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After Bethany had fled the room, I forced myself out of my bed and quickly got dressed. If we were leaving early, then I needed to look my best. I stiffened as that thought came to me. What did I need to look my best for? I was going to a construction site to do construction. I needed this day. I was going to lose all of my man cards if I didn’t start acting better. Feeling slightly depressed, I left my bedroom and headed to the kitchen.

Mom was sitting there on her phone while eating a pop tart. She was still in her bathrobe, so we couldn’t have been in that big of a hurry.  Wait, now that I paid attention, Bethany was still in her pajamas as well. D-did the pair of them wake me up because they thought I’d take a long time to get ready? Mom did look a bit surprised when I walked into the kitchen so early. Were they expecting me to do my hair and put on makeup?

Bethany was sitting at the table, but after her actions earlier, she had her head lowered and a frightened expression hidden behind her hair. For a moment, I felt kind of powerful. If I said a word of what happened, Mom would punish Bethany to high heavens. Knowing this world, she’d probably kick Bethany’s ass.

Bethany, the old Bethany, had accused me of being a pervert on her several times. She claimed that I stole her underwear, and once mom had even found a pair of her underwear in my drawer. That time was a mess. It was to the point where mom sat me down once and warned me. Mackenzie and the others all looked at me like I was a miscreant just about to molest my innocent sister. I had believed up until that point that her underwear had just stuck to one of my pieces of clothing by accident. Behind the back of all of the glaring girls, I had seen Bethany stick her tongue out at me.

She had planted that piece of underwear in my room! I couldn’t prove it, and maybe my original guess was right, but I still always wondered. That wasn’t the only time Bethany had done such things, but it was the final straw. That was also the time I started closing myself off in my room and avoiding my sisters. Suffice it to say, having things be on the other foot, where I caught Bethany acting like a little pervert and having the ability to do something about it felt satisfying.

Relax, it was just a thought. Just because I had the power didn’t mean I would utilize it. Rather, Bethany was far too cute. It made me want to tease her further.

“Mother.” I declared, causing Bethany to nearly jump out of her seat.

“What is it?’ Mother replied, not looking up from her phone.

“I have to tell you something about Bethany,” I responded.

“Ah!” Bethany’s face turned to horror and panic.

“Huh? What’s that?” Mother asked, still not paying enough attention to see Bethany’s panic.

“Bethany and I are going to marry!”

“M-marry!?” Bethany fell back in a panic.

Mother cocked an eyebrow. “Oh? Why’s that?”

“Isn’t it because she’s far too cute? My only choice is the marry her.”

“C-cute…” Bethany’s expression was completely lost as if she had no clue what was going on.

Mother caught on a bit quicker and had a slightly amused expression. “I thought boys liked an older woman. Isn’t your little sister a bit young?”

I shook my head. “Younger is cuter.”

“Heh… so you’re a cradle robber then.” She chuckled. “Her tits haven’t even popped out yet and you want her? Have her pubes even grown in?”

“Th-they have!” Bethany cried out angrily, and when we both looked at her, she looked down again. “I mean… there is a little hair…”

Mother burst out laughing as she refills her cup of coffee. “A little hair? What are you even saying?”

“Mooooom.” Bethany was mortified, her face bright red, but Mom was merciless.

When she turned back around, she flung open her bathrobe. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and my mother’s naked body was shown before me. She was still a rather fit woman. Her large breasts sagged a bit. Since she had just been talking about pubic hair, my eyes immediately went to that. Like a deer in headlights, I couldn’t look away from my mom’s crotch.

“What are you doing?” Bethany cried out in a shrill voice.

Mom didn’t cover herself. Rather, she put her foot up on the seat, spreading her robe more and giving the pair of us a look. I could see everything. I didn’t realize how erotic my mother looked. Maybe it was because I had slept with other older women like my teacher and Samantha’s mom, or maybe it was because I had gotten used to banging my sisters, but she was pretty hot. She was shaved, but it was a fairly thick and dark bush, although neatly trimmed.

“Behold, someday, this will all be yours!” She announced.

“I don’t want to see that!” Bethany cried.

I managed to finally pull my eyes away. “Mom, I’m your son!”

“Aren’t you the one talking about marriage? Since you’ve prepared your heart, I’ve decided to just give you a glimpse at your future!”

Mom laughed, even bouncing up and down slightly so her tits bounced. Only then did she cover herself back up. She gave us both a thumbs up, and then walked from the room with her cup of coffee in hand, heading to the bathroom of all places!

Bethany shot me a glare as if her trauma was all my fault. I could only return a sympathetic look. I had tried to tease my little sister using mom, and in the end, mom had destroyed us both.

The next time I saw mom, she was already completely dressed. It was only about five minutes later, but she had done up her hair, jewelry, and got dressed. She was so fast! I recalled my mother working tirelessly all morning to be presentable for work, but she went from her robes to her full outfit in minutes, while drinking a coffee and using the toilet! That was all kind of gross. Women from this world were shameless!

Bethany was even faster. I turned my head and when I looked back, she was in her normal clothing again. Since I got ready as quickly as they had, we ended up leaving a bit early. Mom was in a good mood, while Bethany had turned silent after our morning display. At least, after Mom gave us an eyeful, Bethany’s previous touching seemed almost juvenile in comparison. Maybe I had gone a bit too far trying to tease her. I was still getting used to this. It was still exhilarating being able to say things that once would have gotten me punched.

The drive took about fifteen minutes, and then we were pulling up in front of a construction site for a small home. There were already two women on site. I was slightly surprised that I didn’t see any men. This was a habitat for humanity thing, so women and men could attend.

“I’m just at that building down the street.” Mom pointed for reference, although she had already pointed it out when she passed by it to drop us off here. “I’ll see you around noon, okay?”

“Yeah, okay…” Bethany seemed like she didn’t want to deal with Mom at all.

She was probably still sour about earlier. I waved goodbye to mom and then followed Bethany up to the two waiting. I was new to this and she’d supposedly been here once already, so I decided it was best to follow her lead.

There were two women. One of them had tattoos all up her arm and a nose ring, and she was wearing a white wife-beater. She was maybe a year or two older than me. The other was an older woman, although still younger than my mom. She had a more mature look to her. When she saw the pair of us, her expression fell.

“Is that all we got today?” She asked. “I guess we won’t be getting much done.”

“I brought help!” Bethany declared.

“Bringing your boyfriend doesn’t help.” The tattooed girl declared. “Didn’t you say you had a bunch of strong older sisters?”

“He-he’s not my boyfriend!” Bethany declared and then blushed. “He’s my big brother.”

“Really?” The woman looked me up and down in a very obvious way. “And how are you, sweetie.”

Bethany shot her a glare but didn’t say anything in response.  

“Leave it…” The other woman rolled her eyes. “They’re volunteers doing this out of their free will, unlike a delinquent case with community service like you!”

“Shit… I wouldn’t waste my weekend doing this crap if I had a choice.” She snorted. “I’d be spending all night getting drunk and pounding dick.”

These were the kinds of people Bethany was hanging out with? This was getting me kind of worried. I was glad her bully problem had been taken care of, but I didn’t expect her to then start hanging out with delinquents. Although she was kind of sexy in an exotic bad girl way, I didn’t want her to bully my sister.

“We’ve got what we got this weekend.” The woman spoke up. “Just so you know, I’m the project leader. I tell you what to do, you do it. Okay?”

I nodded. “Okay.”

Bethany nodded and said the same, even though she had already been here once or twice.

“Alright, then, I’m going to have you two carry the heavy stuff over. Pull all of the stuff off my truck and bring it over there.” The two she pointed to were Bethany and the tattooed girl.

“Whatever.” The girl said before walking over and picking up a wood plank with one hand.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Ah…” The girl looked awkward for a second. “Don’t worry, there is plenty of stuff that could use a man’s touch. Just wait a bit and I’ll get you working on something.”

I frowned slightly. I felt like this was a bit sexist. Why had Bethany brought me here anyway if they weren’t going to put me to work? I turned to Bethany, but she had already taken off after the tattooed woman. Bethany ran over to the truck and tried to grab a similar piece, but it was quickly obvious that she wasn’t strong enough.

The tattooed girl reached past her and grabbed another piece. As she walked by, she gave my little sister a sneer. I could see a bit of anger and frustration on my sister’s face. She managed to just get the beam up over the bed of the truck, but she immediately stumbled slightly, and looked like a breeze could knock her down. The project leader was at the hood of her truck, writing some paperwork, and wasn’t paying attention even as Bethany’s wood plank teetered on hitting her truck.

Worried that she’d cause damage, I ran up and grabbed the end. “Come on, I’ll help.”

“I can do it!” Bethany declared, halfway to tears. “Th-these pieces are just a bit bigger than last week.”

I frowned slightly as she snapped at me. What was that about? As I thought about it though, I started to realize what was going on.  

Did Bethany bring me here to show off? Thinking back a few weeks ago, didn’t she say something like she had wanted to become a real woman for me? Is that why she started construction work? Was she trying to impress me? I guessed her plans didn’t go the way that she expected. This morning, I had called her a cute girl, and then mom made fun of her undeveloped body. Now, she wasn’t even able to move the pieces, and there was that muscular tattooed girl who was showing her up completely.

“Heh, why don’t you let your big brother help you?” The tattooed girl declared as she passed by, causing Bethany to stiffen further.

After some effort, Bethany managed to get the piece over, but the other girl had moved three pieces effortlessly in the same amount of time.

I realized that I couldn’t handle things the same way as I expected. I was treating her like my little sister. For my older sisters who were already finished with puberty, they were comfortable enough with themselves that perhaps my behavior never bugged them. However, I had been treating my little sister like she was just a kid. From a man’s point of view, I was completely emasculating her!

Now that I realized the problem, how was I going to make things right?

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