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Although we didn’t have to walk far for lunch, mom wasn’t allocated too much time, so once she paid for the dinner we returned to her building. Since we were done, I was considering returning to the construction yard. Honestly, after spending an entire morning sorting screws, I was less enthused about returning. It looked like it’d be very hard to find public avenues where I could act manly in this world. Maybe I should join a sport? I could probably do alright given the temperament of other men.

“That’s right! There was something I’ve been meaning to give you. Can you come back up with me?” Mom asked as I was just about to split off from her.


I didn’t know what mom was planning to give me, but I wouldn’t say no to a present. We took the elevator back to her floor and then got out. She led me to her desk once again and then opened up one of the drawers. She started fishing for something, which started to make me curious. She didn’t have much chance though as a voice barked out.

“You’re back.” Ms. Dean strolled out of her office. “Good, I need you to go to the copier and make a thousand copies of this.”

She slapped a sheet of paper on mom’s desk. Mom gave a weak and timid smile.

“Ms. Dean, you forgot. The copier machine is broken. The guy won’t come to fix it until Monday.” Mom responded helplessly.

“What? But I need those copies as soon as possible.” Ms. Dean frowned. “Fine, then go to the copy place down the street and get them made there.”

“Wh-what? Really?”

“This needs to happen now. Just fill in a sheet, the company will reimburse you.”

“Reimburse… but you didn’t reimburse me for that last time…”

“Last time? Are you talking about the coffee? You ordered a coffee for yourself, didn’t you? Just because you bought a drink for everyone at the meeting doesn’t mean that is a business expense!”


“Hmph, just hurry.” Ms. Dean’s eyes flickered to me for a moment and then she turned around, stalking back into her room.

It looked like man or woman, bosses could be assholes in the workplace. I wanted to step up for my mom, but if I said anything I’d only be causing her more trouble. I didn’t like to see her being bullied at work, but weren’t most jobs like this? I didn’t look forward to it. Perhaps that was why, even in my old world, I had never bothered to get a job, even though it was somewhat expected of me.

Mom pulled something out of her desk and handed it to me. I looked down to find a framed picture. It consisted of the entire family. It was mom, me, and my six sisters. I remembered us getting this picture. No one wanted to be there, and we had given mom a lot of trouble. The girls didn’t want to be anywhere near me, and so I was standing slightly apart from them, my arms crossed, a displeased look on my face.

In this world, the image wasn’t different at all. I couldn’t pick out a single difference. That was the situation I had been in with my family a year before. Distant, aloof, and apart. That was in this world and the other world.

“Wh-why are you giving this to me?” I asked.

Mom shrugged. “You used to treat us all so coldly. Recently, you seemed to have come out of your shell. You started getting closer to your sisters.”

“Ah!” I made a noise, looking awkward.

I wasn’t just getting close to my sisters. I was getting a bit too close. I couldn’t stop my face from turning red.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed. You had no interest when we took it, but I just thought that you’d appreciate a picture like this now. I like to see you all closer together. You may think I’m too busy and don’t notice, but I notice a lot more than you think.”

I hoped she didn’t, but I gave a nod. “Thank you, mom.

“Get going!” A voice shouted from the boss’s room.

“Yes!” Mom shouted back, her cheeks flushing slightly.

“She’s really a pain,” I whispered.

“I know… but it’s a job.” Mom shrugged and then looked around conspicuously for a second before leaning close. “Before you head back, take a soda from the breakroom. They’re supposed to be for employees, but I don’t want you getting dehydrated. Besides, they owe us.”

She winked at me, and then made a show of leaving the office room. I decided that I probably would get pretty thirsty now that the noon sun was overhead, so I did as she offered and found the breakroom. The fridge was filled with soda cans, but it also included a sign that was declared for employees only. I ignored it and grabbed a diet soda. Cracking open the can, I took a deep sip.

“So, your mom’s gone?”

I almost spit the soda out as a voice came from behind. I turned to see Ms. Dean standing there, her shoulder against the doorframe, looking at me with a bemused expression that differed from the somewhat mean expression she had been giving my mother.

“I-I’m sorry. I was thirsty. I didn’t ask.”

I didn’t want mom getting in trouble for letting me come get a can, so I took the blame on myself entirely.

“It’s alright. A pretty boy needs to keep his fluids up.” Ms. Dean smiled, but her smile didn’t seem to reach her eyes.

I coughed awkwardly. “Ah… I guess I’ll be going then.”

I started walking to the door, but Ms. Dean didn’t move. To get past her, I’d need to squeeze by. I was starting to get a bad feeling.

“Before you go, I wanted to just tell you something about your mother.”

“What is it?”

“Frankly… she’s not been the best lately. I expect a lot of hard work from my employees, and lately, she’s been not putting the effort in that she should. Are there some issues that are going on at home?”

I felt like there was a hand clenching my heart. What was this lady saying? Mom was in trouble? I genuinely thought back to the last few weeks. Had my actions been causing mom to mess up at work? If that was the case, I didn’t know if I could forgive myself.

“I… um… I don’t know.” I responded uncertainly.

She leaned close to me. “Oh? I think you do know.”


She reached out and touched my chest, pushing me back against the kitchen top counter. My butt hit the corner hard, the items in my pockets digging into my butt.

“You cause your mother all kinds of trouble.” She grinned. “She’s always worrying about you, and because of you, she’s struggling at work. She talks about it all the time.”

My mouth opened and then closed. I didn’t know what to say to such a statement. Why was she telling me this? Was she trying to bully me as well?

“I’m sorry?” I tried to move past her, but she moved forward, both hands grabbing the ledge on either side, pinning me to the counter.

“Since you’re responsible for all of this, don’t you think you should take responsibility?”

I blinked. “Like, you want me to help work?”

“No, dumb boy.” She laughed. “If you want to help your mom keep her job, then you’re going to have to do something for me. If you want to keep enjoying all those things your mom buys you, a house, food, boy magazines, then you should do exactly what I want.”

“What you want…” I repeated flatly.

Of course, I caught on. I wasn’t that thick. It’s just no one expects to end up in such a situation, so you usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Now, that girl on the construction site, Rory? I wouldn’t have second-guessed her intention. She had slapped my ass walking by, and had been eyeing me so egregiously. So, if she had hit on me, I would have figured it out instantly. This, on the other hand, was my mom’s boss, and even though the office appeared to be empty at the moment, my mom was working here.

Had she sent my mom away just so she’d have a chance to get at me? It was a situation that was difficult for me to get my mind around.

“It’s really simple. For a woman to keep a job, she has to keep the boss happy. Your mom isn’t keeping me happy.” She leaned even closer, her fingers touching my chest innocently. “If you can make me happy, then I’ll let your mom keep her job. Do you understand?”

My mind blanked out for a second. The answer might seem obvious. I had banged complete strangers for less. I didn’t have many scruples about who I shoved my dick in. I had banged all of my sisters, as well as other random women I had met. I had even blackmailed a certain teacher, and we played a bit of a power game between each other. This should be no different.

Yet, there was a difference. This was my mom’s boss. Her actions got my mom directly involved in our exchange. Furthermore, she was bullying my mom, and now trying to use her as leverage to get what she wanted from me. For the first time, I felt something I hadn’t in all of my previous sexual encounters. I felt uncomfortable.

That didn’t stop her from pressing things. She had dropped one of her hands, and then immediately started stroking the area of my pants. My cock betrayed me, starting to harden, and her fingers deftly rubbed the area through my pants.

“Oh my… your so hard, you must be a little pervert who wants this.” She teased.

“That’s not true…” I responded, still trying to decide if I should escape or go through with it.

I usually wasn’t so undecided. I wanted to just shut her down, but she did have me by the balls, both metaphorically and physically. If I offended her, she’d make my mom’s life a living hell. I wasn’t convinced anymore that my mom’s position wasn’t in any real jeopardy, at least originally. Rather, her job might now be in jeopardy because of me. If I spurned this woman’s advances, she might fire my mom just to protect herself. If I told mom what happened, she might report it.

If Ms. Dean fired her first, then she could just claim mom was an angry employee making up stuff. In that way, my mom’s job truly was in danger. There was no saying what this woman would do to cover her ass after acting so boldly. Rather, the fact she acted so boldly probably suggested it wasn’t her first time doing something like this to someone.

“Admit it… you’re just a little slut.” Her eyes were growing more and more excited and she stroked my cock through my pants. “You just want a tight wet pussy to fuck you. Don’t fight it. If you give me what I want, I can give you what you want.”

“What I want?” I shook slightly. “You mean… like mom getting a raise?”

Mom did deserve a raise. If I turned things around and made it so that she was giving me what I wanted, then I wouldn’t be so divided. The woman blinked at my words but then smiled.

“Okay, if you satisfy me, I’ll put in to give your mom a raise. How does that sound?”

With her stroking my cock and pressing against me, I found it difficult to think clearly. Was she honest, or was she just saying what I wanted to hear? Either way, I did my best to get a little more out of this exchange. At this point, I just had to do what she wanted. I slowly nodded, and she chuckled. She finally pulled away from me, grabbing my hand.

“Come, we’ll do it in my office.” She grabbed me and pulled me away.

I glanced at the door and my way out of this situation, but I knew I didn’t have much of a choice at this point. I was pulled into my mom’s boss’s office, where I was going to work to get mom a raise.

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