to get curious about girls. It’s okay for you to admire big womanly chests.”


“Just know you’re not dating any girls unless they have got a bigger chest than mine.”


“Hahaha…” She finally pulled her shirt back down while laughing at my expense.

I barely managed to force her out the door as she seemed to grow more and more inappropriate. She finally let me close the door on her and then she wandered off down the hallway while laughing to herself. I locked the door this time, finally affording myself some true peace and quiet. I couldn’t even begin to contemplate how things had ended up this way. After mentally recovering for a few moments, I went and put on some clothing.

Most of my stuff was more stylish than it used to be, but I managed to find something that I could still wear. Just a t-shirt and jeans, really. Strangely, the jeans had no pockets, which was really annoying. When I finished, I looked at the door leading to the rest of my family. This was only day two of my strange new life. What was I going to find next?

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